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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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STILL & BTS 18-1-2012






부탁해요 캡틴] 다진이 한규필 교관님의 딸이라는 것을 알게 되네요!!! 헉!!! 충격에 휩싸인 윤성은 급기야 사직서를... ㅠㅠ 오늘밤 9시 55분 본방사수 해주세요~~ ^ㅡ^ ★K

Click here --->Tonight epi5

cre SBS

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Guest seproast

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Guest elriany

I've been watching this drama. tense and tearful in eps 1. 've watched until episode 4, so far so good. because of small mistakes are not intentional by the pilots, flight attendants and unprofessional lead to disaster. in the preview looks captain Kim found out about the parents HDJ. looked very shocked. wondering what next?

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Guest eunhye05

Episode 5 is starting! Happy Watching everyone. I'm kinda fearing the rating results this week since it's the start of the opposing drama's (The Moon Embrases the Sun) adult cast. Hope we don't lose viewers to them. Either way Im so excited for what's going to happen with our favorite aviation crew!

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Guest eunhye05

That was a good episode. :D

Love triangle is slowly picking up speed. I'm liking this pace. Hate the cliffhanger. Love that we only have 24 hours to wait until we find out what will happen to CK. 

DaJin is indeed a very messed up soul. So many issues to deal with. She's really broken. She can't forgive. She can't forget. It'll be great to see how her character grows. For now, however, she won't have anything to do with people who've hurt her..especially CJW and her Aunt. 

Episode 5

- Pposong looks so cute with the teddi bear

- Now Captain knows!

- KDS came with his wheels to pick them. Kocham chie! hihihi. 

- ChoiJiwon arrived with flowers. Of cors DaJin has to see her for more drama and this of course incurs her wrath. DaJin being the feisty one scolds her for being there. CJW still continues on after dropping her flowers to pay her respects to the pilot and his wife.She encounters CK there. How messed up is their life. The two people responsible for everything that happened. Aigoo. How minor mistakes ruined a family. :(

- Side note - just how cute was it when KDS wiped off Da Jin's tears with his hands

- Da jin is getting herself effing drunk. CK sees her and well... pities her. :( She poors her heart out to him. This is really sad and painful but it's a great scene and I can't wait to know what she said.Basically she kept talking about her little sister.

- As they walk home she's all tipsy and a mess but it's so cute how CK is trying to walk behind her and make sure she's won't fall. He's there when she does to. hihi. And now he's carrying her on his back! Weee! OMG did she just make him sing to her? haha. He's singing to her while they walk/piggyback home. It's adorable. :)

- Meanwhile KDS is waiting for DaJin worried. And here comes the Captain with a very wasted DaJin.They go and tuck her to sleep next to Pposong.

- I think KDS is jealous of CK. hihi. 

- I love how symbolic CJW's handwashing is. She's trying desperately to erase those memories and the guilt.

- Poor CK. He can no longer live with himself...so he's resigning. Hong VP is happy. (look at how sinister VP smile is)

- Clara walks in. she's so aegyo when he's around. all cutesy with her crush.

- I'm seriously loving KDS and HDJ. He's got her wrapped around his finger saying i love u in polish unknowingly. LOL. At breakfast they tell her how she came home drunk...to her embarassment. She runs to CK's house to say sorry. hehe

- Is word out that CK has resigned? He has a heart to heart with CJW. 

- KDS is the cutest. Seriously im shipping them right now. I know it's an ill-fated ship but seriously they're adorable. Look at how KDS skips in the air after he steals DaJin's coffee and they say goodbye.

- What's happening? Why did CK get DJ's badge? hahaha. Is it punishment for her drunkeness or so she wont be able to follow him into the restricted access areas?

- Manager is annoying. I don't like him. Im right about ready to split his glasses into two.

- VP shows President CK's resignation. Clara and President are shocked as expected.VP obviously is up to something. 

- Pposong and Mechanic Ajussi are walking and DaJin's YangMal crazy aunt is stalking in the sidelines

- DaJin is pissed that she wasn't able to fly and now the coffee machine won't give her coffee. Next best thing to do...beat it up. LOL. KDS as always is close by. He talks about why CK took her badge...telling her she prob disgraced herself in front of CK last night. haha. He's about to sip her coffee and she steals it from him. haha. She sips and it's HOT! She spills the coffee and he tries to help her wipe it off...but no hankerchief again. These too are so crazy i love it.

- CK is in the cockpit contemplating and reminiscing of a better time when his dad showed him the cockpit and let him take the wheel. Looks like his father was a pilot as well. CJW and him share a quick convo about HDJ. 

- CK returns DJ's IDs via her co-pilot friend. She confronts CK for taking her badges...while the entire crew including CJW look on. He takes her badges and throws it in the trash! What da!!!!! How gross she's seriously digging in the trash for it. What a meanie. KDS without a bat of an eyelash helps her wipe off the dirt. I love u KDS! :D

- CK breaks down in the locker room. He can no longer live with himself. He looks at his stripes.

- KDS drops HDJ. KDS' phone rings. (Eeeep. IU ringtone! hihihi) 

- Surprise HDJ... Auntie is home. Da Jin is pissed. I think Pposong is symphatizing with Auntie. hihi. You gotta love the kid. DaJin's been jaded. Poor dear but can you blame her? Ajusshi and Auntie have something going. I see sparks in their future. In the meantime. DaJin has to iron out her trust issues.

- I think i spoke too soon... DaJin's aunt and KDS's Dad may also have sparks in their future. Look at the love at first sight in the department store while going through a pile of clothes on SALE.hihi

- CK is walking in the woods. Some kinda soujourn thing to sort his issues and free his mind i sppose.

- DJ's at CK's house. SHe prob found out about the resignation and is gonna talk him out of it or something. Clara finds her at the doorstep and we have confrontation. DJ leaves.

- CK falls to the floor in exhaustion. Song in the background is amazing. :) Looks like he went to the temple. Prob to find inner peace and sort out his life...all the while thinking about HDJ... the accident..while kneeling and bowing at the temple. Its a really good montage.

- CK came to visit yey! Pposong finds Penguin Ajussi outside. I love this little girl. WHy is she blowing his forehead. Was it because he felt hot? haha. DJ arrives and they set out..for a walk? a talk? 

- Oh my gawd. Yang Mal is singing IU's song. hihi. The loan sharks arrive and show stops. Loan Sharks threaten her DaJin comes to the rescue..no wait... CK comes to the rescue. OMG! He's HIT! He's HIT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Epic! Now what?! Will this leave him paralyzed for life? What can this do to his flying career? MORE DRAMA! WAAAAH! I need soju!

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I can't wait to see it!!! I want to see the love triangle... I like KDS... :) I am slowly kinda warming up to CK but it's gonna take some time. If JJH wasn't playing him, I would not be liking him at all right now. Thank everyone for the info on this drama!!! I'm gonna watch soon as I can.

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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

5th episode:

Nationwide: 9,6%(-0,2%)

Seoul: 10,2% (-0,4%)

TNS Media Korea

5th episode:

Nationwide: 9,9% (-0,7%)

Seoul: 11,4% (-0,4%)

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"Take Care of Us, Captain" Ji Jin-hee feels guilt for Koo Hye-seon


Yoon-seong (Ji Jin-hee) felt guilt.

Yoon-seong felt even guiltier looking at a drunk Da-jin (Koo Hye-seon) on the episode of SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" on the 18th.

Yoon-seong coincidentally saw Da-jin at the cemetery when he went to visit his senior pilot Han Kyu-pil's grave. It was only then that he found out with shock that Da-jin was his daughter.

Painfully, Yoon-seong remembered the time when he was an amateur pilot, when he caused the airplane to shake and the situation caused Kyu-pil's wife who was pregnant, to die.

Yoon-seong felt guiltier when he saw Da-jin drinking to forget the pain after visiting the cemetery.

Yoon-seong appeared in front of Da-jin and piggy-backed her home as she couldn't stand on her own feet. Very softly, he mumbled, "Sorry", and asked for forgiveness in his heart.

Meanwhile, Yoon-seong later takes a blow with a plank instead of Da-jin and faints.

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120119n00438

translated by: http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-take-care-of-us-captain-ji-jin-hee-feels-guilt-for-koo-hye-seon-37665.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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'부탁해요 캡틴' 이천희, 구혜선의 슬픔 닦아주는 '손수건남' 등극


[윤혜영 인턴기자] SBS 드라마 '부탁해요 캡틴'의 엘리트 관제사 이천희가 구혜선의 '손수건 남'으로 등극했다.

18 일 방송된 '부탁해요 캡틴' 5회에서 극 중 강동수(이천희)가 무려 세 번이나 극적인 순간에 한다진(구혜선) 앞에 나타났다. 그는 무심한 듯 위로해주는 자상한 모습을 보여 마치 한다진의 아픔과 상처를 닦아 주는 손수건과 같은 남자로 시청자들에게 어필하고 있다.

이 날 방송에서 강동수는 윙스 에어의 캐빈 매니저로 돌아온 최지원(유선)과 마주치며 북받쳐 오는 감정에 억누르지 못한 한다진이 눈물을 보이자 안쓰러운 마음에 직접 손으로 눈물을 닦아 주었다.

또한 김윤성(지진희)에게 비행을 거부 당해 화가 난 한다진을 본 강동수는 단숨에 뜨거운 커피를 마시려다 도로 뱉은 커피가 묻은 한다진의 손을 자신의 옷으로 닦아주는 자상한 모습을 보였다.

이어 강동수는 김윤성이 화를 참지 못하고 휴지통에 던져버려 커피 자국으로 얼룩진 한다진의 ID카드를 빼앗아 닦아 주기까지 했다.

극 초반부터 한다진과 티격 태격 다투는 모습을 보였던 강동수는 왠지 모를 묘한 이끌림으로 한다진을 향한 짝사랑을 시작해 안타까움을 자아내는 것은 물론, 앞으로 한다진을 사이에 두고 김윤성과 어떤 삼각관계를 이루게 될지 관심이 모아지고 있다.

한편 SBS 드라마 스페셜 '부탁해요 캡틴'은 19일 밤 9시 55분 6회가 방송된다. (사진출처: SBS '부탁해요 캡틴' 방송 캡처)

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사 제보 star@bntnews.co.kr

source : http://news.nate.com/view/20120119n11560?return_sq=1

I'll edit once i have the translation.

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Guest yanna_cutie04

Hi Flyers!

I ship KDS and HDJ!! :wub:

Wow. I just finished watching PCAP's Episode 5. :D Aaaahhhh, I can't wait any longer for tonight's episode! This drama is great. I'm totally loving it!! And that new ost, what a beautiful song! As beautiful as the drama!! Daebak!! :D

I wish it will maintain it's double-digit ratings! Fighting! :)

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