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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 イ・ジョンソク ♥ Drama 2022: Big Mouth, 빅마우스 | Movie 2022: Decibel, 데시벨


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 ❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 

-- Award Winning Actor --

-- First Class Model --


Fz5Pjo2.jpg-- PROFILE --

Name: Lee Jong Suk
Hangul: 이종석
Nationality: Korean
Country:  Republic of Korea
Profession: Actor, Model
Birthdate: September 14, 1989
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 65kg
Zodiac: Virgo



Military Service - entered March 08, 2019


A-Man Project (October 2018- present)

A-Man/YNK Entertainment (01 Apr 2018- September 2018)

YG Entertainment (2016 - 31 Mar 2018)
Lee Jong Suk YG Profile
WellMade Yedang (2015 - prior)

iunAacD.png Lee Jong Suk Instagram 

  yzzIgW6.png Lee Jong Suk Weibo

Debut (in acting): 2010 (Officially)
Drama: Prosecutor Princess
Movie: Ghost
Mini-Film: Sympathy (2009)

Yongma Elementary School
Yongdong Middle School
Yangjae High School
Konkuk University, Majoring in Professional Motion Pictures Art




2005 - <Sympathy> as Lee Han Sol
2010 - <Ghost/Be with Me (Segment Tarot 3: The Unseen)> as Baek Hyun Wook
2012 - <Korea: As One> as Choi Kyung Sub
2012 - <R2B: Return to Base> as Ji Suk Hyun
2013 - <Physiognomy/The Face Reader> as Jin Hyung
2013 - <No Breathing> as Woo Sang
 2014 - <Blood Boiling Youth/Hot Blooded Youth> as Joong Gil

2017 - <V.I.P.> as Kim Gwang Il


TV Dramas: 

2010 - SBS <Prosecutor Princess> as Lee Woo Hyun
2010 - SBS <Secret Garden> as Han Tae Sun
2011 - MBC <High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged> as Ahn Jong Suk
2012 - KBS2 <Drama Special, When I was the Prettiest> as Yoon Jung Hyuk
2012 - KBS2 <School 2013> as Go Nam Soon
2013 - SBS <I Hear Your Voice> as Park Soo Ha
2014 - SBS <Dr. Stranger> as Park Hoon
2014-2015 - SBS <Pinocchio> as Choi Dal-po/Ki Ha Myung      
2016 - Web Series <Gogh, The Starry Night>  (Cameo Role)
 2016 - MBC - < W > as Kang Chul   
2016 - Zhejiang Anhui TV (Korean-Chinese Production) < Emerald Jade Lover > Bai Lou Han        

2016 - MBC < Weightlifing Fairy Kim Bok Joo > as Lee Jong Suk (himself) (Cameo Role)

2017 -  SBS - <While You Were Sleeping>  as Jung Jae Chan

      2018 -  SBS -<Praise of Death/Hymn of Death>  as Kim Woo Jin

2018 -  SBS - <Romance is a Bonus Book>  as  Cha Eun Ho  




Special Projects:

2017 - TVC of Korea Tourism Organization - Imagine Your Korea Campaign


2005 - SBS <The Truth Game> 262
2005 - MBC <Night: Hidden Camera> 8
2009 - Mnet <Men Who Come Down From Heaven Like Rain> 13
2012 - SBS <Strong Heart> 63-64
2012 - KBS2 <Happy Together 3> 245
2012 - SBS <Strong Heart> 131-132
2012 - SBS <Inkigayo> 675-699
2012 - KBS2 <Happy Together 3> 260
2012 - KBC <9th Chungjang Festival Idol Concert> MC
2012 - MBC every1 <Singles Trend Maker> 4
2012 - SBS <Nongshim Love Sharing Concert> MC
2012 - MBC <We Got Married> 147
2012 - KBS2 <KBS Drama Awards> MC
2013 - SBS <Good Sunday: Running Man> 138
2013 - QTV <Real Mate in Cairns Australia, Lee Jong Suk & Kim Jong Hyun>
2013 - SBS <Incarnation - Controller of the Heart> 16

Music Video

2009 - 2NE1 <I Don’t Care>
2011 - ChiChi <Don’t Play Around>
2012 - Nicole <Lost (Korean & Japanese Ver)>



2009 - <Levi’s> MYMUI2009 - <Ivy Club> exclusive model
2011 - <TBJ> exclusive model
2011 - <SK2> Pitera Essence
2011 - <The Body Shop: White Musk>
2011 - <Make Up For Ever: Rouge Artist Natural>
2011 - <Biotherm Homme: T-PUR>
2011 - <SKONO> exclusive model
2011 - <EZIO> exclusive model
2012 - <Jambangee> exclusive model
2012 - <Tetra Pak Korea> ‘Take-out Milk Campaign’
2013 - <Jambangee> exclusive model
2013 - <ASICS Korea> G12013 - <Skin Food>
2013 - <OB Beer> Cass Fresh
2013 - <Nongshim> Shrimp Cracker
2013 - <Dong-A Otsuka> NarangD Cider
2013 - <Trugen> Exclusive Model
2013 - <OLLEH ALL-IP> Korea Telecom Corporation
2013 - <Poko Pang!> NHN Entertainment
2013 - <OK Cash Bag> SK PlanetPhotoshoot
January - Vogue Girl
February - Cosmopolitan, Elle Girl, SEHEN, Vogue Girl, Auction Top7 Stylist Project
March - BAZAARJune - OhBoy!
August - CeCi2012
February - 1st Look, InStyle
March - CeCi, SURE, Vogue Girl
April - GQ Korea, HIGH CUT
May - Elle Girl
July - Singles
August - Cine21
September - SURE
October - J Style Magazine
December - CeCi2013
January - Vogue Girl
February CAMPUS10, Style Chosun
March - BAZAAR, CeCi, NYLON, Vogue Girl, @Star1
April - Marie Claire, STARAZ
May - ELLE, K-Wave
June - Singles, Vogue Girl, W Korea
August - HIGH CUT
September - NYLON, Singles
October - CeCi, Cosmopolitan BIFF Special, Vogue Korea, Magazine M
November - @Star1Unknown Date - Shape, W, Annie, Alice, Fashion Leader and many more



2005-2006 F/W Seoul Collection - Designer Lee Jin Yun
2005 Guangzhou Designer’s Biennale – Designer Jang Kwang Hyo
2006 S/S SFAA Seoul Collection – Designer Jang Kwang Hyo, Lee Jin Yun
2006-2007 F/W Seoul Collection - Kim Yoo Sik, Park Jong Chul, Son Sung Geun, Lee Young Joon, Lee Jin Yoon, Jang Kwang Hyo
2007 S/S Seoul Collection - Designer Park Jong Chul, Son Sung Geun,Lee Joo Young, Lee Jin Yoon, Jang Kwang Hyo, Han Sang Hyuk, Han Seung Soo, Park Hae Rin, Kim Kyu Sik, Kwak Hyun Joo, Hong Eun Joo and many others
2007 S/S Levi’s Show (P/T)
2007 The 23rd Korea Best Dresser Kim Young Sae Show
2007-2008 F/W SFAA – Designer Park Jong Chul, XESS, BON, Park Hae Rin, Kim Kyu Sik, Kwak HyunJoo, Hong Eun Joo and others
2007-2008 F/W Spris Show
2007 Konkuk University Graduation Fashion Show
2007 Dongduk Women’s University Graduation Fashion Show
2007-2008 S/S SFAA collection Designer Kim Kyu Sik
2008-2009 F/W Habenormal Fashion - Park So Young, Yum Mi
2008-2009 F/W BON Exclusive Collection - Han Sang Hyuk
2008 Sangmyung University Graduation Fashion Show
2009 S/S Seoul Collection - Go Tae Young, Kwak Hyun Joo, Kim Si Yang, Song Hye Myung
2009-2010 F/W SFAA - Han Hye Ja
2009-2010 F/W Seoul Collection - Go Tae Young, Kwak Hyun Joo, Park Sung Cheol, Park Hye Rin, Lee Young Joon, Lee Hyun Chan
2009 Gangnam Fashion Festival Kim Kyu Sik Show
2010 S/S Seoul Collection - Kang Dong Joon, Go Tae Young, Kwak Hyun Joo, Park Sung Cheol, Lee Hyun Chan
2010-2011 F/W Seoul Collection - Park Sung Cheol, Jung Doo Young, Choi Bum Suk
2011 S/S Seoul Collection - Go Tae Young, Kim Suk Won, Park Sung Cheol, Jung Doo Young, Choi Bum Suk
2013-2014 F/W Solid Homme 25th Anniversary Collection - Woo Young MiAMBASSADOR
2011 Konkuk University Ambassador2011 13th College Student Economic Universiade Ambassador
2012 Global Aviation in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province PR Ambassador AWARDS:
2005 Netizen’s Voting Star of New Advertising Models in South Korean Super Star Selection Competition2006 Most Photogenic in SMART Model Contest
2011 Mnet 4th Style Icon Award [sIA] - 2011 SIA’s Choice
2012 KBS Drama Awards - Best New Actor (School 2013)
2013 6th Korea Drama Awards - Actor Excellence Award and Best Couple Award with Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 6th Style Icon Awards - The 21st Century Gentleman

sources:  withljongsuk.tumblr.com      Wikipedia


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Guest zingsharon

News: He Is Getting More Attention Cuz of "Sun Disease" from Secret Garden


Interview Photos





Screencap from Drama Secret Garden

He changed hairstyle? Looks nice!


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Guest adikkeluangman

Hyoyeon’s friendship with Secret Garden’s ‘Sun’ revealed

Netizens have managed to dig up a photo revealing the surprising friendship between SNSD’s Hyoyeon and actor Lee Jong Suk. For those of you who may not be familiar with the actor, he’s currently playing the role of ‘Sun’ in “Secret Garden.”

Since December 28th, sticker photos of the two have been circulating around various community boards under the title, “Proof of Hyoyeon & Sun’s friendship.“ Both are ‘89ers and are seen posing affectionately. The third person in the photo is speculated to be an SM Entertainment trainee.

Netizens commented, “Hyoyeon has such a wide variety of relationships,” “This friendship is surprising,” and “Even before their debuts, they were both so cute.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Actor Lee Jong Seok looking cute in “Vogue Girl”

Actor Lee Jong Seok, who currently plays the role of ‘Sun’ in SBS’s “Secret Garden,” has shed his chic and rebellious image in the drama for a cuter image transformation through “Vogue Girl.”

Through a vivid pink knit top and a cute newspaper hat, the actor shows off a contrasting style to that of his usual image. His model experience can also be seen in the accompanying photo of him in a suit, which gives off a classier feel.

The photographer commented, “Lee Jong Seok’s sweet, pretty boy features combined with his broad shoulders and long limbs do well in creating a luxurious effect. He’s very shy and respectful, but manages to give off a serious gaze in front of the camera.”

The actor is currently rising as a ‘hot new star’ since his appearance in “Secret Garden” and is earning a variety of different CF deals.

This photoshoot can be seen in the January 2011 issue of “Vogue Girl.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Jong Seok discusses his role as ‘Sun’ in “Secret Garden”

As you would have already guessed by his tall height, Lee Jong Seok used to be a model before he became an actor. Although he managed to climb to the top at the young age of 16, he came back down in order to pursue acting. He first debuted through SBS’s “Prosecutor Princess,” but didn’t catch the public’s attention until he became the prodigal musician ‘Sun’ for SBS’s “Secret Garden.” Now, Jong Seok is being hailed as one of the hottest new stars of Korea.

The casting for ‘Sun’ was originally meant for singer Jay Park, but was eventually passed on to Lee Jong Seok after the production company and Jay Park’s agency failed to come to an agreement.

Lee stated, “Being the substitute of Jay Park and the fact that the role was of a prodigal musician put a lot of pressure on me. I practiced my singing a lot, but it was nowhere near the level of my role, which made me worried. I underwent vocal training with Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon, but eventually had to lip-sync for a couple of my singing scenes. My lip-sync scenes were recorded by a singer named Ren.”

When asked whether he felt any pressure playing the role of a gay character, Lee calmly replied, “At the time of my audition, I already knew that there would be a gay scene with ‘Oska.’ Working as a model, you come across a lot of gay people in the industry, and I’ve been close with many of them since I was younger, so I’m used to it. I felt no pressure at all.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Actor Lee Jong Suk on “Secret Garden”, his affections for Nana, and being friends with SNSD

Within two months, actor Lee Jong Suk managed to turn his career around through his role as ‘Sun’ in “Secret Garden.” When he walks the streets now, he claims that he hears whispers of “It’s Sun!,” and “That’s the kid ‘Oscar’ trained!”

Lee began, “I thought it’d feel good to be recognized before, but it’s not as great as I thought. I’m thankful that people recognize me, but it’s my friends and those around me that are making it a bigger deal out of it than me. They tell me to ‘be careful of what I say’ and ‘act appropriately.’ I’m sometimes restricted by what I can and cannot do as well. While having to play up to the whims of others, I realized that it’s actually quite uncomfortable. I’ve been especially bothered by little children calling me informally, ‘Hey, it’s Sun!,’ or ‘It’s Lee Jong Suk!’ (laughter).”

He explained that his role in the drama managed to turn around his strict father. On days when he’s unable to watch the drama’s broadcast, he’ll sometimes call and ask questions such as ‘Son, did you get a lot of air time? Did you do well?‘

When asked whether he was able to rest after the drama concluded its run, Lee shook his head. “I normally like sleeping until I’m so tired of sleeping, I wake up on my own. Filming may have ended, but there are other schedules like movie meetings so I haven’t been able to sleep that well yet. It is a bit difficult waking up so early in the morning.”

Regarding his character leaving ‘Oscar’ at the scene of his concert, Lee explained, “That scene made me tear up a bit because I realized that it was really the end. I was disappointed in having to separate with the people I’ve become so close with over the course of the drama.”

Asked whether he’d ever sing for his role with his own voice instead of using a substitute, Lee replied, “Never. I honestly did practice singing a lot, but I lacked a lot of aspects so we went with a substitute. We practiced lip syncing instead.”

At the mention of the drama’s other hit tracks such as Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman” and Hyun Bin’s “That Man,” he hilariously replied, “I honestly heard ‘That Woman’ as a guide version many times way before Baek Ji Young-ssi sang it. Whew, I’m already tired of it.”

Rising popularity, however, also comes with a price. For Lee, it came in the form of new fans digging up information of his past, eventually leading to a pre-debut appearance he made on SBS’s “Truth Game,” when he was in his third year of junior high. On the show, he showed off a variety of fun talents such as break dancing, model walking, and facial expressions. Lee explained, “Honestly, I haven’t seen this video yet, only the captured pictures. I was so embarrassed, my back started sweating. Will I never watch it in the future? Yes. I never want to see it.”

On the topic of variety show appearances, Lee recently joined SBS’s “Strong Heart” for the first time after his debut and earned attention for having performed a dance by Orange Caramel. He revealed that he chose that dance due to his strong affections for member Nana.

After stating that he wanted to try a mellow genre in the future, like Kang Dong Won’s role in “Romance of Their Own,” he immediately chose Nana as his female partner. “They say I look like Nana-ssi. Hearing that so often made me feel closer to her. Who will play the role of Jo Hansun, you ask? Hong Jong Hyun.”

Asked whether he’s really been friends with SNSD’s Yoona and Hyoyeon since pre-debut, he jokingly answered, “My agency CEO said that he’d give me a leading drama role if I cast Yoona. I recently met up with Hyoyeon cause she said she’d buy me food, but all she talked about was Hyun Bin. She said her and the members debated over who was the coolest, and I asked whether anyone chose me. She said they all chose Hyun Bin.”

On his goals for the new year, he revealed that he wanted to get himself known as ‘Lee Jong Suk,’ not ‘Sun’ of “Secret Garden’s” Lee Jong Suk. “I just want to be Lee Jong Suk. I’m still far from being an actor, so I’d like to take my place under my own name first.”

Fans will soon be able to see him on both the big and small screen this year.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Actor Lee Jong Suk accepted into Konkuk University

Earlier, we announced that B2ST’s maknae Son Dongwoon was accepted in Konkuk University as an image and film major. Now it’s been revealed that he’ll be joined by actor Lee Jong Suk (22), who is also aiming for a film degree.

According to Lee Jong Suk’s agency on the 31st, he took his qualification exams back in November and received news of his acceptance. Despite the tough competition for the department, he was able to surpass others during the regular application period.

A representative of the agency said, “Lee Jong Suk who has a passion for acting like no other, has prepared himself through his activities. He’ll take intense film-related courses.”

It was also revealed by his ageny that the star has been receiving endless phone calls of congratulations for his acceptance into Konkuk University since the news went public.

Lee Jong Suk garnered everyone’s attention by playing the role of genius composer ‘Sun’ in the recently-ended drama, “Secret Garden.” He is currently looking over scripts for his next role.


Lee Jong Suk makes an appearance on ‘Strong Heart’

Actor Lee Jong Suk will be a guest on the variety program, ‘Strong Heart!’

Lee Jong Suk, who is well known for his chic role as the genius composer Sun in the SBS drama, ‘Secret Garden,’ will appear on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’ and reveal his audition experience.

Additionally, the actor will also talk about behind-the-scenes episodes he experienced with fellow cast member Yoon Sang Hyun, and show his true cute personality apart from the chic image shown in the drama. At one point, the actor also surprised MC Kang Ho Dong by reenacting one of Sun’s classic lines, “Get out!”, further revealing his various charismatic charms.

Meanwhile, this hilarious and highly anticipated episode of ‘Strong Heart’ will be aired on February 8th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

‘Sun’ from “Secret Garden” starred in 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”

Actor Lee Jong Suk had been the industry for a while before his fame shot straight up through his portrayal of ‘Sun’ in ”Secret Garden“.

As we’ve seen, stalking comes with popularity, so the netizens have quickly found some old footage of the star.

It turns out that he was the “playboy” 2NE1 sang about in “I Don’t Care“. He plays the role of a thoughtless boyfriend who flirts with all the ladies in their music video.

Netizens commented, “People who are meant to get popular, get popular,” “He looks like he has Oska’s hair,” and “His past is cute.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Secret Garden’s Lee Jong Suk gives his thoughts on his small role

Secret Garden’s Lee Jong Suk, who played Sun on the show, came on “Strong Heart” and joked around a little bit about his small role in the hit drama.

He said, “In the 20 episodes I appeared on the drama, my footage would only total about 30 minutes. All my lines were like ‘Go away,’ ‘Move out of my way,’ and ‘I’m busy.’”

He added, “I had a lot of scenes with Yoon Sang Hyun, and because I was getting a lot of lines in a short time than him, he would yell at me, asking me to talk more.”

Kang Ho Dong asked him whether or not he feels his popularity. He answered, “I’ve been feeling it a little. People are recognizing me even though my role was small.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Jong Suk joins Rain, Shin Se Kyung for “Red Scarf”

Actor Lee Jong Suk has been cast for the upcoming movie, “Red Scarf“, which also stars Rain and Shin Se Kyung!

Lee will be playing the role of Rain’s junior, who’s also a combat pilot with a mysterious top gun charm. Since he’s just been admitted to Konkuk University, Lee will be simultaneously preparing for college and for his film role.

Directed by Kim Dong Won, the film is said to be costing $10 million USD in production expenses alone. With tensions rising due to the recent Yeonpyeong Island skirmish, interest in this film has been steadily increasing because it features about attacking Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Actor Lee Jong Suk’s high school pictures revealed!

Actor Lee Jong Suk’s old photos from his high school years have just been unveiled!

Through an internet community site, Lee Jong Suk’s graduation and high school pictures were uploaded, and has already gained a considerable amount of interest from fans.

Judging by his early years, the actor’s cool charisma could already be sensed, and his milky white skin has been drawing high praise from the ladies.

Netizens who saw these pictures gushed, “Celebrities look different even when they are young.” “Oh~ He looks handsome!” “This is why he became a celebrity.”


Lee Jong Suk dances to Orange Caramel’s “A~ing ♡” on ‘Strong Heart’

Actor Lee Jong Suk melted hearts with his adorable dance cover of Orange Caramel’s “A~ing ♡”

On the February 15th episode of “Strong Heart“, the charismatic actor revealed his cute dancing skills, surprising everyone with his charms.

Switching from shy smiles to great grins, the actor delivered a variety of dances, but killed the crowd with his “Aegyo dance” from Orange Caramel’s famous song. It’s said that the audience squealed with delight at his captivating performance.

After the episode aired, viewers flocked to the internet, posting comments such as “Where on earth have you come from? Your lovable and shy expressions are all so cute“, “My heart melted at your dance“, “My sleepiness was completely taken away after I saw the adorable dance“.


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