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  1. I will wait till tomorrow for episode 21. If it’s really true I won’t watch it anymore. I want revenge and redemption !!
  2. Hello. I was a silent shipper, waiting for the breaking news. I am so happy. Everything will be possible in 2021. We know it in grocery we TRUST
  3. With YH turning evil I am just watching only for SR and LL falling in love. Even if it’s strange because her daughter is the adoptive dongsaeng of LL. But it is a kdrama, more a Makjang. LOL. Did I miss something ?! Episode 16 introduced us for the first time that SR knew DT killed her husband ?! Since when ? I am really disappointed that YH is not on the good side anymore. Will they cut off SJ in season 2 ? Will SR will get revenge against DT and YH in season 2 ? BTW if SR leaves for the US, I suppose she would let the twins with their super psycho dad. So scary. I am really sad for a
  4. Just binge watched 8 episodes in 2 days. I just gave it a try while waiting that another drama to be subbed. But OMG. I don’t even remember the last time I watched an OCN drama. I am hooked but no episodes this week !!! CANNOT WAIT till next week. This drama is super freaking good, really original... I really loved the dynamics between the 4 leads, they’re a real family I am looking forward the time when Mun who will control his super ability and they will catch the soon to be level 4 guy...
  5. I watched episode 4 live. It’s getting so intense. The ending was on the top. Ottoke I have to wait 6 days. Based on the preview the king would fall in love with the queen and maybe would save her when she will try to jump into the lake. This drama is on fire. Comic and intense at the drame time hahah
  6. Hi chingus, I watched this drama for SHS so I had high expectations and it did not disappoint me. It was so freaking funny. Everything is brilliant. The 2 mini songs by SHS were delightful hahaha. I am so happy to have 2 comic dramas to watch every week since now !!!! In episode 1, the King said he was with the coming soon first concubine during Cheorin’s lake accident ? Did he lie in order to protect her first love ? Thanks
  7. Hello chingus, I started this drama because of ratings but I am not sure If I should keep on this makjang of the makjangs. I hate everyone (Also screamings) except LJA’s character. Maybe I should just read your comments to keep me updated. Btw this drama has 2 seasons. Does it mean we will not see their revenge at the end of season 1 ?!
  8. Hi chingus, I really loved the 2 episodes The 3 leads (that I love) are the perfect trio for this drama. But I think Lim Ju Hwan would play a bad guy (He is the best in vilain roles). I hope he does not **** her. This drama is fast paced, the scenery was beautiful (I really have to go visiting Jejudo, which seems wonderful). It's sad for the drop in ratings but I do not understand because the 2 first episodes were really good (my point of view which is subjective). There is suspense also. In addition, I am not a specialist in Interpol and industrial spying so I had to read sub
  9. Hi chingus, what a GOOD surprise !!!! I am so hooked with Sandbox. 5 more days to wait Eottoke ! I wanted to watch the pilote for Kang Ha Na but I had no expectations. OMG I am reconciled with Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk The subject of this drama is new, fresh but also more. I cried when the father died... So sad... It's also about the meaning of family... Why did they leave the dad and Da Mi because of money !!!! I am so angry ! Will we have a love triangle with our main leads and Ji Pyunk ? I am looking forward !!! Red Velvet's Future is a pure GEM. I already listened it t
  10. Hi chingus, I started this drama by chance and I really like it (ofc it is about affairs and revenge..) The (devoted) wife is so crazy and funny at the same time. I don'y have pity for the cheating husband hahaha. He is not on the same level as his wifey's. I just hope she is not responsible for her hoobae's death I am French and we never say LE Amour éternel haha. If I read this writing on a bottle of wine, I would never drink it. It is for sure a poisonous one (I checked on internet, i did not find it hehe)
  11. I read somewhere that PEB played violin when she was younger. So It was easy to remember basics and ofc she took some lessons for the drama... This drama has wonderful OST songs. Super quality. Few hours before episode 9, ottoke !!!!
  12. Hi chingus, I decided to watch Do You Like Brahms by chance. Omo, I almost missed this gem. I just watched the first episode and I am 100% sure that this drama will be a masterpiece. In addition, I really like dramas about classical music. The leads are so cute and innocent. This is the first time I watched a drama with PEB and KMJ, they are so good! I am looking forward to share with you Update : there are 4 actresses from Secret Affair haha
  13. Hello chingus, I binge watched the first 4 episodes. What a good revenge melodrama (LYR is the best in this genre) ! I am hooked. We are together for 6 weeks... The life of our FL ES was so sad and unfair. Hopefully, she will find happiness and really will be in love with the ML JM. And she needs a proper revenge !!! I really liked the daddy-girl relationship and the mommy-girl reunion. I think ES has money because she was married to a 2nd chaebol ? She must have some savings thanks to her art craft ? She might have met her husband during an exhibition...
  14. OMO the real BHS is so freaking scary. I almost hid my eyes when he appears on my screen hahaha. Everything is uncontrollable in Baek family. The parents are 100% aware that their terrific son who will keep on killing. The snowball will be for sure out of control. The mother is going crazy, she even wants to take care of the mess. She is not in her right mind now (thanks to her problematic son) and will need a BIG psychotherapy (if his son does not kill her meanwhile) Regarding the preview, The Baek are scheming DHS to take the blame for the nurse's murder ?
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