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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!


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Guest doll face

ewh, I hate today.

not only was everyone pissing me off lately,

I was pissed off at people for no reason D': and those kids are my favorite kids in the world.!

I feel so bad. TT_____TT;

andilookedgrossss. alsdkjslkdjaslkjdaslkdj. I hate being so selfconcious.

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Guest yOungMi_012

my teacher doesnt know how to teach

im doing really bad in that class

quarters about to end

thinking about college worries me

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Guest PoooBear

I'm failing 2 classes, well, not failing but close.

My religion teacher sucks.

I'm about to be initiated into my sorority.

I keep showing up late for chem class, even though I try so hard to come on time or early.

My mom is an inconsiderate prick who doesn't care about my feelings when I tell her how bad I feel.

No one can help me but myself.

The Homeland security people printed the wrong number on my original citizenship certificate, so now I have to go get it corrected.

I now know the USA government is full of incompetent idiots who cannot print a the right number sequence on a damn piece of paper.

If I have to wait, I'm going to throw a fit, not even kidding.

I need to study but I can't even focus.

My mom thinks I'm a lazy mofo even if I try my best, and I really have, she doesn't believe me.

I refuse to ever talk to her again, she really is a bad mom, even if she cares for me physically.

Today has been the worst day ever.

I cried and broke down.

On top of all that, I'm pmsing.

Oh and I haven't worked out in 5 days and I feel like a total fat richard simmons.

This is suppose to be a stress-free spring break. :tears:

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Guest choliese

i thot yesterday's misfortune was just for yesterday, turns out it's for today as well.

brought me horrible flashback, hope i'll survive. LET ME BE HEALTHY PLSSSS

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Guest pinguvxd

i totally forgot that this thread existed. time to vent.

so today wasn't totally a bad day. it was pretty alright until i was doing math homework. I dont understand any thing on it! What the hell is with the stupid conics?! Graphing them and trying to find the damn equations were friken hard. In the end i still dont know how to completely solve them.

Also I have my stupid CAHSEE tests tomorrow which will make me miss apbio which i totally need to be in.

My English projects and french project are all due next week so i have to finish them all this weekend.

Math test this week, have no idea if i'll ace it because conics friken messed me up.

my damn ipod is breaking down on me! it is time to buy a new one, after all its like 5 years old. My headphones are jacked up as well, they are ripping apart and i can see all the red, green, yellow etc wires and to top it all off my friend got a new itouch which is making me so jealous. It made me so jealous that i ended up going on craig's list to look for a great deal on an itouch, but then i remembered that i have no cash.

stupid art teacher wouldn't let me go into art 3.

3 months of school left. i am so not ready for the ap exam.

3 months of school left. i am so not ready to work my butt off during the summer.

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Guest xxpiinkified

i think i just had the worst "emotional breakdown" ever, haha.

i don't think i've ever cried so much in my life. when am i ever going to stop?

no one understands. nobody.


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i need more space! i need more privacy!

stop pushing me to do something i never heck wanna do.

sdfghjsdfghjkwtf! don't ever say thank you coz i'm not doing what

i like but being forced to! so i should be the one who say thank you! danggit!

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Guest ~S.O.S~

Just eff life, man. Seriously.

$70 dollars on a printer that can't even function properly, a waste of my half hour.

2 tests in one week over material that we've barely covered.

It's so ironic, too, because these two classes ALWAYS have their tests on the same day.

And to top it off, a multiple choice question is apparently equivalent to a free response question, point wise.

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Guest twinkle_l0ve

I did not get in YOUR way.

there is no such thing as "your way"

I was in a john teshing public space you douchebag


and why the john tesh do you have to go through my planner and say all that mini cooper!

you're john teshing useless!

and you! you just shut the hell up because you're the most useless person I've ever met


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had only 4 hours of sleep, now i have to cram

i dont get the geography stuff were doing now to save my life.

& i have the geo exam in 2 days. just lovely.

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Guest meilove

stayin home from school & not even enjoying it.

i'm freakin tired cuz i have the stomach flu.

i'm missing 1 or more huge tests.

i have hw to do but i don't feel like it

i feel like crap

i wonder what everyone else is doing

urghhh my head...

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