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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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I love that scene when KD went to the loansharks place carrying with him 2 luggages of money to pay for DJ aunts loan maybe but then YS was there first and had paid for it already..he was so funny he was bragging to the loansharks but when he opened the luggage they were all coins in plastic bag so he was sent away by the loansharks..he is so cute everytime he enters the scene no matter how sad it is he really cracks me up..i can't help my self laughing even if i am still crying from the previous scene.. :wub:

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I love that scene when KD went to the loansharks place carrying with him 2 luggages of money to pay for DJ aunts loan maybe but then YS was there first and had paid for it already..he was so funny he was bragging to the loansharks but when he opened the luggage they were all coins in plastic bag so he was sent away by the loansharks..he is so cute everytime he enters the scene no matter how sad it is he really cracks me up..i can't help my self laughing even if i am still crying from the previous scene.. :wub:

yes i was  laughing too!and after  he and the captain gets drunk!i don't speak the language but i think  the captain  asks him if he likes her and wished him to be happy with her!poor captain i don't think he realised that he loves her yet...or maybe he thinks he don't deserves  her!

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Guest eunhye05

That was another great episode! I just watched it through my tablet right now and I'm running a bit late so this will just be short. No play by play this time since I wasn't able to watch it live. hehe. I'm happy HDJ and her aunt have made up...sorta. I can't wait to know what HDJ said to those kids via  the flight intercom. That scene with Pposong running towards Penguin Ajusshi instead of her Unnie was just priceless. Obviously we're starting to see the beginnings of both KDS & HDJ and KYS & HDJ. It's like each relationship is slowly moving at a parallel pace. With KDS its all cute and quirky...with KYS its more subtle for the meantime. :) Prettywiz and andy78...that was indeed an awesome scene both guys trying to help out in their own special way. LOL  :)

Can't wait for next week! 

BTW lets just brace ourselves for a slight drop in ratings this week. With the adult idol cast of TMETS running the show we really have no chance in beating them this time. I don't mind PCAP FIghting! :D :D :D

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Hello Flyers :)

episode 5 and 6 was intense love the kang dong so and Han Da jin couple :)

just really irritated with the ratings but still love the drama :)

just want to share my MV hope you guys like it Thank you in advance for watching :)


Fly high Flyers take care of us captain fighting :)

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Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama 'Take Care of Us, Captain'


Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" (2012)

Directed by Joo Dong-min

Written by Jeong Na-myeong

Network : SBS

With Koo Hye-seon, Ji Jin-hee, Yoo Seon, Lee Cheon-hee, Lee Seong-min, Lim Seong-eon,...

Wed, Thu 21:55


Ji Jin-hee is Kim Yoon-seong who has a gift for flying airplanes. He appears as a very rational and a perfectionist, but he's actually a humanist who has a soft heart.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/01/04


source: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Take_Care_of_Us_v__Captain-picture_gallery.html?s=l

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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

6th episode:

Nationwide: 9,4%(-0,2%)

Seoul: 9,2% (-1,0%)

TNS Media Korea

6th episode:

Nationwide: 10,3% (+0,4%)

Seoul: 10,8% (-0,6%)

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Guest yanna_cutie04

I just finished watching Episode 06. I love this episode so much! ♥

I can't wait for next weeeekkk!! Kyaaa! :D

PCAP Fighting! Daebak!!

Thanks for all the updates!

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Can anybody tell me who is the child actress paying DJ sister....she is so adorable....

Hello. HDJ's adorable sister is Gal So-won. I think this is her first acting gig. I have not seen anything credited under her name yet. Looks like this kid will go places....she is uber cute!  :wub:   

Eunhye05 - any soju left?  :lol: Hehehe great recap of ep. 5 errmm...what about ep. 6? Any blow by blow?

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Guest eunhye05

Hi guys Im back and bringing over Sue's recap of Episode 5. :) Episode 6 will come along soon drmjs. hehe. Thanks everyone for EVERYTHING and keeping this thread going. ;)

Thanks Sunnies for the pix and updates and more. Love Cafe Manolin--love the clay figures of PCAP and the PCAP posters. KuOne fans must have gone to Cafe Manolin!

Since Epi 6 will comes out in few hours and Eunhye did a great job of play by play of epi 5, I would like to summarize epi 5 using eunhye's play by play. By the actors' acting, you can pretty much get the story anyway. Also, many drama sites will soon bring up their translations.

Eunhye05, I am copying your play by play below and fill in the gaps and your questions as I watch the drama right now.

Thanks so much for your play by play:


Episode 5

- Pposong looks so cute with the teddi bear--at the grave site: PS is trying to warm up the alcohol to give to her parents (for the memorial of their death--so cute!) Mechanic ajjussi is HanDJ's father's friend and says that he proposed that DJ remember her parents on the same day as it gets busy trying to make a living. He feels sad about losing his friend. He says that DJ is working towards becoming a cool Captain and wants his friend to take care of that goal from above. DJ tells her parents that PS is taking her medications well and eating well.

- Now Captain knows!

- KDS came with his wheels to pick them. Kocham chie! hihihi.--it seems that DJ left for her parents graves without KDS so KDS was mad when he came to pick the group. DJ thought that KDS was just making a light promise. KDS says that he is a man of his words. He just told her to say gochamsieh--I wonder when DJ will find out what it means??)

- ChoiJiwon arrived with flowers. Of course DaJin has to see her for more drama and this of course incurs her wrath. DaJin being the feisty one scolds her for being there. CJW still continues on after dropping her flowers to pay her respects to the pilot and his wife.She encounters CK there. How messed up is their life. The two people responsible for everything that happened. Aigoo. How minor mistakes ruined a family. :(

- Side note - just how cute was it when KDS wiped off Da Jin's tears with his hands--DJ tried to make sure that her sister PS did not see her cry or make a scene when she brought out her anger at ChoiJW. ChoiJW remarks that PS grew up well. But DJ says to her that she has to live with her meds constantly and that PS has no parents to take good care of her. She told Choi to never come to pay respect to her parents because nobody in her family want to see her. KDS wiped DJ's tears with his hands as he had no handkerchief when DJ asked him if she looked like she has been crying and she did not want to show such a face to her sister. KDS gave his handkerchief to his subordinate at the Traffic Tower--remember? I think she has crush on KDS and will not return his handkerchief any time soon.

Conversation bet Choi and CapK: Choi says that she is defiant and rude and non-apologetic to HanDJ after she found out that DJ is the late HanGuPyl's daughter. She knew that it would only hurt and anger HanDJ but she wants DJ to get herself angry and worked up so that she can rise above her sadness even if she steps on Choi to do it. (So, Choi has a method to her arrogance in front of HanDJ. She is also letting DJ express all her anger at her--what a brave woman! CapK recognizes that it must be also hard for Choi. Choi says that she is cowardly but she wants to live. She is letting DJ express all the hatred because Choi most likely feel she deserves it as well. This line is so beautiful in talking about redemption. Choi says that she is also trying hard to live. Last 7 years for both Choi and CapK must have been torture.....CapK asks Choi why she did not tell him that DJ is Cap Han's daughter. Again, Choi is wonderful. She says that she was hoping that CapK never found out. She was more worried for CapK because CapK still relieves that tragedy in his current life. He is more fragile than Choi---if he did not make that mistake with his arm and get the plane off the auto-pilot mode, that whole tragedy would not have happened....

- Da jin is getting herself effing drunk. DJ is having drinks with her late parents..she pours cups for her parents saying that you both have to be healthy so I am giving you little and she says she is pouring herself a lot because she needs to be Healthy. keke  The song that comes out is called "Cold Love" sung by a member of SECRET. Some of the words say that "my love is cold and achy,,don't leave...What do I do if I cannot erase it or melt it."--very nice song.

CK sees her and well... pities her. :( She poors her heart out to him. This is really sad and painful but it's a great scene and I can't wait to know what she said.Basically she kept talking about her little sister. When DJ recognizes CapK, she says she is always grateful to him and offers him a drink. But when he does not budge, DJ says, heavenly CapK would not want to drink with the "lowest". Then CapK tells her that her sister is waiting for her and DJ keeps on talking about her sister: My PS is so pretty, my pretty PS, my poor, poor PS.." then DJ says that, because of that person, she lost the person whom she loves the most and the person who loves her the most and that she will never forgive that person. She repeats that many times and cries over the table calling out her sister. CapK must feel like she is talking about him too. - As they walk home she's all tipsy and a mess but it's so cute how CK is trying to walk behind her and make sure she's won't fall. He's there when she does to. hihi. And now he's carrying her on his back! Weee! OMG did she just make him sing to her? haha. He's singing to her while they walk/piggyback home. It's adorable. :)

DJ tells CapK that her father was also a captain who was even cooler that CapK. She tells CapK that she loves the sky and she loves the planes and that she will become a great captain like her Dad. After being carried on CapK's back, she says that her Dad was a great singer too and then she asks CapK to sing to her. He abides. CapK is listening to what is DJ's dream--to become a great captain like her dad. I wonder if he will do that for her?? As CapK is singing to her about a rainbow that seems both near and far..he says in his mind loudly to DJ that he is sorry. KDS is always at the mechanic ajjussi's house now!! keke. When KDS sees DJ on CApK's back, he is mad at DJ and says that he will carry her now as she will feel embarrassed if she wakes up and CapK says no by saying that she is so drunk that she will not even know. KDS is mad at DJ clinging to CapK's back and tell drunk DJ to let go of her arms a bit but she grabs on stronger....could it be a possible peak into the future story?? keke

- Meanwhile KDS is waiting for DaJin worried. And here comes the Captain with a very wasted DaJin.They go and tuck her to sleep next to Pposong. CapK notices how much DJ loves the planes by the decorations in her room. I think GHS has few planes in Cafe Manolin too...keke

- I think KDS is jealous of CK. hihi. That is correct! As CapK is leaving, KDS is sarcastic towards him--we should have drinks together too. If I get drunk, would you give me a piggy back too? CapK looks back at him with "are you for real?" face. keke Before that KDS also sneakily try to find out if anything happened bet DJ and CapK but CapK told him nothing like mistakes happened. When CapK left, KDS yells to the sky that it is not right for a girl to get piggy back from just any man and that it is not right for a man to give any girl a piggyback either! hahaha

- I love how symbolic CJW's handwashing is. She's trying desperately to erase those memories and the guilt.  Even though Choi talks as if she has more control over the past tragic trauma, she is just as affected as CapK. She lives with the nightmare of the past daily like CapK and he just woke up from another nighmare of the past haunting. Both need forgiveness from DJ and from themselves!! woah...

- Poor CK. He can no longer live with himself...so he's resigning. Hong VP is happy. (look at how sinister VP smile is)--Poor CapK! He has even more darker past besides the trauma of HanDJ's parents! I wonder what it is. He was adopted by VPHong and rescinded. VP Hong hates CapK and tells him never to appear before him or his daughter no matter where he may go.

- Clara walks in. she's so aegyo when he's around. all cutesy with her crush. MiJoo (MJ) is very perceptive and wants to know what is happening and she wonders if her Daddy is trying to get rid of CapK. Nobody tells MJ anything. She says she wants to keep on calling CapK her oppa to make up for all the lost time. He seems to look at MK as his little sister and tells her that it is OK for her to call him as her oppa.

- I'm seriously loving KDS and HDJ. He's got her wrapped around his finger saying i love u in polish unknowingly. LOL. At breakfast they tell her how she came home drunk...to her embarassment. She runs to CK's house to say sorry. hehe--that is correct!! DJ eats like a man--doesn't she?? hahaha. She thinks ajjussi made the soup. But KDS tells her that he made the soup so that she can wake up from her heavy drinking night before and he tells her that she needs to gochamsieh to him...keke...she does abide so easily...keke. Then as you say, KDS tells her everything out of anger at her last night's behavior and DJ's reaction is so funny! DJ calls herself "I am really the lowest..what am I going to do..."

- Is word out that CK has resigned? He has a heart to heart with CJW. --CapK finds out that he has a flight with DJ and Choi en route Hong Kong and asks if his schedule can be changed. The Manager is annoyed esp anything dealing with HDJ. both DJ and CapK have so many similarities! He tells Choi that he has resigned. He feels that it is hard to fly with DJ knowing who she is. He is scared. He wants to leave and leave DJ working in airport and he thinks that is the best that he can do. Choi says that he is only avoiding the problem and that he needs to overcome it as DJ also needs to overcome it. (SHe is of course right...)

- KDS is the cutest. Seriously im shipping them right now. I know it's an ill-fated ship but seriously they're adorable. Look at how KDS skips in the air after he steals DaJin's coffee and they say goodbye. KDS asks the coworker who has crush on him what do women think about when they are being carried on men's backs. She says that women may wonder, can I lean on him? That makes KDS even madder. He tells her why she is not bringing his handkerchief back because he was not able to use it at a decisive moment.

- What's happening? Why did CK get DJ's badge? hahaha. Is it punishment for her drunkeness or so she wont be able to follow him into the restricted access areas? As CapK said to Choi, he feels unable to hold onto the wheel with HDJ flying with him. So he takes her ID. It seems that in airport, without the ID, even if they are known pilots, the pilots cannot go through the restricted area without ID. CapK told DJ not to fly today. DJ would not back down without explanation. Of course, CapK had no good reason except for the one that he cannot explain. So he just took away her ID.

- Manager is annoying. I don't like him. Im right about ready to split his glasses into two.

- VP shows President CK's resignation. Clara and President are shocked as expected.VP obviously is up to something.

- Pposong and Mechanic Ajussi are walking and DaJin's YangMal crazy aunt is stalking in the sidelines

- DaJin is pissed that she wasn't able to fly and now the coffee machine won't give her coffee. Next best thing to do...beat it up. LOL. KDS as always is close by. He talks about why CK took her badge...telling her she prob disgraced herself in front of CK last night. haha. He's about to sip her coffee and she steals it from him. haha. She sips and it's HOT! She spills the coffee and he tries to help her wipe it off...but no hankerchief again. These too are so crazy i love it.

- CK is in the cockpit contemplating and reminiscing of a better time when his dad showed him the cockpit and let him take the wheel. Looks like his father was a pilot as well. CJW and him share a quick convo about HDJ.

- CK returns DJ's IDs via her co-pilot friend. She confronts CK for taking her badges...while the entire crew including CJW look on. He takes her badges and throws it in the trash! What da!!!!! How gross she's seriously digging in the trash for it. What a meanie. KDS without a bat of an eyelash helps her wipe off the dirt. I love u KDS! :D

- CK breaks down in the locker room. He can no longer live with himself. He looks at his stripes.

- KDS drops HDJ. KDS' phone rings. (Eeeep. IU ringtone! hihihi)

- Surprise HDJ... Auntie is home. Da Jin is pissed. I think Pposong is symphatizing with Auntie. hihi. You gotta love the kid. DaJin's been jaded. Poor dear but can you blame her? Ajusshi and Auntie have something going. I see sparks in their future. In the meantime. DaJin has to iron out her trust issues.

- I think i spoke too soon... DaJin's aunt and KDS's Dad may also have sparks in their future. Look at the love at first sight in the department store while going through a pile of clothes on SALE.hihi

- CK is walking in the woods. Some kinda soujourn thing to sort his issues and free his mind i sppose.

- DJ's at CK's house. SHe prob found out about the resignation and is gonna talk him out of it or something. Clara finds her at the doorstep and we have confrontation. DJ leaves.

- CK falls to the floor in exhaustion. Song in the background is amazing. :) Looks like he went to the temple. Prob to find inner peace and sort out his life...all the while thinking about HDJ... the accident..while kneeling and bowing at the temple. Its a really good montage.

- CK came to visit yey! Pposong finds Penguin Ajussi outside. I love this little girl. WHy is she blowing his forehead. Was it because he felt hot? haha. DJ arrives and they set out..for a walk? a talk?

- Oh my gawd. Yang Mal is singing IU's song. hihi. The loan sharks arrive and show stops. Loan Sharks threaten her DaJin comes to the rescue..no wait... CK comes to the rescue. OMG! He's HIT! He's HIT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Due to time constraint, I just watched the whole drama and will do a speedy quickie summary. Eunhye did a good job already. As we all know, DJ's personallity is that she doe not back down and if she feels wronged, she does not forgive easily. She demanded explanation from CapK as to why he did not allow her to fly and take away her ID. CapK as we know also hads temper. He whispers to DJ why she is the "lowest" as she does not even see that there are so many people watching them and she just does what she wants and needs. To me he seems to be pointing out that DJ is immature. Out of anger at her behavior, he throws her ID into the dirty garbage. Of course, DJ needs that ID so she has to hunt for it in the mess.

As you say, CapK seems to be doing a soul-searching to get an anwer about whether he should stay a pilot or to leave the job by putting his body through torture at the temple. I felt the director overdid it but it also seems characteristic of CapK to do such a thing in order to find his answer about what he should do to redeem his past mistake. It seems that he made a decision to help DJ--she is too much of a mess not only in her immaturity as a person, as a pilot but also in her current life status. DJ is a immature person who has too many resposnsibilities (ie her sister and her aunt). That is why, in my mind, CapK goes to DJ's house after his soul-searching. Just like Choi JiWon who is trying to make DJ grow up a strong pilot so is CapK trying to help DJ by getting involved in her life. What a way to redemption. Instead of  focusing on their guilt and walking away, Choi and CapK are facing their guilt and focusing on DJ to save her and to save themselves. PS was blowing CapK's forehead because she thinks CapK looks sick. She has more perceptiveness than her own older sister----keke. As we can see, DJ is imperfect ball of hot emotions and needs lots of taming....so CapK will help her even though he put his own life in jeapardy to do so....what a story! love it!! See you after Epi 6!!!

Epic! Now what?! Will this leave him paralyzed for life? What can this do to his flying career? MORE DRAMA! WAAAAH! I need soju!

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in my opinion the captain has a contribution in the her mother death  but it is more on the stewardess because of her negligence the passenger asked for help but she ignore her for a guy she knew that she is pregnant she should have lend her helping hand it's good ... they should  have fired her for not doing her job well or negligence of duty....  how much more DAJIN can  take?I also love KDS father and that crazy aunt....i think we have another triangle:KDS father+  crazy aunt+DAJIN's father friend

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