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  1. Born: November 6, 1978 Family: Father is actor Yun Kyu Jin; He married actress Han Ga In in April 2005. Height/Weight: 182 cm (6') / 70 kg (154 lbs) School: Art Center Design School (in U.S.); Myungji University Graduate School TV TV Shows Mask (SBS, 2015) I Summon You, Gold! (MBC, 2013) Vampire Prosecutor 2 (OCN, 2012) Can Love Become Money? (MBN, 2012) Vampire Prosecutor (OCN, 2011) Jejoongwon (SBS, 2009) Dream (SBS, 2009) cameo East of Eden (MBC, 2008) Sad Love Song (MBC, 2005) Love Is All Around (MBC, 2004) Snow
  2. -OFFICIAL THREAD-PROFILE Name : Kim Min Jong 김민종 Date of Birth : March 23, 1971 Constellation : Aries Birthplace : Seoul, Korea Education : Graduated from "Seoul Art College" Body size : 179cm, 65kg Blood type : O type (Universal donor) Family : Parents, One older brother, Two older sisters Nickname : Big Eyes Religion : Buddhism Hobby : Exercise Favorite Exercise : Squash, Skiing and so on. Favorite Foods : "Dduk Bbok Ki (spicy rice cakes)" and Beanpaste Pot Stew Favorite Drinks : Coffee and Milk Dislike Foods : Western foods Favorite Color : Black Playing Instrument : Guitar F
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