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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest sOojiN&

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Don't leave us!! What about the people that are supporting you and loving you?? You can't just leave us like this T__________T don't leave please.. I thought JYP said you weren't disbanding... T_T...!!!

ASGHJKLGDFGHJ freaking idiotic netizens. Don't sign the stupid petition. Eff those without a heart. Poor Jay, I hope people can just calm down and forgive him. He didn't commit a crime or anything. Just leave him alone..

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Guest Ellegirl

This is utterly heartbreaking. I hope to God this isn't true. He needs to stay strong and don't give into what the netizens want!

Even though I'm not really into 2PM, I know that Jaebum is deeply sorry for what he did years ago. Netizens need to STFU and GTFO about something that Jaebum did years ago. He was young and naive.

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Guest `simple_adoration*

Omg is this seriously true? I really hope this is all just a joke or something. 2PM can't be 2PM without Jay.. this is seriously making me cry. wtf is wrong with the netizens... seriously, no one deserves so much hate. I really hope that wasn't him who posted that :'(

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Guest pinkstripes

i won't believe this until there's an official statement released from jype.

i read an article from newsen and it says that JYPE has confirmed it.

i guess it's different from jyp releasing an official statement though

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Guest tsukemene123

I am in disbelief. 143 other members reading this topic--everyone is in shock, I think.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Netizens, is this what you wanted? I'm not even a 2pm fan but I have to say, congratulations for destroying the dreams of a guy who chose to give up everything he had in his home country to try and make it big entertaining YOU in yours.

Congratulations for making all of his sacrifices worth nothing.

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