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[Official] _DONGHAE LEE DONG WOOK + LEE DA HAE | ChaMo lives on! :)


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Yes Wookieshii, you need to find another city, your favorite fishing port in Jeju already invaded by DH and her gang. 

Sokcho (Seokcho)is also her favorite fishing port. 



Poor Masternim.. imagine just for a meal, he needs to browse Wookie's footage and drama to be inserted into DH's videos. 2 months ago, the Wedding.


The latest Wookie's footage in DH's latest video.



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Throwback-First day of military.



A day before military. DH's interview 2010.



Based on latest interview, Meaning on that day, Wookie was not in any relationship. At that time he had rumor with his drama Partner.


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As far as I'm remember, except with few actresses, I rarely wish Wookie to be partner up with this actress or that actress as his on real or reel partner, because I heard so many things about them through my informant. Some turned out to be true, some still just rumour.


Same with many actors too...not counting some who are in GELATO business or connection.

Toxic relationship is dangerous lol. So many manipulator out there and they can cause the disaster to your career. You can go bankrupt in a second too.


Btw, congratulations to Wookie, another small project, but can keep him busy all the time.



Bonus picture.


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I just realized the Director of drama Times, is the same as Hotel King.

He is also a best friend of Wookie, and he mentioned during Hotel King shooting, Wookie always refused to have a drink with staffs after work. Hehehe.

Reading about the commotion during shooting Times, I feel very sad about him, at least DH and Wookie didn't do him any harm  during 7 months of shooting. Yes, at that time DH was not with the new gang.




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29 minutes ago, dolley said:

@samzzuntil when? next year? But at least there still unknown agency who believes in her, maybe they are impressed on her video contents lol

Always 2 years the most. She had 8 agencies but very few projects..well I bet she told the new agency, only one drama in every 4 years.

This new agency formerly known as Kiwi Media Group, a producer for OCN drama Dark Hole.

Imagine she will be taking a new OCN drama, a competition with Wookie.


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@dolley to me at least one positive things after 6 years. I checked the company profile, they also produced two movies, Swordman and Gangneum, and I know Jang Hyuk was a ML in both movies. Seems like Jang Hyuk is their favorite son.

So I'm thinking maybe the new venture is coming from his recommendation, because apart from Wookie, Jang Hyuk is one of her oppa that really cares about her career. He helped her before i.e after EOE fiasco. 


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Reading about DH with new agency, seems like copy and paste from her previous 7 agencies. I don't know if the latest agency can lift DH's blacklist from big screen venture after mismanagement during movie Gabi and Lemon negotiation. There are long story about the blacklist especially on Lemon, the Chinese movie. Until last year, the people behind the production still talking about it in Weibo.


Btw.. quite surprising seeing the number of likes after 7 years.


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When I read this, I remember one minion posted a SC, a conversation of minions with reporters under the instructions of DH and Masternim. It was posted in DH's and this thread 6 years ago. Before that minions non stop contacting us through IGs.



Btw Congratulations to Wookie for his 10 millions followers in IG.

He deserves all the love of his fans.

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I'm so happy too. Another upcoming 3 projects

.From fans account, they said related to Hotel again. Han Ji Min is the FL for new movie or whatever project.




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I checked Han Ji Min's thread..yes she is having new project related to Hotel?... nothing in details so far.

I bet her fans must be very happy bc HJM would be able to work with Wookie.


Throwback..DH and Han Ji Min years ago.

Both won best actress award for Drama Mini series.



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Wookie new project as an ambassador is for Gyeonggji too. Apparently many saw him in that area today filming as Hotel CEO.

To me, very strange if the project is movie or drama without announcement first.

Anyway, just wait and see.


So far no news about DH and her new agency.. I really want to see if they can lift the DH's blacklist. 




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