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[Drama 2012] A Wife's Credentials 아내의 자격

Guest YunRa1430270238

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Guest YunRa1430270238

[jTBC] Kim Hee Ae, Lee Sung Jae, Jang Hyun Sung, Lee Tae Ran

Title: 아내의 자격 / A Wife’s Credentials

Chinese Title: 妻子的資格

Genre: Melodrama

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: jTBC

Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-29 to 2012-Apr-19

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:45


This drama tell the story of a ordinary housewife (Kim Hee Ae) who busy with her daughter’s education. On the same time, she falls in love with her neighbor who works as a dentist (Lee Sung Jae).


Main Cast

Kim Hee Ae as Yoon Seo Rae

Lee Sung Jae as Kim Tae Oh

Jang Hyun Sung as Han Sang Jin

Lee Tae Ran as Hong Ji Sun

Supporting Cast

Im Je No as Han Gyeol

Lee Jung Gil as Han Yong Hee

Nam Yoon Jung as Jin Soo Ae

Choi Eun Kyung as Han Myung Jin

Park Hyuk Kwon as Jo Hyun Tae

Lee Han Na as Jo Yoon Jae

Kim Sung Kyung as Jo Yoon Min

Nam Neung Mi as Oh Jung Ae

Jang So Yeon as Yoon Mi Rae

Choi Da In as Kim Bo Reum (Yoon Seo Rae’s Daughter)

Im Sung Min as Kang Eun Joo

Son Sung Joon as Jo Jae Hoon

Jung Han Yong as Hyun Tae’s father

Kil Hae Yeon as Ha Sum Jin

Yoog Mi Ra as Sung In Ok

Hong Sung Sook as Min Hae Kyung

Production Credits

Director: An Pan Suk

Scriptwriter: Jung Sung Joo

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Kim Hee Ae and Lee Tae Ran - my favourite actresses!  How can I not watch it?!  I like  Lee Sung Jae and Jang Hyun Sung too, they are good actors.

With such strong casts, how can this drama not be good?!  Definitely on my must-watch list now.

Thanks goodness it has only 16 episodes.  Hope some kind souls will subs it.

Thanks for this new thread, JungYunho_GoAra.  :)  

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Semi-fly, you are the BEST!  Thank you so much.

I'm wondering whose husband is whose?  Looking at the picture, I guess I know.

While Kim Hee Ae is very naughty in My Man's Woman, Lee Sung Jae is very naughty in Natalie .  But they both look decent in here.  Still, they have an affair when they are already married. 

Like My Man's Woman, is Lee Tae Ran going to be her best friend although they are neighbours?

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Kim Hee-ae's "A Wife's Credentials" leaps over 1% viewership, shows potential



Can the "Queen of Ratings" Kim Hee-ae bring her power to the new general service channels?

According to AGB Neilsen Media Research, the first episode of "A Wife's Credentials" (written by Jeong Seong-joo, directed by Ahn Pan Seok), aired on February 29th, averaged 1.07% viewership nationally.

Painting a romance between a housewife who is caught up with her children's education and her pure-hearted neighbor, the first broadcast of "A Wife's Credentials" was a success for a general service channel drama. Setting 1% viewership as its standard, it showed great potential.

With Kim Hee-ae transforming into innocent housewife Yoon Seo-rae and robust dialogue that accurately captures Korea's mania regarding education, viewers are paying attention. Like Chae Si-ra on JTBC's "Queen Insoo", Kim Hee-ae is stepping up to save general service channel programming and generate interest in the show.

Airing in the same time slot, Channel A's "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" grabbed 0.504% of viewers, while Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin's TV Chosun program "Operation Proposal" took in 0.498%.

Source :  http://news.nate.com.../20120301n03105 ( English Korean )

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After i finished the second episode and the preview, i think i'll be following this drama...the actors are of the matured age and its not that cutie-pie-rom-com-drama but also i like Lee Sung Jae (since Lawyers in Korea) ... i just hate the S. Korean society...their way of gossipping...it kills me! :( I just dont know if in reality its really like that...but still i love watching kdramas ;)

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Guest dramaok

i skimmed through the two episodes and i think the director is very successful in painting the two leads as such lonely souls living in the wrong neighborhood on the wrong schedules with the wrong spouses and with rules and patterns that don't suit their more free-spirited tendencies to find bliss in simpler things.


obviously it's not going to please ppl who object morally to the subject of an affair, but it is actually ironic how everyone else is living the double life except these two, up until now, that is . . .

Kim Hee-Ae is really one of the best actresses out there but her character was so repulsive in Midas. so different in here.

Lee Seong-Jae always oozes such manly charisma with soft sexy edges.

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Wow, not much of followers here, maybe not yet...but i really like the theme of this drama...two entities, both married, happen to fall in-love...just like what a song goes... "its sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along..." "you were minding your life and i was mindin' mine too"....

and it's just so understandable why they fall for each other...her husband and family are too much to handle...and he, his wife wants to lead a "genius" life whereas these two YSR and KTO only wants a non-complicated life (but life is always that complicated, just like the people around them too ;) ) ... the situation throws them together, it's a sin but its also a sweet feeling...or maybe a love and lust???...i dont think so....but were still at the beginning of the story so am curious to know the progress...

and yes, KHA here is totally diffirent from her role in Midas...while LJJ whatever his role, just like what dramaok says "always oozes such manly charisma with soft sexy edges"...

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General Cable Drama Ratings (National)


Source: AGB Nielsen Korea

A Wife's Credentials - 20:45 - jTBC - 1.58

Operation : Proposal - 20:45 - TV Chosun - 0.413

General Cable Drama Ratings (National)


Source: AGB Nielsen Korea

A Wife's Credentials - 20:45 - jTBC - 2.158

Operation : Proposal - 20:45 - TV Chosun - 0.703

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