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  1. Sorry can’t understand fully but this looks good on Koo’s part.
  2. I sooo totally agree with you! They think he cares? He only cares for himself & what people think of him! Duh! Selfless #%>€£^^!
  3. I know Koo will come out victorious in court. In the public eye might be fifty fifty. Nevertheless I’m happy that our lady continues to post her activities in IG. Time will heal.
  4. Don’t worry Koo will survive. Some Sunnies are also recuperating I think. I try to support her in my own little way by posting good short comments in her IG. A lot of true Korean fans also does. This is the time to show our support. On her high & low days. Thank you to some of you who takes time to keep this site alive on her lowest moment! Fighting!
  5. Serves him right. He might be silent but the people around him are bad influence. He doesn’t have the capability to decide for himself.( my opinion, the way I read the texts between him & Koo)...’ok honey this, ok honey that’ ...??...& he’s asking for a divorce! Gee-wheez!
  6. I’m with you on this. I feel robbed by AJH as GHS’ fan. My glorious days as her fan just came to a halt all of a sudden. Like it or not some people would remember her as the crazy or uneven nipple actress etcetera. He ruined her dignity both personal & professional level. It will take months or even years for her to be back. I hate him. Sorry just can’t help it....
  7. I always think that if there’s smoke, there’s fire. These people that we met are tourist guides in the entertainment. Since my husband’s job in an American network requires for him to stay during the duration of winter Olympics, me & my kids decided to join him for a month. Anyways, whatever it is, these Koreans know more than us. We the international fans depend only from articles we read, how it is interpreted might come out differently. If GHS says she has evidence, I believe her. Whatever she said in media, I believe her. She knows what’s best for her. Who are we/they to deny it? No amount of anti-GHS articles can sway me. I wish her all the best & will pray that she’ll come out victorious.
  8. When I was in Seoul 2018 Winter Olympics, I have heard a lot of rumors already about AJH’s infidelity & I didn’t believe it. It came from the people who help us go around the country. I just prayed that these stories are not true. Looking back I could have asked them more. I was so concerned about Koo that I don’t want to hear stuff like that, that I was pretending not to care about it too much because I believe that they have a happy marriage. Boy oh boy I was so wrong! I was crushed & angry at him for breaking Koo’s heart when the divorce issue came out. Now I’ll only believe it when Koo or her lawyers makes announcements.
  9. Hi She! AJH did not charge her of anything. He went to court to contest Koo’s decision not to file for a divorce. His lawyer will present evidence hoping the court will help him get his divorce. In Korea divorce can only be granted if both files for divorce. I’m not worried about Koo either with finances. She’s not into material things. She’s smart & talented. We’ve known her for too long. People might underestimate her. She’ll survive. She’ll stick to her decision.
  10. What an awful place to be, not being able to work just because she’s a divorcee. So all women (divorcee) in South Korea are unemployed.
  11. Honestly I want Koo to divorce him already. AJH is contesting her decision of not divorcing him in court. If he wins then that’s good. She’ll be free. Good riddance. She’s not being charged with criminal offense by AJH. If he’s using this to his advantage & promoting his drama, he’ll have his karma. What goes around comes around.
  12. Boy oh boy I’m going through comments about our girl in other sites & they make her sound like she’s crazy. During the first revelation of their divorce, GHS already said that the truth will all be twisted & that she’s going to explain her side first. No matter what they say I’ll be on her side for I know her husband emotionally abused her. That’s the bottom line. Just because AJH was not so public about their divorce doesn’t mean that he’s not to blame. This guy doesn’t deserve even a peck of doubt from me. If you read their phone exchanges, he’s sly & a liar.
  13. Koo can’t attend. She just posted in IG that she’s in the hospital with polyps removed. Pray for a speedy recovery.
  14. @sheherizade3 I’m with you sis! We’ve been GHS’ supporters through thick & thin for many years. I miss all our conversations here. Miss all Sunnies here. I’m here to show my love & support especially in this time of need.
  15. I can’t believe Koo revealed very private stuff but then again she’s trying to paint a picture of a very shallow husband who I think is emotionally abusing her. Gosh! I can’t believe AJH did all these.
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