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  1. I honestly have no idea. If I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, I'd say they will release a list of 200 on Monday and that would have to include names we haven't seen before. Having said that, I really don't trust them. It wouldn't surprise me AT ALL if they released an unnumbered list of 175 and just pretended that it's 200, hoping nobody notices. They basically did that week after week in some form, from missing highlight reels to shortened lists. I don't think there was a single week that wasn't short of something. The last 2 were a wreck with absolutely no acknowledgement or explanat
  2. The only thing I can think of is that Jongsuk has been too busy to do the photoshoot. The campaign started back in March, but even then, it was said by OK! Magazine that it was really hard to get that photoshoot with him. While it’s a big deal to the people running the campaign and to us, I can’t even imagine Jongsuk having time to worry about it. I’m assuming that they either have to work with his schedule or it isn’t happening. If it doesn’t happen, it probably just couldn’t work because I can’t see them leaving him out on purpose. At the same time, I do believe it’s up to an organization li
  3. I'm not correcting you, @jongkkot (because I know you're just repeating what other people are saying), but there definitely aren't 200 actors listed. The people who think so probably stopped paying close attention once their favorite was announced and believe it's over since it's last week has come and gone. Also, when people talk about actors being added after the campaign started, I believe that is speculation based on the Weibo list that was leaked/released ahead of the campaign. If an actor or actress who wasn't on the original list was announced, they consider it to be an add on. However,
  4. Kofic's "The Actor is Present" campaign posted this message a few days ago: "Hello there. Thank you for your showing your interest in and affection for the Actor Is Present campaign and for visiting our special site. Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we will release the list of 200 participating actors on the 'The Actor is Present' online special site on June 30. Also, we are planning to continue various campaigns online and offline to promote Korean actors globally. We ask for your continuous interest and participation. Thank you very much." I guess that'
  5. @frozentundra Western media has been ruined by seasons. They never have a story written out from start to finish, so it all just becomes a series of clickbait and badly-executed suspense to gain viewers. Yesssss. Wanting to be picked up for multiple seasons in Korea is a fool's game. Like you said, 9 times out of 10, it isn't going to happen so it just leaves the fans with no ending at all. I'm really hoping for some kind of good news soon. I have a lot of doubts that either of his movies are going to be released this year and Big Mouth probably won't be eit
  6. I honestly feel a bit torn about Big Mouth in general. I'm usually ok with dramas being shorter because a lot of them drag on just to get to 16-20 episodes, but we miss him so much that I would rather it drag than lose 4 to 8 hours of Jongsuk. I also don't really know how I feel about dramas with multiple seasons.
  7. In your original post, you specifically asked why we hadn't discussed his possible injuries and if anyone here thought he wasn't hurt. In truth, I hadn't said anything until now because I knew most people thought he was injured (while I thought something in between yes/no) and I didn't see any harm in that. There was no reason to bring up other possibilities. But when you asked for that opinion earlier, I thought you were opening up a discussion because you were curious about alternate thoughts. That's why I listed a number of other reasons we could be seeing these bandages on him.
  8. I'm sure he can invite friends to the set and that production supplies dinner on days when filming runs late enough. If his hair is cut, he may gravitate towards wearing hats in between takes. It would also be standard for him to change out of a uniform before meals to keep his costume clean, especially if it's white like what we saw on Kim Raewon. Or, like we've discussed in the past, he might not be wearing a uniform because his circumstances in this movie are different than we think. Obviously, there is a lot we don't know with very little information to build concrete opinions on. But I'm
  9. @jongkkot, I always thought he was on set in the picture taken with his friends due to what was behind them and the lady who shared the pictures being some kind of manager. Removing props and wardrobe like that can be difficult in between takes or during your break. It might also ruin continuity to have to redo it. I wonder if he'd even be able to film a movie like this with real-life injuries that can't be hidden on screen. I wasn't trying to call anyone out or suggest people who think he's been hurt are wrong. I said anything was possible, including that. When you asked why we ha
  10. I haven't wanted to speculate much about whether he's hurt because we don't have a lot of information or evidence to support that he is. Whether it's the finger he had wrapped in one picture of the wrist brace in another, I figure it could just as easily be his character who is hurt. It's also possible these are CGI props, strange wardrobe, or just misunderstood by us in some other way. I wouldn't be surprised if the action scenes have been hard and therefore, he's experienced some kind of injuries to his hands... but I'm just never as sure as everyone else seems to be. I
  11. Yeah, I also get the impression that movie sets are full of secrecy and largely closed off to the public while drama sets aren't. Almost everyone working on Decibel have been very quiet about it on social media. I don't see many behind the scenes pictures being posted. A 2-hour movie is way easier to spoil than a 16-20 hour drama, so the secrecy makes sense. I wonder how much money is lost if a movie isn't released to theaters. Is it possible for a lot of these films to just surrender to a Netflix release? I mean... won't there always be a 100+ movie pile-up so long as they never s
  12. For what it's worth, I think entertainment has never been more important than it is right now and has gone from being frivolous to important for people's mental health. I also agree that rumors and baseless gossip shouldn't be circulated. We should learn to wait for genuine news to be confirmed. I just wonder if the fake reports would die down if the public was better informed. I don't think it used to be as important, but with most people staying home these days, the lack of confirmation and official updates has been kind of hard. As of right now, I wish we had a better outline o
  13. @jongkkot, It's interesting that all of the information coming from that twitter account with all the drama schedule info seems to be right every time. That makes me really excited since they're the ones that released information about The B Team. Good job on noticing the mention of A Story! I love that Big Mouth is already being talked about so much and the production company in charge is getting good publicity. I think it's impossible to know for sure whether Jongsuk is still considering or if he's signed on quietly. He had confirmed his role in Decibel without anything official
  14. The 4th is pretty late for a magazine spread because their deadlines and when we see it are totally different things. The layout, articles, advertisements, etc. need to be finalized much sooner than they're printed. They also need to be printed much sooner than they're released so the shops have them in stock on time. It's true that his Elle and Harper's Bazaar shoots were released closer to the end of the month (when the magazine comes out in stores), but his Esquire shoot (where he was on the cover) was first revealed on Friday, the 15th and the video of his shoot was released the next day.
  15. Ooo, I hope so! When I first saw it, I just thought he was getting ready to shoot his scenes for Decibel. Then I wondered if this was a photoshoot (it's a little late for a magazine shoot since those have to be printed and finished in less than 2 weeks) or maybe even a commercial shoot. As much as I like the idea that he just wanted to share his favorite breakfast with us, I can't help but wonder if he was getting ready to film an ad for them instead and this was his teaser. Whatever it is, I hope we get to see him soon. We've actually gotten fairly consistent updates, but we have
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