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  1. cr to owner Cast : Official Page Links: SBS OFFICIAL LINK ASIAN WIKI LINK DRAMAFEVER LINK Episode Ratings: EPISODE RATINGS LINK Recaps/ Reviews: Joonni's : Episode 1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15 /16 /17 /18 /19 /20-Final Dramabeans : Episode 1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15 /16 /17 /18 /19 /20-Final A Dramatic Life : Episode 1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15 /16 Trailers/Teasers : 1st Trailer 2nd Trailer 3rd Trailer 4th Trailer ver 1 4th Trailer ver 2 English Subbed Trailers cr to Dramfever 14 Minute Mega Trailer Cr to SBS Short Preview OST : The Heirs OST Part 1 Song Artist: Lee Hong Ki Date: 2013.10.09 Genre: OST Tracks: 1. I'm Saying Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.2 (The Heirs Part.2) Song Artist: Park Jang Hyeon (박장현) & Park Hyeon Gyu (박현규) [bromance] Release Date: 2013.10.16 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. Love Is... Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.3 (Heirs OST Part.3) Song Artist: 창민(2AM) & 켄(빅스) & 박장현(Bromance) Release Date: 2013.10.24 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. Moment 02. 사랑이라는 이름으로 03. 두 사람 Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.4 (The Heirs OST Part.4) Song Artist: 2Young (투영) & Esna (에스나) Release Date: 2013.10.30 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. 세렌디피티 02. 아랫입술 물고 Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.5 (Heirs OST Part.5) Song Artist: Park Shin Hye (박신혜) Release Date: 2013.11.07 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. Story Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.6 (Heirs OST Part.6) Song Artist: Moon Myung Jin (문명진) Release Date: 2013.11.13 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. 또 운다 - Crying Again Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.7 (Heirs OST Part.7) Song Artist: Choi Jin Hyuk (최진혁) Release Date: 2013.11.21 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. 돌아보지 마 Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.8 (Heirs OST Part. Song Artist: Lena Park (박정현) Release Date: 2013.11.28 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. 마음으로만 - My wish 02. 성장통2 - Growing pain2 Album: [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.9 (The Heirs OST Part.9) Song Artist: Lee Min Ho Release Date: 2013.12.04 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. 아픈 사랑 - Appeun Sarang (Painful Love) Album: [Compilation] 상속자들 1 (Heirs OST Compilation Album Part.1) Song Artist: Various Artists Release Date: 2013.11.14 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. Lee Hong Ki (이홍기) [FTIsland] - 불말이야 (I'm Saying) 02. Park Jang Hyun (박장현) & Park Hyun Kyu (박현규) [bromance] - Love Is... 03. Changmin (창민) [2AM] - Moment 04. Ken (켄) [VIXX] - 사랑이라는 이름으로 (In The Name Of Love) 05. Park Jang Hyun (박장현) [bromance] - 두 사람 (Two Person) (Remake) 06. 2Young (투영) - 세렌디피티 (Serendipity) 07. Esna (에스나) - 아랫입술 물고 (Biting My Lower Lip) 08. Big Baby Driver (빅 베이비 드라이버) - Here For You 09. Big Baby Driver (빅 베이비 드라이버) - What We Used To Be 10. Big Baby Driver (빅 베이비 드라이버) - Some Other Day 11. Trans Fixion (트랜스픽션) - I Will See You 12. 말이야 (Inst.) 13. Love Is... (Inst.) 14. Moment (Inst.) Album: [Compilation] 상속자들 2 (The Heirs OST Compilation 2) Song Artist: Various Artists Release Date: 2013.12.11 Genre: OST Tracklist 01. Story 02. 또 운다 03. 마음으로만 04. 돌아보지마 05. 아픈 사랑 06. Love Is... (Acoustic Ver.) 07. 사랑이라는 이름으로 (English Ver.) 08. 성장통2 09. Heritor 10. 말이야 (Piano Ver.) 11. Dream catcher 12. Love Is... (Comic Ver.) 13. Logical Love 14. Weight Of The Crown 15. Aim At The Crown 16. 별을 세는 아이 17. Portents Of War 18. 한여름 밤에 꿈 Character Plot Lines : cr to chloe The Cast Slideshow : cr to @Anomalous Original pic from SBS FORUM RULES 01. Do not post request for Subs. Do not request for Videos either. Just download from what the other soompiers provide you. Do not post requests for any bt seedings of any vids links as Soompi is not responsible for any of them Do not request of translations of any kind, as translations are done by our fellow soompiers' free will. Use the online google translator. http://translate.google.com if you want to read the basic translations of any news in korean. Anyone who posts these kind of requests, spam or break any of soompi forum rules will be reported to the mods immediately without any warning given. 02. Do not steal any download links from AJA-AJA and paste them out to Soompi or another site. Go directly to the aja-aja site if you want to download anything. Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. 03. Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately. 04. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods. 05. Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here. 06. Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their ID/IDs reported the mods. 07. Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki, Dramafever or Crunchyroll) will have their Id reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. 08. Do not bash drama and movie characters, actors, actresses, or other members, or post untrue information. Bashing will not be tolerated by any means and will result in a warning. This includes but is not limited to the usage of derogatory remarks, spreading rumors, swearing, etc. Please respect each others' difference of opinions. 09. Do not quote pictures or long posts. Instead, remove images and videos in your quotes. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. If a quote is too long (more than 10 lines), only quote a subsection of the text. Quoted pictures set in spoiler tags are considered a violation as well. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE 10. Do not engage in non-related conversations. If you are not going to engage in a discussion about a drama, movie, or actor/actress, use the PM system or other means of communication. Keep birthday celebrations out of thread topics unless it pertains to the stars of the thread involved. For reference of the Rules: Sub Forum Rules General Forum Rules
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