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[Drama 2013] ♔ The Heirs/Inheritors ♔ ♕ 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들 ♕

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I still haven't reached episode  5 but I remember all the things you said.   Kim Tan is so considerate!! He enjoys being around CES. Living with her in the same house is like cohabitation  

Kim Tan eyessssssssssssssssss     is he smitten by CES hot lips !        For your eyes only !   

If you open SBS webside and click on SBS Popular Search terms, there´s a Top 11 List,   included in here. The Heirs N o.11 cr. the owner  


[By 2010-2020] All over Korea watched! This is the blockbuster work that has shaken the drama world!

Summary   352,659view  2020/11/21 21:40 
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2013 "The Heirs"

"The Heirs" Synopsis

A young man who enjoys surfing leisurely at the beach, his name is Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho).
Hideyoshi Eyebrows, a sergeant of the Empire Group, seems to be in a comfortable environment, but he was estranged from his mistress's child, studied abroad in the United States to escape, and spent empty days.
On the other hand, Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye), who has a dumb mother and has been struggling since childhood, relied on her sister who went to the United States and came to the United States with the intention of never returning to Korea. However, she is disappointed to know her sister's reality and loses her place. Tan meets Eun-sang, who is at a loss, and decides to invite him to his house. Two people who connect with each other for a short time. However, when he learns that Tan has a fiancé named Rahel, Eun-sang returns to South Korea saying, "I had a short dream." In addition, Rahel cannot hide his discomfort when he learns that his mother's remarriage partner's son is a violent Yondo who attends the same school.

Young people who grew up in a wealthy family but had their own worries and injuries. Meanwhile, Tan decides to return to Japan for the first time in three years in order to confront the conflict with his father who is estranged by his brother and sandwiched between two mothers.

Source: http://bc.mediafactory.jp/souzoku/


[By 2010-2020] All over Korea watched! Successive blockbuster works that shook the drama world, 2013 is "The Heirs".
The 2013 blockbuster drama where the strongest combination of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye starring Kim Eun Sook gathered and ran alone in Korea with the highest audience rating and swept the Drama Awards! In addition to the new work by Kim Eun-sook, young actors gathered together, attracting a lot of attention even before the start of the broadcast, and dyed Korea into an “inheritance syndrome”. A youth romance blockbuster of young people who carry an inescapable destiny.




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