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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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Guest kitin_85

hii do you know where i can get the latest shinhwa broadcast (torrent) 1dec 2013 ? try to find it but can't hopefully someone can help me thanks in advance

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@linakyon Don't know... I guess most likely it's only for Korean viewers since the awards are concert tickets... not sure if they will ship the blankets overseas... but can try :)   jtbc, does watching via live streaming count? :)

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Guest linakyon

@hkana It makes sense xD So that pic was the blanket, didn't realized...LOL .Hope they paid attention to the materials so that is suitable for allergic people :) 

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the fan was about to go in but seeing the gal was kinda 'glazing' at her, she didn't bother XD

I think the Shinbang promo even is for Korean fans only since they obviously encouraging viewership,  And I don't see they'll ship the prize oversea either... and those MinSyung concert tickets, it's useless if oversea fans win but can't go cus can't afford money for airfare & accommodation

wae, I thought the puppet show would be something like a hand / string puppet instead... so it's like a costume kinda show?
Hyesung as police man? I wonder what story this play is for...

I can't tell for sure which one is Eric & Junjin but Jinnie often stay in the middle or near the host/guests so I vote for Eric in the panda suit and Jin in the yellow one (not sure if doggie either cus there was sighting of a Pooh hahahaha)

2013.12.07 Shinhwa Broadcast Update

에릭에게 청혼받는 법 http://twitpic.com/dnqs0d "힘차게 쏘세요. 퓨슝~~~"
신기에 가까운 양궁 실력에 깜놀한 금사빠 에릭! 일요일 밤 11시 [한류 양궁 신화] 1탄에서 만나요 ^O^

How to receive Eric's proposal http://t.co/RBTqQ9dQZ9 "Please shoot with strength. Pyusyoong~~~"
Love at first sight Eric who was surprised by her beyond human archery skills!
Sunday 11pm meet [Hallyu Archery Legend] part 1 ^O^

Credit: Shinhwa Broadcast
Translation: malpabo

News photos!
My god, the way he looks/gazes at Maya...
I'd drop on the floor!!!

Some ppl thought it were Emma Watson there.
I didn't notice before someone pointed it out...
She does look like Emma in the angle of those 2 pics

(btw, that is Maya, a Denmark archer now live & train in Korea.
She'll also compete for Korea at intl. competitions too)

Credit: jTBC + Joinnews


Here is the preview if you haven't seen


2013.12.07 Shinhwa Sponsor by Scelido

Credit Scelido blog + 6legend

2013.12.03 Shinhwa Broadcast Filming - Return to Seoul from Busan


Hyesung with shorts (skorts?) and tights?! XDDD

Credit: tkddldnwjd + ricsung for reup

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2013.12.08 Shinhwa on 'Shinhwa Broadcast' learns archery for the first time ever from coach Kim Hyungtak

Figure skating has Kim Yuna, but archery had Kim Jinho.

On the December 8th broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends Found by Shinhwa’, Shinhwa will visit coach Kim Hyungtak, teacher of Kim Jinho, the woman who swept up awards in archery around the world in the 70s and 80s.

In a recent shoot, the Shinhwa members met with their third little legend Kim Hyungtak and tried out archery for the first time ever.


Coach Kim Hyungtak formerly taught the ‘Queen of Global Archery’ Kim Jinho, ‘Perfect Gold’ Kim Kyungwook, and ‘Korea’s first female Olympic gold medalist’ Seo Hyangsoon. Kim Jinho was especially called ‘archery prodigy’ as she won 5 awards at the 1979 Berlin Archery World Championship, 5 awards at the 1983 Los Angeles World Championship, and 3 awards at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games. She was the ‘Kim Yuna of the 70s and 80s’, and led Korean archery to the top of the world as the ‘Queen of Global Archery’.

Coach Kim Hyungtak currently teaches the archery team in Jungwon University, as well as archers Maja Jager and Johan from Denmark. Maja Jager was originally an archer who ranked in the 100s in global rankings, but this year at the ‘2013 Archery World Championship’ she beat out Yoon Okhee and won the gold medal.

The episode airs at 11 PM on December 8th.

Trans by shinhwastuff

throw in an extra pic :)
Hold my heart!!!!!!!


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no one watched the Shinhwa Archery episode? :P
It was so funny and THEY SPEAK SO MUCH ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHA

It was a nice episode. Starting out with a quick apology (classy!) then move on to the archery training center.

My god Eric as so hyper in this episode, I love seeing that side of him. Either the Maja effect or loosing another member, he pushes himself a bit more.. beside he's the only one can communicate comfortably in English...  Not too sure how fluent Mayja is in Korean.  She seems to understand what's said but chose to reply in English. 

Eric & Junjin are natural at this archery, especially Eric.  His stance are just as good as the professional (hehehe I don't know the correct position but he looks good lol).  Eric was the only one that hit the board on their 1st practice shoot at 50m distance, even coach Kim was in awe.  At 10m practice, his score is also the best.  Though he seem to get nerved out a bit when the competition is on.  I love all the slo-mo when he shoot, his eye movements are just so awesome.  Make me wonder if he ever tried archery before this...

Hyesung sticks to Eric more in this episode cus English?  When ask if Maja would stay in Korea if she marry to a Korean man, Maja's mom said he'll have to come to Denmark with them... Sungie starts to say something and Maja's mom snapped right back at Syungie with "are you coming with us (to Denmark)?" HAHAHAHA crabie all blushed up XDD  Then Minu pointed to Eric and told Maja "marry this guy, marry this guy"... Eric's shy face, so cute..

Is it just me but Junjin seem to be emo up a bit when coach Kim asked Maja if she miss her oma... Looks like he choke up a bit an had a couple stir in his seat.... awh.  Can't wait for the next episode... be back later for more gifs.  Dropping these few for now

Spaming Archer Eric!! :)

Credit: 火星萌Mun

"Proposal' accepted? :-\"

Credit: luveiei

ehem is Steve Jung jelly of Maja? :))

Credit: heart-shinhwa

Their score for the 1st 10m practice shoot.
RicJin really have a knack at archery.
On their very first 50m practice, Eric was the only one landed on the board (blue zone)
His practice score is the best during all practices. 
But he seems to get nerved out a bit when competition is on

Credit: Phi

Credit: UBeric + 819park14

Credit: AU

Credit: miumiuloveshinhwa


Credit: Inmyownmind1 tumblr

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2013.12.14-15 Shinhwa Broadcast Updates

에골라스로 완벽 변신한 에대표님!! 이번주도 본방사수 잊지 않으셨죠?^^ 멤버들의 멋진 양궁실력을 볼 수 있는 기회! 일요일 저녁 11시 본.방.사.수! ♥ 다른 멤버들의 사진도 궁금하신가요? ^^ pic.twitter.com/vO5GXeVeZ8

E-CEO's perfect transformation into E-golas!! You've not forgotten to tune in this week right? ^^ A chance to see the members' cool archery! Sunday evening 11 tune in! ♥ Are you curious about the other members photos? ^^


즐거운 주말! 다들 맛점 하셨나요? ^^ 이번주 방송에선 선미도 울고갈 민우의 '엉덩이춤' 전격공개! 기대되시죠?^^ 24시간을 함께해도 모자른 완소매력 민우와 함께해요♥ 일요일 저녁 11시 본.방.사.수! pic.twitter.com/DWfRrgINWb

Enjoyable weekend! Has everyone had a delicious lunch? ^^ In this week's broadcast, the full revealing of Minwoo's "Butt Dance" that'll even leave Sunmi crying! You look forward to it right? ^^ Join in with totally precious and charismatic Minwoo, whom spending 24 hours together isn't enough ♥ Sunday evening 11pm stay tuned!


오늘 방송에선 혜성의 베일 듯한 완벽한 옆태와 깜짝 이벤트 공지가 뜬다는 사실!!!!! 본.방.사.수로 꼭!! 확인하세요 ^^ 일요일 저녁 11시 함께해요 ♥ pic.twitter.com/73uy8055Jk

The truth that there'll be Hyesung's perfect side view, which is like his veil, and also the news of a surprise event!!!!! Stay tuned. Must check it ^^ Sunday evening 11, be together with us ♥


모든 멤버들이 깜짝! 놀라고 너무나! 갖고 싶어했던 1등 선물, 과연 만능 스포츠맨 전진이 받을 수 있을지...?! 한주의 마무리 신화방송과 함께!! 깜짝 이벤트 공지도 꼭!꼭! 확인해주세요! ^^ http://twitpic.com/dorohp

Shocking all the members! And something they really wanted, the first place present, will multi-talented sportsmen Junjin be able to get it...?! Be with Shinhwa Broadcast at the end of a week!! And also please do! do! check out the surprise event announcement! ^^


2013.12.18 Shinhwa Broadcast Updates

혜성과 함께 신화 최고의 양궁 우등생으로 등극한 에골라스! http://twitpic.com/douqyw 양궁 활 세트를 꼭 부여잡고 아버지에게 씐나게 자랑했을 모습이 눈에 훤히 그려지네요 ㅎㅎ 궁사 부자의 단란한 모습을 보니 흐뭇 :) #신화방송

E-golas who became Shinhwa's top archery student with Shin Hyesung! He can clearly be seen happily showing off to his father while grabbing on to the bow and arrow set haha It's heartwarming seeing the pleasant archer father-son :)

Source: Shinhwa Broadcast Twitter
Translation: Malpabo


Eric teaching Papa Mun archery is sweet & heartwarming.  =D>
Spying Eric using CKMania 2013 calendar!!! It's on the coffee table :D
They filmed the archery episodes on Nov.18-19, and that's Andy's month :)

Credit: Phi@UBeric

Love how fanboy Eric made rounds to get the bow signed by Coach Kim & the athletes.
He really like archery it seems.  Another hobby aside from Mix Martial Art? :D
RicSyung share the prize. Eric gets the bow and Hyesung gets the arrow sac
Both items are spotted on Eric's dad XDDD

Papa Mun's hair seem much whiter since 2011 and he doesn't like to color his hair I guess :)
And that is Eric's nephew, baby Troy, from sister Katie.
His parents went back to the US to see the new born troy back in Jul.2011

Source: Eric's old twitter + Absolutshinhwa for reup + translation

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2013.12.16 Shinhwa’s Eric Proudly Shows His New Archery Bow to His Father

After finding out that he may have some talent in archery, Shinhwa’s Eric proudly showed off his new archery bow to his father. On December 15’s broadcast of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the Shinhwa members competed against each other in archery after learning from the best archers in Korea.


After the competitions were over, the members were notified that the person with the most points will be rewarded a special archery set from the archery coach, Kim Hyung Tak.

In the end, it was Shin Hye Sung and Eric, who tied for the most points, who received bows. Eric also got his bow signed by coach Kim Hyung Tak as well as the past Olympic gold medalists and the Korean representative archer athletes. Eric added that he was going to show his dad.

jTBC later tweeted out, saying, “E-golas, the best archery student in Shinhwa with Hye Sung! It’s pretty obvious how excited he was to show his dad the archery bow set. Seeing the archery father and son is making us smile.”

Photo credit: jTBC
Source: Mwave

It's like "kid Eric" showing the report card to his parents, so cute!!!

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2013.12.16 Shinhwa Broadcast Update: Join Shinhwa & Eunji

Boxing competition to be held tomorrow 17 Dec (Tues)
starting from 2pm KST at Jinju Student Gymnasium

Join Shinhwa and Eunji (A Pink) tomorrow~^^

Credit: Shinhwa Broadcast Twitter
Translation: Malpabo


According to Crayon Pop, they also have schedule with Shinhwa Broadcast tomorrow

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2013.12.17 [Fanpic] Shinhwa Broadcast Filming at Jinju Gymnasium

Not sure why no pic of Junjin arriving at the venue
Eric & Minwoo  look sleepy/cold? :D


RicSyung with the baseball theme for their outfits?
Chicago White Sox and LA Dodgers


The boxing venue

Credit: as tagged

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