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Kim Hee-ae 김희애 
[ Best TV Actress at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards on June 5, 2020 | Cr:OSEN ]



Name: Kim Hee-ae [김희애]

Born: April 23, 1967 | 

Body: 164cm | 49kg | Type B

Family: Father, elder sister, husband, 2 sons

Education: Seoul Wooi Elementary School > Sunduck Middle School > Hyehwa Girls' High School > Chung-Ang University (Theater & Film / Bachelor) > Chung-Ang University (Mass Communication / Master)

Religion: Roman Catholic (Baptismal name: Maria)

Debut: 1983 movie 'First Day of 20 Years’

Agency: YG Entertainment  [ HP | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | VLive ]

Official SNS: [ HomepageScheduleInstagram || DC Gallery ]


[ 1993 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize winner Kim Hee-ae | Cr:Chosun ]


[kofic] Born in Jeju City in 1967, KIM Hee-ae was still in high school when she was discovered by an advertising agency, leading her to get her first modeling stint in 1978. Her acting debut came in 1983, when she featured in <The First Day Of The Twentieth Year>. She subsequently appeared in her first KBS drama series while she was studying at Chungang University. She was a consistent presence on TV in the 1980s, earning top honors from the MBC Drama Awards and the Baeksang Arts Awards. She worked exclusively in MBC drama series throughout the 90s, while also appearing in the drama film <The 101St Proposition> in 1993 alongside MOON Sung-geun, for which she received Best Actress nominations from both the Blue Dragon and Grand Bell Film Awards. Continuing her successful TV career, she made a much-publicized return to the big screen in LEE Han’s high school teen bullying drama <Thread of Lies> in 2014 as a grieving mother alongside KO Asung. The next year saw her appear in the music biopic <C’est Si Bon>, playing the older version of the muse who inspired the famous folk rock group Twin Folio, alongside KIM Yun-seok. She made another strong impression in 2018 when she starred in courtroom drama <Herstory> (2017) as a travel agent who takes to heart the case of wartime sex slavery victims in their legal fight against Japan. In 2019, she received top billing in the critically praised indie film <Moonlit Winter>, playing a woman travelling with her daughter to meet again her first love.









Year | Network | Title | Role
2020 JTBC ‘The World of the Married 부부의 세계’ as Ji Sun-woo 지선우

2016 SBS ’Second to Last Love 끝에서 두번째 사랑’ as Kang Min-joo 강민주

2015 SBS ‘Mrs. Cop 미세스 캅’ as Choi Young-jin 최영진

2014 JTBC ‘Secret Love Affair 밀회’ as Oh Hye-won 오혜원

2012 JTBC ‘A Wife’s Credentials 아내의 자격’ as Yoon seo-rae 윤서래

2011 SBS ’Midas 마이더스’ as Yoo In-hye 유인혜

2007 SBS ‘My Man’s Woman 내 남자의 여자’ as Lee Hwa-young 이화영

2006 SBS ‘Snowflakes 눈꽃’ as Lee Kang-ae 이강애

2004 KBS ‘Precious Family 부모님 전상서’ as Ahn Sung-sil 안성실

2003 SBS ‘Perfect Love 완전한 사랑’ as Ha Young-ae 하영애

2003 KBS ‘Wife 아내’ as Kim Na-young 김나영

1999 MBC ‘You’re One of a Kind 하나뿐인 당신’ as Jang Seo-young 

1995 MBC ‘Basics of Dating 연애의 기초’ as Choi Jung-hee 최정희

1995 MBC ‘Love and Marriage 사랑과 결혼’ as Yoon Soo-bin 윤수빈

1994 MBC ‘Koreiski 까레이스키’ as Sung Nam-young 성남영

1993 MBC ‘Stormy Season 폭풍의 계절’ as Lee Hong-joo 이홍주

1992-1993 MBC ‘Son and Daughter 아들과 딸’ as Lee Hoo-nam 이후남

1992 MBC ‘Naked Tree 나목’ as Kyung-ah 경아

1992 MBC ‘Kingdom of Anger 분노의 왕국’ as Min Jae-kyung 민재경

1991 MBC ‘Beyond the Mountain 산 너머 저쪽’ as Kang Myung-ae 강명애

1991 MBC ‘The Beginning of a Farewell 이별의 시작’ as Jung Hye-jung 정해정

1990 MBC ‘500 Years of Joseon: Daewongun 조선왕조 5백년 대원군’ as Empress MyeongSeong 명성황후

1990 MBC ‘Loving You 사랑해 당신을’ as Lee Wan-joo 이완주

1990 KBS ‘Wanderer in Winter 겨울나그네’ as Da-hye 다혜

1990 MBC ‘What Women Want 여자는 무엇으로 사는가’ as Young-gun 영건

1989 MBC ‘Congratulations | Your Toast 당신의 축배’ as Jeon Yeo-ok 전여옥

1988-1989 MBC ‘Forget Tomorrow 내일 잊으리’ as Seo In-ae 서인애

1987 KBS ‘Mother 어머니‘

1987 KBS ‘Terms of Endearment 애정의 조건’ as Won-mi 원미

1986 KBS ‘Woman’s Heart 여심’ as Song Da-young 송다영 



MOVIE (Src:  kobis

Opening Year | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people)
2022 ‘The Moon 더 문‘ // Kim Yong-hwa (filming: May-Aug 2021)

2019 ‘Moonlit Winter 윤희에게’ as Yoon-hee 윤희

2018 ‘Herstory 허스토리’ as Moon Jung-suk 문정숙

2018 ‘The Vanished 사라진 밤’ as Yoon Sul-hee 윤설희

2015 ‘C’est si bon 쎄시봉’ as Min Ja-young 민자영

2014 ‘Thread of Lies 우아한 거짓말’ as Ryu Hyun-sook 류현숙

1993 ‘101st Proposition 101번째 프로포즈’ as Han Ji-won 한지원

1987 ‘The Hero Returns 영웅 돌아오다’ Moon Young-mi 문영미

1985 ‘Reminiscence of Flame 불의 회상’
1985 ‘My Love Jjang-gu 내사랑 짱구’ as Mi-hye 미혜
1983 ‘The First Day of the Twentieth Year 스무해 첫째날’




SBS ‘My Little Old Boy 미운 우리 새끼’ (2018)

SBS ‘Running Man 런닝맨’ (2016)

MBC ‘Infinite Challenge Wedding Singers 무한도전 웨딩 싱어즈’ (2016)
tvN ‘Noona Over Flowers 꽃보다 누나’ (2013)
MBC ‘Saturday Saturday is Fun 토요일 토요일은 즐거워‘ (1990-1991)

KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly 연예가중계’ (1988)












[ Won Grand Prize at 1991 MBC Drama Awards & 1993 Baeksang Arts Awards ]


[2020-12-22] The 7th Korean Film Producers Association Awards: Best Actress (Moonlit Winter)

[2020-10-28] The 11th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards: Presidential Commendation

[2020-10-25] The 2nd Asia Contents Awards: Best Actress (The World of the Married)

[2020-06-05] The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (The World of the Married)

[2018-11-12] The 2nd Elle Style Awards: Timeless Icon

[2018-11-12] The 2nd Korea China International Film Awards (KCIFA): Best Actress (Herstory)

[2018-10-05] The 27th Buil Film Awards: Best Actress (Herstory)

[2018-10-05] The 6th Marie Claire Asia Star Awards: Actress of the Year (Herstory)

[2014-11-15] The 3rd APAN Star Awards: Mid-length Drama Best Actress (Secret Love Affair)

[2014-10-28] The 51st National Savings Day: President’s Commendation 

[2014-10-28] The 7th Style Icon Asia Awards (SIA): Top 10 Style Icon Award

[2014-09-04] The 9th Seoul International Drama Awards: Best Actress (Secret Love Affair)
[2014-05-27] The 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: LF Fashionista Award

[2013-05-09] The 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (A Wife’s Credentials)

[2008-10-30] The 1st Style Icon Asia Awards (SIA): TV Actress

[2007-12-31] SBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize, Top 10 Stars (My Man’s Woman)

[2007-12-12] Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Best Dresser of the Year

[2007-09-05] The 1st Korea Drama Awards: Grand Prize (My Man’s Woman)

[2004-03-26] The 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: TV Grand Prize (Perfect Love)

[2004-03-04] The 16th Korean Producer Awards: Best Performer - Talent (Perfect Love)

[2003-12-31] SBS Drama Awards: SBSi, Top 10 Stars (Perfect Love)

[2003-12-10] The 16th Grimae Awards: Best Actress (Perfect Love)

[2003-03-26] The 39th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (Wife)

[1996-02-27] The 8th Korean Producer Awards: Best Performer - Talent (Love and Marriage)

[1994-03-18] The 30th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular TV Star (Son and Daughter)

[1994-xx-xx] The 6th Korean Producer Awards: Best Performer - Talent (Son and Daughter)

[1993-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Son and Daughter, Stormy Season)

[1993-12-14] The 2nd TV Journal Stars of the Year Awards: Grand Prize, Best Performer (Stormy Season)

[1993-03-19] The 29th Baeksang Arts Awards: TV Grand Prize, Best TV Actress (Son and Daughter)

[1991-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Beyond the Mountain)

[1989-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence - Actress (Forget Tomorrow)

[1987-03-20] The 23rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New TV Actress (Woman’s Heart)

[1987-xx-xx] Our Star Awards: Best New Actress 

[1986-12-31] SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Woman’s Heart)




(under construction)




[2020-06-09] Kim Hee Ae flaunts her ageless beauty in chic dress
[2020-06-08] How Were the Winners of Baeksang Arts Awards Selected?
[2020-06-07] 'Parasite' continues winning streak at 56th Baeksang Awards

[2020-06-05] "Baeksang Awards" announces fair evaluation results

[2020-06-05] Owners of Best Actor/Actress Awards at "2020 Baeksang Arts Awards" unveiled
[2020-05-22] TV producers woo bankable veterans

[2020-05-18] Cast emotional as 'The World of the Married' airs final episode

[2020-05-18] ‘World of Married’ finishes on a high

[2020-05-17] "The World of the Married" writes new history with Kim Hee Ae
[2020-05-17] Post-broadcast of "The World of the Married", Kim Hee Ae shares feelings on drama

[2020-05-16] "The World of the Married" ends with top-notch viewership ratings of cable television
[2020-05-08] The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards [Nominations]
[2020-04-24] Actress Kim Hee-ae thinks 'The World of the Married' is unexpected present for her 

[2020-03-09] The 25th Chunsa Film Arts Awards [Nominations] 

[2019-10-29] [Interview] MOONLIT WINTER director LIM Dae-hyung

[2018-06-12] (Interview) 'Herstory' actress Kim Hee-ae: I was scared I might spoil this 'precious' film
[2015-05-23] Why K-drama star Kim Hee Ae has stopped following her husband on Twitter

[2015-03-13] Kim Hee Ae’s Surprising K-Style Advice 

[2015-03-11] Kim Hee Ae’s Beauty And Health Tips On Anti-Ageing

[2014-04-01] [Elle – April 2014] Kim Hee Ae – Never Let Me Go – Interview

[2014-03-06] Kim Hee Ae says, "I stood up to get Yoo Ah In to cast in 'Secret Love Affair'"

[2007-04-12] Actress Kim Hee-ae - My Man’s Woman




(Under construction)


Thread started by Uburoi.

Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | yg | kobiz | kobis 
Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators)


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KHA's husband posted this on his kakaostory. They look so cute and happy~

JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 17. 8:35 PM "The World of the Married" writes new history with Kim Hee Ae   "The World of the Married " wrote a new history page.   The Fri-Sat Drama "The

June 21, 2016 [Photos] Kim Hee-ae, modeling for 12 years in a row Source: Newsen via Hancinema.net The SK-II campaign launching event was held on the 21st. Kim Hee-ae was ther

Guest uburoi

You can read her recent (translated) Elle interview here


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Guest uburoi

1970s folk film announces cast

2014/03/10 | 560 views | 0 Comments | Permalink | Source

Korean actors Kim Yoon-seok, Jeong Woo Kim Hee-ae and Han Hyo-joo have been confirmed as the stars of Kim Hyeon-seok's latest movie "C'est Si Bon", according to its distributor CJ Entertainment yesterday.

C'est Si Bon was the name of a popular music lounge located in Mugyo-dong in central Seoul in the 1970s and '80s, famous for its live performances. The legendary folk duo Twin Folio got its start there.

The movie will depict the story behind the foundation of Twin Folio, and will involve a love story around the group's muse, played by Han Hyo-joo when she is young and by Kim Hee-ae a couple of decades later.

The movie is also adding a third, fictional member to the group, who will be played by Jung Woo as a young man and by Kim Yoon-seok 20 years later.

Director Kim Hyeon-seok most recently made the time-traveling thriller "11 AM" (2013). He is best known for the romantic-comedy "Cyrano Agency" (2010) and the Joseon-era sports film "YMCA Baseball Team" (2002).

By Jin Eun-soo, contributing writer

source: http://www.hancinema.net/1970s-folk-film-announces-cast-66871.html

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Guest missenjo

AKKK! thank you @uburoi for this page! This lady deserves at least her own page in Soompi. Hope there will be more articles in English to come since most of us are  completely illiterate in korean. Thanks again @uburoi! :D

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Guest evetang

I don't know it's allowed to post here or not, but I think 'A Wife's Credentials' is Kim Hee Ae's best drama, you should watch it:www.drama.net/a-wifes-credentials-episode-1

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April 24, 2014
Kim Hee Ae & Um Jung Hwa encouraging females to not fear falling in love with younger guys through their dramas
Source: STARN News 20140423154518_5357617e36957_1.jpg
More and more females are getting into relationships with guys who are younger then them, and there are two actresses who are leading this trend. They are none other than Kim Hee Ae and Um Jung Hwa, who are each casting in channel JTBC's 'Secret Love Affair,' and channel tvN's 'A Witch's Romance.'

'Secret Love Affair,' which premiered on March 27th, shows a romance that blossoms between Oh Hye Won(Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Sun Jae(Yoo Ah In), who are 20 years apart.
Many people showed huge anticipation for Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In's meet-up, but many others also showed worries about their age gap.
However, Kim Hee Ae captivated the viewers with her elegant beauty from the very first scene, and it looked like she found a perfect part for herself.
Kim Hee Ae smoothly expressed Oh Hye Won's personality, and Lee Sun Jae was attracted by her elegance and confidence.
Just as all of the other typical romance dramas are, the plots are flowing calmly, but constantly, and a great number of viewers are showing great reactions for her beautiful looks.
Kim Hee Ae particularly drew many people's attention by not losing her confidence while doing things that might earn herself reproaches.
Such charming personality naturally attracted Lee Sun Jae, and now that Oh Hye Won is also in love with him, their romance is developing at a rapid pace.
On the other hand, Um Jung Hwa is casting in 'A Witch's Romance,' which premiered on April 14th. In the drama, she falls in love with Park Seo Jun(casted by Yoon Dong Ha).
Um Jung Ha is casting in the drama as a lady named Ban Ji Yeon. She is one of the most charismatic figure in her company, but indeed, she is a quite lovely and charming person.
When alone, she turns dance songs on, dances alone, get drunk, and start making compliments to her own reflection in a mirror to get rid of loneliness.
She sometimes gets moody when she thinks about her ex-lover, who disappeared without any notice before wedding, and Park Seo Jun approaches to help her to get rid of the bad memory.

Um Jung Hwa is showing perfect expressions, and the bed scene that she had with Park Seo Jun became a hot issue among many viewers.
During a press conference for 'A Witch's Romance,' which was held on April 9th, she said, "I really loved Ban Ji Yeon's character when I read through the synopsis for the first time. I thought that it would be fun to play her."
As such, Kim Hee Ae and Um Jung Hwa are encouraging more females to not hesitate falling in love guys who are younger than them.
/Reporting by Jeong Ju-Ri en@starnnews.com

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April 28, 2014
Nominees announced for Baeksang Arts Awards by javabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/04/nominees-announced-for-baeksang-arts-awards/
The nominees for the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, whose ceremony will be held on May 27.


Best Picture Nominees
The Snowpiercer (dir. Bong Joon-ho)The Terror Live (dir. Kim Byung-woo)Hope (dir. Lee Jun-ik)The Attorney (dir. Yang Woo-seok)The Face Reader (dir. Han Jae-rim)
Director Award Nominees
Kim Byung-woo (The Terror Live)Hong Sang-soo (Our Sunhi)Jo Eui-seok (Cold Eyes)Bong Joon-ho (The Snowpiercer)Kim Byung-seo (Cold Eyes)Lee Jun-ik (Hope)
Actor Top Excellence Award Nominees
Ha Jung-woo (The Terror Live)Song Kang-ho (The Attorney)Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes)Sol Kyung-gu (Hope)Sohn Hyun-joo (Hide and Seek)
Actress Top Excellence Award Nominees
Jeon Do-yeon (Way Back Home)Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny)Kim Hee-ae (Elegant Lie)Eom Ji-won (Hope)Moon Jung-hee (Hide and Seek)
Supporting Actor Award Nominees
Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)Kim Eui-sung (The Face Reader)Jo Sung-ha (The Suspect)Lee Kyung-young (Venus Talk)Kwak Do-won (The Attorney)
Supporting Actress Award Nominees
Yeh Ji-won (Our Sunhi)Kim Young-ae (The Attorney)Jin Kyung (Cold Eyes)Ra Mi-ran (Hope)Go Ah-sung (The Snowpiercer)
New Actor Award Nominees
Im Shi-wan (The Attorney)Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)Lee Joon (Rough Play)Kim Woo-bin (Friend 2)
New Actress Award Nominees
Park Ji-soo (Mai Ratima)Lee Jae-hye (The Russian Novel)Seo Joo-ah (Pluto)Kim Hyang-gi (Elegant Lie)Lee Re (Hope)
New Director Award Nominees
Ha Jung-woo (Roller Coaster)Eom Tae-hwa (INGtoogi: The Battle of Surpluses)Heo Jung (Hide and Seek)Lee Jong-pil (Born To Sing)Yang Woo-seok (The Attorney)
Screenplay Award Nominees
Hide and Seek, Heo JungMiss Granny, Shin Dong-ikThe Terror Live, Kim Byung-wooThe Attorney, Yang Woo-seokHope, Kim Ji-hye
Actor Popularity Award
Ha Jung-woo (The Terror Live)Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)Im Shi-wan (The Attorney)Gong Yoo (The Suspect)Lee Joon (Rough Play)Yoo Ah-in (Kkangchulie)Sung Joon (Pluto)Jin Young (Miss Granny)Seo In-gook (No Breathing)Jo Jung-seok (The Face Reader)Kim Woo-bin (Friend 2)Jung Kyung-ho (Roller Coaster)Kim Sung-kyun (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Lee Hyun-woo (Covertly, Grandly)Go Soo (Way Back Home)Lee Jong-seok (Hot Blooded Youth)Lee Min-ki (Monster)Ok Taecyeon (Marriage Blue)Hwang Jung-min (When a Man Loves)Song Kang-ho (The Attorney)Choi Seung-hyun (TOP) (Commitment)Sol Kyung-gu (Hope)Joo-won (Catch Me)Kim Yoon-seok (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes)
Actress Popularity Award
Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny)Park Bo-young (Hot Blooded Youth)Kim Ah-joong (Catch Me)Kwon Yuri (No Breathing)Go Ah-sung (The Snowpiercer)Jeon Do-yeon (Way Back Home)Uhm Jung-hwa (Venus Talk)Sohn Ye-jin (Accomplice)Kim Hye-soo (The Face Reader)Kim Go-eun (Monster)Gong Hyo-jin (Boomerang Family)Han Hyo-joo (Cold Eyes)Lee Yeon-hee (Marriage Blue)
Via Baeksang

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Guest uburoi

Congrats to her nomination! The movie sounds too much of a tearjerker for my taste, but Kim Hee Ae's middle name is awesome anyway.
And don't be too sad about her lack of nomination for her role in Secret Love Affair, the drama is critically acclaimed and she's got a roomful of trophies already. Including last year's best actress Baeksang. One more doesn't count, let's have room for others :D

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I first know Kim Hee Ae in "Secret Love Affair", and completely fall in love with her's magnificent acting and attractive beauty... It's a pity that she is not nominated for her role in SLA which is an excellent drama and totally distinct from other Korean dramas those I have been watching.

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