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Throwback on how Wookie handled dating rumors. One of his character, he doesn't like over obsessive girl or girls who are chasing him, but he liked doing the chasing. Not sure now since he's already 40s. 


Fans Want Dong Wook And Da Hae To Be Dated. 

At the middle of last february, a Korean netter said she has proof that Dong Wook is engaged with his partner in My Girl, Lee da Hae. This netter also posts proof of pictures like hat, handphone strap, and frame that contain of their picture in his house. 
Dong Wook  heard this when he did his Drama, Bittersweetlife, only just laughing, then he called lee da hae to talked about this. Da Hae just laughing when she heard it too. Both of them very happy that fans still like them.But they dispute it and said they were just only friend. 
“this frame of picture and hat are gifts from of South East Asia fans. I think they really like us as couple in serial. Da Hae and I held fans meetingseparately.But our fans give us same gifts. Furthermore  they also give our picture in one frame because fans want us to be engaged/dated.”dongwook said it with laughing. 
“I want say thank you very much to our fans that supported My Girl. Even though 2 years has gone since My Girl shown in television. Because of My Girl too, I also has many fans and  known outside of Korea.”he said. 



Lee Dong-wook replied, "The frame and the hat were all presents from fans. Presents especially for Southeast Asia are for couples. I think they like the couple look. We have separate fan meetings, but they give us presents together. Even with frames, they put in pictures of us together. He laughed and said, "I think fans want us to date". He said this because when the rumors went public, fans encouraged their dating.

The reason why Lee Dong-wook took this with calmness was because of his thanks to his fans, who continue to show love for his drama, "My Girl". He said, "It's already been two years since the drama ended. Through "My Girl", I earned more fans and I'm known overseas". Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae received a lot of support from fans as the main characters of "My Girl", which ended 2006.



the news abt how he was so angry abt his dating rumor with Shoo

MNET Interview Jan 26, 2006-the link below is not working anymore.




translation from Wookie's thread


Basically what he said was that the rumours were false. That they are JUST friends, and its not like they were meeting one-on-one, they were out with other celebrities as well.


He was also a bit angry that this was happening, as he felt that this scandal was written because he had eaten out with her a few times. ALso I think he was cranky because he is overworked with My Girl and tired.



and here the news reported in my country when KSA/Wookie promoting SOW-my friend was at the event, and she said, Wookie was totally in bad mood after one reporter asked him dating older woman-the news of course never reached Korea, and those Malaysian who knows him totally aware abt this.

@ Lidong Xu Chinese network : # # Lidong Wook Sin Chew Daily News three [children] 111 207 Kim Sunah Jie Dilian (cougar relationship) Dong Wook refused to give an answer to this question posed by the media [south Pacific Star Network Entertainment News Entertainment] 111 207 Dongxu talking about the feelings of children do not mind something Kim Sun Jie Dilian [south Pacific Star Network Entertainment News Entertainment] 111 207 Dongxu become mature after details of a soldier (after military service): http://t.cn/SqHbJP



I remembered in 2011 China Happy Camp show, DH said, her ex-boyfriend once hung up to a girl who kept chasing him. 


Not sure which ex though.  But I think we can guess.



Happy Camp 2011.


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 Hotel King finished shooting after nearly 7 months.

Hotel King last day-25th July.


On 26th July, fans saw both of them at one cafe.




At that time both not hiding anything.

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My own validation on Wookie,  claimed that he is still single..DH still free in using his face, his drama footage, his voice, etc in many of her videos these days. If he has one,I'm sure we can see some kind of warning from his girlfriend. Even Wookie ex-MC Talks Show partner JDY, freely said, she wants to see Wookie whenever she's free.





Actually they are many kind of relationships especially among celebrities. If you love googling, there was one couple from ex-YG who dated 12 years, in Strong Heart show, the man openly said they fake their relationship for few years, just to stay afloat in the market.

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Oh ya Wookieshii..maybe not months, but few days after broke up or years after broke up.


In his Talk Show, he said he still contact his ex after few days of broken up.



And in 2010, DH words about texting with each other NOW indicates reconciliation.


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Unless the couple in Binjin level, because there are so many hard evidences, and many encountered them together outside of works, people are not surprised at all and no backlash on their announcement.


Many said Wookie is lying about his status now..well I also don't know, but I know it's career suicide if he caught lying. Maybe the meaning of "not in relationship" is not in serious or marriage in mind kind of relationship. In 2017, in one of magazine interview, Wookie said his heart is empty/dry already. Last Christmas he said his heart is empty and still loves sad song. He said if he is in relationship he respects his girlfriend feeling, but the way he said to the media or interview or Vlive, totally indicate he has no special heart needs to be protected.


But love moves in mysterious way..one minute you said NO, maybe the next second is YES.


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@samzz I don't think so that he's getting married, he just taking a break bc he's working non stop, and he just said he's not in a relationship unless there is shot gun marriage hahaha. But I'm happy if ever he's going to, I would like him to make more babies since their childbirth is very very low. His genes is one of a kind.

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1 hour ago, dolley said:

@samzz I don't think so that he's getting married, he just taking a break bc he's working non stop, and he just said he's not in a relationship unless there is shot gun marriage hahaha. But I'm happy if ever he's going to, I would like him to make more babies since their childbirth is very very low. His genes is one of a kind.

Yes, the point is no one asking him about his status, he willingly said he is not in relationship.

Many argued he smiles while talking about it, to me they are totally new fans who never try to google his past past interviews. That's his normal behavior when talking about his private love life regardless single or not.


Wookie is straight forward man..so savage sometimes.



This is one validation of what I said..he has no girl's heart in Roommate needs to be protected. Even as a joke, not that kind of joke when you are in relationship with other woman.


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Hahaha, to me this is the best part, because I'm waiting to hear from Wookie himself. Even though he is not referring to anyone..but DH already mentioned about it 7 years ago.

Literally he almost revealed because of continuous argument with gf making him cannot have a long term relationship.


Wookie March 2021

When giving advice about argument between couple.


Turbulence love life.

DH-July 2014 Interview.


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In this part, I'm not really agree with him, it can put pressure to your relationship actually, because you expect your partner to be the same too. Realistically, where to find girls especially young one who just stay at home and not having outing with male friends nowadays. Maybe there are many, but do they have cheerful, smart, fun  personalities. Cut ties is not the best solution for happy relationship. Basically this what I saw in DH too, she cut ties with everyone that have connection with Wookie and I always non stop talking about it.

But I know it's his relationship, his own world, world full of temptation, trust is so difficult to find. He saw it already, too much outing with other guys, or wrong guy specifically can lose everything, even personality. Plus he knows he is extremely handsome, so to him this is the best way to protect the relationship.



But somewhere in Gangnam, there is one couple who doesn't care about this, the girlfriend can have wedding game in social media, and the boyfriend recorded it.


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Hahaha Wookieshii..no relationship during this period..


You don't need to have a relationship in this period..ouchh



Based on the rest of the interview.. I can conclude, my opinion..many people said he's afraid to expose his relationship (if any) because afraid of his fans might leaving him, protect the girl, losing popularity and career.. maybe true in some parts, but to me, he is just don't know how to keep long term relationship. He even amazed how relationship can last longer..lol.

He is consistent, since Taxi interview year 2013, he already said, he doesn't has long relationship, the longest 3 years.


Wookieshii, some couple just fake it, telling the world about their long relationship.

At least we heard so many confession lately especially one from the past..from one YG couple- on paper dated 12 years, but they themselves revealed it to public, part of it just fake relationship. Some never said in words, but their actions speak volume.


Random picture


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So, what Wookie said in latest dating consultation.. resonates so much with what DH said about his ex-boyfriend in Happy Camp 2011.

As I said, not sure which ex..but totally spot on to Wookie's confession.


DH said her ex once hung up to a girl who kept chasing him.



Lol, I really don't know what to comment in this Wookieshii. I never scan your heart personally. At least you are not faking it because they are men out there always claim they come from HAVEN.


Wookie and his rumbling. Millions waiting for you Wookieshii.


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@samzz I understand him if he's not seeing and communicating with female friends while in a relationship bc gf would be jealous. 


One thing his relationship doesn't last long is bc his always busy, gf's are very demanding, they want their partner to devote most of their time to them that is why some choose man who are easy going, that they can bring them where ever they want to go. And that's one way to keep the relationship long. 

he said that he's not good at having a relationship at all, it seems all his relationship didn't last long, if based on his public relationship  it doesn't last even a year,so why not try non celebrity girlfriend. A non celebrity who understand your work and not a fame RickRoll'D. 

but at least he knows when to stop, if he feels that the gf is not the wife material, why keep it long? 

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@dolley yes, based on his confession, etc, successful, smart non-celebrity is the best for him.  Best example Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho. They married successful, smart business minded non-celebrity and look at them now and the wifey, at least they survived with all the stupid, nonsense stuffs with fans, Knet and their demanding society. None of the wifey trying to steal the limelight and using their husbands for their own business benefits.


What I respect about Wookie since the first day I saw him on TV, he never fake his character on and off screen, not a perfect one, but at least he is honest. 

What I couldn't stand is the scammer roaming freely mocking the public.


Saw about Ugly Ducklings issues..I feel so sorry for Park So Hong. When I said many K-celebrities are engineeringly manufactured by their parents, many called me delusional and black hearted. 

Anyway still remember, his mother praised DH before.

From Google translate article.


If I'm not mistaken, she was also the one who asked DH about marriage 3 years ago.

She has no one in mind for marriage  in year 2018 even though already 2 years in public relationship.



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so wookie will have another drama? yes more projects to come 




auto translation

Exclusive] Lee Dong-wook, starring in OCN's new drama'Bad and Crazy'


Actor Lee Dong-wook will release a new work in collaboration with PD Yoo Sun-dong of OCN's'Wonderful Rumor'. 

According to a broadcaster on the 30th, Lee Dong-wook recently received a proposal for the protagonist of OCN's new drama'Bad and Crazy' and is discussing positively. It is known that only the final stage of coordination remains. 

The drama is a green mystery play in which a detective with different personalities in one body solves various cases. 

The director of OCN's'Wonderful Rumors', which aired in January, attracted more attention by collaborating once again with producer Yoo Sun-dong and writer Sae-bom Kim. 

Lee Dong-wook is expected to show a variety of charms through the role of the protagonist who has to express multiple personalities at the same time. 

Previously, OCN'Others are Hell' in 2019 and last year's tvN'Gumihodi' showed their strengths in the thriller and fantasy genres. 

The production crew plans to start shooting as soon as they finish casting the main and supporting actors currently in progress. It aims to air in the second half of the year. 

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In few years time, Wookie can  have a rest a bit longer and just enjoy his success.

And DH, if she cares, she can live with memories of all her drama.

To me, of course Chuno.


For chemistry wise, of course Hotel King, -before that, DH and Joe Cheng. 

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