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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500

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Chingus!! Good news!!

Ohlala video on MBC has reached 2,3 million views and become the most watched video!! <:-P <:-P
As it stands: 2,387,900 views

Strangely for EK, the second most viewed-video is when SN examined by Deokman before being servant, 3rd is R scene, 4th is CPR kiss and 5th is almost kiss...
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Keep being delulu chingu! Even JCW himself still not getting HJW out of his head.. ------------- Excerpt from @Star1 interview: Q: Which older actor/actress is the most memorable to you? Ha Ji Won noo

Last night I had a very vivid dream that JiJi were kissing each other in real life. I'm serious; it is a true dream I had yesterday!      Do you see what I see? Hehe...this is the first time JCW tri

Couple Glasses? High School Couple? cr: tanyangfeels   Chingu, do you know yesterday they update Instagram at almost same time?? Only separated by 1 minute! and both updates have night theme and cres

Not so OT, i saw this yesterday in fb and i think uri Wookie can relate with this one.

Do You know that Jang Geun-seok had once broken heart to Ha Ji-won??

Love story of Jang Geun-seok indeed has never been touched by the journalists. It is because this good looking actor only has little love experiences.

He onced had confessed that he had a broken heart to Ha Ji-won. Was it because of his lack love experience ?

Actor who is also known as Lee Min-ho's competitor in Korea top actor lists confessed that he once felt in love to Ha Ji-won in the drama ' Hwang Jin-yi' they worked together few years ago.

However, it wasn't cause of his lack in love experiences but because of age gap. Therefore he only can liked her as his favorite idol, no more. But, they were worth to be proud as they won the best couple in KBS Drama Awards.

Talked about love, this actor who also as a model confessed that he only had three times love experiences with older women. Unfortunately, their relationship had to be apart.

posted by Eunhee1023
Ha Ji Won 하지원

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@sakura29angelyes, I just went to see. sharing the link here http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3711119097?pn=1
Yep its interesting that JCW choose the confession scene as his fave (thats my fave too)then hjw choose the oolala scene.
I think it depict their relationship in the show very much, how tahwan like SN so much leading to the confession but she rejected him and he discovered her father is "killed" by him. And for hjw, I can imagine she must be equally nervous acting out that scene, after so many eps, they finally come together and it was going to be the first real kiss between the two of them. :x-----------------There are two pages to the link. Second page indicate the upcoming DVDs:May 20thAug 26thOct 21
Fingers crossed we will get the bts of the oolala [-O<

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class="post-title entry-title" TaNyang Weekly 19/04/2015 Posted on 3:33 PMby TaNyang Haven with No comments 310.jpg1. Ha Ji Won is appointed as one of the presenters for Laureus World Sport Awards 2015, apparently a prestigious awards for athletes all over the world from various fields. The event was held in Shanghai, China on April...

link: http://tanyanghaven.blogspot.com/2015/04/tanyang-weekly-19042015.html

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hmm, hjw so brave to name the oolala scene. I used to think hjw was so shy during that scene, now i think she was too nervous. LOL
I was tinking could it be jcw too shy to name the hotter scenes and just name the confession scene. hehehe ;))but he really acted well in that scene.
maybe they saving the best for the last. good grief, I have never stuck with a drama for so long, final dvd oct 21 !! 

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I almost thought it's ohlala BTS but apparently not...

cr: TaNyang baidu bar


When the ohlala scene aired, this thread is exploded with comments and we still discussed it for days after ep 34 aired... Imagine when the BTS released :> :>

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@-) Unnie!!!! I'm surprised with her favorite scene =P~ I wonder if it's because actors tend to say that their favorite scenes are the most rewarding ones ;)) oh unnie, you made me blush :\">

Well now I know that maybe we're not the only ones replying that scene, it's her favorite scene yo!!

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@namyoi see that you have patched back with Kim Nam gil (in your profile pix) :))---------------actually I forgot that jcw choose the bridge scene too. Both the bridge scene and the confession scene involves talking... he really like to chat with his love ones.  :)) oh I am sorry the confession scene he is refering to is the chicken and egg scene. hmmm.  :-B

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oh yes yes, KNG really got the bad boy feel. hmmm, what is he doing now? does he have time? :))but he is quite on par with Lee Jin Wook in terms of fame so probably not 8-X
bad boy, bad boy... where are thou? 8->

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