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k-dramas & movies; actors & actresses forum rules

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Applicable to the following sub-forums
- k-dramas & movies  - actors & actresses

1. All general forum rules apply.  Please read the rules carefully. You will be warned if you are found in violation of any of these rules.  


2. Do not bypass the swear filter.  Using *, ! or other symbols in place of a letter is unacceptable.     

3. Do not bash drama and movie characters, actors, actresses, or other members, or post untrue information.  Bashing will not be tolerated by any means and will result in a warning. This includes but is not limited to the usage of derogatory remarks, spreading rumors, swearing, etc. Please respect each others' difference of opinions.    


4. Do not quote pictures or long posts.   Instead, remove images in your quotes. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. If a quote is too long (more than 10 lines), only quote a subsection of the text. Quoted pictures set in spoiler tags are considered a violation as well.   Threads that are meant solely for pictures belong in the k-entertainment general discussion.       


5. Do not post consecutively (one after another).  Do not post one picture per post or one quote per post in addition to posting several times in a row to bump your post count or keep a thread on the first page of the forum. Simply edit your previous post.      


6. Do not engage in non-related conversations and share non-related content.  If you are not going to engage in a discussion about a drama, movie, or actor/actress, use the PM system or other means of communication. Keep birthday celebrations out of thread topics unless it pertains to the stars of the thread involved.      


7. Before creating a new thread, check the pinned Official Threads Directory to make sure the topic doesn't already exist.  Only one thread per drama or movie will be active. Be sure to check! Some dramas and movies may be under different names. In addition, please post the link in the directory so that it can be added to the database. This is in place of the search function. 

No new drama thread shall be created till either a. drama's press conference / prayer ceremony is held, or b. official homepage / poster for the drama is available, or c. there is at least 1 confirmed cast.    No new movie thread shall be created till there is at least 1 confirmed cast announced by the production company and not based on speculations. 
 News regarding the drama/movie, till then, can be instead posted to the respective actors'/actresses' thread. This is to prevent/lower the possibility of misleading information as well as spamming in the threads upon a drama/movie thread's first creation.   


Also, when you're creating a new thread, please be sure to include these information in the first post: a profile (with English translations), description of the respective actor/actress' works, and pictures. If you are starting a new thread for a drama/sitcom/variety show, please be sure you can provide sufficient information and update it as often as possible so we can fully organize the thread.     

Below is a sample of what we would consider as sufficient to start a new thread:      

Title : [upcoming Drama 2017] (once it starts broadcasting, you may change it to [Current Drama 2016] and [Drama 2016] when it has ended. Episodes : Broadcast Company : MBC/KBS/SBS etc (obsolete if its a Movie thread) Cast :  Airing Date & time: start date + time slot PD : Production Company : Official Website : (may not have one if its a Movie) Storyline/Synopsis :

      As more information becomes available (towards the dramas airing and during the drama's run), please try to include: 

OST Ratings (Seoul & Nationwide, TNS) Links to official gallery (some may not know how to navigate the official site) - please do not hotlink images Links to official previews ( ditto) Subtitles

     We also encourage the following:  - Translated news
  - Link to forum rules
  Thread title naming convention  Threadstarter should name the threads in the following convention so that visitors may find the thread easily although we have an Official Threads Directory.  Use romanized name/title, followed by name/title in Korean characters:  

Actor 탤런트 [upcoming/Current Drama YYYY] Drama 드라마  [Movie YYYY] Movie 영화 [Variety] Variety 예능 

  8. Random questions belong in the Please Help Me! thread.   If you need assistance or are ambivalent about whether you should create a new thread, ask in this thread and your question will be addressed appropriately.    

  9. Information about English subtitles for dramas and movies can be found in the English Subs thread.   Do not create a new thread or post to ask for English subtitles. Subtitles for dramas can be found at D-Addicts.com and subtitles for movies can be found at Kloofy.net. If you cannot find it there, it is very likely subtitles for the drama or movie do not exist. Also, refrain from asking when subtitles will be out. Check the fansub groups' wiki pages for the latest information.       


10. Do not create new threads or posts to request download links.         


11. Do not create new threads to post news.   Post the latest information in the related actors/actresses, dramas/movies or sitcoms/variety/reality shows threads. Refrain from asking questions or adding additional comments to the news posts. Only post reliable news: translations by users, blogs, and forums are not considered reliable sources. Please provide a link to the source of the news. Please credit your sources as appropriate.       


12. Do not create a new thread or post to request Korean drama or movie soundtracks.  Download soundtracks from the Drama & Movie OSTs thread.      


13. Translate or provide romanizations for foreign-language related material into English.   Please remember that Soompi is an English-language forum with an international audience. Provide translations or romanizations if possible, and do not converse in another language in order to exclude others from a discussion. 


14. Do not bump pages so that your thread will remain on the first page of the forum. There is no need to echoe the same replies such as "he's hot!", "can't wait for the next episode!" or "why no preview?!" to establish your point. If you're going to make a post, say something intelligible or of substance.      


15. Do not post "I own this page" or make "thread milestone celebrations."   It is not necessary to have five pages of variations of "I own this page" or "Congratulations on making 1000 pages!" We may prune the forums anytime so there is no point in celebrating.     


16. Use the spoiler tag or highlight the text. Don't ruin a drama or movie for others! Dramas or movies will air earlier in Korea than other countries. When posting screencaps, if you have more than 3 images, please use the spoiler tag as a courtesy to your fellow drama fans. The opening and closing tags are "Spoiler" and "/Spoiler" (replace the quotes with [brackets], or the eye icon). The fourth image onward need to go into the spoiler tag.


17. Use the spoiler tag for multiple images and videos. When posting images and videos (YouTube, Twitter, gifs, etc), if you have more than 3 images and/or videos, the fourth image/video onward need to go into the spoiler tag. This facilitates the transition between pages and enhances the user experience for those who have limited data caps.


18. Read the first post of each thread. Most of your questions can usually be answered by simply reading the first post of a thread. Doing so will help avoid repetitive questions.

19. Do not create new threads or posts to post fanfix or post entire fanfix in the official threads. Fanfix belong in the fanfix forum. You can only post a link or a banner that leads to the fanfix in the fanfix forum. Discussions regarding the fanfix are otherwise prohibited in this forum. Also, continuously advertising your fanfix in a thread will be regarded as spamming.      


20. Do not solicit votes for external poll/vote sites. One post with the link and instructions for voting should suffice. Do not continually post poll updates/results and request for participation. Final results for poll/vote may be posted on its completion.     


Rules updated as of 13 July 2018.

Additional Information  

 - When posting pictures, you are allowed to put 50 pictures in one post. Consider posting pictures in thumbnail sizes instead if they are large images. Please also see Rules #16 and #17 for posting of multiple images and videos.

- Individual actors information or pictures that has no relevance to the drama/movie thread topic should be posted in their respective threads.  

- If you received a warning, click the warning panel under your profile to display all the information regarding your warning. Read the FAQ for warning removal.  

- Threadstarters should NOT implement a separate set of thread rules, it will confuse members.  

- One-liners are allowed if your post or question has relevance to the thread topic.  

- If the threadstarter is no longer active in the forum or thread, members planning to take over any thread may send your request to the respective forum moderators.  

- Fan-projects initiated by external websites/forums may be posted once with the project link and instructions for participation. Do not continually post updates or request for participation. Final results for project may be posted on its completion. Do not at any point in time solicit for donations or funding for such fan-projects within Soompi.     


Additional Information updated as of 13 July 2018.   

Have additional questions or comments? PM a moderator or admin.

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