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  1. Hi guys, I'm back after awhile of hiatus lots of work to be done in real life..sorry If I wasn't able to response of our throw back TKEM topic during drought time, now I had to back read and I bumped somewhere a trembling nerved topic about a third party involved of our uri couple. I'm not finished reading yet so I have to catch up to eased my mind..
  2. Just as @AgentQuake likes to howl about TKEM then I would like to know or somebody here can enlighten me if what I saw here during TKEM Press Conference was just my illusion. As TKEM cast compressed all together for a photo shoot LMH pulled KGE closer to his side but the question is where did LMHs left hand landed at the back of KGE? Please start at 4:55 exactly at 5:00 I saw a shadow of hand pulling down as they made a fist posed. Sorry guys if this were brought up here before and do please set in a slow mo for clearer view. I don't know how to copy video edited.
  3. sorry chingu to cut your wonderful thoughts.. and it was like an added full support to my beliefs about MinEun story. As much as I really wanted to hear an announcement about MinEun I rather have them a quality and quantity times in a low key status and a times for their individual activities. For me, there's nothing to rush. We as supporters should give them space to solidify the relationship of what they have as of the moment. Time can tell until we hear a big explosion from the captain himself. P.S. Actually I'm getting used to it (way before my two fave actress) I shipped them hard for real with their respective 'Oppas', till the noise subsided then I realized I've overcame with it. But I'm positive with our ship our HEARTs, MINDs and EYEs don't lie with something we can't explain.
  4. Hello chingus!... Our house has been quiet awhile lately, I think MinEun shippers were gradually adapting new normal for real outside our fandom. I bet we all just hang in there waiting patiently whatever future lead us this shipping thing. Whenever I had visited here esp before going to bed and being a lurker all the time, feels like I could hear a big noise like a party shipper all the time. Ooh! Are we going on a long drought!? Anyway, I've watched all Gons movie. KGE really nailed her acting ability esp for action type drama or movie but I wish to see KGE in a variety show like 'House on Wheels' my two fave actress were already guested hoping they invite KGE to complete my list. A side note : We MinEun shipper should camp here in our house to avoid the toxic world. There's nothing wrong to find crumbs outside our home but remember our house is our only comfort zone. Whatever toxic, negative vibes & OIM leave them outside they're not worth of our time and effort. *just saying* goodnight everyone and in another part of the world.
  5. sorry to cut your amazing letter short chingu.. wow! got me goosebumps reading your ardent message to MinEun couple. That kind of feeling of Yours and we MinEun couple shipper that you deliberately said, likes what we want all to convey to our uri couple. Even I do sometimes have these mixed feelings or 'what ifs" but my subconscious says it was there 'something' about these two beautiful people. I don't blame pandemic of what I felt right now coz I'm not in delulu mode and in stable mind for sure. I trust what I sensed about LMH&KGE but whatever future comes the announcement, I respect them individually esp KGE. As I've said many times, I'm not a fan of MinEun before but what we saw and felt about them, I shipped them hard... till the sea runs dry..
  6. me like under 21 in height and will not be able to do pole dancing but I consider go straightly to 'Red Room of Pain in Parallel World'..
  7. Oh no! Due to a very long drought ma brain got screwed up seeing these three handsome men like The three little pigs..opppsss sorry.. Like 'The Three Musketeers'did WDW and KKN smells something fishy with the man in the middle? ummm since The Unbreakable Sword were serving his MS hope KKN can give us a green light a little.. goodnight everyone.
  8. @HR. thanks for sharing your wonderful MV it soothe to the heart while listening. It's so nice to think our uri couple met at this time as both have a genuine personality. I feel like I was sucked trough black hole and forget what consequences lies ahead.
  9. no crumbs and we are all in drought in times like these MinEun shipper and RCL must survive... Yet congrats to all of us in 1000th page..
  10. I bet MinEun couple taking advantage with the floods of comments over knetz and other social media silently while they are taking quality time their MIAs out of spying eyes
  11. I think not only you @KepohAhjumma but all of us here not in delululand if we as MinEun shippers hold tightly and nailed it based on those bold top listed lists of LMH obvious moves during BTS. If Maximus cannot speak as witness, nah! even a human machine can detect LMH heart and pulse rate or every part of his body system were raising up everytime he is near to KGE.
  12. After watching the new BTS that makes my brain a lot of bugging ??????, I wanted to share this positivity and will nailed it till I hear MinEun couple are not sailing or at least they are special friends for good I am happy and still respect MinEun couple individually esp KGE. https://www.powerofpositivity.com/men-show-love-without-saying-it/ Hope you have a gifted tonged chingu the way I saw it is not intentional for both of them. LMH looks like a dork there (our Mr. Giddy was left unnoticed by our Ms. Sunshine) and pretend fixing his hair.
  13. During Soompi lock down no crumbs to digest and fill my sanity, instead having Gon movie marathon start from the short film and just finished watching SIMH. Gon was not just an amazing actress, a singer but she can rap and dance well. She's a total package how can I not adore her. Meanwhile I landed one of LMH movie GB which freezes me like an idiot was the 'kiss scene'. Only to realized that I was looking at it in halfway and imagining the real owner of MH lips.
  14. Hello!.. OMG am I really now in MinEun Universe? So happy were back to sailing.. What happened to Soompi? Thought I will be forever in the blackhole . .. Poor my heart can't sleep without my happy pill MinEun..
  15. Hello RCL just wanted to share this if someone posted a fanfic about our Royal couple in an online novels. The image was clearly the TOP notch "rescue scene" of TKEM. As much as I like to post it here yesterday but no time due to my workload, So here it is RCL and FBI's special team to do the investigation. Sorry for the late post chingus.. *runs*
  16. thank you chingu for sharing this news, now it makes my ahjumma visual clear as my goes like this at the moment Royal couple want me to die..
  17. @Miadee chingu I'm trying hard so much to widen my eyes if I can spot something over the side mirror but seen nothing but only steady unknown figures in black&white.. yeah to the least of my expectation, my imagination was them holding hands inside and LMH trying to woohhh KGE.. really what makes me heard something coz I'm comparing the song of Ji Hoon in youtube and LMH post IG bgm.. bear with me chingu no offend please, I'm gonna kill my replay button at this time 'there's really someone talking' like murmuring ... poor my heart .. sorry chingus no matter how I tried to be at least useful to this thread still, I'm not qualified as an FBI
  18. for the nth times playing the song, I heard male voice (LMH?) talking softly.. he's not alone inside the car..Idk if it's just me.. but hoping someone here heard the same I do..
  19. My messing thoughts goes like this, IU bff Yoo In-Na Yoo In-Na friend of KGE (starting from goblin time) or could there be a future project for IU and LMH??? Sorry guys no offend just want to connect the dots.. but was lost...
  20. sorry to cut your story short... I was laughing alone from ear to ear reading your post. Good for me hadn't reached to the point like you my friend, since this is my daily routine like my vits before going to sleep I had to checked new posts and keep on jumping here and there that makes me in a whirlwind state inspite of my ahjuma vision not to mention the soompi background just not to missed out good news of our MinEun couple. Well anyway, if that happens to me having a dream looking infront of them holding hands then I find it scary if I dreamed of them like the DEFYING KISS that would be a big trouble for me while performing a wet dreams while my husband is in the middle of his deep sleep. In addition, regarding the King's post on his IG during KGEs birthday, just my opinion maybe both their agencies esp MYM Ent didn't respond that surfaces around the net about their status/relationship is maybe they just let it be as long as it never causes too much trouble for both LMH & KGE as an actors. Like old folk says, "Let the silence make the noise" and that they understand well that fans/shippers have not yet ready to move on the undeniably on/off chemistry of LMH&KGE esp to those new comer. I trust the King's move.. I felt that both sides enjoyed watching us shippers like an ants being a workaholic..
  21. My friend if you all wondered of LMH comment about the 3rd option, count me in. Is he expecting a tight hug of KGE&WDH scene?.. Let me add one more scene during their JENGA Games about "Jamanchu" thing but later on KGE said "Bokachu"... I was also wondering what makes LMH thinks it as "Swearing". KGE swearing for what or to whom? Why is LMH expecting KGE to swear after helping her with the "Jamanchu" thing..
  22. Is LMH pic taken rexently or not? When did LMH started ti love wearing sneakers.. pls enlighten..
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