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  1. my eyes landed straightly on that long neck of KGE, I wondered if the markings of the King's beheaded scene were still there that gave MinEun shippers a lot of sleepless night
  2. Hello chingu @Peekaboohoo thank you so much I'm finally watched Untact twice. Though I cannot understand the language but through their expressions at the eyes and faces, body movements and of course with the beating of the background music they delivered it well enough for the viewers to understand of how the story goes. The short film of Untact was a masterpiece of its own lines based on a real life story. Kim Go Eun nailed it again and of course the male lead Kim Joo Hun, the Director Kim and the crew behind. Kudos to the team Untact.. Goodnight everyone and to the other side of the world.
  3. Thank you @Peekaboohoo for the prompt reply. Hope this will really help and I can finally watch Untuct.. Update you once..
  4. Hello Chingus,, wanted to watch Untact but don't know how and no idea about this VPNs matters using PC...Need help...
  5. Hi guys, I'm back after awhile of hiatus lots of work to be done in real life..sorry If I wasn't able to response of our throw back TKEM topic during drought time, now I had to back read and I bumped somewhere a trembling nerved topic about a third party involved of our uri couple. I'm not finished reading yet so I have to catch up to eased my mind..
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