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Guest siriuslyinlove

I'm so sick of having to wait ALL DAY just to hear "it's too late, you can't hang out with her".

THEN WAKE UP EARLY AND GET SOMETHING DONE. I am sooooo sick of you waking up at 4am, spending 2 LOOONG hours getting ready. By then it's 6, your parents make you stay for dinner, which is at 7, then we end up hanging out at 8pm....only to go home at 12. Well, if you'd only get up at 10. But no, you can't do that, because you stay awake until 8 o'clock in the freaking morning.


Today you were supposed to help me move out of my house. It is now 4:15 and I haven't heard a damn word. I'm taking a guess and saying you're sleeping. I'm probably right.


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today at volleyball practice after school. i took off my lanyard and left it on the table where everyone keeps their stuff. and as practice was over, i grabbed my lanyard and stuffed it in my backpack ready to leave ! my mom told me to go meet her at a friend's place so i did and i went home with her, and when i went to open the door with my key (that is attached to my lanyard), the key was not there -_- and realized that that random richard simmons key sitting on the table once it cleared was actually mines. some bastard detached my key from my lanyard for god knows what reason. when i find out who the john tesh did that, i'm beating the mini cooper out of you

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Guest CorruptedSilence__nomore

I don't think I can ever say this outloud...

But I regret ever being your friend.

You're such a fake. You never done anything to us? How can you even DARE to even SPEAK those words? What about talking behind OUR backs? What about calling us names behind our backs when we were trying to save you from your failing life? Where did all of that go? You can't say it all disappeared. You're such a liar. You're in denial. You know we tried helping you in the past but you just went parading around making us the bad people. So now that we're no longer on the good terms and we decided to talk about how YOU screwed us over and someone overheard us, we're suddenly the bad people again? I'm sorry but we did the SAME exact thing you did to us. So why, why should you even say "I've never done anything wrong to you guys."

I'm sorry but you have. That's not going to away and I'll remember how you screwed us up and left us just because we were telling you to stop doing what you were so your grades wouldn't drop. And then you got mad at us and look now, your GPA is lower than 2.0 and you wonder why? Psh, I'm sorry but you're just in denial. Don't ignore the fact YOU were the one who did it to us when WE did nothing to you but try to help you.

But you don't understand that do you, you ignorant selfish self centered child.

I truly regret ever becoming friends with you after this year. I hate you.

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Guest twinkle_l0ve

Its only been 2 weeks of uni and we already have an assessment

how much could we have learnt that its assessible?

THATS john teshING my happy poopoo!

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This stupid girl is talking behind my back and telling my friends i'm talking about them in a bad way.

She seriously needs to shut up because I might just punch her in the face or something.

She's so pathetic because she's always making drama and LYING TO EVERYONE.

Even her own best friends and talking crap about them.

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Guest lampshade

I ask for privacy and you say "I need privacy too" in your diluted english! I can't take this anymore woman! You have problems with dad, ok! Get over it. He apologized. You can go sleep in the same bed with him again! Think about how I feel about your intrusion. I can't stand Thai movies. I can't do my homework with your commentaries about thai movies! You don't have privacy? You need privacy? Are you kidding me? You're home 24/7! Impossible! The world does not revolve around you and your life is not as dramatic as you make it! Stop being so damn childish!

I asked kindly. I even said please. But your hands kept moving. And you slipped those cheesy lame thai lakorns in even after I asked nicely. Selfish. SELFISH! I tell ya.

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Guest cpark1430263252

was planning to watch a movie with a friend that is rated R...but i didn't have my ID...and the lady actually asked for it...all the theaters i've been to never asked...or seldomly did...and it just pissed me off. she refused to let me watch the damn movie. im facking 19 damnit.

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Guest blametheloserinme0

I hate stress!!!!!

I'm just getting over the Flu which i had for a week. I hate being sick!!

Life sucks...

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Guest plumplum

I wish my roommate and her friend would get out of the bathroom so I can use it.

They've been in there for an hour.

Plus, they woke me up at 7:45 am on a Saturday morning and I can't go back to sleep.

So. Pissed.

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Guest thalia.

Have you ever felt as if you just had to say F M L

(f my life)

I have a paper due on monday. Two tests on Tuesday. A project on Wednesday. Another test on thursday. Tryouts on Friday.

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Guest xdeathberry

You've changed.

I've changed.

What a great friend you are, huh?

Stop thinking about yourself, you spoiled brat.

And you.

just stop thinking altogether.

both of you being buddy buddy just pisses everyone else off.


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