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  1. @samzz what's important is she made an apology and she's sincere, people understand those who humble themselves. and people are harsh to those who mock them
  2. happy birthday Gong Yoo, I'm really glad he is LDW bestfriend, he's a good influence for him. More projects to both of you, and please you and wookie get a girlfriend and get married. Both genes are rare.
  3. @samzz hahaha I really thought it's the same, since she's in a news and a bit controversial so asking help from LA famili. As far as I know, they are related most to the problematic one.
  4. @samzz lol in fairness she's good to be an entertainer. I imagine things like what happened to some famous scandals. that happens when you are hopeless bc no one hire you or give you any project.
  5. @samzz any kind of hairstyles fits on LDW, but I'm really happy the second time he visited Manila he also had that long hair, same as when he visited in 2006. And wookie is very professional in accepting project, he is well prepared physically and mentally.
  6. @samzz you should admire their creativity and discover their hidden agenda that even the dogs can't resist, and make an invitation to follow their activities. Poor dogs most of the times they are being abused, dogs should be treated well. Don't use them just for fun and to inform the fans, love them even without spotlight.
  7. @samzz seems like we really have special place in her heart so she mentioned us non stop. We never leave this thread, we are not completing with other shippers and we mind our own business. If shippers go beyond their imagination, no one can stop them it's their choice. as if wookie were affected by the shippers thread or those who ship him with whom. I know he really doesn't care. But he knows and respect those shippers, he got them bc of his performance and chemistry with the lead actresses.
  8. haha at least on the movie he is single, maybe he will change if he finally find someone.
  9. Lee Dong Wook x Lim Soo Jung in talks to star in romance film 'Single in Seoul' According to media outlet reports on June 19, actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Lim Soo Jung may be working together in a traditional romance film titled 'Single in Seoul'! Directed by Park Bum Soo, 'Single in Seoul' centers around a man and a woman with very different personalities, who end up working together on an essay publication about the lifestyles of modern singles. Lee Dong Wook is in talks to take up the role of a hot SNS influencer named Park Young Ho, enjoying his single life drunk off of his own narcissism and emotions. Lim Soo Jung is in talks to star as Park Young Ho's college hoobae, an editor named Joo Hyun Jin in charge of the 'Single in the City' essay series. Previously, Lee Dong Wook made a cameo appearance in Lim Soo Jung's drama 'Search: WWW' in the role of Lim Soo Jung's ex-boyfriend. Do you want to see the two stars working together in a new romance film?
  10. @samzz wow another blessing, and this time it's a movie, thanks god. I wish I could watch that movie in Seoul, at that time we already allowed to travel without fear
  11. @samzz looks like she tasted it there too. The video speaks volume hahahaha
  12. congratulation 7M IG followes and here's the WKorea Magazine pics: ctto
  13. @samzz the more the clans declared innocent the more hate they received.