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For me what I see in the program Healing Camp is a testament largest for a deep love that they had.She is the biggest shadow in his heart. At that point, Just think about her same as touching a wound

Bc I do not want to post the photos unrelated many forums so I just said, and those who are curious about it I can send photos to your inbox. In fact, a group of Dahae's cody is working for lyf, On 03

Dahae updated her weibo with lots of pictures cooking and posting the recipe of that food ^^ she is so adorable and pretty even while cooking and she surely so sincere preparing for the big day

14 minutes ago, bogs_0712 said:

Wookie under a cherry tree on his latest IG post. Belated Happy Birthday Cherry Byeon.. :D

I posted about DH wanted to highlight her other name is Cherry last week..and today we saw Wookie underneath the Cherry tree...and during this night hours.


Weeks before that, DH posted 3x about her Cherry.



And remembering Cherry Junior aka BokSoon.


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I checked the 19th April in Wookie's IG, he always updated something on that date, except  this year and 2020.

In year 2019, we saw his favorite strawberry Twosome cake on DH's birthday. The same type of cake they had in November 2014.

Ironically, DH never mentioned about this strawberry cake, but she explained in details about the other 5 cakes she received on her birthday that year. 



Same date-We saw he volunteered to attend ceremony for "Donghae City" function.

Then we saw DH showed off Chanel handbag, same day Wookie's stylist showed off Chanel handbag too.


Then on his birthday 6th November 2019, for the first time after 4 years, DH sang carrot song. Wookie's favorite song during My Girl


This year 2021, he got 10 millions followers on 19th April when he was busy shooting the unknown project at Gyeongju. Then tonight we got him under the Cherry tree. Many said to commemorate his 10 millions fans, and I just wonder why he chose Cherry tree to celebrate with his fans.

Then his fan mentioned about Dyson hair blower, which DH showed off on her birthday. So obvious she wants us to notice it. Same manner during Iron Man whereby she wore Iron Man T-shirt and color from head to toe.

Furthermore, only last month we saw Wookie advertised the same hair blower brand.

Anyway, whatever it's, not easy to forget someone in "deep friendship" before. You are not human if you just thought nothing about "deep friendship or relationship" with someone. They had history.

But cherry on the cake, is Wookie being teased about marriage just few days after DH threw her tantrum on Douyin, said she wants to get married soon with someone resembles Wookie.


Another Cherry point, Wookie started to update about his daily life on his IG.


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Wookie surrounded with A lister and friends..no wonder he was in good mood last night, updating his own IG and personal life.

Love all the cast especially Yoona.


Dyson in their hands.



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@samzz wow I love the casts, so happy wookie has many projects despite the world pandemic


seeing his pics and video last night, I think he needs to have a jogging buddy in the evening, and since he is surrounded by A listers, he can choose one hahaha 

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On 4/22/2021 at 11:22 AM, dolley said:

@samzz wow I love the casts, so happy wookie has many projects despite the world pandemic


seeing his pics and video last night, I think he needs to have a jogging buddy in the evening, and since he is surrounded by A listers, he can choose one hahaha 

Yes, looking at the place, it was near to his shooting area in Gyeongju, he has everyone there, and two best friends KSW and Lee Jin Wook. I bet he went jogging with all the new casts that had shooting in that area. That's why we saw his new move, i.e updating his own IG during that time. Maybe got teased by Lee Jin Wook who knew his history, hehehe.

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Wookieshii, meaning people are genuinely interested in you, want to know more about you, curiosity as well. 

DH also never do any live IG because her IG is ran by other. Masternim created her IG for his own benefits. That's why many of her Korean fans refused to follow her IG because they knew who managing it.

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Wookie did an IG live to celebrate 10 MILLION IG followers. And even his last post had 11K plus comments. 



Imagine if wookie show some of his personal life, maybe 20M already.


But I still prefer not to expose everything on SNS, and keep their lives private. Just look at those celebrities who loves to brag in their SNS, most of them has no career now.

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@dolley I found it funny Wookie said..I don't upload selfies too, because so many male celebrities doing it, especially the unpopular one.


So the shooting just took 3 days only. 


Today also we saw DH's new company updating her new profile and said she is looking for new project. Well Ascendio- if you are able to lift the blacklisted issue..so good luck with it.

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No wonder DH's English name is Cherry because her hometown is Gyeongju.




Wookie and Cherry Flowers.

Remembering one lost friend/partner.


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Is that a retaliation to Wookie 10 million IG followers.

The admin/Masternim rarely posted DH's Douyin into IG..but this time.

Love the jealousy vibes.


DH with 12 Millions Tik Tok followers jongmineyo1.



She dumped her Douyin's Hubby already?

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Recently, Wookie said he wants to be more active in SNS and share his daily life more.. surprised many new fans.

But actually during Cyworld and me2day, Wookie was not too private, instead DH was more private. After Hotel King, it was the opposite, DH loves showing her daily life, more than expected, whereby Wookie is more private. 

I remembered in Baidu, lots of Wookie's daily life pictures, especially around his house, or old house before or post My Girl. 


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From past few years, for almost every month, Masternim non stop posting overseas holidays, activities ..so I'm calculating the time spent on Cherry Junior..just curious.


Based on minion comments in some of feeds in DH's IG, we knew about Cherry already. She informed the Masternim's fans everything.


So I wonder, what kind of story DH informed the minions about all her videos that have Wookie's footage. Same story as Cherry Junior? Gangneung also a Hotel King shooting place. 

Why she deleted the latest video that she said "I'm not thinking of Lee Dong Wook".


There must be a story about Wookie's video too right? Especially the "I'm not thinking of Lee Dong Wook".


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Because of Wookie and new sofa Cf.. 

Well,in Hotel King's BTS the hand under the blanket still a legend and considered X-file in DC forum.

And their adlib.



Talking about HK, of course we remember dramatroll and her meme.


To me..

"Tigger is that you?"  One of the best me is this one.


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Self explanatory. I still remember few of Wookie's new fans aka after Hotel King period, attacked Donghey shippers in their Socmedia media when we gave our opinions why Wookie choose these scene during his Hong Kong fan meeting.

We are not allowed to give opinions at all ( but who cares), whereby it was so clear the scene is purposely selected and approved by Wookie. Why Hong Kong or C- fans.. because they had history with Donghey journey.



We knew it since post My Girl days, Wookie will review and approve his marketing content, Q and A sections etc.



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