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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500


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Warm Welcome to TaNyang Shippers!
This is the place where we can rant and rave to our heart's content!

Credit: DC Inside Empress Ki Gallery

Unforgettable First Kiss



Shippers' Paradise Contest Entries





by @cacazeel


by @cunn

Video entry


by @sarsu


Life, love and passion are their source of strength and vitality

Trapped into a corner and unable to find a hiding place for Seung-nyang, Ta-hwan quickly fills his tub with rose petals.  With no other option, she hides in the tub, while he pretends to be bathing.  Running out of air and at the point of unconsciousness, Ta-hwan plunges down, placing his mouth on hers and passes air to Seung-nyang. On the brink of dying, her limp body receives a life-giving kiss. He has breathed life into her, by sharing himself with her.

One scene that clearly stands out when talking about the TaNyang Couple is the CPR Kiss. This kiss represents the rejuvenating nature of their relationship. This is compounded by the ambiance of the scenery, and the warm red color of the petals that surrounds them. The scene hinted at the fact that although they face situations filled with danger, Ta-hwan’s warmth and passionate love will bring Seung-nyang back to life. 

Likewise, when Ta-hwan thought Seung-nyang was dead, he regressed into a shell of a man. He had quit living and developed aphasia, thereby rendering him unable to speak.  Yet when he saw her again, Ta-hwan's speech immediately returned. He began to live again... Seung-nyang's mere presence brought him back to life. 

There is a restorative force between these two which strengthens them.  Despite the fact that their present environment is designed to break them, the TaNyang Couple finds solace in each other by building each other up. Their support extends farther than companionship, or merely catching the other when they fall. They are the salve for the other's wound. Instead of being the one to pull the other out of the darkness, they are each other’s light source in the dark place they must call home.

Watching these two, it is clear to us that they are fated to be together. Despite the fact that SeungNyang delayed her destiny as a tribute and avoided going to Yuan, the thread of fate that binds them together brought him to her, instead of she to him. There is an intense push and pull between them and we cannot deny how much they care for each other. They do not limit it to words, but show it through action. Even during the times when SeungNyang knows she is supposed to hate him, she cannot rationalize her heart. Even when she is determined to leave him, the literal act of walking away brings tears to her eyes. Correspondingly, TaHwan cannot turn away from her. Even when pushed away, he remained by her side, supporting, protecting, and loving her. Ready to give everything dear to him up for her, his love shines though. They have a bond that cannot be broken no matter how many obstacles have been thrown their way. Their hearts gravitate towards each other.  Despite the forces against them, they are inseparable. With each trial they endured together, their bond only became stronger, to the extent that they now will not let go of each other’s hand.

TaHwan is hers...  and Seung-nyang is his.

Empress Ki Epilogue
(NorthCape CF

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Empress Ki (MBC Cuts) - TaNyang scenes

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Let's abide by the Rules for the Shippers' Paradise Thread. You can find it here.

One of our favorite scenes in the drama:

Shipping Challenge:

What are your thoughts about our favorite couple! Answer the following questions:

1: When did you start shipping them?
2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes
3. Why do you ship them?

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So, answering the shipping question thingy:
 1: When did you start shipping them?
When Seung-Nyang first started working the palace and Ta-Hwan was so excited at seeing someone who he could trust. He broke my heart first because that was right after agreeing to become a puppet in order to stay Emperor and then I started cheering for SN to like him back (while giggling at Wang Yu's scenes with her because I'm bipolar like that). Our baby Emperor has grown so much and now he's really trying to earn her love :D

2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes
Hmm. Okay, so the scenes wouldn't be in order of appearance, just how they popped in my head LOL.  1) When SN put her back to his and covered her ears, asking him to do the same. TH needed the support so much (I remember he was struggling about something) and it calmed him down. 2) When SN was hiding in the tub filled with roses because DK was looking for her and as soon as DK left, TH went underwater because he was worried about her since she couldn't breathe. It was a magical moment, especially with all the roses and the way their eyes met. 3) The times SN would read at night for him and he'd look at her with those eyes of his, filled with love <3 :D 4) Whenever SN would tease the Emperor, those scenes. I noticed that she has extreme respect for Wang Yu and she doesn't joke around with him the way she does with TH.  She lets herself go completely.  5) When SN was teaching TH how to write and he'd make mistakes so she'd get closer and correct them. Hehehe Naughty TH :D
Edit: 3. Why do you ship them?

Because their chemistry together is just magnetic. It's hard to explain when it's not one or two things, it's the people themselves that make you wish for them to love each other (back).

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Shipping Challenge:

What are your thoughts about our favorite couple! Answer the following questions:

 1: When did you start shipping them?

Not sure when but I thought they sizzled onscreen the first time I saw them. They looked so cute hating on each other and I kind of really like scenes like this.

2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes

So many to mention! But here are my five: (Can't pinpoint which episodes exactly. I think I need to re-watch!)

1. bridge scene where TaHwan leaned on SN. It was such a touching moment for me.
2. That scene where they got drunk together.
3.  The cave scene.
4.  That dramatic scene where SN revealed that Commander Ki was her father. It was such a strong moment and I felt that this scene is one of the turning points in their relationship.
5. All the scenes where TH managed to make SN smile. Love love those small but touching moments!

Hall of Fame scene: Underwater Kiss!

3. Why do you ship them?

So many reasons but I feel their chemistry and I love how their relationship continues to grow and evolve.

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Guest sogongx3

Yeah finally a thread for these two!!!! Feeling happy suddenly :D

Ok let me answer your questions;

1. I had started shipping them before I started the drama. I saw a clip of them on youtube (the cave scene in episode 5) and I was like wow burning chemistry!! Then I saw the first five minutes of episode 1 and fell completely in love with them *yes I'm a die hard fan haha just kidding*

2. 5th: their first meeting, when she thought he was a guard it was pretty funny how she treated him.

4th: the scene that brought me here. The cave scene! It was really beautiful, even though she had a motive lol. She didn't want him to die because she wanted him to save her father...but still it was beautiful.

3rd: his confession scene. When he told her that she was the first one he saw. Like the baby bird.

2nd: Her coronation, the first scene in episode 1. They both were so beautiful as husband and wife! Also, Seung Nyang smiled in front of him (something that didn't happen a long time)

1st: THE CPR KISS of course! It was the most beautiful scene ever! With the roses and the water! And let's not forget it's their first kiss :P

3. Why do I ship them? Basically because they have an amazing chemistry and they complete each other. She is strong and independent and he is sensitive and immature. She is the only one who can change him and make him a better man. ;)

Lol ok I think I wrote enough!!

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Yey! Finally! I've been waiting for this thread, kamsahanmida chingus :)

Shipping Challenge:

What are your thoughts about our favorite couple! Answer the following questions:

 1: When did you start shipping them?

I started shipping them before the drama started, its when i first saw the trailer of EK, it was the stare of Ji chang Wook to Hjw while she's pointing the sword on his neck and asking who he is, that scene  tickled me and made me follow the drma.

2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes
5. the pool and bridge scene
4. TH confession "you are the first one i saw, when i broke my shell"
3. the cave scene, and their bickering moments in the island and in the palace
2. The Confrontational scene where nyangie revealed that her father was Ki Jao, watching it made me realized that sungyang  feels something for ta hwan, the way she looks at him and she cried because of that i know its not hatred. Their dialogs and their actings was superb.
1. The breathtaking CPR kiss, its so beautiful.

3. Why do you ship them?

Their undeniable chemistry
I feel their connection, and the love of ta hwan for nyangie and that breaks my heart
their story
I dont know its just me, but their scenes and dialogs seems like an OTP scene.

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Hello everyone! :-h >:D< :D

Wow~ @ChelseaS thank you by this! :)>- Yay! :D¡Finally a thread for TaNyang shippers! :x Great~!  <:-P =D> :P
Good... I'm a SN-Shipper, but I still love this couple.. their chemistry is undeniable and perfect... Just wonderful! :D
I like this couple in both drama and in real life. :x And I like all their interactions in general... but my favorites are : (Although I still need to watch EP25, EP26, ep27 and ep28, So could have more favorite scenes) The scene of cave... because I found that scene so but so hot!! =P~ =P~
And obviously the kiss CPR... Just beautiful!! 8-> ;;) :x

Good... I hope that you welcome me here... and also I hope all of you and me were able to have fun much... with respect and no offense (both people and the other characters) So we can have real peace and can enjoy much more! ^:)^ :-bd :)

Edit: @AppleP (Hello!) :) long ago that wanted to tell you this... I love your signature!  :x
HJW & JCW look so cute together! 8-> :x

Edit 2: Thanks to @cacazeel , @cristurbat and all others for the beautiful pictures, videos..etc! >:D<

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