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  1. I worry about that sometimes. He's so sensitive and kind. Usually hearts like his end up broken or changed. I think that's why we all feel so protective of him. He has said quite a few times that he felt his role in The Face Reader brought down the movie and because of that, he's sworn off of anything historical. However, I remember Lee Seo Jin talking to him about it on 3 Meals a Day and he seemed open to the idea of a historical drama under the right circumstances. Selfishly, I kind of hope he doesn't because it's not my favorite genre, but I'm sure if anyone is going to make me a fan, it's him. I was just thinking today about how different all of his roles have been. I think that's one of the things I find so impressive about him. There is a distinct difference in all of his characters. I don't believe he's ever played the same role twice. Musician, airman, student, swimmer, doctor, reporter, manhwa character, serial killer, playwright... he's always something distinguishable and none of his characters blur. I'm sure a few of his critics would disagree but they're wrong. I know a lot of people didn't love Doctor Stranger (especially the frizzy hair) but I remember being blown away by how different he was as Park Hoon. He change his body type, his speech, and mannerisms so much that he felt like a different person to me. While that drama wasn't the best in terms of writing and casting, I have such a soft spot for it because of how hard he worked to become this character. I know he feels like he failed, but he didn't. Not at all.
  2. I think I've seen a few mentions of their time in the military from various k-stars but I've never followed someone who spoke in-depth about it. I saw in an article when Jung Il Woo returned from his public service enlistment that he immediately shared what he did (worked with the elderly) and spoke about how it changed him as a person/actor. On the other hand, I made sure to pay attention to Lee Min Ho when he returned and despite a few pictures before his final day and an IG post saying a quick "Thank You", his discharge seemed very anticlimactic and unlike what I anticipated. Maybe I just didn't see the full picture? I will say that unless Jongsuk is told to keep quiet, I could see him opening up about it. It's his nature to reflect in interviews. I assume that being away for 2 years will have a big impact on him, so I can't imagine it just getting swept under the rug unless it has to be.
  3. Yay! You figured it out! I knew it came from somewhere but I never would’ve found that. You’re so good for getting to the bottom of things, @kiyimae! I like that he’s trying to stay optimistic. He’s the one who enlisted and yet he’s the one taking care of us and cheering us on. He truly is one of a kind.
  4. Haha, that's what I was thinking. I looked up the entire phrase on Google and saw many people use it as a hashtag. Someone else wrote it in a blog about the new year all the way back in 2010. I'm guessing it's an idiom in Korea?
  5. It's really nice that he's keeping in touch in his own, creative way. It's also cute that he's forever concerned about being too hot. I'm also happy that the fans who find these are sharing them.
  6. You're probably right. His hair does look very similar to the sum37 ads. I'm not sure what the hair rules are for public service. I know when they do their training it has to be short, but before then, I don't know. He wouldn't be bleaching it though and his hair wasn't that light (I don't think) when he enlisted. I just find the timing of this confusing. Why now and why is it ok? Not that I'm complaining, I just like to know every detail about everything because I'm extra.
  7. So, is this new or was this filmed before he enlisted? Just the fact that it's new to us makes it precious, but I would be curious to know for sure. I mean, this would fall under promo unless it has something to do with the public service he's doing, right? Even if it was filmed before enlistment, I know it wouldn't be ok to release a drama or photoshoot he had on reserve or begin a brand new campaign, so this doesn't seem like it would be ok either. Wishful thinking or...? The poem is so sweet (and topical, considering the distance between us now) and like I've said before, his voice is magical. This really could help a lot of people. I've noticed, but I've kind of hoped it was just a side effect of having to enlist. I know he's talked about turning 30 and acting older, even that doing aegyo when he's 30-something would be silly... but I never felt like his "aegyo" was an act. It's just a built in part of his personality. I hope he doesn't feel the pressure to change who he is or how he acts just because of his age. If he's been "off" the last year or so because he had a hard time coming to terms with everything, I could see his spark being dimmer than usual. It'll be interesting to see if it's back in 2021 or if he continues to be more serious than he was just a few years ago.
  8. Girl, same! I can't wait until he comes back because while I love a lot of dramas and think there are many actors who are good at what they do, nobody can touch JS. It's the whole package, including the projects he chooses. I find myself wondering how quickly he'll jump back into things too. I understand wanting his first drama back to be perfect and that might mean taking his time selecting, but part of me hopes he already has something on the backburner waiting for him when he comes back. Does anybody know what happened to that drama he was suppose to do in 2018 (See You Again, I think it was called). I know it was cancelled and never made with anyone else either, but I guess I'm curious why. I've wondered if they dropped it because they wanted JS to star and when he couldn't for at least 3 years, they put it on the backburner. It seems like a lot of work to just give up on entirely. Wishful thinking, probably. But a girl has a lot of time to dream for the next year and 4 months. It's weird because time is going by faster than I thought and slower than I thought at the same time. Half of me can't believe it's already been 179 days. Another half of me can't believe we have 487 left. That seems like a silly complaint. Isn't that true to life? He only has one face and it looks the same when he cries, looks surprised, etc. If anything, I'd say he has done an amazing job at looking and acting different in every role. His voice wasn't even the same in VIP. I often think about how all of his characters seem like different people. To me, he doesn't look the same in W as he does in While You Were Sleeping. Or in Pinocchio compared to School 2013. He always finds a way to look different, act different, and bring something new to his roles. I've heard people say that his speech is very boring and monotone as well. I just can't with that. His voice is the first thing I fell in love with! I could listen to him all day, every day. I honestly think the people who feel this way haven't given him a fair chance or they have another favorite and have to raise them up by bringing Jongsuk down.
  9. I keep thinking I'll feel better in January when we can start counting down the months, but I just miss him so much. Thank God. I'm glad he wasn't scared off and that he reassured us that he's ok. These "messages in a bottle" can really make my day.
  10. So it looks like A-MAN Project just confirmed Kwon Nara has joined Park Seo Joon's latest drama. I can't help but wonder if this whole rumor was publicity before this announcement. What are the odds? I wouldn't have paid attention to the headline had we not been talking about her and JS all day yesterday. PR is a tricky business but that tactic always seems to work.
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