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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)

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Gym attended by Wookie and best friends goes bankrupt..



Who knows if they will join Bodybuilderchul's gym after this..and how about DH and Bodybuilderchul's friendship if they are in the same gym?

@dolley  I remember literally you said how about if they are in the same gym?




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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

in this draught season of our DongHae...i tend to watch again some of HK BTS...to watch again how close they were...my favs are the HK DVD BTS....one thing I just realised that Wookie and Dahae were s

No wonder Weibo full with My Girl throwback.

I bet Wookie and DH will get handsome royalty because it's Chinese remake and funding.



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I'm sure there will be more DH and Wookie's news because of Chinese My Girl remake. This time, because of Chinese Yuan and DH is OK already with anything related to My Girl. 


When Thailand did the remake few years ago, only Wookie advertised it through video messages. DH still in her terrible angry mode at that time, so no one contacted her about Thailand remake. None of Wookie's new fans talked about Thailand remake at that time either...same angry mode with DH, maybe..




And due to sudden exposure of many things lately.. especially the Nancy Lang kind of story.. it's good move DH concentrating on her online business venture. 


That 70 trillion Won business there.


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When Wookie said "the sea I desire".. immediately I remember DH's name in Chinese.

Lee Da Hae Chinese name literally means "many sea and ocean."

Even wedding in Hotel King, the background is the sea/Ocean.


In an old interview, Wookie mentioned, sea view is one of his favorite.


Wookieshii- Love the hair though.


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Hopefully not going to affect Wookie JTBC new show.. because it's related to JTBC 2nd largest shareholder..

Exclusive] Who ..... ex-chaebol boyfriend Won-jin Vice Chairman?... JTBC's 2nd largest shareholder

Enter 2021.06.09. 2:09 PM
 Modified 2021.06.09. 2:38 PM
Correspondent Kim Soon-shinReporter Woobin
I always have a soft spot for Wookie's long hair.
Long front hair- similar vibe during Hotel King script reading.
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DH's neighbor or YG clan is under attack. The gym though.



DH really has an eye for big biceps.


The gym at La Folium aka DH's private gym.


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Those who watched DH own funding Variety show in 2017, know how clean freak she is. Not even one follicle is allowed on the floor of her house.


Throwback Wookie interview with fans-Japan FM 2015

At that time DH and Wookie still in good term, that's why he didn't mind incorporated Hotel King scenes with his fans. Totally opposite after Goblin period..no more Hotel King meme with fans.


No pictures of Wookie piggyback the grandma? 

Wookie was considered very hyperactive kid when he was young.. that's why until now he couldn't stay longer without doing nothing. He needs to release that energy by working non stop.


Credit to owner for translations.

A very kind of Wookie's fan who is willing to write in English for us-Wookie FM summary. 

I copy it in case someone cannot open it through mobile.
해외횽아들도 팬밋 후기 보고 싶어할 듯 하여 나노후기 골자만 summary 해서 영작.. (잉글리쉬 울렁증 있는 쿨게이들한데 미리 사과 박스 돌림^^)

Hi Wookie Fans from all over the world :-)
Just a fellow Wookie Fan to give you a sense of Wookie's Osaka Fan gathering which was held on February 28th. Had the pleasure of attending it and am thrilled to share some of the highlights with Wookie's global fans who couldn't be there in person.

The gathering started at 3pm and Wookie made a surprise appearance from the back and ran through the audience to make his appearance on stage. There was no actual intermission but the meeting was organized into two parts. For the first part, Wookie wore a sem-casual gray-blue jacket and slacks with a white shirt and white loafer-looking shoes. 

The meeting started with a short interview about his recent dramas and how he's been spending his time lately. He's been sleeping and eating and doing some travelling. Since, in 2014, he had an extremely busy year, he said that it would be a while before we saw him in another drama. But he asked that in the meantime, to please show our support as he will continue to appear in Roommate Season 2.

The title of the Fan Gathering was 'Su ga o' which means every-day life so Wookie brought some photos from his childhood, of his pet Schnauzer, Hogu, and of his time in his photoshoot in Dubai. He mentioned that when he was a child, he wanted to become a firefighter when he grew up.

For the next segment, Wookie went into the audience to take questions from his fans in person and answer them. He even made his way up to the second floor to take questions. Being the gracious guy that he is, he thanked the fans on the second floor for coming out to see him even the seats were quite a distance away from the stage on the 1st floor.

Wookie joked that he would stay and hold the rest of the meeting from the second floor but he came down and went backstage to change his attire. During the break, some clips of Hotel King and Blade Man were shown. Blade Man is set to air in Japan in March and we wish Wookie the utmost success!!

For the second half, Wookie returned wearing a boldly imprinted black/white dress shirt, and dandy-lookin' slacks. To kick off the second half, 2 fans were randomly chosen to act out memorable scenes from Wookie's past dramas. An older lady fan was picked to act out a scene from Ep. 26 of Hotel King. (The scene were Hyunwoo has to try and cheer up Mone by giving her a piggyback ride.) A younger female fan was picked to act a scene from Ep. 29 of Hotel King. (The scene where Hyunwoo proposes to Mone.) Both ladies did a great job and there were some great moments for laughs.

Then, Wookie was asked what his specialty(something he's good at) was. He responded that he could lie around and watch TV well. (Got some laughs from the audience.) Then he was asked what he wasn't good at or something that he didn't like. He paused for a moment and responded that he values cleanliness, so he likes to clean and make sure things are tidy.

Wookie said that in elementary school, he took part in the art club. However, he didn't really draw all that much because he was a bundle of energy always running around, instead of drawing. (In fact, he said that his teacher asked his parents if they could move him to another club, such as Taekwondo.) Anyhow, a volunteer from the audience was chosen to have a drawing battle with Wookie with fellow fans to decide which picture was better. As 2015 is the year of the sheep, both Wookie and the fan had to draw a sheep. The fan drew a cute sheep face(Wookie kept saying that it looked more a like a lion or a dog) and Wookie started drew mutton kebabs, a beer and cup, dipping sauce, and finally a sheep. (His best attempt at looking like a sheep^^)

Afterwards, they played a game of charades relay where the first person saw the word and had to explain it using motions to the next person and the 4th person in line had to guess what it was. So, 6 fans were randomly chosen to play the game with Wookie. Some funny moments were Wookie's perfect description of golf, fans near perfect explanation of sumo, and Michael Jackson's moonwalk. But the highlight was Wookie's drunkard performance. He did a fantabulous job and the 4th person was able to get the answer correct. Both teams got 2 answers right and so the winner was decided by 'Rock scissor paper'.

The 3 fans on the winning team received a prize and the stage was cleared to see Wookie do some cooking. He looked great in a red apron and once again two fans were selected from the audience to assist. The dish they prepared was a traditional rice cake dessert native to Osaka made with a special bean called, Kuromamae. Wookie had to use a millstone to grind the beans and he said that he didn't like millstones as he had to grind 80kg of beans for 8 hours making tofu and maeju(bean curd used to make soy sauce or bean paste) during Roomate Season 2. Anyways, Wookie did a wonderful job and the dessert was finished.

For the final part of the meeting, 4 lucky fans had the chance to take pictures with Wookie using their own phones/cameras. Wookie was kind enough to take 'selfies' with each of the fans.

After the fan meet, there was a time to have a 'handshake' with Wookie and so all the fans formed a line to go up on stage and shake Wookie's hand in person. Must say that the three hours flew by and it was truly an amazing experience!!

CR.TO OWNER-------------------
I would like to highlight this part "  He paused for a moment and responded that he values cleanliness, so he likes to clean and make sure things are tidy." This is sooo LDH to me. 

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Hotel King and The Sea I Desire seems like having a connection in photography. So obvious.

And Wookie narrated this scene.


And Wookie continuing promoting Donghae City.

-during Hotel King 2014

-19th April 2019

And now June 2021


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Last night got strong feeling on Hotel King..and today.. congratulations to Vixx N for being able to act with Wookie again.


Throwback- apart from hand under the blanket, another Donghey X file, still no answer, why DH and Wookie wore the wedding dress on May 2014 at MBC studio, whereby the actual wedding was on 24th July 2014 (cr. Wookie's Weibo).


Why they wore that wedding dress on the day they met VIXX. Very casual simple wedding dress actually.


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Favorite subjects recently, beaches, friends connection and swing chair.


DH in 2011 and now 2021.


Wookie with his favorite singer on the beach. Surrounded by best friends too.



And swing chair.


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Even the mayor of Gangwon wants him to be his future son in law.



I love the teasing from JTBC team.

Most eligible bachelor in Korea.


The same teasing from Wookie's team in his IG, few days after DH and her gang trying to play a wedding game in Douyin in February this year. Until now, the Chinese media still milking the gang "tantrum".



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My cable channel OH!K is showing Miss Ripley.. episode 11 already.

DH last drama with strong character..and Daesang award for that.


I was so into DH and Kim Seung Woo chemistry and acting performances esp in EP 9 and 10.


Based on true story..



While the backdrop was switched from art to hotels, the plot bears striking similarities to Shin, with heroine Jang Mi-ri (Lee Dae-hey of “The Slave Hunters”) lying about where she graduated from and manipulating two powerful men to get her foot in the door.




and of course waiting for Wookie new venture as Scuba diver, cum bartender.

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I don't know about the other ship, but I do know DH and LMH are neighbors, and close to each other, based on LMH interaction with DH's doggo.

Now KGE is with Wookie again, and for sure still best friend with LMH.

What a coincidence..

LMH and Wookie=have history..



LMH with DH's doggo few months ago.



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At first glance I thought DH during old days.. because of tall, long legs, slim, lanky stye of pose.



Hahaha, so metro sexual and gay..ish...

I saw  lots of this style from famous Chinese internet sensation, in Xiaohongshu.

Wookieshii, are a fan of Lu Xian Ren, who are famous for this style.



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Wookieshii, SO JUST POSE.


I'm glad I'm more on Xiaohongshu, because the world of business and art are in sync in harmonious way. People in there are so open minded to everything especially in money making or self made millionaire or billionaire. 


This goes with the way fashion industries market or advertise their products nowadays. I bet Wookie is venturing into outside of the box kind of entertainment, in sync with new way of marketing nowadays. That's why he agreed with feminine concept because he looks into the future and it's has been done few years ago not new actually.


Here some for inspirational study. 


"A boy dressed in women's clothing appeared in the beautiful countryside. Perhaps for more people, viewing his videos is not an appreciation of his sense of fashion. But out of a kind of curious psychology.

People commented on his dress, his dress, his behavior.

"The people in the village said that he was a pervert, that he was neither a man nor a woman, and that he was not doing business for a day. People on the Internet attacked him as a ladyboy, saying that he was a big eyeball.

But he doesn't care, he knows what he wants, and people with goals in their hearts are always firm."

This is a powerful attitude towards life, just like the lines in the American drama "POSE"-The category is live, work, pose!

He ignited the editor's yearning for future life, everything is possible.

so, just pose!


And that the  only thing,  I'm in sync with DH nowadays which is Xiaohongshu. Talking about other things,  her acting career, maybe history already. 

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