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[Drama 2013] ♔ The Heirs/Inheritors ♔ ♕ 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들 ♕

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15 Golden K-Dramas That Are Always Worth Rewatching

Oct 23, 2018

As an avid K-drama watcher, there are a lot of dramas that I’ve watched more than once. There’s many factors that play into wanting to watch a whole series more than once. Most of the time, it’s because of two main reasons: the two main leads and their chemistry, and how captivating the storyline is. I find myself enjoying these dramas just the same the second time around despite already knowing the outcome. Here’s my list of 15 K-dramas that are worth the re-watch!


8. Heirs


Although the love story between Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the extended cast makes this series worth the re-watch. When you’ve got f(x)’s Krystal, CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Woo Bin, it’s really an all-star cast that you can’t get sick of seeing for 16 straight episodes. Especially seeing how a lot of these rookie actors have now established them so well in the industry!




Start watching “Heirs”:




https://www.soompi.com/article/1247769wpp/15-golden-k-dramas always-worth-rewatching

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7 K-Dramas Written By Kim Eun Sook That Prove Her Brilliance

Nov 6, 2018

If you’re invested in the K-drama world, you may be pretty familiar with the name Kim Eun Sook– the mastermind behind the scripts of several blockbuster-esque dramas that have raked in millions of viewers from all over the world. To commemorate all the amazing work she has done, here’s a look at some of her best dramas thus far!



(skipped unrelated.....)

Heirs (SBS 2013)

“Heirs” is a series that was very well received specifically in South Korea. There was a huge wave of people who had fallen for the male faces in the series as there were quite a few of them that were worth falling for; Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ho, Kang Ha Neul, Park Hyung Sik, Kang Min Hyuk, to name a few. The drama stars Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan, the rich chaebol, alongside Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, the poor housemaid’s daughter.




The two embark on a whirlwind of a romance that seems almost impossible mainly because Lee Min Ho is already betrothed to the daughter of another wealthy family. It seems like the world is against the two being together but Kim Tan continues to fight for Eun Sang.




This series brought about all the feels for viewers. There were specific lines delivered by the characters that made people fall for the series, and the specific fashion, some jewelry, and even the wallet that Eun Sang received from Kim Tan became big sellers in South Korea at the time





Start watching “Heirs”:





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5 K-Dramas That Are A Must Watch For Everyone

Because We All Are Falling In Love With K-Dramas

 Anjali Tripathi

November 13, 2018



South Korea is a country which is gaining more and more popularity in Indian youth circles. Many of us are K-Pop fans and taking a step further, many of us have fallen in love with the South Korean shows.

And this phenomenon is not only visible in India, but in other countries as well. K-Pop (Korean pop music) and K-Drama (Korean drama serials) are gaining popularity all around the world.

K-Dramas are mostly confined to a limited number of episodes having a storyline worth appreciating. With the blend of drama, thrill and romance, these shows spellbind the viewers and that’s the reason why we love them and watch them again and again.

So, irrespective of you being a K-Drama fan or not, you should watch these five shows and I bet on it, you would love them all.


2. Heirs



If you like love stories, you are sure to like this one. The story revolves around a bunch of rich heirs led by Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang, whose mother works as a housekeeper for a rich family. The story takes a sharp turn when Kim Tan gets attracted to Eun-Sang.

The breathtaking looks of Lee-Min Ho as Kim Tan are sure to make you fall in love with him.

Rated 7.6 on IMDb, it is available at various websites and applications for you to watch.



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#hnowtv IG #Heirs #Parkshinhye #Leeminho

Engaging the audiences with its amazing twists and turns! Thank you viewers for loving #WohJoKehdayMujhe!

Watch #WohJoKehdayMujhe every Saturday & Sunday at 9:00 PM on H Now Entertainment



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@ONETVASIA https://www.facebook.com/ONEtvasia/videos/501161500410743/?t=2 


Anyone got totally hooked on K-dramas ever since 'The Inheritors'? :smirk:  Relive that sweet memory with our encore telecast this Mar 9, Sat at 8.45PM, with 2 episodes back-to-back, and with Malay and Mandarin audio where available! (Territories Apply) 






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[SBS Star] 7 Actors Who Can Guarantee the Success of Their Drama
작성 2019.04.30 17:03 조회 3,233

People sometimes call some actors a "certified check" because they make every drama they film a huge success.


The viewers gear up to keep up with every episode of their drama after seeing their name on the cast list and there is no better advertisement than that.


For this reason, actors tend to be cautious and pay extra attention when joining a new project because the ability to choose their next work is considered just as crucial as their acting.


If they fail to catch the eyes of the public, their drama can never see the light of the day no matter how many efforts they put in or how good their acting is.


But these seven actors will never know the meaning of a debacle since they not only have a good eye, but also excel at bringing their characters to life.


1- LeeMin Ho

Lee Minho


Back in 2009, actor Lee Minho got his name out there with KBS' beloved drama 'Boys over Flowers'. The public assumed that he would have a hard time finding a next project since his character 'Koo Jun-pyo' in 'Boys over Flowers' was bit too impressive and stuck in everyone's head.



Lee Minho



However, Lee Minho succeeded in proving his power over Korea and even China with other dramas such as 'City Hunter', 'The Heirs', and 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'.

2- Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye


Actress Park Shin Hye is a queen of romantic comedy.


She always gives off a romantic vibe whether she is with Lee Minho from 'The Heirs' or Lee Jong Suk from 'Pinocchio'.




Park Shin Hye

3- Lee Jong Suk

4- Seo Hyun Jin

5- Park Bo Young

6-…Park bo gum


(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'jongsuk0206' Instagram, SOOP Entertainment, JTBC The Beauty Inside, SBS funE, S.A.L.T Entertainment) (SBS Star)     



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