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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500


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On 1/9/2015 at 12:06 PM, drbigapple said:

unnie currently in  coabm presscon with ahjussi :-B :-B unnie... i know u in'falling in love' mood ..but doesnt need to wear such a flowery dress /:) /:)
@kanya..i think chinggu will be wrong... :)] :)] it seem after this healer...fans will have more impression of him in this drama..than the previous work...though ek is his turning point of career)after all they won best couple ...when in mbc unnie is greedy with 2 men..tsk tsk tsk....

i guess media will question binnie  too during his drama presscon...after all it is his  4 years dramacomeback....
:-B :-B

@namyoi juz hoping unnie can create another phenomenal drama with a hot young guy .....need to show to those who  are saying she juz too old to be compatible with young men....i hope those who  badmouth abt her will jawdrop to see her amazing acting :-B :-B  

i agree heyy nvm just a new silent reader haha

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I've already poured my soul out in the main thread but as I still can't stop thinking about this drama I'm going to continue my musings here... it seems more befitting, as I have to admit the main reason for my addiction is the relationship between Ta Hwan and Yang. After the first two episodes I might have been able to reluctantly step on the WY-SN ship but after the appearance of TH (or JCW?) there was no question who I was gonna root for... 


Ep 4 might be my favourite drama episode of all time because of these two. Both characters are amazing, their chemistry burns down my screen, and let's face it, both are exceptionally attractive actors who look great together on screen. How can you not fall in love with them after that horse riding scene and water-wrestling? I always have to go back and watch this ep again after the really depressing later episodes as to remember, aww, there was a time when they were happy and had fun together. I'd love to know exactly how much time did they spend in that blissful state- seemed only a couple of days, but TH claimed that he was pretty good at baby arrow shooting when he was back in Daecheon Island - was he just boasting or they kept practicing with SN off-screen? 
During the horse riding scene I half expected that TH already knew SN was a she and half of me wish he did- but then again that whole never ending suspense in the palace would not have been possible. 
I strongly believe that the fact SN chose to ride with TH and she didn't tell a big fat NO when TH asked her to go to Yuan with him indicated that she already had some feelings for him. 
Also TH's character development showed so much potential in ep. 4-5, he manned up pretty quickly (standing up to WY twice and later that epic scene with Bekahn) and he was not that dumb at all in these two ep-s, but back in the palace he seemed to have lost all this experience. 
In ep.5, after the famous cave scene I thought that's it, OTP was announced loud and clear- why would you give your audience such a scene only to have the FL still fall in love with another man. Oh, well...

And the first point about which I cannot stop thinking: the betrayal. Everyone seems to think that TH betrayed SN and he deserved all the coldness he received in return. But... if he meekly told the truth for her sake and would had got killed- would it be considered that SN betrayed TH? TH told her several times that these people will have no qualms killing him, when they were in the forest he even tried to get away, saying that if they go back to the palace that will be the end of him. And he was RIGHT. SN ensured him that WY will protect him, TH said that he won't and again, he was RIGHT. When YC and co. took away TH she was the only one to show concern and she was stopped short by WY in her attempt to follow TH. What were they thinking? SN should have known that he will be killed off yet she did nothing. WY had a lovely talk with YC before, did he really think that they would kill off TH quietly and kiss them goodbye? Everyone seems to blame TH about this whole thing but actually he might have the least part in how it actually turned out. I can accept that SN did not realize it that time, but later, after all she witnessed in the palace? 


On the other hand I don't get why TH did not address this issue when he finally found out that Y=SN. He was surprised that she was still angry? At least he should have tried to explain himself and also, when he burnt the empress' letter he should have told Y that she was about to be assassinated. The lack of communication seems to be the major source of every conflict between them throughout this drama. 


I guess the WY-SN shippers have more to complain throughout this show but all the flashback-dreaming-illusion WY -SN scenes annoyed me to no end, and so did his appearance just as Y gotten over his supposed death and felt some gratitude towards TH. 

I loved how SN thought about TH and cried hesitating about the proposal, hate that she accepted it after all, but the worst thing of course was the ohlala scene- it was a huge WTH for me, and would have been even if the tables were turned and it was between TH and SN. Seriously, all righteous WY making a booty call in the middle of the night? Even SN asked what was it about. Ehh, it gives me the creeps. 
The second thing which is beyond me that how could have WY left SN behind??? Was it ever properly addressed why was it so vital that she should look for the blood wow- a clearly dangerous mission to accomplish? This defies all logic, especially after they've slept together WY must have known that there is a chance that she is pregnant. Never understood this part of the story...

Let's fast forward a bit: Is it just me, or SN seemed genuinely concerned about TH when BK told her he became mute? 

Ep 34 is surprisingly the other 'happy' ep like ep 4 was, SN finally reaching out to TH. My sole observation about this ep is: please tell me the 1 month time skip is because that's how long it took for them to get out of that bed... 

I wish the drama ended after the disposal of the YC clan- it was really a continuous depression and torture after that, and especially painful how our couple drifted apart. 

-I did not watch all parts of these episodes, so I didn't get this whole WY framing clearly, however it was a plot by BK to get rid of Y and it was exposed. I get that TH was not fully in his right mind but he wasn't supposed to be completely stupid... BK even suggested earlier that he might have to execute Y and TH did not stop and think that 'damn, these people are trying to get rid of the most important people in my life'. 


-I have ti address the infamous scene in ep 45 as well- it was indeed very sad, and I saw many debates about how did that play out with Y not being really offended /shaken by it, but the detail that caught my attention that they weren't sleeping on the bed where the deed happened, so probably it did not go like after it was done they fell asleep and it's over. I wish they had some sort of reconciliation after that but it never really happened :( 

-The next not total depression scene is when they have a sort of reconciliation in the temple. I just love how TH looks like a beaten dog when he realizes that Y was praying for him, and every lash Y received after that seemed to land on him tenfold. 


-But then again we are back into the ocean of depression and they cannot give these two 10 minutes of happiness before TH is told about Maha - because his heart was not broken a thousand times before, so their supposedly happiest moment- the coronation of EK- is tense and sad. Why, oh why? I know people hate TH for killing WY for THIS, but I truly think he was right to do so. If they would have possessed the ability of secret keeping TH wouldn't have learnt about it in the first place- keeping them alive would have been a constant threat to EK. 


-I don't think ep 51 could have been more tragic. I try to convince myself that at least during the time skip our OTP had some happy time, but TH was in a terrible state after last 'battle' in the palace and I suspect his condition did not improve significantly. If he had to live like that for several years it might have been better if he already died. 



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On 6/6/2021 at 11:33 AM, ChelseaS said:

Hi all! Been ages since I visited this thread and this forum. 

Wow captain, dun think after five years I come back this thread to see you. So long for Tanyang Shippers as well as JiJi shippers, until now they are still single  :loolz:

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On 6/10/2021 at 9:39 AM, Sharon sfv said:

Wow captain, dun think after five years I come back this thread to see you. So long for Tanyang Shippers as well as JiJi shippers, until now they are still single  

Hehehe...hello there! How are you?


Hope everyone in our team is fine and doing well during this time. I miss our shipping days, haven't felt like that after in other dramas...

But I haven't really been watching much, been too busy lately. 

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