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[Drama 2014] Make A Wish 소원을 말해봐


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Official Cast

Make a Wish-Oh Ji-Eun.jpgMake a Wish-Ki Tae-Young.jpg
Oh Ji-EunKi Tae-Young
Han So-WonKang Jin-Hee
Make a Wish-Yoo Ho-Rin.jpgKim Mi-KyungMake a Wish-Song Yoo-Jung.jpgMake a Wish-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpgMake a Wish-Yeon Jun-Suk.jpg
Yoo Ho-RinKim Mi-KyungSong Yoo-JungCha Hwa-YeonYeon Jun-Suk
Song-Yi-HyunLee Jung-SookHan Da-WonShin Hye-RanSong Seok-Hyun

Additional Cast Members:

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Guest adikkeluangman

The poster look interesting. I wonder if they will include SNSD - Genie too just for the gimmick.  Why MBC not released the video and poster through their Facebook and Youtube channel by now?

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Guest adikkeluangman

[bnt photo] Yeon Jun Seok Flaunts His Outstanding Suit Fit

[by Sunghee Park] On June 19, MBC’s new drama ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ held a production conference at 63 City in Yeoeuido-dong, Seoul.
‘Tell Me Your Wish’ depicts a story of Han So Won(Oh Ji Eun) trying to prove the innocence of her husband, who ends up being in vegetated state after an accident. 
Meanwhile, the first episode of ‘Tell Me Your Wish,’ starring Oh Ji Eun, Ki Tae Young, Yoo Ho Rin and Kim Mi Kyung, is set to air on June 23. (photo by bntnews DB)
tatx1e7yz5ebdd8rcf9npa49q9asakyu.jpg k16u7jw91o848bbs75ndkyh3vft5f7np.jpg 7ykwpzgaii1thgzwdiw7cnxa407c01x6.jpg

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Hi, can you please fill out the VIKI drama request form on this link - https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/confirm/title-request-form/So we can able to watch it with English Subs on VIKI. THANKS!

credit as tagged

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Guest adikkeluangman

Highlight videos for EP2. I think this episode more like introduction before Sowon got married.

Winning video, Hyeran to identity the gift? We got family secret(?)

Sowon marriage meeting between parents not smooth. Meet JinHee for first time. 

Sowon  VS Yi Hyun , Hyun Woo  VS Seok Hyeon. Four side tension

Preview for EP3.

Aww, so Park Jae Jeong is Oh Ji Eun husband before she meet Ki Tae Young. irilight said:@adikkeluangman, both videos I posted are from MBC YT channel.
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Guest adikkeluangman

Highlight for EP3. If someone can translate or understand more, please share... 
Seok Hyun pretending to look out for Hyeran but Yi Hyun object(?)

Sowon want to bring Hyun Woo to see her birth mom (I assumed she is dead). She crying and he hugs her.

Grandma replace/promoting Hyeran for new shop (?). Yi Hyun get mad.

I wonder if SeokHyun and YiHyun actually are cousin instead of siblings. Oh, Park Jae Joong. I will root for you although probably you will be not together until the end with SoWon.
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@Lhay,  Hi  Thanks for starting this thread also the pictures..
@irilight. Hello.  I just watch the first three episodes of make a wish and I like this drama very much so I though I'll give it a chance besides the cat's meow.. It's already being sub so I could wait on the sub version on Yt..
So I take it that Yh set up Sw soon to be hubby because of Halmoni allowed her something and the fact that Sw told Yh something about herself in there little confrontation and also I don't know if Sh is her half brother or cousin but she knows the two don;t get along so she promotes Sw soon to be hubby over him and set all this up... I wonder did she also try and have him killed.. ? 
Yh clearly have mental issues and you can tell she self centered and also arrogant.. I think Halmoni knows that Yh did this embezzalment so I'll keep watching liking it so far..
Another thing I don't like Yh supposed to be future MIL she look money hungry and want to live off her son and DIL to be and what's up with his brother.. Also did Yh step sister bust in there marriage meeting just to out Yh..?   

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