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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Han Da Jin rejects to board a plane with Choi Ji Won, causing turbulences


In the episode of Take Care of Us, Captian that aired on January 12, Han Da Jin (Ku Hye Sun)rejects to board the same plane with Choi Ji Won(Yoo Sun), causing conflicts.

Da Jin happens to get on the same plane with Ji Won, who is responsible for her mom’s accidental death 7 years ago. Da Jin loses her inner poise and makes a series of blunders. The airline takes disciplinary action to her. Later, when she receives a schedule to go on a flight with Ji Won again, Da Jin declares, “I can’t fly with this team.”

Ji Won asks, “Is there any problem with my team?” Da Jin replies, “You know what the problem is better than me.”

Ji Won blames Da Jin for disrespecting flight attendance, and Da Jin criticizes Ji Won, saying, “How could a respectable flight attendance put passengers in danger?” Da Jin is so determined to not to fly with Ji Won, that captain Kim Yoon Sung (Ji Jin Hee)decides to change the schedule so separate the teams.

However, Da Jin’s team crews are so angry that they stage a boycott. In the end, Da Jin is banned from boarding planes temporarily. Da Jin, who is in trouble because of the conflict with Ji Won, asks Yoon Sung for a help.

Source: TV Report

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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

4th episode:

Nationwide: 9,8%(+0,4%)

Seoul: 10,6% (+0,7%)

TNS Media Korea

4th episode:

Nationwide: 10,6% (-0,1%)

Seoul: 11,8% (-0,3%)

I think Captain will have this 10-12% to the end, because TMTETS is already a big rating's hit...

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Hello Flyers :)

@jordi thanks for the ratings :) Im happy with the ratings they have a really stiff competition with TMTES but its ok I still love the drama :)

@jjsweeter2011 and Sukreen Thanks for all the BTS pictures love them all :)

btw viki has episode 3 english sub 99 % so enjoy


Thank you Team Captain @ viki

To all the Flyers have a great day/night and weekend ahead :)

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Guest yanna_cutie04

Hello Flyers! (Wow, I like it!!) :D

Woaaaahh, this drama is getting better and better in every episode!! It really needs more love from the viewers!! From episode 1 down to episode 4, daebak!! I couldn't wait anymore for the next episode since CaptainK already knew about Han Da Jin's parents.. He will surely avoid HDJ..I CAN'T WAIT!! I love the cast!!! Woohoooo! Hoping for higher ratings!! I hope it will reach 12-15. I will really pray for that! Thank you for all the updates!

PCAP, Daebak!!!! :)

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Guest eunhye05

Hi Viviatan...here's the recap for Episode 3. :)  Taken from Cheerkoo (Sue) from the GHS soompi Thread. Sue thank you so much for all your hard work with the translations/recap of this drama. You're amazing like always.

Very late with summary of the 3rd epi....here is goes. Again,,,I am summarizing as I see it...

Epi 3 PCAP:

DJ running in Australia: “It is a good day to do laundry.” She spots the Australian who refused to lend her the Cesena airplane and he is talking with CapK (CK). CK also realizes how he first met DJ.  (I love the way DJ gets herself in someone’s face to get what she needs—the way she approached that Australian with her sunglasses near her chin to find out that CK actually did help in getting that airplane.….keke)

Dj running after Cap: Cap! Cap! You should have told me already. Thank you for letting me borrow the Cesena plane. CK denies it. But DJ does not back down. Aey, don’t pretend you don’t know. You gave a great gift to Cap Jang and to his son Boram. CK continues to deny. DJ still tells him that Cap Jang was going to quit pilot work but changed his mind after being able to grant his son his wish through flying. DJ says it is all thanks to CK. DJ tells CK that he should have been there to see the magnificent sight. I had a sudden thought at that time. (CK leaves DJ to talk to herself at this time.) I was so thankful that I did not play hooky during high school so that I can become a pilot. If I did not become a pilot, I would not have experienced such emotion. Right??  DJ then realizes that she is talking to herself…..(Another one of DJ’s lovable “flaw or imperfection” is her lack of perceptiveness. Koreans call it “noonchi” and Korean culture loves people with high level of noonchi or keen perceptive awareness of others and surroundings so that one is able to do things before it is spelled out—result is a person who comes across as extremely well mannered and Han DJ does not really have that…kekeke. Then, I cannot hear or understand what DJ was yelling about when she decides to sprint ahead of CK, making him also sprint out of male pride and competitiveness ?? keke----The fastness of the film rolling at that time was very comical…keke)

Sunglasses:  CK feels guilty about the sunglasses. CK did not break the glasses but he feels responsible since he did try to win her in running??  (I notice that this drama not only attempts to deal with issue of calm rationality vs passion and emotion but also with guilt, result of living with guilt, redemption and forgiveness…..Another flaw with DJ is that she does not easily forgive and she can easily jump to conclusions. I look forward to not only DJ becoming a full captain but also how she develops as a person to deal with anger and forgiveness. It is interesting that CK who vowed that he will not become like Cap Han who made a professional decision to protect over 200 passengers even though his wife was bleeding to death. Somehow, it seems that CK became that kind of calm and rational Cap. Would Han DJ become that kind of pilot too when she may be faced with such a dilemma?? I wonder how the drama will write itself??) CK notices that the sunglasses are really old and he volunteers to get a new pair for her. But DJ tells him to be careful what he says. It is precious to her because it is something left to her by her late mother. This makes CK feel even more guilty. At the glasses shop, we see that kind heart of CK (is this the first time that we see that side of him?? Ke)

Going back to Korean InChun from Sydney Australia: GHS looks so funny and cute with her sunglasses taped up and crooked----I wonder if Han Dj is trying to make CK suffer for all that he has done to her so far…keke

(I don’t understand the significance of this scene where HongMJ is tasting various airplane food to guess which airline serves them?? Except that Hong is also a perfectionist in her job. Everyone in this drama is perfect in their job and professional attitude—except not yet for HDJ and even air traffic controller?? Actress Clara seems to have the best English accent in this acting team.. right??)

HDJ and her mother who is doing laundry---her mother gave sunglasses to her as a present before she left for San Francisco Red Baron flight School….Her mother asks if she will be OK in America since things will only get difficult. DJ says she is Han DaJIn who accomplishes when she puts her mind to it. Then, DJ tells her mother that besides the glasses, there is something else that she wants to have. The ways DJ says it comes across as a spoilt child that her mother say,,”another one?” DJ says she wants a sibling who looks just like her. Her mother says, What! At my age? DJ says people in America give birth even at 60. DJ tells her mother she will name the unborn child as PpyoSong (that is how DJ calls her sister) because the sibling will be as crisp and fresh as the blanket drying in the warm sun. So, when her mother told DJ that she has a gift for DJ on the plane en route to San Fran before her tragic ending, she was talking about Ppyosong.  So Ppysong is the last treasure that her parents left for DJ.

CK apologizes to DJ (very sweet the way he waited around for her come out of the locker! Keke) for the sunglasses. DJ says it is OK. But it makes him mad and he yells at DJ—if it is that important,  you should not carry it around. You should leave important things at home. (I see some similarities between DJ and CK: both are hot-tempered, competitive, judgemental and yet very kind-hearted deep inside.) Of course, DJ is hot tempered and she is not a subservient pilot so she attacks back: (I can not help laughing…) Why do you carry your head around? So many important things seem to be packed in there. You should leave your head at home. (hahahaha It is even funnier how CK touches his head realizing that he just lost his head when he yelled at HDJ!! Keke)

HongMJ is curious about CK after seeing his scar. She reviews his CV at her office.

Kang Dongsu (DS) at it again—begging the attendants for 300-won. DS seems to feel guilty and awkward at seeing DJ come towards him. He says why don’t you at least pretend you know me when DJ passes by absorbed in her papers. DJ says, I wonder who he is. DS congratulates her for passing the SIM test since she just returned from a flight. DJ says ?? things have to be clear and straight…if one presses for coke then coke should come out and coffee if pressed for coffee and if one does something deserving a beating, one should get a beating like this. But she says she happens to be a good ?? that she will forgive him only if he disappears into a hole from her right now. She cannot forgive him for what he said in that restaurant. He feels guilty and says he made a mistake. But DJ says nothing good happens when they meet so from now on they should not run into each other forever.

That man in glasses is DS’s father and in real life, I think he is a comedian-actor?? Father like son..keke. DS runs after DJ and asks if she has 300-won. DJ wants to know if he wants to die…DS says if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. DS’s father tries to be friendly to attendants and says that he cannot seem to find anyone who may become his son’s bride. His father also asks attendants for 300won..keke Both are very cheap!! Keke When he is ignored, he says he puts X on that lady too and she has no respect for elders. Then he realizes that his son disappeared. DS calls him to say that he will look for his own bride who will easily give him 300-won. (I guess maybe begging for 300-won is also his pick-up line?? Keke. Maybe like DJ, DS and his father also do not have noonchi or perceptive and sophisticated manners…kekek)

DS and his boss: I cannot understand what happened to his boss that he seems to be sick…also his boss is a “seagull-father” meaning that his wife and children live abroad for the sake of children’s education or financial reasons. DS is also kind hearted deep inside as he tells his boss that he is a legendary controller and that he should take good care of his health. His boss also respects DS calling DS as the top in his work and in humanity (I am sure DJ will disagree. Keke)

We witness the comedic shamelessness and cheapness of DS’s father who takes the meal ticket meant for DS’s boss and feeds himself great big lunch. (I am liking the mixture of comedy and drama!!) I cannot remember the drama name for this actor who acted with GHS before in Pure Heart of 19..he now shares house with DJ and Ppysong and he is a mechanic in the airline. He and DS’s boss are friends and it appears that DS also often eats meals with them. But the boss hopes that DS eats with more the younger crowd as he is becoming more an old man hanging around older people. DS’s boss’s family rarely calls him since his wife feels international calls cost too much…(I guess this boss may have more significant role as drama proceed since we are finding more about him??)

Choi Jiwon (Choi) and HanDJ meet again after 7 years at the escalator. Maybe it is significant and foretelling that Choi is going up in escalator while DJ is doing down?? Keke  DJ meets an older female full Captain who asks if she is going or leaving. Cap is talking to her and she is losing focus and filled with too much emotion. Cap Choi says DJ does not look good. DJ runs in pursuit of Choi but then thinks that she made a visual mistake.

Fight attendants talking about their work: Their work must be stressful looking at their prep for flight. The male attendant tries to ease the stress of the woman who is starting her first day. He tells her to enjoy her work and to act normally. Then they show all the things the attendants must do and face inside the plane—how they have to be 100% prepared to deal all amenities for flight as well as with crying kids, drunk passengers, sick passengers, rude male passengers who pinch their bottom,etc. Then they talk about the high reputation of the new cabin manager Choi who trained and worked overseas for several years. Choi is known as the “ghost” because she seems to be all knowing, all perceptive and omnipresent. This means that all her subordinates must be on their toes. One leader attendant says that if she is the manager she would not be that strict…but another one tells her that she would have hard time going up that far. Choi inspects her crew…one attendant stapled her hem due to lack of time and Choi sarcastically told her she might as well used a tape since staples can ruin her stockings. But we also see that she is somewhat understanding because she tells the last woman that her uniform is in perfect shape and correctly guesses that it is her first flight work and wishes that she does perfect work in her first flight as well.

Han again did not back off and finally found what she was looking for—Choi. Leader attendant asks to DJ if anything is wrong. DJ says she has something to ask but Cabin Manager Choi says that they have to go aboard for flight on time and politely bows a little to DJ.

Flashback: Choi is kneeling and begging DJ for forgiveness committing the wrong. DJ screams that she cannot forgive and to leave. (Boy,,,I wonder what kind of resentment and conflict she held in for her Dad!!! Choi and CK also run into each other after 7 years….The guilt that they feel also kept them from being able to support each other all these years?? It seems that CK may not have resolved guilt as well as Choi since Ck cannot even look at Choi’s face for too long.)

The trauma still haunts Choi. The leader attendant notices that Choi is fixated on the pregnant passenger aboard. Choi goes through in her own mind where the emergency medical things are, what equipments are in there, what are the emergency steps, etc…DJ’s rage does not know the end….

DS make correction for a female staff who read of the plane number wrong?? He yells at her to not only look at the ?laser?  but at the plane itself. When he notices her crying, he gives her his handkerchief and tells her to bring it back clean. He tells her to remember her sad tears today because little things all matter since people’s lives are at stake.

Ppysong and DJ: Woah, a scary set of steps!! DJ says that in few days it is Ppysong’s bday and wants to know what she should buy her her. PS says she knows that DJ has no money. DJ denies that. PS says that you have no money but lots of debt. DJ gets mad at PS and says, “Ya! Han DaYun!” Then PS says, “Unnie-ya, whenever you are upset, you say Ya Han DaYun. But I prefer Ppysong.” (keke adorable!!) But DJ refuses to make her sister worry and says that today she is going to empty all her 100 savings accounts. Then PS notices “penguin ajjussi” (CK). He finally turns around and tells her that he is neither a penguin and an ajjussi. (I think “ajjussi is for those men who are married and middle-aged??) But PS immediately asks CK what he has in the paper bag. He hides it and says that she does not have to know. PS tells him that she really loves eating Fish-shaped pastry. (It appears that Ppysong also does not easily back down when she wants something from somebody!! Keke) DJ wants PS to leave but ,,,PS wants to know is penguin ajjussi lives around here. When he nods, she wants to know if she can visit and play with him. He says no. Then PS says that CK should come to her house and play. DJ makes PS say goodbye and whisk her away and CK says Wait.

Well, PS and DJ got to eat the pastry. DJ asks why PS calls him penguin ajjussi. PS tells her sister that CK told her that penguins live in South Pole. DJ laughs feeling silly since she told her sister that penguins live in North Pole. She rationalizes to her sister that penguins must have moved to south from north. Yes, that is right, they must have moved from the north to south. I don’t think PS is buying that rationalization. (another somewhat lovabla flaw in DJ is that I guess she does not want to be wrong or has hard time admitting that she did wrong esp in front of her little sister??? Keke their relationship is just so adorable and funny and also very heartbreaking…)

PS and DJ think spaghetti is made by mechanic-ajjussi and starts to eat. Then, DJ hears water running in the kitchen. DS had ear phone on and saying that he has to make a good impression so that he can get ??some type of mechanical parts or something?? Then you know what happened to DS!!

Mechanic ajjussi did not know that they (DS and DJ) knew each other before in such a highly-charged way. He feels stuck in the middle. DS when he gains consciousness demands that DJ gives him spaghetti back and money for treatment. (It is so funny that DJ and PS did not wipe their mouths…hahahah!!) DJ retorts, it is your fault that you are hanging around another person’s house like a cat burglar. (She does not apologizes and does not admit her fault!!!!—DJ is some type of character!! Keke)  DJ quietly asks her sister if they should go back to their room and do homework or draw together. PS nods. DS is angry and asks if she is being a coward and avoiding the situation. DJ says people do not avoid “poo” because they are scared. DS: did you just call me “poo”? DJ: No, I never said that. I am just saying there is such a saying. Then DJ said more about Poo but I don’t get it and they start physical fighting where the mechanic ajjussi gets hurt!! (hahahah—I like this pair!!) Mechanic ajjussi tries to bring peace by offering the mechanical part that DS really wanted. DS is happy. (DS and DJ are like couple of untamed wild boys/sibs??)

DS must have brought everyone to his work room?? He collects old plane parts and he is proud of them. PS asks about the “ham” and DS even shows her how to communicate  “I love you” with radio ham signal method. DJ tells DS that to her eyes they all look like junk and where did he get them? Did he steal from a junk shop? He says yes,,,he stole it from his home junk shop. DJ laughs sarcastically that he cannot pull one over her….keke…but DS’s father indeed owns a junk shop!! DS’s father is mending DS’s sock and complains that DS must have a ??claw” in his toes to make such holes in the sock. (he loves his son….it seems that many of these characters have just one parent or no parent??)

DS asks about the shiny jacket that his father is wearing. DS’s father thinks he got a really good one with the jacket and pretends to be a singer. His son thinks that the jacket is a good waiter material and he should put name tag saying “junk shop”. His father does not get mad but accepts his son’s sarcasm and when his son goes further to  say how about a third job as seamstress. His father again does not get mad and say that it is good to save every single cent while you can. His father says that he will bring over mended socks as soon as finished. But DS tells his father that he prefers to walk barefeet and sings about barefooted youth. But his father yells at him to cut his toe nails often.

Choi remembering CK….(I am imagining that both led a very lonely life over the 7year period?? Like self-imposed exile for feeling like murderers??—she was overseas and he was too..) Choi: I wonder why we were so happy back then..Ck; Because we were young. Choi: If we can go back to that time..CK: (very firmly)  It is all past now. CK: I did not know that you were in Wings Air. Choi: After you left, I left the previous airline and moved to here…I basically ran away like a coward. CK: I am sorry. If only I did not make that mistake..because of me, you had to….Choi: Looking at the results, it is my fault. I was way too irresponsible. CK: Do you happen to know any news about Cap Han GyuPil’s family? (Woah!! It seems like Choi may still love CK since she does not tell him about HanDJ!! She wants to protect CK?? Maybe even DJ??)  It seems like they moved out of their old address. Do you happen to know? Choi: No, I don’t know. Why do you want to know? Sunae, you look good. Are you OK? (Wow!! But we find out that he is not OK,,,he carries even greater guilt and shame about his mistake and I don’t think he forgave himself ---he looks totally depressed and sick remembering the incident.)

That President of Wings Air is like a little boy making his toy shine…ke… When HongMJ offered to clean, Pres refused to give up his joy. He then asks CK if he has thought about the offer for him to teach. CK says that he is not experienced enough to teach at this time. Pres says that he is not asking him to stop flying the plane. He says there are many assistant pilots who experience lots of difficulties in the cockpit and they need his full experience and knowledge. Director Hong has made the firm recommendation for CK. Hong’s father or the VP looks very scary and very angry at CK. He is not thrilled that CK is recommended for the teaching duty and does not seem to want his daughter to be spending too much time with CK either. Hong told CK that she is going to leave the teaching position vacant until he says OK.  

Hong and VPHong: VP tells his daughter what does she know about CK to recommend him for the teaching job. She tells him that she looks at his credential and whether her father knows anything else about him. He denies it and says that she can decide slowly after also reviewing his relationship with others and etc. She tells him that even the President Okayed the proposal. VP says something and tells daughter that Pres hired CK to restrain his duties or freedom and wishes that his daughter does not manage that part of the affair. His daughter tells his that CK cannot restrain her Daddy. She says that CK looks familiar to her and stares at her father but her father turns around and says that he has never seen him previously. (VP kind of gives me the creeps…) Dir Hong has found out that CK indeed is the Kim Yoon Sung that she knew from before.

DJ and her pilot friends at the gym. (Woah!! I wonder if GHS is really in such tip top shape?? She had to cross the Australian bridge, run up the stairs to catch up to CK, sprint past CK, etc,,,,maybe she is!!  Bravo!! Keke) The other pilots are complaining about they must achieve to be pilots—tip top shape, know multi-languages, etc,,, “is pilot a god or something??” Female pilot looks at DJ continuing to run on the machine and calls her “too much”. Female friend asks DJ about having her pilot skills be audited. (woah, pilots have to be constantly on guard and ready!—audit, Sim test? What else??) I don’t know what they are saying but seems to say how hard the auditing will be esp if strict auditor comes aboard. Female friend is worried for DJ and wants to know if she would like her liver taken out already (??)  DJ tells them not to worry. I am going to shine and return. (I love the way GHS laughs and then suddenly stops laughing and looks glum…hahaha).

CK is also tested. Female captain is asking him questions about what to do in certain circumstances and how he would do it and what are the exceptions, etc….DJ enters and asks if the female captain will be her auditor. But DJ seems relaxed as she is being audited by someone she knows and feels comfortable with. But she has to ride the same plane with the Choi as the cabin manager. Attendants and Captains introduce each other. First the CK, then the Auditor Captain Choi and Cap Choi motions DJ to introduce herself. DJ is so full of turbulent emotions that she cannot even speak her name properly. (Oh No!! Is DJ going to fail her audit??) During briefing, CK tells attendants that among the passengers will be an arrested suspect. They are travelling from Korea to  Osaka. Attendants are to make other passengers comfortable. (Wow, I did not know that pilots also have to know how to check the plane before take-off?! Newer appreciation for them!)

DJ is not calm and auditor notices it. Perhaps the auditor thinks that Dj is worried about her little sister…so she tells DJ that she once left her 2 yo with high fever to come to work for Hong Kong. But she had a hard time focusing at her work. 2 years ago, she ??got help from her mother?? She has often heard people say that she is too much and inhuman but once you are at cockpit, you must abandon all personal feelings otherwise it is better to give up cockpit. Otherwise, bigger problems may arise if you stay on due to pride only.

A criminal suspect is aboard. He is feeling the pressure and attendants are scared. He supposedly killed a Japanese person while fighting and that is why he is going to Osaka for a trial?? Is he a gangster? But the male attendant informs that he is a regular office worker but there seems to be some type of unfair occurrence. The lead attendant says, how a normal regular person can kill someone. Cabin Mangager Choi hears this---irony so fitting the story is that Choi must feel or have felt that way about herself----(wow! I like the juxtaposition!!)

Another attendant comes in and says that she is too scared to work. Choi warns her staff that he is same as any other passenger and they must all be considerate and work hard. DJ gets a call from Choi asking if it would be Ok to serve the guests at this time. But DJ does not answer. DJ angrily tells Choi that she did not pay attention during the briefing to not serve. But CK tells DJ that he never said that during briefing. He said during briefing that since flight is short to be careful about serving. It is DJ who did not pay attention during briefing. Ck tells her to call attendants again and make correction.

Choi showing kind consideration to the murder suspect. At the cockpit, CK is scolding DJ. “Operating a plane does not come from miracles. The fact that you are sitting here in cockpit is a miracle.” (boy, he can be hard…) My cockpit no longer need miracles. So get your mind straight and focused. So sad,,,,DJ only hiked the level of the plane to 33000 when she is suppose to go for 35000 and they could collide with another plane!! (DJ will surely be placed on probation now!!) DJ was stunned herself. Angry CK pushed out her hands and did the maneuvering himself!!

The suspect throws food at Choi and asks if she is giving sympathy to him. She stayed calm and denied such actions. When she called him a guest/customer, he got madder and yelled out all the passengers if they look at him as a guest/customer. In your eyes I am only a murderer. The other guards tell him to be quiet. Choi apologizes to the suspect if she made him uncomfortable and told him that to her he is just another customer like everybody else. Choi prepared lunch for the suspect customer even though meal service time is over. Then, Choi is requested at the cockpit. She tells the suspect customer to finish eating slowly.

At the cockpit, Choi hears CK yelling at DJ and asking if she is crazy and gone mad. CK asks Cap Choi to take over for DJ and that he can no longer trust DJ to perform her duties. He says he cannot have any wrongful behavior or actions in his cockpit. He tells her to get out of her seat….The auditor tells her to listen to CK and she abides…Choi tells CK that there was no one hurt as everyone had seat belt on. CK tells DJ that she should thank the Heaven for what happened. CK sees the food on Choi’s uniform and asks if she is OK. Choi ignores the question and asks if he has anything else for her and leaves the cockpit with a glance at DJ.

Choi shows professionalism until the end to the suspect customer and even tells him to fly with them again next time. The suspect keeps on saying “next time”.  The auditor praises Choi for her work. Everybody thank each other for good and hard work. DJ stomps by Choi.

I love the last scene and the courage of Choi. Choi sits behind DJ and say that she was disappointed with DJ’s pilot skills today. DJ: Disappointed? You are to be blamed. Choi: Are you trying to blame someone else for your own mistake? (Han DaJin’s flaw and Choi starting her work to help Han DaJin grow up as a person and as a pilot??) DJ: then, who should I blame for your mistake? Choi: if you cannot control your emotions for what happened in the past, then you have no qualification as a pilot. DJ: then you don’t have qualification as a cabin manger either. Due to your irresponsibility, I…I don’t have my mother here. And my sister has blood poisoning or septicemia. Qualification? You don’t have it either. Choi: The operation mistake that  you made  today (not following the plane operation direction) is something that not even a trainee would make. Today, you were just lucky. 7 years ago, the difference is that I did not have a good luck. DJ: Say it again. What was not good? Choi: luck. DJ grabs hold of Choi’s collar and is raging…CK passes by and pulls Dj off and yells at her: Have you really gone mad?!

(sorry---I am not going to do the preview for now....wait til the next episode....)

Loved the epi3!!

Pleas PCAP----may you soar and soar as high as possible!! I pray that addition of new writer will not mess things up.

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Guest eunhye05

Here's the recap from Sue for Episode 4 ( my favorite episode to date. It was just full of emotions - warm and fuzzy between the Han sisters, stress and conflict between ChoiJiWon, HanDaJin and CapK and cutesy sweet moments with KDS. I never expected the big reveal for CapK to come so sooon but then I like how it's progressing. Hopefully the rest of the script keeps us at the edge of ours seats like this. :) Take Care of Us Captain DAEBAK! :)

Also, read how Sue carefully translated the dialogues. Amazing stuff! I can't wait for how it'll play with subs. I love CapK and DaJin's talk and most especially the Hans sisters "Im sorry, Thank you, I love yous" Totally melts the heart. Im also enjoying KDS and his dad's backstory and whole modus operandi to get him a bride. LOL

Thanks again sue for your hard work!



DJ-Choi-CK: CK stops DJ and tells her that she is creating a scene and that if she should not be wearing her professional uniform and that he is going to make her take off the uniform. DJ says sorry by pushing him away and leaves. CK also scolds Choi saying that it is not like her to do that and he warns her that Cap Han is very emotional person. He tells her that hundreds of lives of passengers are in Choi and DJ hands. She also just apologizes and says that she was shortsighted.

Coming out of bathroom, DJ hears attendants gossiping about her..that she lost her assist seat in the cockpit to the auditor due to her plane operating procedure error. I think the attendants are saying how DJ graduated first in class but that her pilot skill must be very poor.

The auditor says that CK will be penalized a bit for what happened(??) but that his pilot skill was superb. DJ apologizes to auditor but the auditor says not to be discouraged. DJ again apologizes to CK but CK says that she should resign first and then apologize. He strongly suggests to her to quit. DJ tells him that she has nothing to say even if she has 10 mouths but she just cannot resign and says goodbye.

DJ running and has flashback of what Choi told her—that if she cannot control her emotions from what happened in the past, she has no right to be a pilot. Today, Han DJ had luck but she did not have luck 7 years ago.

Mechanic ajjussi and his Control Tower friend at a bar: Mechanic wonders what he did with his life that he does not have any children even now…The other friend says he envies his freedom without responsibility of family. But mechanic feels good that his house now has sound of people as Han children are there. The other friend also misses the noise of family and he thinks it is just awful having family live apart for kids’ education sake. At first he denies but says that he misses his family like crazy. Mechanic says that he misses someone too. Friend asks who? Mechanic says there is someone like that. (hmmm?? Maybe DJ’s aunt?)

DS tells PS how to give ham signal for Hello. Then she asks about how to signal for Penguin and then she coaxes him for Ajjussi. He feels a little bothered by her asking since he is working on his project…he seems mechanically inclined. PS starts to cough and medicates herself. She tells DS not to tell her sister that she coughed because she hates seeing her sister worry. She just wants to take her meds and then go to sleep and she will be fine. (boy!! Did you see her medicine chest??)

PS wants to play? With DJ and mechanic ajjussi offers her ramyun but DJ has no energy and DS is upset that she did not even acknowledge him and he sees that she looks down. DJ feels bombarded by CK and Choi who tell her she does not qualify as a pilot. DJ’s aunt called through mechanic ajjussi phone. She refused to take call but ajjussi insists. DJ tells her aunt that she and PS also do not have a place of their own. She threatens her aunt that if she comes here, she will report her to the police. She looks at herself in the mirror…

DJ is being evaluated for the Osaka flight incident. They read off CK’s report which is said to be objective. Dj says that she was not in good condtion due to personal reasons. The evaluator screams at her that she knows that basic rule is that pilot must be in control over personal things at cockpit. He says personal problems can cause big accicents. He asks her if she wants to stop being a pilot.

CK and DJ: Ck asks DJ if she is now aware and alert. He says that he saw her correctly and saying that she is the worst. But DJ thanks him by saying that because of CK’s clear and objective report about her mistake, now she is aware what she did wrong. She says even so, she does not resent him. So she tells him not to feel bad. He tells her that he doesnot feel bad/sorry. I am sorry for showing you my inadequacies.

With her friends: her friends ask her is she got scolded a lot and why she made such a mistake that everybody is gossiping aobut her. DJ gets angry at them and they also. Female friend looks up which cabin manager will be in charge of her flight. She looks up DJ’s and her manager is Kang somebody (not Choi). DJ seems interested in finding out who the manager is in her flight.

DJ and DS’s father meet. DJ gives him coin of 500won when he asks for 300 won for coffee. He says she is pretty and kind and asks her name and compliments that her name is pretty too. Then DJ has the balls to ask DS father to give back her change. Since she gave him 500won she wants the change and she asked nicely. He pocketed the change initially---keke. He thinks she is perfect…I think he really likes her as she passed his test of finding a kind woman who is willing to spare 300won and who is also cheap like him that she wants the change back!!!   Hahahaha

Hong and CK: She asks him for some time. He tells her to speak but she wants to meet elsewhere. She says this place is her favorite and that is why she just brought him here without asking. He wants to get to the point but she proposes that they eat first since she is very hungry. She first asks about the teaching position and he says he does not qualify. She says he is too modest. She says that he has top notch skills, he is quick with excellent judgments and he is fair and just and he also is a type of person who would be willing to give up his life for someone very willingly. She says that his qualifications are sufficient. He retorts that she is not correct. He says he is not that kind of person. Then Hong asks if he remembers her.

Hong shows him her scar. She says she caused fire in the kitchen as a child and that she was deadly scared and someone saved her. That person also got similar type of scar like her. It had to have been very hot and very painful for him as well. She gets emotional and calls him Yoon Sung oppa. She apologizes for not recognizing him at first. He says time was very short and they were very young. Like a good gentleman he goes over and put back her shawl. But she holds his hand and says sorry. She is sorry for lying and thinking only about herself. She lied that it is CK who started the fire by wanting to make “ppookki”—Korean candy that you make over the fire with sugar and baking soda?? She asks why he did not defend himself back then. He just stayed quiet. CK just says that it happened too long ago and that it is all in the past. She tells him that her mother will like it a lot because he became such a cool man. She feels it is fate that they now live across from each other and wants to see him everyday now. She hugs him very naturally. He tells her to go on in.

Hong’s father VP yells at her never to see him again. She asks him why he did not tell her when he knew all along about CK. VP says there is no value in saying it. She says she knows what heis worried about. But CK told her that he has no resentment about dissolution of adoption. So they were once adopted siblings! VP tells his daughter that he should not believe CK and to not go too close to him. She asks if it is because of mother. VP says if it was not for CK, she (wife) would not have gone that fast. (Is she dead? The way Hong talked about her mother before at the restaurant , I thought her mother is still alive!!) She tells her dad that he is being unreasonable. VP tells her that she does not know the whole story. Hong asks her father to be kind to CK because he must have had hard life so far feeing asif he was treated unfairly. But, VP becomes very angry at her and says that he hates CK. Hong refers to CK as oppa but he says he is not her oppa.

DJ thought she was going to ?? with another captain but due to medical emergency, CK is the captain. Also there has been a swap of attendant team and Choi’s team will accompany CK and DJ’s flight. But suddenly DJ become furious and says that the team cannot take flight together. Choi asks is DJ has prob with her staff team and DJ tell her she knows very well what the problem is. Flight attendants are very angry for being rejected for job. They are wondering what is wrong with HDJ. They are getting mad!

In front of the manager Hong, Choi provides report that in their last flight together, her attendant team provided excellent and safe service to the passengers. Hong praises Choi for receiving excellent feedback about her service that day. Hong looks at DJ with irritation. Hong asks CK for any problem bet cockpit and attendant team that day…He denies any problem. DJ says that she learned that it is important to provide and prepare for the times when pilot’s mental condition may be affected by an obstruction. Choi protests that attendant team cannot be an obstruction. Hong makes a decision that the company upholds the priority of safety above all else and so she asks DJ what is her reason that she feels she would not be fine to drive a plane with the attendant team. DJ says that she cannot speak about it. DJ bows and says sorry. CK is frustrated and asks DJ if her reason is personal.

Choi states that she cannot tolerate HDJ who, due to personal reasons, would suspect attendant’s professionalism and to hurt their self-respect. DJ asks is Choi wants to put the safety in danger just for the sake of her team’s pride and self-respect. Choi returns the question with whether HDJ is trying to protect her own pride. The human resource manger stops their argument by yelling at them, what are they doing. Hong asks for CK’s feedback. He says passenger’s safety is the highest priority so he wants to arrange  flight with a different team. DJ is surprised?? Maybe because he took her side?? HR manager yells at DJ saying he does not understand her behavior and that she is causing embarrassment for him. DJ again is sorry. (But then, in a way, DJ did the what she can think to do to protect herself from causing another terrible accident!)

CK tells Choi that he is  sorry and asks if HDJ’s rejection of her team has anything to do with Choi alone.  But Choi very calmly says that she and DJ are not that close for her to know what DJ feels personally.

At the bathroom, I think Choi asks HDJ to be distinguished as a learned person especially if she wants to follow in the footsteps of HanGyuPil (HDJ’s father). But DJ is angered by Choi talking about her father’s name. Choi says, if DJ does not think that she can ignore Choi and overcome the situation, DJ should give up her uniform. DJ asks if everything is that easy for her.—that even if a person dies because of her she can make the situation go away just like that? Choi says that not being able to forget that day is same for DJ as well as for her. Choi walks away.

Everybody is busy trying to get a new team together for the flight to Chungdoo. DJ bows sorry to CK twice. He tells her quietly why she is not qualified. He tells her to look at the office people working hard. They are having a hard time getting a new team together when there is little time left before the flight. CK tells Dj that she is doing what is only good for her. He tells her that she is selfish. Suddenly an army of flight attendants come into the office. The flight attendants say that the entire group is boycotting any flight that involves Cap Han. They says they have pride too and to be rejected without knowing the reason is unfair and so they are rejecting any flights with her. Team leader or the hr manager yells at DJ about making a bigger problem. DJ says it makes no sense and that she will solve the problem. He tells her to forget it. Team leader tells CK to prepare for the flight and team leader orders for another assistant captain for the flight. CK agrees. (Poor Han DJ—she is creating more problems for herself –she is on her way to self-destruction and being fired!!)

DJ begs the flight attendants to release the flight refusal with her. But they walk away from her. DJ tries to say there was a situation but they are not interested in listening to her. At this time, DS becomes aware of the situation. DS confronts DJ with string of DJ’s flight mistakes and now refusals for flights. DJ does not want to hear. But he again confronts her with the bottomline: Are you trying to be fired? She asks DS to let her arm go as she has no strength to ??fight with him??

Live Octopus dinner table prepared by DS: DS gets angry that DJ is still not here. PS says that she wants to wait for her sister to come before she eats. PS tells her sister that DS prepared everything. DJ says Really? DS says that he is very handy with his hands and that there is nothing that he cannot do. She asks why he prepared octopus. He says octopus helps raise even the fallen cows..he says that he wants her to eat it and get strength. Then he says that that person is him who wants to eat and get strong. So he tells DJ not to misunderstand. Mechanic ajjussi tells DJ to eat a lot and she tells him to eat a lot as well…..(very sweet…DS must spend more time at the mechanic’s home now than with his own father!!) Dj hugs her sister, places her head against her sister’s and says: :”recharging” (she needs her sister to feel energized and recharged to go on…keke…reminds me of what dok gojin said…it almost seems like DJ needs her sister more for support than the other way around….??)

No other pilots are looking at DJ with kindness anymore. She still sits as a standby with her book. Manger Hong comes over and tells DJ that if the boycott by the attendants continues, she will not be able to ??fly?? Hong also adds that it is not studying about flying that she needs right now but that she needs to deal with the reality that she created.  (She is a good manager!!)

CK closes DJ’s book about flying and says that the book contains all kinds of solutions but that it does not contain solutions that she needs. He tells her that because of her alone, all pilots are having a hard time. He tells her that if she cannot solve the problem, she should immediately disappear. DJ cries and yells: What do you want from me! I cannot do it if my life depended on it. I don’t want to do it if my life depended on it! What do you expect me to do!!! (very touching scene!!)

PS’s cute drawing of her sister as a pilot!! She is coughing and perspiring…

Manager Hong is waiting for CK and invites him for tea. But he says that he has a flight tomorrow. She then asks him to eat dinner with her. He tells her to go home as the VP may worry. She asks him if he is avoiding her on purpose because of her father.  He says he is not..he is just tired.

“Where is our PS??!!” PS looks ghastly!! But PS keeps on saying to her sister that she is not sick. She cannot get a cab. Then CK stops nearby. He asks her what is wrong. She cannot even say…just that “My PS is,,,,” He yells at her how she could have let her come to this state—where was her mind….”

At the hospital bed, DJ tells PS that she is sorry. (these days, HDJ is only feeling bad…and sorry…poor kid,,,) PS wakes up. DJ asks if she is OK and PS says she is not sick at all. (This little PS is perfect….) DJ says she is sorry that she did not even know that she is sick.. But PS interrupts her sister and says that she is OK and asks if her sister is OK. DJ breaks down crying and says that unniya is not OK. (I just love this scene!! Cannot help but be moved. DJ really needed some gentle support even from her 7 yo sister…PS getting up to give her crying sister a hug with a pat is just heart wrenching…even Ck is moved for sure…

Mechanic asks DJ to hand over PS but she says that she does not want to let her sister go. DS comes to pick her up from the hospital. He says it bought it but he borrowed from a friend. Mechanic ajjussi says that he called DS for help with the car. It looks like DJ is looking for CK, who is looking on from across the street.

Mechanic ajjussi says sorry for not being here earlier. DJ says he has nothing to be sorry about. Her attention was somewhere else that she did not even see that PS was sick. I am so foolish. DS also says sorry because he promised PS that he would not tell DJ about her getting sick. (Oh yeah, PS told DS not to tell DJ that she is coughing because she does not like to see her sister worry.) Mechanic ajjussi says that PS cannot just have a simple cold all because of that,,,he looks at DJ and stops for fear of bringing past and not to breach her confidentiality to DS. But DS wants to know what. But DJ chages topic and tells DS thanks. Mechanic tells Ds to go and return to car.

DJ and PS are talking…DJ asks PS that there are things in this world that they must not hold back and wait. What is it? PS says is it when you need to poo? Laughter. DJ tells PS that is PS holds back that she is sick, DJ unniya will get really mad. PS nods. PS says: my teacher also told me not to hold back to say thank you, sorry and I love you. PS says: Unniya, I am sorry that I am sick and I love you very much. (these two are so good!!) DJ also tells PS that she loves her. PS wants to hear lullaby and go to sleep.

What is that song that she sings often with PS?? “If you live long, someday good days will come….?? Cloudy days,,,,” DS wonders if that song is a sad song?

DJ says: “PS, unniya somehow got lost along the way. I am sorry. Thank you and I love you a lot.

Attendant is still very mad and calls all the coworkers to get together. While the high level attendant is still thinking about how to get back at HDJ, the new attendant says that she feels sorry for cap Han who looked very listless today. But the high level attendant says that Han is trying to act that way to get their sympathy and she encourages the rest of the team not to fall for it. Choi is quiet.

DJ came to CK’s door. She thanks him for today. CK asks about her sister and she says that her fever went down a lot and she is better. Then, DJ has a special request to make to CK. DJ says that she knows that she has no right to ask for such a thing but wants CK to help her. She tells him that she does not know what and how to do it. She wants to do well. She wants to be the best but she keeps on falling. She says she is bleeding heavily but she cannot seem to get up by herself. She feels stuck as to what she has to do, how she has to do it..She feels like she is in complete dark. (I love this speech!!) She says she has to be the best in front of her sister PS. She has to pretend to be even better than the president but she feels she is keep on losing her confidence. And, that just cannot be. Then, something bad will happen. So do you think you can try to help me? Please, Captain. Please, Captain.  (love the speech until the end.)

DS’s car appears. He is surprised to see DJ there and realize that CK lives there. (I wonder who is his friend from whom he borrowed the car??) DJ apologizes for coming to see him so late at night and says good bye. DJ tells DS to go home safely. DS says to CK that he will meet CK often and invites him to drink later on. He agrees.

Woah!! Do you see the house that DS lives in?? His family is rich!! That must be his own car!! And he and his father go around asking for 300won!! It is their scheme to find the kindest bride for DS!! Kekeke

I love that DS’s room is full of toy figures!! He wonders what DJ asked from CK. Then his father walks in and says that he found the lady for him—a lady who does not look at money lightly even if it is 200won. He feels confident that he can leave his inheritance to her without problem. DS asks who that is. He says it is Wings Air Assist Cap HDJ. What??!! His father wants to know if DS knows her. DS says that DJ is totally a fighting chicken/richard simmons. His father says that love grows from fighting. DS cannot believe it. DS says that DJ has no parents, has no money and even raises a 7 yo sister by herself. DS’s father does not mind. He feels terrible for HDJ and wants to speedily bring her over to his house. He says he is InChun’s ??wealthiest man?? DS thinks that his father has fallen deeply for DJ. But DS is kind of tickled pink about it…keke

Choi comes in prepared for flight. Attendants are surprised because they all agreed at the restaurant that they will boycott all flights. But Choi says that she never agreed to that. High-level attendant says that they all agreed to boycott as a group especially for Choi manager. But if Choi refuses, they are willing to boycott on their own. Choi says that she considers all of them pro. Someone shouted that Han DaJin does not treat them like pro. Choi then says that she used to get excited about her flight work. But now, she has more fear. She wonders if passenger may experience discomfort due to her own exhaustion and stress. What If I ruin their joyful trip due to my own mistake. It could be someone’s very first or their very last trip and what if I ruin their day due to my mistake and become afraid. What if a passenger gets hurt because of my mistake. What if the passenger dies due to my mistake? Then what do I do about their surviving family members who must live in perpetual agony due to my mistake….To her speech, the attendant says that such a thing never happened so far…But Choi says that it could happen to anyone. High-level attendant retorts that if they give in now, they many never recover their pride. In response, Choi says that if you cannot maintain your own place at work, there is no one to support any passengers and then no one is there to support their pride either.

The high-level says that she still cannot back off at this time even if she may have to tighten her income. But Choi says that she will go to work to support her income. Another one asks Choi about feeling anger at HanDJ and she admits to feeling that. She says that even if she has anger to HDJ, she works to live as she has to also prepare for insagokgah?? Now Choi got all of them to worry with her….(she is a good leader….)

CK gives DJ a list of passengers from her Osaka flight and tells her to read each name clearly and with full heart.  He says there is a method to his assignment to her. As she reads, she is getting emotional and understanding it. CK tells her that she forgot the most important fact in her last flight. It is those names. Even if there is a murderer of my parents in front of me, a pilot must not lose that “feel” ever. He adds that even if there is a dying family in front of me, a pilot must not lose the “feel”.  Do you understand now what you have been forgetting? From now on, do not ever forget. Those names are people whom you must protect.

DJ goes to flight attendants and apologizes to them saying that she never wanted to hurt their professional pride and that is her sincerity. She acknowledges that she was lacking. She asks for their forgiveness and feels sorry for hurting their feelings due to her own personal issues.  She says that passengers are waiting for their return  and that she is too. The attendants are moved by her apology and the DJ turns to Choi and apologizes for her rudeness and asks for forgiveness. (But DJ still had that mix of feeling sorry and some left over cockiness—GHS is really good at expressing double emotions at once…even in THEMU.) Attendants agreed to release the boycott and DJ thanks them.

DJ asks where CK is and find out that he just left on his flight. She must feel unburdened. She runs to the runway and shouts her thanks and salute to CK.

DJ is preparing food for the “gil” or the death anniversary of her  mother?? But DS ate one piece of it and DJ is irritated. DJ asks why DS comes to her house like it is his house. DS says that he came to help out since tomorrow is her mother’s gil. She says they are even close and he knows too much. He says that he does not even know his mother’s face as she died when he was born. (DJ looks sympathetic) He tells her that if she tells him to, he can drive her to the cemetery. She says that is OK and that she does not want him to borrow car from others because it would make him look lacking. But he insists that the car belongs to him. DJ does not believe him---since he begged for 3oo won, she has pegged him as a poor boy who collects junks. Keke  She jokingly asks if he is not getting a private airplane for himself. He says that he is planning to do that.  So he tells her that he will come and pick her up after taking care of morning business. He is off tomorrow. She says thanks. Then he says Go Cham Si Ae. He says each sound represent a part of the word from different countries for thank you. (I don’t get it—so cannot explain it..)DJ says do you know that you are a bit weird? He says that is part of his charm. He makes her try his word for thank you. She does….I guess he is getting to her?? It appears that DJ does not get it either?? Keke

At the cemetery…PS greets her parents and says that today is her bday. Unniya bought her pretty boots and ajjussi bought her pretty doll. She says that she is excited. Ajjussi says that PS does not know that her bday is the day that her mother died. It appears that CK also came to pay his respect. Ajjussi tells DJ to pourdrinks for her parents. As she said Mom and Dad, drink up. CK realizes who Han DJ really is. Shock makes him lose his balance. Now, next week, he has to work with lots of emotional stress----and next week is 5th episode when the new writer will be editing the original writer’s PCAP script.

I pray for continued DAEBOK for PCAP!! Fighitng!

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Guest bubblysunnie

Notwithstanding its ratings, PCAP for me is still one korean drama  that I will be watching until it ends!  The story is incredibly amazing..fast-paced and intense drama at its finest.  This dram never fails to bring tears to my eyes.   And I love the HAN sisters!  They make me want to hug them everytime I see them.  I am happy that just like what GOO HYE SUN said, the drama gives hope for people.  No wonder HYE SUN chose to portray HAN DA JIN. 

PCAP fighting! biggrin.gif  

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It's tough being up against a saguek like that... but even so, I hope that they can at least get double digits steadily. :)

I saw episode 4 with c-subs... interesting... :) I'm really excited about how everything is going to unfold between HDJ & KYS... :) I'm not super on board with their chemistry yet but I think it will get there. HDJ is really quite believe for me... I think she definitely has moments of immaturity but faced with what she's faced... i can't blame her completely. I like DS more in this episode and omg - his father is so freaking adorable... cause I first I thought he was a little sketchy there LOL.

I hope the story keeps moving at a fast pace... it really keeps me wanting more. :) I read the recaps of TMTETS first, but I always want to actually see PCAP first. Reading "recaps"/summaries of PCAP isn't enough... I just find myself wanting to see how it really played out onscreen.

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I am in agreement with everybody here..no matter what the rating is.. i will watch this drama to the very end too..2 digits rating for me is good enough already..imagine GHS drama fighting with 3 idols and 2 in saeguk what do we expect..

I am really torn between YS and KS for DJ..KS is being nice to DJ now and wow i didn't know they were rich..his dad like DJ for KS hahaha..i wonder how YS's story with DJ will developed now that he know who DJ is..huh i wished it is WED/THURS again :wub:

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Guest yanna_cutie04

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the updates! :wub:

Waaahh, I'm watching PCAP Episodes 1-4 again and again. Love this drama!! So addicting!!!

PCAP Daebak! Fighting!! ♥

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I don't know because this is the first K-drama about pilots or the writer just want to build a character like DJ to make the film have "more things to deal", I find it has something not reality. I don't think a people who cannot control emotion, hot-headed and immature like DJ can graduate to be a pilot. I believe that at uni they have test characteristic of student who will become a future pilot and I wonder how DJ can graduate ?!?

Love CapK, so cool ouside but he has a warm heart. I like scenes which has CapK and DaJeon in it. So cute just like father and daughter :)

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Some Thoughts

Hello Flyers! It does have a nice ring to it...thanks myonenonly, I realized that you were the first one who came up with that title hehehe...  After episode 4, I'm now fully invested. The storyline became interesting and the conflicts are now being revealed.  We are grappling with a lot of guilt, anger and hidden agendas...I'm liking it.  But first of all, Sue, I'm forever grateful to you and your timely translations.

HanDa-jin and Anger Management

Losing your parents in one fell swoop is devastating. Pinning the blame on one person may seem extremely vengeful but for HDJ, it is, somewhat, justified. However, holding on to that kind of anger for seven long years is counter-productive, which HDJ is slowly realizing. Her behavior towards Choi Ji-won (CJW) was unprofessional, she threw caution to the wind, risking her main source of livelihood and tried to draw blood by alienating CJW from the crew... but her plan back-fired in a big way which left her grovelling for forgiveness. Whatever happened to "grace under pressure?"  HDJ may not be familiar with that concept around CJW. It’s a good thing she has established a great support system in the person of the elderly mechanic and Kang Dong-Soo (KDS), these people genuinely care for her. HDJ being filled with anger and resentment is understandable but she needs to process it out in order to be more productive, not to mention coherent…errrm maybe she needs to attend anger management classes? Just sayin'...

But seriously, I love her character because she’s such a risk taker. She’s not a "shrinking violet" like most of the K-drama heroines I know…she does not back down from a good fight and that shows spirit. We all know that deep inside she’s a softy…just look at how she treats her kid sister. She just needs to control her temper...big time!

Choi Ji Won and "Change"

Back when she was a young flight attendant on board that fateful trip, she showed us glimpses of irresponsibility and incompetence. I would say, she made the whole situation worse with her bad judgment calls (Like choosing to attend to the pop-idol while assisting the pregnant passenger to the loo. After experiencing the air pocket, she knew full well that the pregnant passenger was worse for wear but she just stood by and watched until the poor woman started pre-term bleeding - this could go on and on, but you get the picture right?) These all happened and in the end, she was sorry for her actions. I have no idea as to the extent of HDJ’s knowledge of CJW's culpability, but clearly, it’s going to be a long road ahead for these two. That trip somewhat changed CJW, now, she is seen as being more compassionate, more caring or so it seems. I'm finding it hard to believe this 180 degree change because when she dealt with the prisoner on board the plane, it wasn’t compassion I saw, but patronage. So...did she really change? Will she play an important role in HDJ's development as a pilot in the future? When she gave unsolicited advice, was that her way of atoning her past mistakes? 

What makes Kim Yoon Sung tick?

Another stand-out character in this drama is cool and collected Captain Kim (CK), as we have learned, he was adopted, but due to an unfortunate incident (a house fire) he became unadopted by the Vice President Hong's family. There seems to be no love lost between them. He must have been a scared kid, shuttled around in the foster system until he worked his way up and became a pilot. He eventually looked up to Captain Han as his mentor.

He did, on that fatal trip, accidentally release the plane from auto-pilot mode to manual, a mistake he was able to correct but to the detriment of his mentor's wife. We saw how Captain Han make the hard decision of sacrificing his wife's safety in order to protect the larger majority's. We saw CK wracked with guilt over the incident and we saw that it made him into a changed man. Underneath that tough veneer is a lonely and scared kid, forever looking for approval and acceptance. He also seems to have developed a soft spot where HDJ is concerned, he is always ready to assist whenever she needs him. Episode 3 was filled with cutesy moments between the two. But in episode 4, when he finally realized HDJ is his mentor's daughter, will he show her more compassion? I have a sinking feeling that he would be tougher on her...

Kang Dong Soo and his Quirks

Along with HDJ's adorable sister, they make up my favorite characters in this drama so far, ok, ok...throw in the elderly mechanic and KDS's miser of a dad and we have the best k-drama family...ever. I just love how much of a screwball he is on the outside and yet he's protective of HDJ and her sister. He is the richest man in Incheon but he is humble. He has great taste when it come to his digs...the DC comic book prints on his wall are so freakin' awesome! He also seems to be a serious collector of comic book action figures and as well as art, the domus furniture alone is worth a fortune and was so on trend but his fashion sense is grungy.  But I digress...He makes HDJ smile and he cares about her. I'm not going for the second male lead syndrome again (hello TM Yoo Jin worshippers), but seriously, the guy is not bad...way not freakin' bad! He cooks like a chef, he tinkers around the house and he listens to Han Da-yeon! I mean...he really spends time with the kid and that, my friends, puts him high on the list...what list? Whatever it may be for now! Hehehe...I can't wait for the next episodes....:ph34r:

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I think Han Dajin character is very interesting. After the episode where she shows her temper to Choi, some comments dislike her because of she can't separate personal life, with her profesional. I want to comment about this too. 

Han Da Jin is a young co pilot. A debutant. And She's still learning. She's emotional to Choi (the flight attendant), but it's not like she's like that all time. She thought Choi is the one to blame for her parents death.

Han Dajin doesn't have the persona like her father, who is very experienced, and who will put passenger's life first than his wife. But Han Dajin is learning. After she put her career on jeopardize because of her temper and her personal matters to Choi, then I think HDJ is learned her lesson.

I hope Han Dajin character will developed then when she become a real pilot. Will she become like her father, or she will become her self...I think one day when her sister disease is become worse, she will have dilemma, to put passenger's life first, or her sister's life, her only flesh and blood exist in this world. I can't wait till then...:)

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