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  1. I've wondered if this Prada deal would extend past the Esquire cover too. Jongsuk modelled Omega watches on the cover of Esquire in 2019, and a few months before that, attended an Omega watch event. It never escalated into a contract with legit ads, but that could've been due to his enlistment. In 2017, Esquire gave him the cover while modelling Saint Laurent. I think they even did the photoshoot in Paris where the runway show was being held. These mini-endorsements and deals are really fun, but I've gotten the feeling this one might be extended. I imagine there are many brand deals knocking a
  2. Ok, I see. He's just going to get more and more beautiful until we have absolutely no way of comprehending it, right? How does he keep doing that??? Can we just get a drama with that hair, please? I think it's very special that we're getting the fan q&a too. I've been assuming he wouldn't be on the cover because those who are don't do the comment interview segment for their YT channel. Since the fan q&a comes out 6 or more times a month, most (if not all) of the groups/idols/actors that take part in it are only featured online and since Jongsuk doesn't really have anythi
  3. @frozentundra, I think Jongsuk is the undefeated champion of picking the best dramas. He said that’s his favorite compliment to receive and it makes him proud, and it should because it’s true. You can tell he takes his time and knows what to look for, probably because he’s such a fan of dramas himself. But I do think it’s interesting to imagine how well each drama would have done with someone else playing Jongsuk’s character. I truly believe the magic comes alive when his script choice and acting combine. The dramas may be good on their own, but they’re fire when he gets his hands on them. Th
  4. @jongkkot, I checked out their Twitter account and thought it was weird that most of it is just random quotes from interviews they’ve done. Are they all relevant/new or is there no real rhyme or reason to them? I can’t tell. I do think he’s going to work with Arena soon no matter what, but I am hoping this is a sign.
  5. I'm fine with what he's done so far too. I was more or less looking at how all the other actors and idols have returned. Most of them hold some kind of livestream event or post a random selfie of them with their dog wearing sweats. They often act like they're happy to be back, but it isn't a huge deal for fans to see them again. On the other hand, it seems like Jongsuk changed up his look and kept himself in really good shape for his return. He has probably thought about the way he wants things to unfold more than we can imagine and has put a ton of effort into what he thinks will thrill us. I
  6. @jongkkot Ah, ok. So it does make sense that this is more or less an internet exclusive. But in my opinion, that's really good news because it means he is probably going to be on the cover of another magazine and has more planned than this. It seems like a smaller appearance in the grand scheme of what someone like him is probably planning on doing. It's the only thing we know of for sure so it's really easy to feel like that's what we're waiting for, but I don't think Jongsuk is just going to posted the 2 things he did and then stay quiet until the end of January. In all honesty,
  7. Ok! I just did some more research. From looking at Esquire Korea's IG page, it seems like the cover goes to someone selling something. Like what Jongsuk did with Omega watches in 2019. It also seems like the one with the cover doesn't do the interview Jongsuk is doing. Whether they do photoshoots, I'm not sure. But if somehow they bend the rules and have him on the cover with a print interview and photo spread, their December cover was first posted on November 19th but their January cover was first posted about in the form of a video on December 13th and the actual cover on December 14th. Keep
  8. Thanks for sharing, @jongkkot! It's nice to know when to expect the interview because we're so in the dark about everything else. It does make you wonder what else Jongsuk has planned because I really can't imagine he's going to make us wait until late January to see his face again. I mean... I hope not. ETA: I remember Jang Kuensuk doing an interview and photoshoot with Arena Magazine after he came back from the military. His discharge date was May 29th and his Arena spread was first posted on his and their IG on June 11th for the July 2020 issue. He debuted
  9. From the picture he posted, it looks like his hair is slicked and tucked behind his ear on one side, but long and more in his face on the other. You can see a long strand of hair past his chin on the side furthest from the camera. I honestly don't think we're ready. He obviously doesn't think we are.
  10. His hair looks very long! I wonder how he's been able to hide how long his hair really is, especially in the pictures he posted on the 2nd. He did the same thing in the picture Shin Jaeha posted of his back a few months ago. I would have never thought his hair was long from that picture, but it definitely was back then too. It makes me think of what @frozentundra always says about him being a ninja. That boy can hide his appearance in plain sight!
  11. Well, that's a trick he's accomplished for the entirety of 2 years, minus once or twice when the paparazzi and a few fans spotted him. Considering he's so tall and recognizable, I'm glad he has his ways of living his life without being seen. To me, it isn't a question of whether he's allowed to keep to himself. Of course he should have the freedom to do what he wants, but considering how restless he was to have communication with us all this time and how many jobs he booked before he was even discharged, it's pretty unlikely that he's just choosing to stay away from us now. Whether
  12. So what I'm gathering from everything that has gone on is that January 2nd is still his technical discharge date but December 31st is when he went to work for the last time since the 1st is a holiday and the 2nd is on the weekend. So he's technically no longer working as a public service worker, but hasn't reached the end of his enlistment yet. I say this for a few reasons. One being that December 31st was a date that almost all Korean fans started counting down from well before a-man and media outlets mentioned it. Nobody ever suggested that his date was moved up from the original
  13. I just checked out all of the 댓글 인터뷰 videos (they have a few other series but this is the one he'll be doing) and the shortest video was 3 minutes (though that was one of the first) and the longest was about 12 minutes. With Jongsuk, it could really go either way depending on his mood and comfort level. He could talk alot or he could get nervous and give short answers. Either way, I think they're aware he's been missed like crazy and will make the episode as long as possible. The good news is that if he does a shoot with Vogue anytime soon, they have a series similar to this where
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