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  1. @samzz hahaha I really don’t care anymore but IMO I still prefer wedding than just being an SX toy for so long. hahaha I can’t imagine wookie’s tooth ring collection as wedding ring
  2. congratulations Hotel King Song Chae-kyung HK secretary and the GM ex settled down haha https://www.soompi.com/article/1352720wpp/wang-ji-hye-announces-plans-for-marriage Wang Ji Hye will be tying the knot at the end of this month! On September 16, Wang Ji Hye’s agency Story J Company announced that the actress will be getting married on September 29.
  3. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/016/0001578831 Path Lee Dong-wook, who debuted at the age of 19 in the MBC drama `` The Best Theater-There's a Way to the World, '' Lee Dong-wook, `` School 2 '' (1999), `` School 3 '' (2000), `` Pure '' (2001), His works include "(2001)," Love You "(2002)," Country of Liquor "(2003)," Carousel "(2003)," Parents' Letters "(2004), and" Bride Hanoi "(2005). I have been meeting the public steadily. However, it took six years before the face was announced in earnest. In the SBS drama `` My Girl, '' which aired in 2005, the conglomerate's Dandy joined Seol Gong-chan as the Seolgong-chan's thrilling romance with the viewers.
  4. @samzz He deserve a vacation as he said he never see his family for 10 months bc he was very busy. Versatile actor and I love his latest drama.
  5. Around 40's, matured and still IN in the industry https://www.soompi.com/article/1343335wpp/ahjussi-crushes-15-handsome-actors-we-cant-believe-are-around-40?fbclid=IwAR1t1ZhIJC5J2cGtkpd6V7OtmL0cxBboZ6eK5FfKfeCkKhDRsFgRjWMqdhI Lee Dong Wook will turn 38 on November 6th. Here he is daring you to zoom out.
  6. https://1boon.daum.net/actorlovers/dongwooknylon1?fbclid=IwAR1sVGx6v1xyAoo8c_Q6IEwLFSnMMu81XBNzlMdxmA2ReCf5a7AQockTJRs
  7. Haha DH 3rd quarter accomplishment, just like the first two quarters, pictorial with media in product event, and 2 out of 3, I must say she was invited bc of personal connection/relation and not bc of her capacity as an actress. last quarter media pictorial will seal her 2019 lol DHshii fighting it’s very easy to attain
  8. @samzz just last month the wife talked about her husband on her book launching, and I thought they had a happy relationship. I must say sometimes even their private lives are scripted specially those who who don’t have career anymore, they love pretending. Most people who are very open in SNS, usually the problematic one. They don’t have peace of mind and seeking comfort thru social media.
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