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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500


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Guest cunn

I'm watching Heart-A-Tag a show about fashion, I spotted Ji Chang Wook.

He was chosen by hosts and guests as a winner for the most best airport fashion. He beat Lee Min Ho and other popular idols...bravo.

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LOOLL at this

indeed i was SHOCKED when seeing this"ARTICLE" , whoops why we never see this but it already on the internet O.oO.o 

but then my mind told me that it not real just a edited version, but it funny that the poster said this is real and causing some argument on her IG  

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Hi girls,

Thanks so much for posting all these amazing pics from the Japanese Guidebook Vol 3. I am seriously thinking of buying it although I don't read Japanese - just for all these amazing BTS pics.

The one of Tanyang hugging after the last filming is just... so much more than I could have hoped for. I wondered if they said bye to eachother since they were always filming together, and seeing that they hugged so sweetly and sadly is just perfection to me. JCW has this melancholy smile like he is also very sad the drama has ended, omg I'm so happy to whoever took that picture :') Also, the fact that his face is pressed against hers just makes me squee internally :3

Another BTS pic I am super curious about is the one of Tanyang practicing their lines with Ayu sleeping in Nyang's bed with a compress on his head. This is definitely a scene they didn't air - I wonder if it will be on the DVD? Nyang is wearing the blue flower robe she normally wears when she doesn't have to go out, and Tahwan is wearing the navy blue robe. Since Ayu is older, it must be after they reconciled and she returns from the temple. I really want to see this scene!!! arghhh

I'm really looking forward to seeing more BTS pics, and hopefully clips as well! XD XD

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Ahhhh! Finally the thread is back! For a moment I was surprised that we wrote more than 1500  pages in a few days looool it took me a long time to understand that the thread is back! 

But I prefer the old version ! 

As u can see, Jcw is making a fan meeting tout!  Hmm  interesting ! Hope we'll get fishy stuff!!! Can't wait anymore !!!! :w00t:

Edited by poire9219
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@poire9219 @ChelseaS @kanyaprasetyo @sakura29angel @chaifer13 @namyo @nploan @b-u-z-z-b-e-e @jewel11 @nyangie1023 @sharonsfv names not in any particular order

I just managed to watch abit of the Happy Camp programme that JCW went on. 

There is one segment.where JCW sat down with the other 3 guest stars to select a preferred travel partner.

There was four mystery celeb to choose from.

In the First round, they are described as such

W1. Beautiful woman W2. Freckled face and Average figure W3. Girl at heart W4. Artistic person, looks dont match age. 

JCW choose no. 4, when the emcee asked him to explain why, he said he feel that this person can read comics with him. (I laugh when he said this, you guys know who posting japanese comics stuff on her ig first, haha)

Second Round, they talk about how the 4 celebs behaved when it comes to getting the bill

W1. avoids paying W2 splits the bill W3. competes to pay W4. takes turn to pay

JCW still choose no. 4 in this round.

Third Round: they describe the faults of the women

W1. She cant see any fault in herself W2. Always sleepy and blur W3. Free spirited and casual W4. Too energetic but has poor eyesight.

JCW change his mind in this round and went for W3. His explanation was that he may not be able to keep up with a too energetic person. The emcee tease him and said the real reason is the if her eyessight is poor she cant read comics with him. He laughed over the comment.

My conclusion is, he is definetly not into looks but he definetly wants someone who pay the bills sometime, haha and someone he can be comfortable with.

Unfortunately they reveal all the first 3 woman but not the last one. W3 was quite a mature woman (probably in her forties).


Btw remember 20 May, another japanese EK dvd will be released with more bts. And thats on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Edited by qwenli
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Thank you @qwenli for the supply of fishes.. We lack of them nowadays.. haha

W4. Artistic person, looks dont match age

Definitely someone that looks younger/older than her real age.. But we can assume she looks younger, because Wookie loves young girls.. haha

W4. takes turn to pay

Someone who has enough money and consideration to pay bills.. In Korea, usually men pay for their first date, after that the men can keep pay for the bills or they take turn to pay

W3. Free spirited and casual

Hmm, someone who just came from France, Wookie? :phew::wub:

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Guest chaifer13

@qwenli,thank you!btw,chingus,did you already watch the sohu interview of jcw?that was held in china i think bcoz his drama healer already achieve 400 million viewers congratulations jcw.anyway,what i love the most about the interview is about the gift of the fans for jcw it is a video compilation of his past dramas to the tune of i will protect you by jcw.what i like the most is the last part of the song that has a lyrics saying we should stay together forever and the video of this part is about the wedding of seunyang and tahwan in empress ki when they held each others hand...

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haha @qwenli thanks for the translation

agree with you guys, the answer really sound fishy, esp at " looks dont match age":wub: if he need some one read comics with him, i think W1 & W3 can match BUT he just need someone "old at age but young at looks" :phew::phew: 

more:  Free spirited and casual 

sure all we know who is always in free spirit situation, who always write something we dont understand on her IG:blink:

casual? yeah wookie dont need a gal always dress up too formal and we see who recently interesting in sneakers, not like her old style: high heels

conclusion: wookie really need his fave noona but no one else :wub: :wub:


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안녕 ߒՠ#오랜만에 #극장 #재밌겠다

수정 오랫만에(x) 오랜만에(o) 제길.. 한글을 사랑하자 창욱아.. 감사합니다:)

Hi long time ߒՠ# # # jaemitgetda Theatre

Modified after a long absence (x) for a long time (o) Let love richard simmons .. oh .. thanks :) Hangul changuk


notice that he again put heart icon on his post.

so who are him referring to. obviously its not his fans, coz he just updated his ig 2 days ago.

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