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  1. seeing people changes 360 degrees once involve in a shady/weird/happy relationship means the root of their depression came from them. And being around of people/friends who instead of stopping their unusual behavior supporting and tolerating them made them worse. They might look happily on they appearance but deep inside they are broken. And faking everything only hurt themselves and got depressed. If we based on their SNS post, very easy to identify these celebrity with mental health issue or with depression, the sad part of it, their friends and family members are all in denial, didn't accept that their friends need some help. Some only realizes when it's too late already.
  2. so sad to hear news like this.. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/sulli-reported-dead-police-investigating-truth-reports/ https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005478316&fbclid=IwAR1SqflSpYzK0I5syTaeo0py0MbaQRkDNqQ7Mnebp67UPJ--GKhUZw7niVI
  3. @samzz yes according to wookie “The secret to the Hallyu wave being strong is that (we don’t) stagnate,” he explained. They keep innovating and trying new things, he added. “Maybe it’s the constant innovation that keeps everybody interested,” he said. “As time goes by, the artists, whether they are singers or actors, they get better and better at their craft and I think that’s what the fans enjoy.” For someone who has been in showbiz for 20 years now, Dong Wook also dispensed tips to aspiring actors. “Trust in your abilities. If you trust in your abilities, when the tough times come, you will be able to overcome it because you believe in yourself,” he said. It’s also very important, he continued, to “practice, practice, practice.” Read more at https://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2019/10/11/1959368/secret-hallyu-success#YReZDCsvtW3MVIhV.99 Now we know why some are stagnant and don't have progress at all..
  4. wookie's fans are really amazing And I know SEA fans also is preparing something
  5. @samzz I’m glad wookie and gong yoo maintain their friendship. I wonder whose wedding is that? Haha they steal a scene doing that love sign
  6. [#VIDEO #이동욱 #LeeDongWook #李栋旭 #팬미팅 #팬이벤트] * 2019 이동욱 국내 팬미팅 'I'M WOOK' (부제: To My Inside) 이벤트 안내 * 안녕하세요. 킹콩 by 스타쉽입니다. 2019 이동욱 국내 팬미팅 'I'M WOOK' (부제: To My Inside)는 배우 이동욱 씨의 데뷔 20주년이자 늘 한결같은 사랑과 응원을 보내주신 팬 여러분과 함께하는 자리인 만큼 여러분들의 소중한 이야기를 들어보고자 합니다. ... See More [#VIDEO #이동욱 #LeeDongWook #李栋旭 #팬미팅 #팬이벤트] * 2019 LEE DONG WOOK DOMESTIC FAN MEETING ' I'm wook ' (Subtitle: to my inside) event guide * Hello. King Kong by seutaswib-ibnida. 2019 Lee Dong Wook's National Fan Meeting ' I'm wook ' (Subtitle: to my inside) is the 20th anniversary of the debut of the actor Lee Dong Wook's debut. I hope that you will be able to tell your precious story as long as you are with your fans who always love and The precious story sent by Mr. Lee Dong-Wook on the day of the fan meeting. Please give us a lot of interest and participation in the corner of the ✔ Qualification to participate : fans who are attending the fan meeting in Korea ✔ period of participation : October 2019th, 11 (Fri) 6 PM ~ Oct 20th (Sun) 11 pm (KST) ✔ How to participate : if you choose 1 OR 2 of the participation in the below or write all items, please send it to imwook_2019@daum.net ✔ Engagement items 1. The point that I was curious about Mr. Lee Dong Wook Example) what is the first thing you wake up in the morning? 2. A word of support that I want to hear from Mr. Lee Dong-Wook, a word that I want to hear Example) it was so hard to come to ooa, and I was happy and happy in 2020! 3. Please write your precious story to Mr. Lee Dong-Wook. (please write in less than 100 characters. ))))))))))) Example) finally I'm getting married next month with my boyfriend in 5 lol thank you for always being with me by the side when it's hard <3 we will live happily ever after. Please celebrate ✔ participation form (example) * mail title: [event participation] (name) Lee Dong Wook / (Jwaseogbeonho) 1th floor 00 fever 00 times * mail content: (Entry Item) 2. I want to hear from Mr. Lee Dong-Wook. I'm going to go to the interview next Monday, and please support me that I will be sure to stick to it!! ✔ announced : Domestic Fan Meeting (2019th November 2 (Sat)) announced on stage https://www.vlive.tv/video/154717?channelCode=E47357&fbclid=IwAR14kGfVJcIpnGpc1dbTlE4B7sw613rhUGuy0SZqxPFhuNXP9S8Ztd1oObM
  7. @samzz only those who have same mentality can be proud of that, and it’s very common for people who are attention seeker. as celebrity, they have Social responsibility to public and the fans but if the intention is for ATM purposes only they forgot that responsibility. You don’t have to flaunt your body, your position and addiction in Socmed unless you’re aiming for something. People who are most happy and contented with their life doesn’t share their personal lives on socmed.
  8. @samzz haha we posted the IG with same caption. Yes he’s really handsome as per thousand of Filipinos attended his event last Saturday
  9. @samzz how I wish the dog owner act according to age and not just like a teenager. Usually boredom strikes on jobless people that sometimes it’s so obvious on SNS world. haha ATM machines not even more than 1K that’s why the intermission always recycled and no innovations. And it become lesser and lesser as time goes by specially if the treatment is without compassion. But sometimes drama really works, you just have to act that effort and time devoted, and its very hard to do it all by yourself. But like what I’ve said these machines will stop one by one someday.
  10. @samzz I think the dog doesn’t need attention, the owner needs it LOL. Beauty products endorsement not effective too. haha I think so much money was spent on last honeymoon that they have to double time collecting it on Yen ATM’s. Pity these ATM’s machine almost half of their hard earned money goes to S expedition.lol. Anyway it’s their call, but I’m sure someday these machines will regret on feeding a cobra for a longest time.
  11. @samzz the best, wookie slaying the villain role. and some fan cam Manila to SK in t shirt bc the weather here is so hot just like him hahaha
  12. still on high spirit on this Monday morning bc of wookie haha and later will watch SFH finale english sub, awesome acting by our very own LDW
  13. @samzz actually I’m thinking of giving him that, fresh magoes as well as dried mangoes but I know they can’t accept food that easily bc of security reason. haha yes he is not an idol, fans didn’t expect him to sing and dance but still the crowd is getting wild every time he talks.
  14. Filipino fans pictures are all the same, near, far pictures unedited, and no filters. Really really handsome wookie, and never saw comment of disappointment despite 4 to 5 hours of waiting and in standing position though some like me haha without food and water photos vs videos shows no edits
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