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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest heleNx3kimchi

Oh no........................................ :(

I was hoping he would pull through. People will eventually forgive and brush it aside, especially since he's a male idol. I guess the pressure was just too much. Poor guy.

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Guest oh`retro

Oh my f-cking god.

I think my heart just broke into 230498 pieces.

I just want to curse off those netizens like there's no tomorrow.

I hope they're freakin' happy.

They ruined 2PM.


This guy was on his way to becoming a serious star.

F-ck netizens.

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Honestly, I think he should have dealt with the situation longer. Even though the netizens repeatedly attacked him, with the support of his family and friends, he would have overcame them. He's a strong person, leader, hyung, and friend. Having Jaebeom quit 2PM is a waste because Jaebeom is a talented artist. 2PM isn't 2PM without all 7, and that includes Jaebeom. I don't even think he should consider quitting 2PM just because of how the netizens are reacting. Who gives a dam about what they think? If you have the love of your family, friends, and fans, you shouldn't care what everyone else thinks.

Honestly speaking, netizens are scary. They're ruining lives by criticizing a person on their actions. People learn from their mistakes. Jaebeom definitely did, but even with his apology, they haven't forgiven him. What kind of bull is that? Why the hell would you even make a petition called, "Jay commit suicide." Do they even know how important life is? You don't joke around with that topic. Even with the petition signed for Jay to commit suicide, there was a counter petition that outnumbered it. With that, it showed the world's love for Jay. There are millions who love him while there are hundreds who hate him. Anti's are out there. All artists have antis. Jay's myspace controversy was just a great opportunity for them to attack him emotionally, and for all he's worth. Like he stated, his myspace comments were made out of stress and loneliness. I believe that he has a different perspective of Korea now. He left all that was dear to him to train in Korea to become the next best star. Having to live a foreign country without friends and family, training continuously with the thought of not even debuting, heck I'd be depressed too. Today, he's become a great entertainer, and is doing what he loves.

Why can't Jay be given another chance?

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Guest ShortaznGirl

even if some people aren't fans of 2pm, they should know how ridiculous antifans have made PAST comments hurt possibly all of 2pm and their fans. i will never understand antis.

please jay, rethink this decision!


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Guest hongalong

are you john teshing kidding me?

it's been confirmed?

I am so cheesed right now

wtf 2pm is jyps pride?

what are they without Jay.

this mini cooper is wack

I bet the suicide thing was the last straw that broke the camels back.


Edit --

its been confirmed on 2OD

Jay is leaving to America to be with his family...


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OH HECK NO! I am really praying that this is just all fake. AGHHHH! No way!

Really, I hope JYPE verifies this as fake. But if it's real, why Jaebum? WHY? Noooooo! But nonetheless, I respect whatever his decision is. 2PM's only 1 year old. :( I just really hope this isn't real.

On a side note, I'm so astonished at how much attention this whole Jaebum thing is receiving.

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this is incredibly upsetting! :(

jay must've felt a lot these past days. and he's leaving on his own terms.

argggggggg i am so upset/sad/angry! i need to punch someone.

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Am I the only person who has faith in Jay?

He was made leader of 2PM for a reason.

From what I know, Jaebeom is a strong guy.

Call me stubborn, but I believe that his account is 100% hacked.

Believe in him. that's all. peace.

Are you kidding me? I'm sure Jay himself isn't reading this, but he let all the netizen's bad views on him affect him enough to actually leave 2PM and leave Korea. You have let your group down as a whole, Jay. And that to me is more dissapointing that what was said... what? 5 years ago? When you were homesick?

Seriously, what's worse?

1 Letting your antis down by continuing your duties as a leader, and becoming stronger and wiser in the process, giving them a piece of their mind.

2 (this is what you chose.) Letting your beloved fans down by quitting 2pm and all your hardwork wasted. It's not only Jay suffering, but 2pm is dissapointed because their hardwork in their pre-debut days as a 7-team group is now gone.

2pm is not the same anymore.


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i won't believe this until there's an official statement released from jype.

word. jay may not be my fav member, but i still really like him. can't imagine 2pm without him.

i honestly don't think he would quit, esp when jype and his members have his back..

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...I just really hope this ain't true.

JYP said he wasn't leaving so why the sudden announcement?

I refuse to believe this one until it is completely confirmed.

Although JYP said that, it could be Jay's personal choice to leave. He might have believe that the group will not do well if he stays in it, so in order for the rest to be successful, he decided to leave. It's just a THEORY though.

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Guest superjihyeee!

CRYING LIKE A FREAKING BABY GUYS OMG. T__________________________T

7-1=0. 2PM has to stay togehter. JYP BETTER MAKE THAT BOY STAY OR WTF.

this can all blow over if time is given ;_;

why are they letting antis walk all over them?!

Isn't what fans say more important than what antis say?!

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