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  1. So far I like much more than Adamas of which I tried 3 times but cannot get pass the first few episodes. I like JS a lot and think he is a great actor, so I am glad that this drama is off to a good start! BTW, I might be one of the very few people who doesn't get the charm of Kim Soo Hyun - I almost never can finish anything he is in.
  2. Not sure why there isn't a thread here for Namkoong Min. He is such a great and versatile actor, not to mention being super gorgeous.
  3. Thanks! I just saw that it will be on Kocowa too.
  4. Anyone know if it will be only any global streaming platform such as Viki? I think I already know it won't be on Neflix. Thanks!
  5. Congrats to Namkoong Min!! So well deserved and long overdue! He is the king of acting!!
  6. April Snow is certainly still a very good movie. I always enjoy whenever I rewatch it. Wow, this thread is down to one follower! I remember when I first discovered BYJ in 2018, there were still a few people who were active (relatively speaking!). Anyway, it really shows his continued popularity in spite of being retired for quite a few years now.
  7. Yes, I think that is his las "official" connection with the public. If he ever deactivate or turn it into a private account, then we know he is really done with dealing with any fans. Wow, I didn't know he is no longer in Korea. I guess he is just enjoying his time with his family. Even his wife no longer update her IG account. She was more active at one point but honestly, I think most followers on her account are ones who try to see if they can catch some updates about him through her posts.
  8. Interesting to see your post today as I was just thinking about how he is doing. Even though he has not been active on IG for over 8 years now, the number of followers continue to increase, showing the power of Winter Sonata continue to sustain!
  9. I really miss My Dearest, especially Namkoong Min. I hope we hear news of his next drama very soon!
  10. Happy new year! WOIW. I am now the only one following this thread!! I guess it is because BYJ is really not going to go to back to acting anymore. Anyway, I still enjoy watching Winter Sonata again as it will remain one of my forever favorite.
  11. This is one of the BEST drama ever! Namkoong Min never disappoint! I am so glad he won the Daesang and best couple award. I hope he continues to win big award for his amazing performance. Baesang - are you listening??
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