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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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@lhjj, it's going to be hard to catch up especially without sub :D 
Watch whichever episode you feel most interested when you have free time :)

2013.11.25 Lee Min Woo Says Shinhwa was Once More Famous than EXO

The legendary idol group Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo looked back in time to reminisce the days when Shinhwa was more famous than today’s EXO.

The November 24 episode Shinhwa Broadcast showed the members visiting the elders and handicapped in a small town to give out their love via jjajangmyun (black bean noodle).


The members of Shinhwa visited the townspeople with jjajangmyun that they cooked themselves with help of a local restaurant owner.

Minwoo and Eric decided to visit an elderly woman who had suffered a stroke, where Minwoo set the table himself and poured water for her and Eric asked questions about her grandchildren in the pictures, leading a warm conversation.

Before leaving the house, Minwoo decided to leave his autograph for the woman’s granddaughter and after signing his name, he jokingly said, “You probably like EXO. But we (Shinhwa) were once more famous than EXO. Please don’t throw this away because it’ll prove itself to be valuable.”

Photo credit: JTBC
Article by Mwave


Here was how the convo started that led to RicMinSyung's signature for the elderly couple kids
Keep in mind they was also joking as well.

Eric: Let's leave our signatures for the grandkids to take home if they make a visit.
Minwoo: Would such young kids want our signatures though?
Minwoo: (to the kids) You guys would probably be EXO's generation. We think EXO's really good, but we used to be more popular than them!! If you guys want EXO's signatures...
Eric: The EXO that you like...we're their SM sunbaes!! We're 6th grade, they're only 1st grade. You guys have to come to get this.
Minwoo: Don't throw this away. This item has some great property value

Credit: kriza_09

I love how tirelessly RicMin promote Shinhwa whenever & wherever they can.


E-CEO promoting Shinhwa's 10th album during IQ test on Qualification of Men in 2012

Screencap by me

There's a Fund Raising for 2013 Christmas Charity & Eric's Birthday.
Any one interested, can check this >>

Shinhwa Broadcast - Eric & Hyesung with customers at jjajangmyun restaurant

Credit: as tagged + HS_1127

so lucky you people!!!
Credit: ricsyung

Eric's autograph & message for the noodle house

Credit: 에유(AU)

Throw in some Shinbang screencaps

Reminds me of Crayond Pop seeing them in the helmets and tracksuits :)







He's so cute!!

Credit: 에유(AU)

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2013.11.25 The warmth of a bowl of jjajang on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Shinhwa’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ reached a climax of kindness.

On the broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Found by Shinhwa’ that aired on November 24th, Shinhwa worked hard in volunteer work that involved giving out jjajangmyun of love to the elderly and disabled.

With the restaurant’s owner Mr. Lee Dohan, the Shinhwa members all focused on making jjajangmyun they could serve to the elderly. Andy couldn’t hide his pride as he showed how his fingers had swollen like noodles while boiling them. The jjajangmyun was then served to those in the restaurant, and as each bowl was emptied, smiles appeared on the faces of the Shinhwa members.


In the process, Shinhwa shone with kindness. Jun Jin, Shin Hyesung, and other members helped their customers out of their seats once they were done with their meals. Minwoo filmed those who were leaving with a camera, and bowed down to them after taking his hat off politely.

Mr. Lee Dohan then asked the Shinhwa members, who were done with the volunteer work in the restaurant, to deliver for those who can’t come though they want to. The members immediately took up the request, and delivered jjajangmyun to a grandmother and grandfather suffering after having a stroke.

Minwoo said to the patient, “Grandmother. I hope you get your strength up after having this delicious jjajangmyun,” and mixed the noodles with the sauce himself. Eric got her water, and tried to talk to her first by talking about a picture of her granddaughters. Shinhwa then brought the warmth to a full high by delivering to the owner of the restaurant a special video message.

Jun Jin also suddenly spilled tears when the grandfather suffering after having a stroke teared up. He said, “Suddenly I’m reminded of my grandmother and my grandfather. I wasn’t expecting you to show tears. I think it’s been a long time since you’ve said what you wanted like this. I hope you always say what you have on your mind in the future.” Andy also added, “I hope you and grandmother live long, happy lives in good health.”

Viewers were let down, however, when Andy, who recently was involved in an illegal gambling scandal, continuously appeared in several scenes. Andy’s scenes were limited, but many scenes showed him solo also.

A source from JTBC, which airs ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, had previously told Newsen on the 22nd, “We couldn’t edit him because there were so many group shots. Andy will only appear up to this week’s episode.

Source: Newsen
Translation: Shinhwastuff

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[ENG.SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast EP.60

  Subbed by 1004subs http://1004subs.blogspot.ca/2013/09/130616-shinhwa-broadcast-episode-60.html

A few gifs from last week episodes


Credit: carmendove tumblr

Credit: steambunsforsales

Credit: heartshinhwa

When it's Hyesung's turn to film his message for the store owner
Members will troll XDDD

Credit: heartshinhwa

Hyesung looks cool with the high-kick an then......

Credit: heartshinhwa

Preview for episode 05 (Dec.08)


subbed by Axerine

Look at Shinboys so in awe of Maya's skill...
Even a "would you marry me" from Eric lolol
I kinda wish she teased back with a "Yes" to see what his response would be :P

Credit: 某hi + janelleeeorange

Credit: randomeKpop

Credit: psychedlove

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Guest linakyon

Hope that everyone in that restaurant stays healthy and continue to bring happiness to those people :) Once again thumbs up to jTBC for not editing Andy so much.To tell the truth it wouldn't  make sense, since he'll be out the radar for a while.He did a great job in kitchen,handling those noodles with bare hands was painful to watch.
The preview looks fun! Nice,we'll see their competitive spirit ^^ Curious about the good deed on this oneOMG~~~~~~Eric's 'Would you marry me?' If it was me, I'd answer 'go book a church' =))

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Andy worked really hard, I'm glad they showed it.  Jin and his soft heart T.T  Hyesung's spinkick was so cool! ^^  Minwoo kidnapped the grandmas haha
Did Andy fail the delivery test, btw?  Everyone looks so good in the archery preview, wonder what is for 

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It's quite brave of jTBC to leave in so many solo bits of Andy, despite the mumblings from some quarters after the previous episode and with other celebs being cut out of their programmes immediately. Maybe that's the difference between cable vs public channels? Of course for fans like us, we are more than happy to see more Andy especially since he did so much hard work, and these moments could well be the last we'd see of Andy for the year, sobs.  :(( We'll wait for him to return next year when he is ready again. Andy, fighting!

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@jtjj, viewers from cable are less 'noisy' than mainstream networks but I think it depends on the net work & the production.  I'm glad Shinbang stand firm on their stan on the issue.. and yet they got scolded by some extreame Andy's fans *sighs*

I'm proud of each & every one of them. They pour their heart to it and did well.  Ric seems to do all the tasks (kitchen duties, dish washing, clearing tables, cashier, delivery..).  Not sure why Andy didn't even get to try out for the delivery test, any one knows why?  It's hard to believe the can't ride a motorbike XDD

The segment with the 2 elderly couples really sobs inducing.  I love when the owner watches the video message for him from the customers of Jjangmeyon of Love Day to Shinhwa members.  He doesn't show a lot of emotion but those subtle ones are the best.  Of course Shinhwa members 'ganging' up on Syungie when it's turn to film for his message, so Shinhwa! XDD

Eric's final message to the noodle house owner (hic I still don't remember his name: ) It's not something that just anyone can do and I feel it's something extraordinary.  I really feel that you and your wife are hidden legends.  The "Jjajangmeyon of Love Day" that you wish for, I hope it will become as big as a national holiday, and the founder would be you. Please be healthy"

Would be awesome if it indeed becomes a national day in Korea.

2013.11.29 MC Jang Sungkyu Twitter Updates:

빵 터진 에릭 혀엉^0^

Eric hyung in laughter

(this was taken when they filmed the Archery Episode for Shinwha Broadcast on Nov.18)

Photo Credit: Jang Sungkyu Twitter
Translation Malpabo


RicMin in their own world.......  XDD

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2013.12.02 Shinhwa Broadcast Photo Update

기부천사 찾아올거야~~~^^ 뿌잉♥
Angels donation will come visiting~~~^^ Buing♥

(Black hair is A-Pink's Jung Eunji and brown hair is After School's Lizzy)

Translation: binnieandong
Credit: Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa will have a puppet show for children (3-9 years old, accompanied by an adult) at Youngsan University (Busan) tomorrow at 2PM.  Shinhwa big kids & little kids, I'm sold already!! (not responsible for any ovary explosion hahaha)

A couple photos of Shinbang filming earlier today.
No sighting of Minwoo in the fanpics.
Not sure if he was late or he wasn't around when these pic were taken

Junjin in cap with specs


From right in:
Eric (dark brown jacket)
Hyesung (long coat with red block ont the arms)
Junjin (short brown leather jacket)

Credit: forever57426

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The cake is awesome, hope Shinhwa saw it or even better received the cake.  I read on twitter someone mentioned jtbc to bring the cake to share with the kids?
@phi whoa it's like a pilgrimage, how did they manage to find the places - I'm sure the jajangmyun place's owner was happy that a fan visit them.  The nail shop might be happier if the fans do their nails as well lol

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Btw finally watched ep. 58, I can understand why K-SHCJ complained.  I doubt Andy was hurt but I was just shocked to see the scene when they dragged Andy for exchange for coins.  Would have been better without the rope around his neck. 

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[Facebook] 131202-03 Shinhwa Broadcast Facebook

[Photo event for those watching Shinhwa Broadcast]

Every Sunday night at 11 PM, please upload pictures on ShinBang’s Facebook wall proving that you watched Shinhwa Broadcast that day as it aired. You’ll be given ‘rare items’ by Shinhwa that will make your winter warm~ Make sure to set your alarms +_+

● Period: 12/2 (Mon) - 12/19 (Thu)

● Winners announced / prizes
- Midterm announcement: 12/16 (Mon), 2 winners for M Lee Minwoo concert tickets (2 tickets per person)
- Final announcement: 12/20 (Fri), 2 winners for Shin Hyesung year-end concert tickets (2 tickets per person) / 50 winners for Shinhwa Broadcast limited edition blankets

● How to join
1) Take a picture of yourself watching Shinhwa Broadcast at home at 11 PM on Sunday.
2) Put up your picture on Shinhwa Broadcast’s Facebook wall with ‘the date you watched the broadcast’.

● Criteria
- The more creative your pictures are and the more often you join every week, your odds will go UP!


SourceShinhwa Broadcast Facebook

cr. shinhwastuff

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