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[Drama 2014] I Need Romance 3- 로맨스가 필요해 3


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So they start filming. Good. It`s about time. At first they announced that the filming will start in November, wonder if they are a little late. I hate live shooting system.

I want to know if the last two seasons were subbed quickly. I don`t want to wait weeks for a couple of episodes subtitles. But eventually I am going to wait. :(

Can`t wait for the first stills.

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January 2014
New Year excitedly learn romance# I Need Romance 3

# Kim So Yeon & # Sung Joon in this show
Tingle of romance

<I need Romance> Season 3
First broadcast on tvN on Monday, 13 January.

로맨스가 필요해 시즌32014년 1월

새해 첫 두근달달 로맨스. 


#김소연 & #성준 이 보여 줄 
로맨스의 설렘 ♥

<로맨스가 필요해> 시즌 3은
1월 13일 월요일 tvN 첫 방송.
cr: tvN facebook
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:-h hello.

I am so excited for this drama. I love Kim So Yeon so much. She's so awesome. I really love Sung Joon too. I love him from his previous dramas. I'm really confident that this drama will have good acting and a good plot. The problem now is just waiting for it to air.

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The teaser version 2.

This second version shows the tears. So we have to expect both funny and sad scenes. OK. Love both versions but I prefer the first one. :) Again, I want to know who sings the song in it. This time is a Korean song.

I can`t wait to see the poster and the trailer. I know is too soon but I want something..... ;)
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Excited :) I thought they'll suppose to start shooting earlier but at least they've started now. I'm so pumped for this drama, everyone looks good together so hoping it translates well to on-screen as well.

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Guest jjsweeter0211

class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 26px; vertical-align: baseline; text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible;"Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon Already Look Close During “I Need Romance” Season 3 Script Reading
jnkm December 4, 2013 
Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon Already Look Close During “I Need Romance” Season 3 Script Reading

A couple of photos revealing the script reading session for the upcoming third season of tvN’s “I Need Romance” have been released!

The first script reading session for “I Need Romance” season three was held on November 24.

The main cast of Kim So Yeon, Sung Joon, Nam Goong Min and Wang Ji Won was joined by the supporting cast members including Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah andPark Yoo Hwan.

i need romance 3 script reading 2

It is said that the actors and actresses showed great passion as they held the script reading. Due to the story’s exciting and interesting plot line, everyone was said to have fun and was energetic throughout the session.

The staff members commented, “It was to the point where we felt like we were actually shooting the drama due to the detailed guidance from the writer Jung Hyun Jung and director Jang Young Woo. Everyone showed a lot of passion and great chemistry.”

The photo of the main leads posing together especially drew much attention from netizens and future viewers.

“I Need Romance” season three will air its pilot episode on January 13.


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December 5, 2013
'I Need Romance 3' Kim So Yeon shows a perfect chemistry with Sung Jun
Source: STARN News

Kim So Yeon and Sung Jun showed a perfect chemistry at script reading of ‘I Need Romance 3’.
On December 4th, the production team of new tvN drama ‘I Need Romance 3’ revealed two photos from script reading.
The photos show Kim So Yeon, Sung Jun, Namkoong Min, Wang Ji Won, Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah, and Park Yu Hwan participating in script reading, and posing for a photo together.
Especially, Kim So Yeon and sung Jun, who are casting as partners, are showing a perfect chemistry.
It is said that all of the staffs were deeply impressed by each actor’s amazing focus on their parts.
An official said, “It was only a script reading, but the atmosphere was as intense as an actual shooting. All of the actors showed a perfect team work.”
Meanwhile, ‘I Need Romance 3’ will premiere on January 13th, 2014.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com

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