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  1. I will wait till tomorrow for episode 21. If it’s really true I won’t watch it anymore. I want revenge and redemption !!
  2. Hello. I was a silent shipper, waiting for the breaking news. I am so happy. Everything will be possible in 2021. We know it in grocery we TRUST
  3. With YH turning evil I am just watching only for SR and LL falling in love. Even if it’s strange because her daughter is the adoptive dongsaeng of LL. But it is a kdrama, more a Makjang. LOL. Did I miss something ?! Episode 16 introduced us for the first time that SR knew DT killed her husband ?! Since when ? I am really disappointed that YH is not on the good side anymore. Will they cut off SJ in season 2 ? Will SR will get revenge against DT and YH in season 2 ? BTW if SR leaves for the US, I suppose she would let the twins with their super psycho dad. So scary. I am really sad for a
  4. Just binge watched 8 episodes in 2 days. I just gave it a try while waiting that another drama to be subbed. But OMG. I don’t even remember the last time I watched an OCN drama. I am hooked but no episodes this week !!! CANNOT WAIT till next week. This drama is super freaking good, really original... I really loved the dynamics between the 4 leads, they’re a real family I am looking forward the time when Mun who will control his super ability and they will catch the soon to be level 4 guy...
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