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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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2013.11.15 ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ delivers jjajangmyun in yellow training suits; what’s going on?


Shinhwa transformed into motorcycle men delivering jjajangmyuns of love on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’.

On the episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Found by Shinhwa’ to air at 11 PM on November 17th, Shinhwa was caught delivering jjajangmyun in Bruce Lee-type yellow training suits.

For their second little legend journey, Shinhwa headed to ‘Hong Kong Great Restaurant’, which is located in Ohsong, Chungbuk. Mr. Lee Dohan, who runs the restaurant, has been giving out jjajangmyun in charity events for senior citizens and the disabled once every month since 2001.

After receiving a tip through SNS, Shinhwa traveled to the ‘Hong Kong Great Restaurant’, and as soon as they arrived, changed into yellow training suits and started to deliver, serve, and clean at the venue.

The Shinhwa members were spotted this day all around town delivering jjajangmyun on motorcycles. Those living in apartments near the restaurant recognized Shinhwa, and Hyesung and Jun Jin happily answered every call for pictures.

The second journey of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, ‘Jjajang of Love’, will air at 11 PM on November 17, Sunday through JTBC.

Source: jTBC News
Translation: ShinhwaStuff tumlr


It's said that RicDy are in charge of cooking, M for serving and JinSung do the delivery
From the teaser, Eric did delivery too, at least to Jessica Nail hahaha

Hyesung's spin kick at the martial art class, I guess his knee is healed?
I don't remember he had gone for the surgery since his fall from 2012 concert. Or may be a surgery isn't needed after all?

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2013.11.17 “Shinhwa Broadcast season 2” Shinhwa opened a chinese diner? At ease with dough making - delivery “LOL”

The Shinhwa members opened a “Shinhwa diner”.

On JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Shinhwa Finds” that airs 17 November, 11pm, they met with a little legend that has been doing charitable work with “jjajangmyeon of love” for more than 10 years. In this episode, the Shinhwa members each helped the little legend with the running of the Chinese diner by dividing up the work responsibility, such as kitchen and hall, delivery etc.


As it was the first time the members were trying out such work, with the sudden influx of a large number of customers, they seemed flustered with just taking one order.

Also, as the busy mealtime approached, the flood of delivery calls resulted in a series of errors, such as delivering to the wrong address or making duplicate deliveries etc.

However, although they were clumsy with making dough to cleaning onions, stir-frying jjajang, hall serving, collecting bowls etc, but they showed their experience as they finally calmly and orderly got a hold of things.

Together with the 2nd little legend, Shinhwa’s brilliant story through “the Shinhwa of Jjajangmyeon” can be seen this Sunday, 17 November, 11pm on JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends That Shinhwa Finds”.

Source: Newsen
Translation by malpabo.tumblr.com


Not quite directly related to Shinbang but The Korea Communications Commission ranks jTBC #1 among the new cable TV networks (jTBC, MBN, Channel A & Chosun).  They were ranked based on financial stability, program content and management. - (Source: JoongangDaily)

Healthy company gives stability to their shows. <:-P

Another filming pic... not sure why this one is so 'milky' XD

Credit: ilovesong cafe + BestShinhwa

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I really enjoy this episode. It's quite funny.  The ruckus in the RV to the greeting to the noodle store owner, his reaction after is priceless :D  I love how they sabotage Junjin's moto bike test, so them XDD

but the rating, unfortunately dropped deep... 0.725%AGB from last week of 1.137% and of course the media wonder if Andy's incidence may be the cause http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201311180810332510

Would had been more fun if Minwoo could join them from the start cus of his album recording schedule but it's better late than never.   Looking forward to see more of him next week.

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Was it the lowest rating for SB so far? I enjoyed yesterday's episode ^^  Jinnie on motorbike ay ay ♥  The person who left the dirty bowls near the elevator, missed the opportunity to meet Shinhwa members lol...  I love they're going outside and meet regular people, always love it when the other person recognize them, especially the males :)   I wonder if the grandmas would recognize them if it was Dongwan who did the delivery to them ^^  "Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim !!" hahaha
If Shinhwa delivered something to my door, I think my reaction will be exactly like the auntie who Jinnie made a deliver to ... cries cries

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Guest linakyon

RicJin love during rest time♥♥I squeal xD  For now I'm not worried about the ratings, oddly those we think are funnier, the ratings don't match . Also with a tearjerker episode for this week, I think the ratings can go up, but let's see. Hyesung was so talkative and made me laugh a lot .Do you guys remember Sageuk special when they were playing coin flipping game and the mc mentioned every time Syung talked a lot the ratings drop, we need to correct that journalist about he real reason behind the drop :))  @hkana  I wouldn't be able to remain that calm if one of them appeared at my door 8->

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@hkana, When Shinbang started out, the rating was the lowest and during during Tutors/Lessons Channel it also dipped below 0.7% a quite a few times too.  In all fairness, different time slot, different competitions it's hard to tell.  Of course we'd love to see high rating but right now I'm not worried, just a little sad cus what's going on

linakyon said:

RicJin love during rest time♥♥I squeal xD  For now I'm not worried about the ratings, oddly those we think are funnier, the ratings don't match . Also with a tearjerker episode for this week, I think the ratings can go up, but let's see. Hyesung was so talkative and made me laugh a lot .Do you guys remember Sageuk special when they were playing coin flipping game and the mc mentioned every time Syung talked a lot the ratings drop, we need to correct that journalist about he real reason behind the drop :))  

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2013.11.18 Shinhwa members deliver Jajangmyeon on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast 2’

In the November 17th episode of jTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast 2’, the Shinhwa members collaborated with a charity organization for the ‘Sending hearts with Jajangmyeon delivery’ event, as they showed their love by becoming delivery drivers and sent Jajangmyeon to customers.


For the event, Eric was in charge of kitchen duties (Andy too lol), while Lee Min Woo took charge of the store front. Jun Jin and Hye Sung meanwhile became delivery drivers.

Jun Jin and Hye Sung drew much laughs as they committed silly errors while delivering the Jajangmyeon to customers. The two actually sent orders to a same place together, or simply delivering it to someone who never ordered Jajangmyeon in the first place. Hye Sung for example couldn’t find the specific home despite being in the correct area, and showed his flair for not being able to find directions accurately. Despite their numerous goofs, Jun Jin and Hye Sung never gave up, and eventually delivered the Jajangmyeon to the correct recipients. They also gamely posed for photos from those who wanted to take photos with them.

Part 2 will continue next week, and be sure to tune in to jTBC at 11PM (KST) every Sunday

By: Jo Hae Jin @ Korea Star Daily
Copyright: KpopFighting.com

here's the bigger version of that Eric pic XD



2013.11.18 Lee Minwoo’s care on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ shows how Shinhwa has managed to last

Shinhwa Lee Minwoo’s warm heart shone on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. While Jun Jin was sleeping after he was forced to do the dishes as a penalty for losing a game, Lee Minwoo finished the chore instead.

On the episode of JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Found by Shinhwa’ that aired on the 17th, the story of Mr. Lee Dohan, who has been donating jjajangmyun toward a good cause for over 10 years, was told. Eric, Shin Hyesung, Jun Jin, and Andy, who were with the episode since its opening, chose Mr. Lee Dohan as their second little legend, as he gives out free lunches every month for those in need, and visited his restaurant to help out with his work. They were clumsy in cooking and delivering, but Shinhwa still managed to pull through with their cheerfulness.


Lee Minwoo wasn’t there for the opening due to preparations for his album, and was only able to join the shoot after lunch. The first thing he said was “I’m sorry,” and he hugged the members who would’ve worked hard in his absence.

Shinhwa was only able to have lunch after the restaurant’s busy lunch peak had passed. Jun Jin thought up a jjajangmyun game they could play, and everyone agreed that the loser should do the dishes. 2 became 1 team, and the person in the back, blindfolded, was supposed to feed jjajangmyun to the person in front.

Shin Hyesung came in 1st as he ate the most within the 30 second limit, and Jun Jin, who came up with the game in the first place, came in last. While Jun Jin was having a nap, however, Lee Minwoo got up and did the dishes instead.

"I was late today. I should’ve been here all day, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help out. I’m doing this because I’m sorry that Choongjae would’ve worked so hard when I wasn’t here," he said. When Jun Jin learned of what Lee Minwoo did, he hugged him tightly, showing off their friendship.

Shinhwa showed consideration for Lee Minwoo, busy with preparations for his album, and Lee Minwoo also showed consideration in turn, proving how Shinhwa has managed to last so long as Korea’s longest-running idol group. They had hit many bumps in their careers, but Shinhwa was able to stay together thanks to the members’ sincerity toward each other.

'Shinhwa Broadcast', which recently opened up a new 2nd season, hit a new snag with Andy's illegal gambling charges in its 3rd week. Kim Dongwan previously left the show, saying he would concentrate on his acting, and now, Andy will also be leaving to self-reflect. Many have been showing interest in how the remaining Shinhwa members will fill in for those missing in their ranks.

The day’s episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ also confused viewers by showing Andy without editing him out. Scenes showing Andy cutting up vegetables alone, cooking, and playing games with the members aired without any edits. This, of course, was inevitable considering how the show is a real variety show, but it certainly was different from how ‘Star King’ and ‘Dream Team’ only had Boom, who faced the same charges, appear in voice, and how ‘1 Night 2 Days’ put up a caption saying, ‘The shoot for this episode took place on November 8th and 9th. We hope to see your understanding’ regarding Lee Sugeun’s appearance.

Source: Osen
Translation: Shinhwastuff tumblr

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2013.11.18 Mention of Shinhwa in Jang Sungkyu’s Twitter

※ Tweet 1

Shooting Shinhwa Broadcast in Chungbuk, Goesan. Learning from the Shinhwa hyungs, who are working hard! despite the cold weather and our first snow.


※ Tweet 2

Suddenly the snow and wind is blowing so hard- They say it’s 4 degrees below zero, but it feels colder because of the wind.. My mouth and hands are stiff, but today’s meaningful because I saw the year’s first snow with the Shinhwa hyungs- Fighting Shinhwa Broadcast!


Source: Jang Sungkyu’s Twitter
Translation: Shinhwastuff

me gif spam time :P

Who said 30 is old?
These high energy kids when it's play time

Credit: sehunswag tumblr

Minwoo, the missing "Hwa"


Precious moment #1


Precious moment #2

Credit: carmendove tumblr

Hyesung is with Jinnie. Andy’s with the owner. And I’m with the onions.

Credit: fantasyung tumbr

bunny Hyesung? :D

Credit: uchibima

Jin's reaction when Eric said there're 21 jajangmyun orders to be delivered! HAHAHA

Credit: shinpm91 tumblr

what better than a dance intro, Shinhwa style that is.........

Credit: cy13sh

Little Legends song...
The 30+ ahjussirs so cute, my toes curled

Credit: heart-shinhwa tumblr

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Guest linakyon

@Phi Yup! Check episode 24,pt 4 at 11:55 mark. Meme worth :PSo many gifs :x  Need to search around if there's any gif of Eric saying:'Hyesung has Junjin,Andy has boss and I have onions' =))

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Hyesung in talkative mode is hilarious lol... I laughed so hard when delivery hyungnim left him and he shouted for him hahaha. 
Another 1N2D shooting!


[Trans] 2013-11-19 Jang Sungkyu Twitter update (Junjin, Minwoo)
2D1N of Shinhwa Broadcast filming has ended ^^In case of spoiler, just this photo for now~!This recording seems to be especially meaningful.A feeling that the hyungs have slightly opened their hearts more!Thank you ♥ShinBang eusha eusha!
translation by malpabo.tumblr.com  (cr. malpabo)

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I'm glad they have a rather fix filming schedule for Shinbang so far. Each 2D1N filming every other Monday or so gives them 2 episodes of broadcast time.  That saves them from traveling every week, especially going to the winter months.  It's also easier for the members to plan things around if they also have other schedules, especially Minwoo with the upcoming weeks to his album realease & rounds of promos

Curious of what's next after the Noodle House episode.  It seems like another public event hence the MC.  I wish there were a bit more time at the kitchen/restaurant in last week episode... but under the circumstance, I understand the extra editting.

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@linakyon I kind of miss him too, yeah exactly what I thought as well, the dynamics between them is great ^^  He seems to have a similar taste of humor with Shinhwa :)
Everyone looks younger in tracksuits ^^ Very yellow with goggles, reminds me of minions kekeke

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