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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest LittleShine

HOLY mini cooper. NO WAY.

I srsly cannot believe this.

2pm is not 2pm if Jay isn't there!

I mean, i understand that netizens go crazy over a comment (we do too), but to ask him to kill himself AND leave 2pm? Thats just way over the top. Netizens are fricken crazy, i wish i can slap some sense in them.

They were going to release an album soon!, last episode of wild bunny should be released and we should all be laughing at it! But this happens! and wild bunny is postponed. like SRSLY No fricken way. NO WAY.

JYP better bust his richard simmons to keep jay from leaving or i'm losing all respect for him.

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Guest lavieestuncercle


korean netizens are effing stupid,shallow and closed minded...the comments were made 4-5 years ago...it was that freaking long...if he really resent korea then he had all the chances in the world to quit training before debut..but instead, he opted to stay and continue with his dream..isnt that proof enough that jay definitely changed feelings and thought after that comment, which i may repeat is freaking 4-5 years ago...korean netizens need to get over it, and get a life...

and please jay, no, dont quit...dont listen to their nonsense...2pm will never be 2pm without their leader...

im a newbie 2pm fan, and the first people that i noticed was jay, nick, and woo...

ah~im seriously pissed right now...grrr...

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Oh wow. This is ridiculous.

First of all, I thought it was stupid to see so many petitions of "Support Jay Park" floating around. I thought to myself, how serious can this actually be that this topic needs PETITIONS? I mean he made a couple of comments five years ago, everyone makes stupid comments sometime in their life.

Seeing this now... god. I never realized how freaking SERIOUS this is. This shouldn't even be serious at all!! So he made some comments, everybody has.

This is stupid, and I hope it isn't true. I believe Jaebeom should fight back, not back away because of netizens. He is the leader of the group for a reason.

If the leader gives up, what will the rest of 2pm do?

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Guest Kiss Me

Seriously this is so ridiculous. I bet if you go out on the streets of Korea, a lot of them aren't going to be pleased about everything in Korea and at least trash talked about it. SO stupidddddddd. I can't believe netizens are doing this. Making OUR jaebum leave. How dare you take him away!!

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Guest daisy_changstah

I also hoped that it was hacked. JaeBeom had worked so hard for this, and to throw it all away is such a waste. It was four freaking years ago! Seriously! He already apologized too. Gosh. Even though I'm not a big fan of 2pm, I still acknowledge his talents. Hope to see 2pm with their leader again, even if it was true!

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Guest photodaisy


He was a prominent image of the K-pop industry. It'll be so different without him. Man, I really hope he achieves something greater than 2PM. Nothing along the sides of stardom but maybe something more beautiful. ;)

... -coughackcough- ... Is there going to be a replacement? -coughackdaehuncoughcough-

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