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These Celebrities Went to the Same School... and were Classmates

It's not common that multiple alumni from one same school debut as a celebrity. 


However, these celebs went to one same school and were classmates. They used to be friends but now, as they have made their debut, they have becomestar friends. Check out which celebrities who went to the same school and were classmates in the past!



1. Lee Jongsuk, Shin Hyesun, and Kang Haneul







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Thank you @ibru for your continuing effort in keeping this thread warm.   Truly appreciate your time searching for new updates; I know some are from the past but they are all good.

Allow me to occasionally share one or two of mine here



And May you be well and healthy, Mr Lee

Likewise, to all chingus here.

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It looks like we were right about what his October message meant. I'm guessing this is a jacket he signed for someone he was training with. Does this mean he graduated today?


EDIT: Yeah, it looks like he did graduate today. The original poster of that picture said as much (trained from October 10 - November 7) and geotagged the photo. A few other people who graduated today have posted, but nothing with JS. I'd love if we got at least one picture or a peep out of him, but even if we don't, it's nice to know the harder part of his enlistment is over. 

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