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  1. at least not so obvious, they didn't get the two closest to him. and yeah I wonder why they hired him as personal instructor wherein the master has other gym before. But based on the pic you posted, their sessions seems for the two of them only and probably at DH apartment gym based on flooring, maybe they testing the water first, before going to that gym. Or it is for their money making business purpose only. hahaha seems like they are eating their words before,
  2. @samzz IKR hahaha, and some post looks deceiving, its like having a photo shoot, for what? Pretending to be busy and working ..bc the people they are trying to use are all busy with photo shoot and filming. Or she did all of these bc they are bored. https://www.soompi.com/article/1457002wpp/lee-dong-wook-shares-his-thoughts-about-pre-produced-dramas-difference-between-tv-and-film-and-his-life-during-the-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR3nnLvGH4Xd7-9i_iQvC9yif9YvYfgamDQnHCfeyJ_EC1KXNqLA8tnsi_o I thought Kpop idols just worked one whole studio all day week before fanmeet or album lau
  3. @samzz I think they doing it on purpose, from My girl and even the gym buddy. I still remember the poser on their IG on 2015 before their announcement, that poser said that they are profiting by using LDW and YF, remember that even her former stylist post a pic with only dong wook's name only, when both of them knows that fans believed it came from LDW. While their gang friends kept on showing lovestagram through friendstagram. I think one of the reason why the the former stylist broke the ties with them, bc she has top caliber clients and these clients cannot be used for the
  4. @samzz I understand why the partner can even a videographer of the wedding scene with a friend just for fun, bc he can even sneak in a parlor, avail of services even in a relationship. Old habits die hard. hahaha her career is also affected by all the controversies involving her gang, bc she is connected with them. I hope she also delete the videos of wookie, sometimes he was mentioned in the news but her gang are all safe and just laughing in the corner.
  5. @samzz they are liars ever since, their scripts always not in sync with one another, from those statement five years ago, so how do people believe them, hahaha poor C-teacher, she's always with here and yet her chinese still not perfect lol what an excuse!! yes the wedding scene is a cover up for the hanbok, China is the hope for her career, so don't upset them. I checked weibo and even there LDW post has even more likes compared to her, her popularity was gone already. but the sad thing about that wedding scene, many talked about the chinese ex instead of the prese
  6. @samzz if she's with another man or let say man with reputation I'm sure that man doesn't allow her to do videos like that even it's just for fun. and making videos with friend in a robe with bed beside them and showing it to the world is too much for a conservative type. If they can do it on camera much more behind the camera. And considering the real partner is in scandal before. So they really live on what people impressions on them.
  7. @samzz I think they got what they want, PUBLICITY, like what @bogs_0712 said, bad publicity still a publicity. They are thirsty for that. And look how they respond, since the dog was left out during the production, he's included in post production lol and why using a friend in that video since the real partner was there too, it created so much doubt on their unique kind of relationship, yes maybe the friend is not really a real man, since the partner allow it, but creating videos like that requires time and efforts, so they are so desperate? Is that their way to force the partner o
  8. @samzz I really hope she's getting married soon and not just making buzz for attention, from wookie to hanbok to wedding, what a unique mentality lol.
  9. @samzz yes based on likes of that video, bc it's really disgusting and annoying, do they even know the word shame? Or they just have unique mentality
  10. @samzz the thing is wookie din not give any attention to them, he is so busy working and he's already ahead of them lol. while DH dreamed to be in magazine cover just like that Vogue parody, LDW is magazine favorite cover. Star1 and Arena on the first quarter and I make it sure I got a copy too. My own little way of supporting him.
  11. @samzz I really don't care whether they exploit a dog or in a clubhouse and want to tell people of their daily activities, bc at the end of the day they are still nugu lol, but if they are using wookie it's a different story. hahaha now they are targeting some famous and role model celebrities but do they even asked if this celebrities wanted to be associated with them? With their background and scandal I'm sure they're not. but I think I am enjoying seeing them like that, everything is not stable, mental and income, that sometimes I pity them for trying so hard, acti
  12. @samzz the gang can't post the dog with LMH on their dog account used as dummy to broadcast their activities, maybe bc no permission from LMH and that is bc it's LMH, he's not from the same circle of friends, he is just a neighbor. But honestly it can attract followers to that account, but of course fans will dig the connections, the link why their dogs in the hands of LMH, and they know fans might dig something deeper until it reach the dark side of them lol
  13. @samzz I agree with you, why not posting video clip without LDW face and voice, and seriously to use hashtag on his name? Yes definitely they are not thinking of him, or remembering him, they just using him bc they are so desperate now, this pandemic affects all kinds of income. I just remembered the time that even the word My Girl is very hard to mention, now I just laugh at them, try again liars hahaha
  14. I didn't imagine that the gang is interested in fishing, but maybe bc they want their names to be associated with someone, so they change their hobby too. It is purposely done to draw attention since their names almost forgotten in the industry. try harder hahaha, but I think being back up dancer suits her well. too bad mini concerts still not allowed
  15. I know it is off topic but I just want to congratulate Binjin for being real, fans are happy for sure..
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