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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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Guest linakyon

Poor Suni :( Just seeing the pic, I cried . Even though she was mistreated,  she received love in the shelter and she was certainly happy during her last days . Oh god, I thought this episode I wouldn't need tissues, but yeah, will definitely need it...

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I love jtbc, I love Shinhwa Bangsong  <:-P  So proud of Shinhwa T.T
When Eric came out with Ari T.T   I wondered how Ari would be willing to get on the van omg they showed him/her? on Eric's lap in the van together with the others T.T  and Jin with Suni T.T He couldn't stop crying =((
Hyesung was hilarious with Eli lol!  
Wonder who DW would sleep next to if he was there? :D  

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Guest linakyon

Overall a heavy episode . Before Suni presentation video started playing I was already crying and then the bgm they choose was simply T_T Eric's heart reached to Ari :') Glad he persevered even though she tried to invest him . Our leader is really amazing and I get can't get tired of saying it :x
 Thank god for funny moments to lighten the mood . Totally loved Eli interactions with Hyesung, this dog owned him till the end :)) Will we have more sauna moments? 8->

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Agree with what @linakyon said. It's not that don't have faith in Andy but we should remember they, just like every one else, are capable of making make mistakes some times.  Depends on the seriousness, one can decide to continue support or not.  I hope Andy will be cleared but IF he isn't, it's nothing major. A good scold from me but he still has my support.  That's what family does.

2013.11.11 [Review] “Shinhwa Broadcast” idol Shinhwa makes the word “disbandment” pales in comparison


Shinhwa that doesn’t “disband” is beautiful.

On the 10th, JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast - The Little Legends That Shinhwa Finds” showed the process of preparing for a dog party that was meant to be a volunteer’s night for the abandoned dogs.

On this day, the members showed their pro-activeness by personally visiting the hardware store, animal hospital, pet accessories store etc and personally bought the necessary items for the angels of the wild that lived in poor conditions.

However, shall I say I’ve realised that much time has passed? I did not see their original beastly-idol side. Junjin and Shin Hyesung went to the hardware store and they were not the stars of the SF comic image and Little Prince image that made young female fans cry in 1998 and instead, what stood out was the image of them being used to the current change and were normal guys in their mid-30s in 2013.

Junjin and Shin Hyesung were excited with wearing overalls and while following in Deuce’s dance steps, had an enjoyable dance time on the streets like it was nothing, a big step away from what we usually think idols should be like.

It is said that as time passes, it is hard for an idol’s life to last past 5 years. Naturally, as they approach their mid or late 20s, many problems make it easy for idol groups to disband, such as each member having their respective contract problems, or wishes to lead a new life and not that of a celebrity’s etc.

While not promoting any longer, g.o.d or Fin. K.L doesn’t use the term “disbandment”, continuously appear on TV, release special albums and also work hard so as not to be forgotten by fans, but when g.o.d. or Fin. K.L members have their solo activities, one is no longer reminded of that group.

Under such “disbandment” problems for idols, Shinhwa acts as a good role model. If not, would so many idol groups pick sunbae “Shinhwa” as the role model they’d like to emulate the most? What Shinhwa is accepting isn’t the grand title of having debuted for 16 years but the natural changes of time.

Typically in dramas, he either plays characters where his strong masculine image shines, or moves the hearts of females with glib lines such as “Don’t you smell something burning? My heart is burning”, but at least in “Shinhwa Broadcast”, Eric makes natural ad-libs, and even shows his never-ending lazy attitude. Also he shows an excessively cool side where he curses the members without restraint, and showed that he is no longer an idol with a secretive image.

Shinhwa is showing good sides that fits with the changes in time. 16th year since debut, not disbanding and consistently releasing albums, seeing them win on music programs, they look awesome.

Shinhwa does not go with the word “disbandment” and it’s fine even if they don’t look like idols so I look forward to them becoming a true long-running idol group through their natural sides, just like now.

Source: Reviewstar
translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

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2013.11.11 [Review] “Shinhwa Broadcast” Eric’s words that were so touching


"Animal shelters isn’t a place to throw them away. Everyone, please don’t throw puppies away."

"Although donation and volunteering is important, it is more important to not create abandoned animals. Please give them more love."
  - from <Shinhwa Broadcast>

[Entermedia = Jung Sukhee’s That Scene That Line] JTBC’s restarts after 5 months. The first “little legend” that Shinhwa chose is “Angels of the Wild”, which takes cares of abandoned dogs and cats with sincerity. “Angels of the Wild” is a private organization that protects animals that have been severely abused and neglected by humans from being put to death. If sent to a government-run shelter, the animals would, unfortunately, be put to death after 10 days but “Angels of the Wild” is a place that saved more than 50 animals who had been under such circumstances. Of course without any repayment.

However, having received information through SNS, when the Shinhwa members called and asked if they could visit, the shelter administrator Lee Mija said in a soft but decisive tone, “You can’t come to look around. Because this isn’t a zoo.” It was a warning message that although she had no reason to decline visitors, she wasn’t interested in concern just for broadcast. In actuality, how many programs would’ve visited all these while. For the members who just picked the shelter without any major worries, I wonder if they didn’t have a new resolve at that moment.

And so, Shinhwa members’ work as caretakers for the abandoned dogs that lasted over 2 days 1 night started and honestly, I didn’t anticipate much initially. It isn’t the first or second time that animal shelters have appeared on programs. The members crowded in and helped with the work while chatting and listening to the unfortunate stories of the animals, presenting very much expected scenes.

However, oh my, I don’t know why so many words and images are left imprinted in my head and heart after the program ended. More than anything, placing the focus on the shelter administrators Lee Mija and Danny as well as the other volunteers and the abandoned animals from start to end, is why after the program ended, a talking point is written indelibly in my heart and I’d like to give praise for that. Usually, if it’s a reality program of a popular celebrity, in a rush to chase after the celebrity, the work of the main star isn’t conveyed. It is because of the pressure of ratings but despite that, it is a relief that they didn’t cave in and lose their initial goal.


What I’d like to especially give high praise for is the sincerity the Shinhwa members showed. Perhaps it is because most of the members have raised dogs so they understand animals well, that’s why they didn’t participate superficially but gave their sincerest effort and that was good.

Although I’m thankful to all but the one who left the deepest impression on me was the sincerity leader Eric showed. Because of the hurt received from humans, an abandoned dog “Ari”, of Jindo dog descent, didn’t let anyone by its side and perhaps because Eric kept thinking of it, he even laid down beside it, and put in lots of effort for a long time. At the end of a long push and pull, “Ari” cautiously climbs into his arms and that moving moment is still fresh in my memory. Not just that, it was also because it was very obvious he was careful about each and every action, from hugging “Ari” who was sensitive to going up on the fashion show stage, to dancing with moves for “Ari”. It was that difficult to have “Ari” start to open its heart and I’m curious to see whether it’ll be able to do well with other volunteers after Shinhwa leaves.

Also, it is also meaningful that many people voluntarily helped out because of their sincerity. People readily donated food and pet products, people participated in the pet fashion show on that day after seeing the notice, I hope that concern isn’t just one-off.

The first broadcast of finding “little legends” has ended successfully in a warm atmosphere but my heart is heavy because of Danny’s words, “Animal shelters isn’t a place to throw them away. Everyone, please don’t throw puppies away” as well as Eric’s words, “Although donation and volunteering is important, it is more important to not create abandoned animals. Please give them more love”.   I could not readily decide to bring home an abandoned animal even after seeing such touching scenes and hearing such touching words, even if it is to enlighten and brainwash people like me, there is a need for more programs that looks for “little legends”.

Columnist: Jung Sukhee @ Entermedia
translation by malpabo.tumblr.com


When I watched this week episode, seeing how Eric able to heal Ari and when the lady said she feeds Ari for 5 years but they couldn't touch Ari but Eric managed to do so... I can't help but think, Eric ah, you should really adopt Ari... and he also had the thought in mind

If possible, it'd be nice to adopt 1.
          Minwoo: Isn't it tough even with just 1 now?
          Eric: I'm not confident of taking care of 2 dogs"

I'm so glad he wasn't impulsive and go ahead with adoption just because....
So many people go impulsive on getting a pet because it's cute, adorable or cus it's so pitiful... only realize they can't handle the pet later and abandon it.  Eric sums it it up so well with this at the end:

          "Eric: What is more important than donation and volunteering is not creating any abandoned animals"

So well said, that's really is the root cause.  (all trans of quotes are by malpabo & twitter)

Ari ah... Ari ah.. ussh.... ussh... Ari ah... :x  :x


I think at the time of filming they know Jin's dog Suni isn't well... I don't understand the convos but see how one of the lady teared up while talking about Suni, it's like she know Suni won't make it long... so sad.

RicJin really took a lot of my tears this episode... Sungie & his big & super hyper dog really make me laugh.  MinDy's dogs are really cute and very obedient.  Oh if last week it was lot of RicSung moment then this week there're lots of adorable RicMin moments in this episode.  I can't help but squeal at their cuteness.

SOOOO many times I said while watching, Eric ah let's just pick an easier dog...
I gave up but Eric didn't.  His patience & persistence is very admirable...  ^:)^

Credit: carmendove tumblr

be back later to post more gifs of Angels of the Wild episodes
unless some one else get to it before me.... kkkkk  :-*

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just got this sad news  class="titleNews" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 5px; font-family: arial, dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 23px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); line-height: 28px; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-color: rgb(80, 80, 80); color: rgb(68, 68, 68);"Andy to Exit from Shinhwa Broadcast

After being investigated for illegal gambling, Shinhwa’s Andy will be taking a break from all activities, including jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast

On November 14, T.O.P Media released a statement on Andy’s homepage.


The statement read, “First off, we deeply apologize for worrying all the fans who love Andy through this shameful event. 

After receiving results from his investigation, Andy is sincerely self-reflecting on his actions. He will be halting all official activities and will be thinking about his actions for the time being. We have already informed the staff of the programs he’s currently active on. 

We want to apologize once more for worrying all the people who have sent their love and will do our best to make sure this does not happen again.”


On November 14, the prosecution announced that Lee Su Geun, Tak Jae Hoon and Tony An will be proecuted without detention for illegally betting more than 100 million won, while Andy, Boom, and Yang Se Hyung were given a summary indictment for betting more than 10 million won.

Some of the celebrities got involved in the illegal betting pool after being on a soccer team and serving in the army together. 

:(( :(
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Guest linakyon

It'll be sad to see SB without Andy, but he made a mistake so he needs to face the consequences. I'm sure his hyungs gave him a good scolding and he learned a lesson .When he returns we'll receive him with  wide open arms and a big smile :) 

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Oh such a depressing start for ShinBang. No Dongwan and now no Andy? What's Shinhwa Broadcast without TWO of it's members?? I'm so sad. But guys lets not stop supporting them! Let's continue until all six can unite again!!!

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Ihjj said: Oh such a depressing start for ShinBang. No Dongwan and now no Andy? What's Shinhwa Broadcast without TWO of it's members?? I'm so sad. But guys lets not stop supporting them! Let's continue until all six can unite again!!!

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