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  1. My Korean isn't great (currently working on it), but from what I can make of his message, I figured he mentioned going on a trip because it's (he's) too hot where he is. And I then I think he asked where his board went. I know he said "Where did my (blank) go?" Which might explain why he was writing on the window instead of the mirror. But I couldn't get many answers about what 보드판 means, other than board. Then, of course, "I love you". IMO, this message aligns with his "secret code" wall and that was for us. Since the fans are pretty much the only people he's completely isolated from, I assume that's who he's missing. He also wouldn't have to ask someone he's interested in or dating to go on a trip via his cafe wall. And the same goes for "I miss you, I need you..." in english. Don't get me wrong, if he is in a relationship and wanting to share, I would be nothing but happy for him. I just think he's hoping we'll understand him and what he's doing, so I don't want to overcomplicate it or misunderstand. I was thinking about that today and it occured to me that now is when everything is probably hitting him. It isn't unusual for him to take some time off between projects and he enlisted right after filming. Until now, it hasn't been much different from how he's done things many times before. Now we're entering uncharted territory. This is when he'd start preparing for his birthday fan meet-up. This is when he'd start thinking about (or filming) his next project. He'd at least be doing some kind of ads or photoshoots to pass the time. He's hit that fork in the road where things are really going to become uncharted and scary. Maybe all that has forced him to realize how much he misses/needs us? It's really no surprise that he'd be reaching out more often and getting bolder with his messages when you consider it. Not to say that speculating or thinking of every possible scenario isn't fun. What else do we have to do for the next 540 days?
  2. I saw some people questioning if he's leaving these messages for someone special, but it seems pretty obvious to me they're for the fans. He knows we're looking and we're really the only people he can't communicate with or see. I notice there is less and less time between messages. They're also getting more obvious every time. It must really be hitting him now. Where he used to be careful not to say "I love you" or "I miss you", now he's just coming out with it. I hope that's ok. He always seems to reach out when I find myself missing him the most. Like you said @lanieqp, it's so nice to know that he feels it too. Here in America, I think it's a perpetuated idea that celebrities are better than you, don't need you, won't miss you, and that you should be careful not to expect anything [more than the music, TV, or film they make] from them. I've always found that disheartening. Why wouldn't you love and care for the people who love and care for you? I've never seen anyone do that as well as JS. He leaves no room for doubt that he genuinely cares. He feels what we feel, almost as if on cue.
  3. This guy and his mind. I've been blown away by the sweet ways he's managed to reach his fans. This one takes the cake so far. We have another 550+ days to go and sometimes that feels like too much, but he makes it a little bit easier with surprises like this. Today, I couldn't help but think of his farewell letter. When he said, "I really miss you, and I’ll probably miss you more as time goes by, but I will return to you slowly..." That feels like a promise kept.
  4. I've seen quite a few director's cuts available for shows that aired on TvN, so that shouldn't really effect anything. Here's hoping!
  5. So, I did some research. Suspicious Partner aired between May 10, 2017 and July 13, 2017. The directors cut DVD set was released April 11, 2018. So almost a year later. I couldn't get a clear answer about whether JCW did the commentary, but looking at the list of extras included, he seems to be missing from the list of interviews. They often conduct the interviews the same day as the commentary is filmed, so that's probably our answer. Both the super late release date and fact that they went ahead without an interview/commentary from one of the leads is good news for Bonus Book. I looked into Legend of the Blue Sea's director's cut DVD and couldn't find any indication that there was any commentary at all. It didn't even have subtitles. Some have deleted scenes, some specific special features. It really just depends. In any case, that did make me feel better about the possibility of a Bonus Book director's cut. My main concern now is whether or not the demand was high enough and it was as popular as it should've been. For some reason, I get the feeling it was very underrated. Maybe I'm wrong?
  6. I definitely don't think they'd let him film commentary for the DVD. It's either going to be without him or they just aren't going to do it. I suppose there is a small, small possibility that he knew this would be an issue and made sure to film commentary while they were still shooting. Obviously, the selection would be limited, but from what I've seen of commentary, it's always for random episodes or specially selected clips anyway. If in the past he was able to film a movie and a drama at the same time, it's certainly possible... though probably still more likely that he didn't. They did release a directors cut of Suspicious Partner. I'm not sure if JCW is included in the commentary, but he enlisted in mid-August and the show aired until mid-July. So he had a month to squeeze it in. Though I did read something about the director of the show wanting to do the directors cut but having an issue with his schedule, so the release date was pushed back. I found that interesting. JS really cut it insanely close. I'm not sure I'm going to find another example like him, but I will continue looking and let you guys know. The same about whether JCW was included in the commentary for the directors cut of SP.
  7. Knowing that and seeing other's reaching out more than JS, I do have to wonder what kind of special pressure he's under to be as careful of possible. I'm not delusional enough to believe he isn't somewhat enjoying the break, but I also know his very vague attempts to reach out wouldn't have been so hush-hush if he wasn't hesitant to post. I know he has added pressure to do things right because he had to do public service, but you mentioned that singer who was under similar circumstances and he wasn't as careful. Could there be another reason that he's under more pressure? I just think it would be awful (and kind of petty) to lose 8/9 hours worth of content because he couldn't attend a 1 or 2 hour commentary session that everybody else involved could still attend. I agree that it would be weird for him to be absent... but he just is. It seems even weirder than this drama would miss out on a highly anticipated Director's Cut because of something so small that nobody can control. Even the way Bonus Book finished filming without him was unusual, but they made it work because that's how it had to be. Shouldn't this be the same way? I know it might not be, but it seems unfair. I was thinking of Lee Min Ho because he filmed Legends of the Blue Sea before enlisting, but that ended in late January 2017 and he didn't leave until May. I'm sure he was able to do the commentary before he had to go. I should do some research about other situations like this because I really am curious if it's been done.
  8. I guess I always figured they'd just keep him out of the commentary and perhaps use interviews they conducted while filming instead of after. Maybe I'm biased about the inclusion of those things because I can never understand what they're saying anyway, so my main reason for buying the box sets is the making of. It also seems like that makes up 85% of the bonus content anyway. 8 hours of the 12 typically seen in box sets is footage from the set and commentary/interviews can still be conducted with Lee Na Young and others. I certainly don't want him to do anything wrong and it looks like he's being as careful as humanly possible. The pictures we got from his manager can't be positively identified as him and the message he left at 89M lacked a signature or even words (like "I miss you") that would indicate it's him (thought we got the "ㅠㅠ" to make up for that). I've seen articles about other k-pop/drama people sending letters and taking pictures to their fans during their enlistment. I'll gladly sacrifice that to insure JS doesn't get into any trouble and I'm really glad he's being smart.
  9. I think I saw something about Memories of the Alhambra being cancelled when I was researching. The fact that JS is away right now definitely makes both Hymn of Death and Bonus Book very lucrative. I wouldn't be surprised if the box sets for all his past dramas are in higher demand as well. Even I splurged on one of the directors cut's recently. The panic that Bonus Book won't get one has definitely creeped in. It looks like there is more interest for it than HOD, but I still get this sinking feeling that it won't happen. It's definitely in high demand (even just in theory based on the current circumstances) so I don't know why they wouldn't jump at the chance. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe the silence and lack or coordination with the cafe is because they're in the process and didn't have a doubt about it's demand? Wishful thinking.
  10. Huh, ok. That's what I figured. I tried following the Bonus Book cafe and couldn't put two and two together about what's going on there. It almost seems like there is an unexplained delay or a lack of communication with the studio, but I could be wrong. Thanks for answering, though. I'm actually quite surprised Hymn of Death got a Director's Cut -- even more surprised that JS did the commentary for it. I'm not complaining though. It's great to see him laughing so much in the preview clip. It's definitely a sight for sore eyes.
  11. I have a question about the director's cut box sets. It might be stupid but after doing my own research, I still can't really figure out how it's decided which shows will get them, who is in charge of it, and what those special pages and forums are all about. Do fans campaign for them? Do the people in charge of getting them produced create and run the pages/forums and that's why the updates are all posted there? I'd assume it's just a place to keep fans informed but there are pre-sales and information I wouldn't think fans would have. I'm sure my ignorance is ridiculous, but I'm very curious and haven't had any luck getting the answers I'm looking for. Any information would be wonderful.
  12. I believe the "ㅠㅠ.." he wrote is a crying face. To me, that changed the entire exchange. Yes, he's doing well but he's obviously missing everyone and everything.
  13. I'm very grateful that he's doing his best to stay cautious. I don't want him making anyone mad or breaking rules at our expense. It also makes the little ways he sneaks a quick hello all the more meaningful. Sending secret messages he knows only we will fully understand... so, so charming. And it always seems to be when the silence is just too heavy. If he knows when that is, he must feel it too.
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