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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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2013.12.20 Shinhwa transforms into donation angels for abandoned dogs

Agreement to donate 24 tons of dog food for 1 year to the animal shelter


Longest running idol group Shinhwa held an agreement signing ceremony with pet food company Petman on the morning of 16 December at Jamwondong, where an agreement was made to donate 2 tons of dog food monthly, or 24 tons in a year.

Last October, while filming the first episode of JTBC’s , Shinhwa visited “Angels of the Wild”, an animal shelter at Incheon and while living there for 2 days 1 night, they did dirty work for the animals etc, and through that, a donation agreement with Petman corporation was realised.

On this day, Shinhwa members Shin Hyesung, Eric, Lee Minwoo and Junjin participated in the agreement signing ceremony, and were joined by Petfood’s team manager Kim Jinhyun, department head Bang Dongsun and deputy department head Shim Kibuk.

With most of the members raising dogs of their own, Shinhwa already does charity work for abandoned animals through various ways, such as participating in campaigns encouraging the adoption of abandoned animals or donated dog food wreaths etc.

*omit info on Petman*

The Shinhwa members said, “after personally visiting the animal shelter, we felt really sorry that there are so many animals that are abandoned and have been hurt. We’re thankful that we can help them a little through this dog food donation,” showing their love for animals.

*omit Petman representative’s comments*

The dog food donated by Shinhwa will be sent to the animal shelter throughout the year by the charity organization run by Petman corporation, The Green.

Translation by malpabo.tumblr.com


2013.12.21 Shinhwa Broadcast Twitter Update: Dog Food Donation

#신화방송 '산수의 천사들 편'을 통해 남다른 애견 사랑을 보여준 신화, 펫맨과 함께 1년간 전국의 유기견 보호소에 매달 2톤씩 사료 후원을 약속! http://twitpic.com/dpizsj 추운 겨울을 잊게 만든 훈훈한 소식에 엄지 척 ^-^)b

Through #ShinhwaBroadcast “Angels of the Wild” episode Shinhwa showed their exceptional love for dogs, together with Petman they promise to provide 2 tons of dog food for animal shelters nationwide every month for a year! Thumbs up for this heartwarming news that makes one forget the coldness of winter ^_^)b


Source: Shinhwa Broadcast
Translation: malpabo.tumblr.com

2013.12. 21 Meeting with the family of the missing child case 10 years ago in Busan during ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ filming

Shinhwa met with the maternal grandmother of ‘Mo Yongguang”, the child who went missing 10 years ago in Busan.


In the episode of JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Shinhwa Finds’ that airs on the 22nd, Apink’s Jung Eunji and After School’s Lizzy went looking for the little legend together with Shinhwa.

The fourth little legend that Shinhwa meets with are the senior citizens from elderly puppet company ‘I Keeper’, who puts up various puppet shows for children for the prevention of school violence, kidnapping, sexual assault etc.

While the members were talking to the senior citizens about how they started the puppet show for children, they found out about the heartbreaking story of a member of “I Keeper”, grandma Kim Gunja. Kim Gunja is the grandmother of Mo Youngguang, the child who went missing 10 years ago after following his elder sister on a kindergarten excursion, a case that was not only an uproar in Busan but also nationwide.

Jung Eunji and Lizzy, both from Busan, said, “It’s a case that all the people in Busan knows about,” remembering the situation then clearly. Grandma Kim Gunja teared up saying, “I still only remember my grandson as a 2 year old child,” and expressed her wishes to help with the puppet show for the children as much as possible.

translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

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[News] ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ PD “will bring a successful end to 2 years of broadcast”
In the midst of JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast’s” confirmed cancellation in January, producer Yoon Hyunjun PD expressed, “will bring it to a successful end.”
"Shinhwa Broadcast - Little Legends Shinhwa Finds" will end on 19 January. "Shinhwa Broadcast" started airing last year on 17 March and is ending after 2 years.
Regarding this, PD Yoon Hyunjun told OSEN on the 26th, “Last year it started with all 6 members of Shinhwa. Kim Dongwan left the programme and Andy also left after going through unfortunate events, and I’ve pondered whether it is right for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to go on with 4 members,” showing the difficult worries he has gone through.

Continuing on, “After repeated considerations, I’ve decided to end it, and if there comes a time where all 6 members can do it again, I’ll consider it again,” showing how difficult it was to decide on canceling the show.

'Shinhwa Broadcast' started with genre destruction variety, though “speech channel”, “farming channel”, “school channel” etc, going into tutoring variety, and received love from the viewers through trying a wide variety of ideas and as the first program to be led by an idol group only, and was also a representative variety program of JTBC. Also, after going through a break in order to have a new change, “Private Tutoring” was followed 5 months later by “Little Legends Shinhwa Finds” that started the past November.
There is a reason why ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ chose to present the new subtopic ‘Little Legend Shinhwa Finds’. Through their promotions throughout the years, Shinhwa has appeared on various variety programs and showed their variety sides often, just like on “Shinhwa Broadcast”.
Regarding this, Shinhwa, as 15 year long running idols, wanted to try doing something more meaningful and after consultations with PD Yoon,  ”Little Legends Shinhwa Finds” was born. Shinhwa continuously carried out meaningful work while finding various little legends, such as abandoned dog shelters, CEO Lee Dohan who gives out jjajangmyeon, Coach Kim Hyungtak who turned unknown Danish archer Maja Jager into a champion, elderly puppet company ‘I Keeper’ that gives dreams and hopes to children etc.
Because Shinhwa has been doing good things and touching the audiences through “Shinhwa Broadcast”, that is why the cancellation of the program is unfortunate.
Lastly, PD Yoon Hyunjun said, “I hope the viewers will love the remaining episodes,” and added, “will finish it off successfully,” expressing his determination.
(via malpabo tumblr)

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Waking up to such sad news.  That makes the filming at Jinju for the boxing match the last one they did then.
From his tweet, MC Jang apparently was surprise at the cancellation he said "SB cancellation..? no...."
I hope the members were told ahead of time rather than finding out from the news. >.<

All those said 6-1=0 for not watching must be happy now that they get their wish fulfilled

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Guest linakyon

So sad SB it's coming to an end :( 
' I've decided to end it, and if there comes a time where all 6 members can do it again, I’ll consider it again' What a lame excuse!What's the point having 4 members working harder if all team members aren't on the same side?
Sorry for this small rant, but still can´t believe the show that introduced to me and made me fell in love with them will end.I'll certainly cherish all these precious memories of the show.If some broadcast station offers a good opportunity to Shinhwa, and of course, if they wish to continue to have a show only of theirs, I hope I can see them again every week :)

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Awww let's cheer up, Shinhwa are still alive and together :) 

Like I said in Shinhwa thread, I'm not too upset about this... I will miss SB but I'm excited for another things that Shinhwa will do in the future. It's been a huge pressure and commitment on them and I think it's better to be able to have the time to do several other things than just doing SB alone ^^  
I feel a bit relieved actually.  For me I think it's time.  It's a hidden blessing that Dongwan and Andy were not in this season.
Anyway, I think initially they already had planned to do only a few episodes of Little Legends before going on hiatus again when they're preparing for supposedly comeback.  

As long as they're together, they can make another Shinhwa Broadcast or something else :)

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This doesn't mean Shinhwa members initiate the cancellation of the show.
It's like reinforcing what PD Yoon said in the previous OSEN article
6-1=0 there, next time if they start a show, all the members should sign an agreement no one takes leave lol

2013.12.27 ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to End on January 19

After much discussion, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast will come to an end.

On December 27, Shinhwa Company stated through a press release, officially announcing the end to Shinhwa Broadcast, which started out in 2012 with all six members of Shinhwa.  After a five month hiatus, Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2 kicked off in November of 2013 with the new concept of finding unsung heroes.


Kim Dong Wan unfortunately did not join Season 2 as he wanted to focus on his musical and acting. However, Andy later also exited from the program to reflect on his involved in the recent celebrity gambling issue, leaving four members to run the show.

“As you can tell from the program title, Shinhwa is the one that makes Shinhwa Broadcast happen, but with two members leaving the show, we decided that there was no meaning in Shinhwa Broadcast and sincerely discussed the cancellation of the show with the current staff members,” said the Shinhwa members. “After much consideration and talk on December 26, we decided that Shinhwa Broadcast will come to an end with its final episode on January 19.”

Shinhwa Company added that the Shinhwa members will continue to do its best until the last episode, and thanked fans for their continuous support and love.

Photo Credit: Shinhwa Company
Article by: Mwave

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Well then I would rather them sign a short term contract for every season? haha
Because for those people who blame it on Wandy, are they seriously, genuinely, honestly thinking that they would prefer, for an example, Eric keeps putting off his acting career for ShinBang? Would rather Minwoo gets sick from exhaustion? Hyesung puts off his surgery? Would rather Jin not looking for what he could/want to do? Would they prefer their oppas sacrifice their career or their health? Is that really something to be proud of / happy about?
It's only for two years but Shinhwa Broadcast has become a benchmark for the variety show especially those those done by idols - we should be proud of Shinhwa & SB :)

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I think I would feel a lot better if they say they're canceling the show indefinitely. Well, I guess it's okay since they now have time to concentrate on their solo careers! I especially look forward to Errrrric's acting career!

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This selca was obviously during the dog shelter episode when RicMin having a good time at the garden that was used for the dog fashion show later that night.  Handsome RicMin are also selca cutie :D

2013.01.03 Shinhwa Broadcast Update: New Year Greeting with RicMin's Selca

오래 기다리셨죠?^^ 2주만에 드디어 공개되는 신화방송 첫 번째 인형극 '착한 여우 이야기!' 아이들을 흥분의 도가니로 만든 흥미 진진한 이야기가 펼쳐집니다! 1월 5일 밤 11시 본.방.사.수^^ p.s : 새해를 맞아 숨겨두었던 두 대표님들의 셀카 사진 공개합니다! 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^ http://twitpic.com/dr1mw0

You’ve waited a long time right? ^^ After 2 weeks, Shinhwa Broadcast’s 1st puppet show "The Story of the Kind Wolf" is finally revealed! A fascinating story that made the children go wild will unfold! 5 January 11pm stay tuned ^^ p.s: Along with the new year, we’re revealing a hidden selca of the 2 CEOs! Happy New Year^^

Source: Shinhwa Broadcast
Translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

Throw in this just because CEO Eric photobombing like a boss! :)

credit: megarasama

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