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Lee Soo Jin didn’t know who Yook Sang Jae ... that is the article about, but what is more interesting for us ...

at the end mentioned YSH question and the answer, that exactly was like this:


YSH: “Which boy bands or girl bands do you know?”

LSJ: “Girl’s Generation and Brown Eyed Girls”

(caption shows GG debut 2007, BEG debut 2006)

everyone burst to laugh, picture outside, members didn’t show just voices

Someone: Brown Eyed Girls

LSG: “I haven’t heard Brown Eyed Girls for a long time”

caption on screen: “ (His memory froze 13 years ago) “



He didn’t dare to say a word from the other group ;-) 


I’m just wondering who that last caption was referring LSJ or LSG  ?! ;-) lol 








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All The Time We Spent Together/And Goodbye/You & I/WTWB/Promise/Summer Night


L: I knew you for such a long time (ATTWST)

Y: It took a very long time (Promise)


L: Now I’m finally telling you, although I saved it in case you got weak (ATTWST)

Y: There were so many words I wanted to say to you so I worried. I need courage, you know me well (Promise)


Y: You are my star (WTWB)

L: But my heart will always blossom a flower that resembles you (AG)

Y: Stars that shine brightly. They resemble you, do you know that? (Promise)


Y: It's like I'm dreaming (WTWB)

Y: Embraced in your arms, as if dreaming (Promise)


L: As much as time has stopped (You & I)

Y: So much time has passed (Promise)


L: Love, just by having it by my side, without a word (You & I)

Y: By my side without words (SN)


L: We laughed a lot, we cried a lot. That’s how I endured through, step by step (ATTWST)

Y: I will think of you and endure and endure (Promise)


L: That I was once by your side (You & I)

Y: Always returning to my side (WTWB)

Y: You will never leave my side again (Promise)


L: With an old backpack, I held your hand (CTB)

Y: You held my hand, as we stepped through that long alley (WTWB)

Y: Come back to me, hold my hand (Promise)


L: I love you, the words I love you (AG)

Y: I love you, on the black night sky (Promise)

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Posted (edited)


... and I have a feeling such a long long time that  might be there someone  whom Sunny unnie referred for ?! ;-)  GG unnies have a talent to tease her like that ;-) lol 




I found this tweet, which explain more where the lines from Sunny's post comes from ... "First love" ?!  ;-) lol






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