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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest lovemelody.

i doubt it, JYP already said he's not gonna take jay out of the group.

but if it was true, then holy mini cooper, john tesh korea and come debut in the US!

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Guest doremii*

why is he announcing it on his fancafe first? :huh: wouldn't JYP announce something as important as this?

yeah.. I'm not going to get worked up just yet..

hopefully it's not true, and it's just a hacker.

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Guest TaiTsuki

My heart is in so much pain right now.

I hope this isnt try.

Please leader Jay...

2PM wont be the same without you..

Leader Jay... Many fans are crying with you at this moment...

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Guest Juntakaii

Yesss, I'm hoping that someone just hacked into his account.

If it is true, its too heartbreaking.

In fact, I loveee Jaebeom in variety shows and performing as 2pm on stage.

2pm will always be 7 of them. Less one person, its not the complete 2pm. ):

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Guest xdeathberry


Korean netizens are SO FREAKING STUPID!

I can't believe he just gave in like that though.

We should do something.


Makes me ashamed to be Korean.


Freaking drama queens.

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Guest james18

NO WAY! This cant be true. Im not a 2PM fan but 2Pm wont be 2PM without Park Jaebum.

i think that fancafe was hacked. seriously.

JYP wont allow this to happen too.

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Guest kpop_lover


There is no freaking way that this is true.

2PM is NOT going to be 2PM without him.

If this is true, I really hate the dang netizens to their guts.

I thought JYP said that Jaebeom will still be in 2PM despite all this.

Didn't all the members said that 2PM is all 7 of them?

Dang I'm so shocked and so confused.

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Guest chibilala

Not true. Something this drastic would be released by the higher-ups. Plus, the writing itself seems cryptic and odd for a "goodbye" statement. Probably just some dumb antis again

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wow just cause he called korea "gay"?. These netizen just don't know north american culture. they proly don;t even know what context that "gay" was used in. such a dissapointment, i really hope this is a rumor.

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Guest 1nn0xsmile

been reading all jay's news but never made a post,

today i have to, this is too much for fans to believe

JAY CAN'T LEAVE!!! this matter can resolve, but not by this way

what is this, it cant be true.

must be hard for a leader to decide to leave his own group

plz save JAY,

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Guest sonwily

jae is so stupid, you should just talk more bull about them. Netizens are getting way out of hand, its nothing serious at all. I honestly hope his account was hacked cuz if it was real, I think I'll be kind of disappointed.

if jae actually left 2PM, he's stupid. Stop being so selfish and think about ur 2PM brothers, they need you and you need them, so just suck it up jae and just do ur best in the future as 2PM LEADER!

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this is a LIE !!!! omg no way is JAY GONNA LEAVE who are these dumb netizens or what nots gosh get a life you weirdos seriously stalking the poor celebrity's walls on myspace omg what lowlifers omg i'm gonna smack everyone of them for making jay leave i really pray this isn't true and i hope jay stays strong man this is really getting out of hand and i'm seriously pissed right now - -;;;;

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