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[breaking News!] Jaebeom Quits 2pm ! :(

Guest Mimiluvsu

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Guest pencilcasee.

Shocking. I don't know what to think right now. This is exactly what those netizens wanted out of him. I really wish this doesn't happen. If Jay does quit, then this is just another situation where Korean netizens "win" again. It's because so many celebs in the past have given into them, that now it's basically hard to stop them. This only increases the amount of influence and power they have on celebs and the entertainment business as a whole.

I know some people might be mad at Jay for quitting and even though I don't agree with his choice, I can see where he might be coming from. As 2pm's leader, he probably feels guilty as heck for putting the group in this situation. I think he probably though that by quitting the group, he won't be affecting the others and their projects - the upcoming album, etc. This is all such a shame :(

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Guest rainidy

Jay don't deserve this. People should just give him another chance. Forgive and forget. This happened when he was still a teenager, so why can't people be more understanding?

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this is my WORST nightmare.

although i saw this coming, i didn't expect it to happen so soon.

like what others said IT'S SEVEN OR NOTHING

im crying my heart out right now D';

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Guest _ijusswannabeme_

I found out like just minutes ago on daum....

mann... what was even more shocking on top

of this news was that some netizens were saying

that it was good that he left 2PM.

I really wanted to kill somebody right then.

I mean like WTf?!?! freaking netizens lead like

already SIX people to death, and now they


I'm so effing pissed man.

I'm sure that almost 99.9% of korean americans

would agree that what Jaebum wrote was like

freaking NOTHING. koreans are making a really

HUGE DEAL out of things that people say when

in unfamiliar conditions.

aishhhh. I feel soo mad.

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Guest heleNx3kimchi

I'm not even a huge fan of 2PM so I don't know why I'm so disappointed right now. I guess it's because I've been watching Wild Bunny from time to time and I just... I don't know, I liked Jaebeom. He's hilarious on the show, along with all the other members. It really sucks that he's leaving 2PM. It won't be the same.

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Guest splendidlure

Jaebum is just giving into what stupid bully netizens want. GRrr.. I'm so mad. Why can't the other guys persuade him to stay? Grrrr.. Seriously.. Korean Pop Celebrities are giving netizens too much power. I WANT A KOREAN CELEBRITY TO SPEAK ON THIS AND TELL THE NETIZENS TO STOP THEIR BULLYING. grrrr.

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2PM isn't 2PM without all 7, and that includes Jaebeom.

I agree with what Juuliee said.

Because of what netizens said and did, Jaebeom can't just quit.

He has to fight through this.

He can't just leave the group.

I choose to not believe this one bit.

I choose to stay by Jaebeom and 2PM's side until they fight through this.

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Guest SiSyd Choi



I am seriously bout to cry with my loads of assigment but this is the worst...

Please say it's not true that his fancafe has been hacked...

He can't do this!!

Stupid netizens..seriously I'm f**king pissed and sad!!

let's just wait a word from JYPE *fingers cross*

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Guest LittleShine

HOLY mini cooper. NO WAY.

I srsly cannot believe this.

2pm is not 2pm if Jay isn't there!

I mean, i understand that netizens go crazy over a comment (we do too), but to ask him to kill himself AND leave 2pm? Thats just way over the top. Netizens are fricken crazy, i wish i can slap some sense in them.

They were going to release an album soon!, last episode of wild bunny should be released and we should all be laughing at it! But this happens! and wild bunny is postponed. like SRSLY No fricken way. NO WAY.

JYP better bust his richard simmons to keep jay from leaving or i'm losing all respect for him.

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