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  1. @samzz hahaha when somebody want to stay relevant, she has no choice but to use those people bc they are still famous. The easiest way to bring back the fans. Wookie/LYF success,well it is a huge statement. You reap what you sow.
  2. @samzz I don't like idols for him, preferred serious and good actress, or I hope she's just ordinary person, but if ever he likes an idol, I just wish she's good. wookie is so lucky despite the pandemic work keep on coming, it is bc he is really hardworking and professional. And bc his too busy, my dream of seeing little wookie still too far from reality.
  3. excited for the new show @samzz thanks for all the updates here.
  4. great photos here bens pictorial https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=31429176&memberNo=35839671
  5. Wookie did an IG live to celebrate 10 MILLION IG followers. And even his last post had 11K plus comments. Imagine if wookie show some of his personal life, maybe 20M already. But I still prefer not to expose everything on SNS, and keep their lives private. Just look at those celebrities who loves to brag in their SNS, most of them has no career now.
  6. @samzz wow I love the casts, so happy wookie has many projects despite the world pandemic seeing his pics and video last night, I think he needs to have a jogging buddy in the evening, and since he is surrounded by A listers, he can choose one hahaha
  7. @samzzuntil when? next year? But at least there still unknown agency who believes in her, maybe they are impressed on her video contents lol
  8. so wookie will have another drama? yes more projects to come https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000900795?lfrom=twitter auto translation Exclusive] Lee Dong-wook, starring in OCN's new drama'Bad and Crazy' Actor Lee Dong-wook will release a new work in collaboration with PD Yoo Sun-dong of OCN's'Wonderful Rumor'. According to a broadcaster on the 30th, Lee Dong-wook recently received a proposal for the protagonist of OCN's new drama'Bad and Crazy' and is discussing positively. It is known that only the final stage of coordination remains.
  9. @samzz I understand him if he's not seeing and communicating with female friends while in a relationship bc gf would be jealous. One thing his relationship doesn't last long is bc his always busy, gf's are very demanding, they want their partner to devote most of their time to them that is why some choose man who are easy going, that they can bring them where ever they want to go. And that's one way to keep the relationship long. he said that he's not good at having a relationship at all, it seems all his relationship didn't last long, if based on his public relationship
  10. @samzz I don't think so that he's getting married, he just taking a break bc he's working non stop, and he just said he's not in a relationship unless there is shot gun marriage hahaha. But I'm happy if ever he's going to, I would like him to make more babies since their childbirth is very very low. His genes is one of a kind.
  11. @samzz of course it is just to revive the dying career, they need wookie for the fans to remember her, most of the fans already move on and forget her, and I'm sure they felt it already. Sometimes I really laugh at them bc of their cheap marketing, and I felt so satistied seeing them at that stage hahaha and I'm sure wookie has no time to entertain them, he already learned from the past and he's moving forward, he is wise,his team and management is good. He works non stop and he deserve to rest. Well better if he find another place for fishing, avoid Jeju at the moment Master the hid
  12. @samzz she can't do that, bc these two can't be separated and I don't know who is the parasite between them hahaha. A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. looking forward for a tiktok or videos about parasite, I'm sure there's a lot in Jeju
  13. @samzz it's bc one or two shareholders lurking on this thread. I hope the authorities are looking on this matter. Since gang's business in heart of Seoul is eye catching to authorities, shifting to Jeju is better. Hahaha I see another BS 2.0 coming.
  14. at least not so obvious, they didn't get the two closest to him. and yeah I wonder why they hired him as personal instructor wherein the master has other gym before. But based on the pic you posted, their sessions seems for the two of them only and probably at DH apartment gym based on flooring, maybe they testing the water first, before going to that gym. Or it is for their money making business purpose only. hahaha seems like they are eating their words before,
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