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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500

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Keep being delulu chingu! Even JCW himself still not getting HJW out of his head.. ------------- Excerpt from @Star1 interview: Q: Which older actor/actress is the most memorable to you? Ha Ji Won noo

Last night I had a very vivid dream that JiJi were kissing each other in real life. I'm serious; it is a true dream I had yesterday!      Do you see what I see? Hehe...this is the first time JCW tri

Couple Glasses? High School Couple? cr: tanyangfeels   Chingu, do you know yesterday they update Instagram at almost same time?? Only separated by 1 minute! and both updates have night theme and cres


it just strike me that jcw is wearing two outfits. one is red below the golden armour and the other is yellow.


but both were during the archery scenes? its strange. so he change in between?

I don't remember the episode now, maybe someone can comment

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Guest chaifer13


He really wears to golden armour dress,the golden armour with the red sleeves he wears that in ep 32 the first day of the hunt and the almost kiss scene.

the golden armour with the gold sleeves he wears it at ep 33 second day of the hunt when he was shoot with the poison arrow :P

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hey thanks, so they give him different clothes to wear for the two EPs.its been so long for me, I don't remember.

but in actual filming, they probably film together for the hunting and he had to change. ;)

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@qwenli but I think maybe the filming is also went overnight.. because in ep 32 (I want you scene) the scene is at night.. then the next day for hunting scene when he shot by the arrow...
Well, who knows.. But one thing for sure, the armor looks so heavy... 8-|

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Guest chaifer13

@qwenli welcome,

Anyway,iam just wondering about the two leading ladies of jcw recently hjw and pmy.

after they have work with jcw they both having thoughts about being inlove and thingking about marriage???

:-? :-? :-w :-w

is jcw really the marrying type :x :x \:D/ \:D/

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@kanyaprasetyoYeah the outfit looks really heavy. Who on earth fights an enemy in that outfit? He probably cant even run in it :)) I see strings tied to the arms of his hands.But its a very nicely done armour, very intricate.
@chaifer13It may not have anything to do with JCW but both the ladies are of marrying age and so fairly normal for them to be asked about that. Anyway I dont want to talk about pmy here, I am not interested in her.

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After co-star with JCW, who doesn't want to marry him?? :)) :))
He's good-looking, fun, funny, cute, but at the same time also take care of seniors and juniors and considerate too.. Up until now, I never heard any rumor he's rude to senior or making trouble on set, etc..
HJW also said he's mature, though he jokes a lot.. haha

I would also consider him seriously for marriage too.. hahaha 8->

Just ask any self-shipper like @namyo that's the expert on self-shipping with JCW.. haha

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I read on Tanyang baidu about the nxt ek DVD to be released on may 20th and am wondering why the person post in Japanese, if u can type in Jap, she must as well type in Chinese for people to read...

so I finally dust off my old Japanese language guide book and figure out the Japanese alphabets and find out what is installed in the upcoming DVD:

ji changwook interview

Kim sohyeong interview (I think this is the empress dowager)

SN/WY/TH love tracks bts (dun ask me what is this, I am translating directly)

consort selection bts

consort examination bts

SN/WY recollection

Tanashiri whipping

I think we are not at the oolala yet...

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From Hajiwon thread:
MBC's "Empress Ki," the 2014 epic drama have been purchased by Peru's Panamericana TV and Panama's SERTV.

Given that EK usually take at least half to one year to finish screening, I think the story and more fans will come in for a while more.=D>

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@qwenli in Chile they aired EK Monday through Friday, I'm not sure if they'll do the same in Panama and Peru, if thas the case it will end in 3 three months ;;)

Actually HJW could be the most well known actress from Korea since they are currently airing for the second time SeGa in South America, Puerto Rico and soon again in the USA

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@namyo HJW is also one of most well-known actresses here.. Everyone knows SeGa and it's aired for the nth time here...
But where is EK?? Seriously I want to whack my TV channels directors :-w :-w

Good morning guys!
cr: Glorious Ent

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Ek in Peru? How lucky! When that will happen in France, I'll be dead! So I better save money to buy the dvds ! !!

It seems our puppy is charming more people each day! Even if the person concerned is only like liking his way of dressing up :P


:)) :))

Have a nice day!!! :x

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class="post-title entry-title" Love You Thousand Years: Chapter 1 Posted on 10:18 AMby TaNyang Haven with No comments JCW-HJWposter.jpg Fanfic Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won Love You Thousands Years Warning: This novel is just a fiction and used for entertainment not for business. Maybe contains something related to reality or maybe not correct about the...

link: http://tanyanghaven.blogspot.com/2015/04/love-you-thousand-years-chapter-1.html

credit to our dear friend @sharonsfv
Sorry just posted it now chingu! :)

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