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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

6th episode:

Nationwide: 9,4%(-0,2%)

Seoul: 9,2% (-1,0%)

TNS Media Korea

6th episode:

Nationwide: 10,3% (+0,4%)

Seoul: 10,8% (-0,6%)

kind a sad of the rating with the great story from each episode but at least PCAP have still double digit.

hope with the new script writer the rating will RISE UP to THE SKY along with more great story ^^

i really love Dong Su and Da Jin tandem, i don't know i really falling in love with this couple.. coz everythime they bickering is always make me laugh but also feel tenderness in their relationship and Dong Sun love Da Jin so much, he really can take if anyone hurt his Da Jin....... Dong Sun really love her so much ,,,but i thinks da Yun love more her penguin ahjussi,LOL

i love Dong sun - da jin words "o cham chie" *correct me if i'm wrong" it's so sweet ^^

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episode 5 & 6 has complete eng subs in VIKI.com. Hello PCAP flyers! I hope you'll enjoy watching this week's episodes as I sure did.

Epi 5...The scenes in the cemetery was heartbreaking for these three people, Han Dajin, Cap Kim & cabin mgr. Choi. I guess, these three has not moved on at all. The pain & guilt are just over powering. Forgive & forget?, seems so far away.

Kang's concern on Dajin is so heartwarming. Looks like this guy has not come to a 360 realization that he has fallen for her. Aawww! this episode makes me ship them both. The piggyback ride was nice. Cap K was actually humming a tune for Dajin. It was like a murmur to me but very soothing. The morning after scene in the breakfast table was funny. I guess, Kang has to wake up early & cook breakfast for everyone. I could not believe Kang licked or sucked that egg so Dajin won't be able to steal those sunnies. lol...it's like punishing her for getting drunk & giving in for the piggyback ride. I like the coffee scenes between Dajin & Kang.

Dajin never learns. Cap K always wins when it comes to public confrontations. Can't she get another ID pass from HR then? She could have flown with Cap K then.

I love Fluffy. This kid is full of love. Poor Aunt M has to leave. Does mechanic Ahjussi have secret feelings for her? We'll probably see some love triangle with Kang's Dad in the coming episodes. The sale scene was funny. kekeke

Director MJ can be so annoying with her saying "oppa".What's up with Cap K? He allows her to call him that? hmmm. you just don't know you're misleading her.

Ouch! that must hurt..Cap K is down. These loan sharks are scary. They always resort to violence. Here comes Kang....kekeke, he's always a step behind with the important stuff. Man you have to change your tactics if you want the girl!

Epi 6..I thought the writers would go for the amnesia effect on Cap K. Thank you, he was ok. That could have been another desaster & redemption could be impossible then.

I laugh so hard when Kang brought those suitcase full of coins to the loan shark's place. Oh yes, he loves her by doing everything for Dajin. Unfortunately, Cap K was quicker. I think Cap Kim paid the loan shark, more on out of guilt compared to Kang's, it's more out of love.

So, this is how it goes before the flight, the crew introduce themselves among each other over & over again even if they've flown together before?..a ritual? kekeke. The cockpit fight was so exhausting to me. No wonder Kang gets mad & gets frustrated. Unfortunately, ends up yelling at Cap K & Dajin. Kang's peace offeringto Dajin that night was a good move. It was cute to see Dajin feeding him..ehhrrr, shoving the food in his mouth? kekeke..minus the Polish greeting this time.

What's up with MJ's dad?- the VP. Why does he hate Cap K so much? The fire incident & his wife's passing maybe just the tip of the iceberg?..something deeper? hhmmm.. Hopefully we'll find answers soon.:wub:

Can't wait for the next episode. :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Kang's concern on Dajin is so heartwarming ,you're so right myonenonly!Ijust love him!the captain feels guilty that why he helped her!he wants to take care of her!of course he 'll soon fel inlove with  her too...i just pitty Dajin  when she 'll know the truth about his mistake and that him and Choi were inlove 7 years ago...she trusts and admire the captain so much and  i think she already likes him ...

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Although I have not read it anywhere, this drama is obviously the Korean version of the Japanese drama Good Luck. Some scenes, even lines are identical. The only thing this version is missing is the funny secondary characters that made Good Luck funny.

One thing that annoys me so far in Captain is the women. They all are annoying to me at times whether its their voice/look or the way they act. But I am still enjoying it so far.

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Guest eunhye05

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on Epi5&6. :Dmyoneandonly i agree maybe there's really something more with VP Hong's hatred towards CapK. Compared to HDJ he seems to display even more hatred and angst! hehe.

Just a few thoughts on Episode 5&6 since Im done watching both with subtitles on viki.:)

- Kocham chie - I can't wait for when DaJin finally finds out the meaning of that phrase. It'll be epic! KDS - u are the absolute awesome cutie!  please me her man. haha. but i do like KYS too. Love the running hankerchief joke. Love how he wiped her tears, her mess(coffee) and even the dirt from her id. He cooks for her, he pays (or tried to pay) her debt... he's absolutely perfect! (sorry...im really on his ship right now) lol Loving how KDS dad is seriously helping him out with DJ and fluffy, lol.

- Unforgiveness and lots of Angst.  I know HDJ is being a bit harsh but then again...how does one get over such a painful past. She lost everything that meant the world to her in a second.

- "DaJIn's lonely drinking scene. I can't get over how beautiful the song is.... The speech and GHS's acting was remarkable too. "I will never forgive!" I agree andy78 sorta see a very very painful contfrontation in their future. Aigooo. JJH is also very good in this scene. Regarding the walk home....Now there's a twist to your typical piggy back ride in kdramas. :) hihi

-The walk in the desert... is this metaphorical or did it really happen? Either way, amazing sequence. Captain's a wanderer lost in his own barren dessert trying to seek redemption for his sins. Same goes for JiWon's hand washing and how she's trying to remove the guilt from the past and the painful memiories by doing so. Looking at these scenes they remind me so much of bible references like with the wandering in the desert and the washing of hands. Hmmm. :)

- I love the speech between JiWon and CK in the plane while she was trying to convince him to stay and face the prob.

"You can share the sky together...".--> oh a great peak into their future! loving it. The lines in this drama are spot on.

-PAIN, ANGST, UNFORGIVENESS, MORE PAIN... I agree with DaJin."It's not even her fault and yet she has so endure so much. Don't worry DaJIn.... the best piece of pottery had to endure the most strongest of fires to become perfect. You're getting there. :) Her FIGHTING speech on the flight telecom only shows how she's mature and strong willed which is another step towards personal growth. If she wasnt this resilient she would have folded a long time ago.

 -What sinister scheme is happening with VP. Why so serious!! It looks like there's more to the whole fire accident thing. He's inquiring about someone close to CapK. I wonder who and why?

-The argument in the cockpit that was heard from the control tower...I knew a moment like that would happen... but i hope there'd be one where KDS would try to flirt or express his feelings through the ATC as well while KYS hear's everything. That would be a fun scene. hehe

-KDS VS KYS! KDS is just soooo obvious with his defense of HDJ. For KYS he's doing the opposite. Being mean to cover up his affection. I loving the chemistry between the two male leads as well. Im so intrigued how this whole love triangle will play out.

-Favorite fluffy moment when she skips her unnie and hugs ajusshi then makes up for it saying" Unnie press my tummy. iloveu iloveu." Priceless! Fluffy is seriously obsessed with Penguin Ajusshi.  "My hometown is in san francsco. My mom gave birth to me in a plane in San Francisco. Mom dad this is penguin ajusshi." That was so heartbreaking. yikessss! This kid deserves an award. Seriously she's so good!

-Im happy with the pacing once again. Thank God nothings wrong with Captain. MRI turned out fine. It would have added unnecessary drama if he had amnesia or something to blame her for like not being able to fly again. I'm also liking that they introduced a special class. More interaction between our main leads. This will definitely develop into a teacher - student thing. hihi. Love CapK's quote: "HDJ - a nuclear bomb that can ruin the whole earth!" LOL There's your analogy! For now it rings quite true with her uncontrollable temper and emotions. hihi

Im so excited for next week! I can't wait for more :) :) PCAP Fighting!

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Some Musings

Eunhye05 and Sue, you should collaborate more often...I loved your translations for episode 5, uhmm...what about episode 6? lolz....Oh you did your recap above eunhye05, hehehe...thanks a mil...tweaks are in blue....


The requisite "piggy-back" ride is done, with CK doing his best to sing for HDJ while she was wasted (That was cute!). Let's see, the classic "I defended your honor against those thugs...see I was conked on the head" was present, uhmm...the "I'm settling your debt without your knowledge" and the "leaning" thing when CK was drunk were also memorable. But any hope for a romantic turn-about for these two seem to be unlikely....hmmyet. They look great together, they leave lasting impressions to each other, they recall memorable statements when they're alone and they do have this tendency to play their noble idiot cards, so I guess their commonalities are piling up. But IMO, before they could progress into something...errm..."special", they should look into each other's eyes and be really honest with each other. Aigoo...a nuclear bomb exploding when the truth is revealed? Very likely.

CK is burdened with guilt, in his mind, he was instrumental in Da Jin's mom's death. What he was doing (Resigning, getting lost in the woods, visiting a Buddhist temple even the desert metaphor means that at this point in his life, he is so lost and he doesn't know how to handle it.) in a round about way, seems akin to atoning for his past mistake. "But how long will you allow a mistake color your perception of life CK?" "What is full atonement for you?" It's a sad, sad way to live. So...all of his seemingly romantic overtures are actions coming from the dictates of his conscience, for now. Love? Dunthinkso...well, not yet. Oh heck, he also still sees CJW after office hours, I guess that accounts for something right? I would really like to know what made them part ways...Uh and there's HMJ, who seems conveniently deluded into thinking that she'd be with him...errm in a romantic way! Eww! They were supposed to be brother and sister! Boy CK, three huh? Ok technically two for now.

HDJ is confused. CK seems to be behaving strangely sympathetic towards her plight and yet she also seems to be at the recieving end of his short fuse! (Their argument at the cockpit was CK's way of instructing her to be meticulous...HDJ made a mistake and also the female aviation officer at the tower! But we really saw tempers flaring...another commonality, I'm also eager how their new relationship as teacher & pupil would play out lolz! I'm sure it would be ballistic!) One thing is clear though, she has hero-worship written all over her face. Her main motivating factor is to live up to his standards. She trusts him...so it will be a big blow when she learns that her idol has feet made of clay. Yep...the nuclear fall-out would be interesting to watch!


Now this relationship is less complicated. KDS likes her (It's clear as day!) and he is so cool with it! Errmm...ok sort of...the sneaky guy made her believe that "kocham Cię" is a way of saying thanks from some remote island in the Pacific. So whenever she feels like personally expressing her gratitude to him, she is actually saying "I love you" in Polish! Arghh! Men and their tricks! Hokay it's a cheap trick...KDS, wait till she learns about your gigantic lie! Seriously, the guy is way in...deep. I love how he is unafraid of showing his emotions and how he would jump at every opportunity to be with her. He follows her like a long lost puppy. Did you see how he called out CK when he accidentally heard CK berating HDJ at the cockpit? (He's defending her! But when he brought out the big guns "Did you not ever make a mistake in life Captain?" You would literally see CK's face harden, his answer? "Like begets like!" Ha! Typical male arrogance!) What about his drinkfest with CK? Whoa! Errrmm...you're not her boyfriend man! Understandably CK was annoyed...and he seems protective of HDJ (He should!) Hmmm...I wonder why? I also think it would have been better if he came in before CK at the loan shark's place, hehehe, they would have been forever counting those coins...nothing like great poetic justice flyers!

Han Da Yeon a.k.a. Fluffy

I've been thinking on how she could have gotten her disease...well if it were sepsis, then she must have developed a cardiac condition called infective endocarditis, that's why she has episodes of difficulty of breathing and why she seems frail...just saying.

She needs a complete family, one with a father figure and a mother figure. HDJ is doing her best to care for her sister, but obviously, she is not fulfilling all the roles the child needs. The way she innocently trusts "Penguin Ahjusshi" is heart breaking to watch. She perhaps, saw in him the image of their dad (Her stuffed penguin actually represents their dad! Did you know that penguins symbolize the ability to change reality? Huh...how ironic, CK symbolizes the change her family needs?) and she also hero worships him (eh-he like her sister). Actually it's a wonderful dynamic in the drama, Fluffy seems to be the glue that would bind them all together, HDJ perfectly fits the role as mom...hehehe without the angst, one happy family! I can't wait for the next episodes...

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Guest eunhye05

Hi Drmjs! I love the way you write and your insights! :) Sorry no full recap/translation from sue and i this time. hehe. viki people are really quick with their translations and kimchidramas.net have also uploaded the vids...so happy the turnaround is faster these days.

Regarding your thoughts on CK+HDJ - true i really wonder how they'll play out the revelation scene and if it would be bomb first then love or vice versa. I think it would be more painful if she finds out when they're already together but then that's good drama. haha. Then of course you're right about the hero-worship.. it'll take a couple more episodes before we see a turnaround. I'm really intrigued to see this relationship play out. Like all kdramas she'll definitely be changing him from cold, meticulous Captain to warm and soft Penguin Ajusshi along with the help of Fluffy.

Omg you're right! It would have been better if KDS got to the loan sharks first! Oh that would have been awesomesauce! ;) Right now i ship him and DJ simply because they really look adorkable together and she needs someone like him right now to ease her pain, dry her tears, clean her mess and all...if only he buys a new hanky or gets his old one back. :)

Great insight on the Penguin Dad figure and thanks for sharing your medical knowledge on FLuffy's state. I hope her condition doesn't worsen in the next episodes. This kid has already won everyone over. She makes up for the heavy moments of the drama...which ironically all spinned off when she was born! Aigoo! :D

By the way... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all those celebrating it! KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! :D

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Guest seproast

Episode 01 sub


Episode 05 sub


Episode 06 sub


Again credit goes to Ahoxan, haixuixui and The Captain Team @viki.com

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Hello Flyers :)

@eunhye and drmjs I love both of your insights, same here digging the Dong Soo and Da jin love team, I'm having the second lead syndrome, Im hoping this time he's going to get the girl but it never happens in Kdrama :( I Love their interaction together. Dajin and Yoeng Song its really cold im not feeling it but maybe later I will.

Have a great day Flyers and Happy Chinese New Year ;)

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It's official, i'm suffering from the second lead disease hahaha I really want Dong Soo and Da Jin in the end. I don't know why but i just can't seem to like Yoon Sung lol And by the looks of the preview, ep 7 is going to be really painful for me to watch because i think it going to be the "they fall in love" episode...

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I REALY think that if the attendant had just spoke up when she first noticed the mom's  condition, they might have been able to stop at that other airport to  get medical attention sooner that probably could have saved the mom's  life. That's why she blames the attendant more than the captain.  And as a captain herself, she probably can understand unexpected things may happen.Until now she said nothing about her father copilot!Not a word!

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sorry guys... i downloaded halfway.. than fileserve/filesonic started deleting files... now all the links are invaild.. Is there other link/torrent link for the HanRel 450p video?

Edit Lucky there still semi-fly torrent.. hopefully people will continue seeding..

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I REALY think that if the attendant had just spoke up when she first noticed the mom's  condition, they might have been able to stop at that other airport to  get medical attention sooner that probably could have saved the mom's  life. That's why she blames the attendant more than the captain.  And as a captain herself, she probably can understand unexpected things may happen.Until now she said nothing about her father copilot!Not a word!

I think she did 3 mistakes....MAJOR mistakes

1) Instead of assisting DJ's mom to the loo she flirted with the celebrity guy, if she has been with the mom when the turbulence happen at least she's aware of her state & position much earlier

2) As you said, she shud have alerted the chief stewardess as soon as she sees the blood, so they have more time to try saving her

3) She shud have sterilise the scissors but she forgot to do so yet when asked by the chief she just keep quiet implying she has done so, resulted with the baby's blood being contimnated & has to depend on medication

And drmj..yeah, DS shud arrive sooner than CK ...imagine how busy those loan shark guys counting 2 suitcases of coins...bet they cant get out doing business for at least a week

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