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Guest crashandburn

Ugh, two-faced trio are getting on my nerves. I'm starting to realise their not worth my time anymore, they've been ignoring me for a while now. Whenever i try to talk to them they don't take me seriously and i've tried telling them how i feel yet they just nod and carry on as if it was normal. I was left on my own for a whole hour and ten minutes since they abandoned me too. >.< I swear i'm gonna explode soon cause they keep pressing the wrong damn buttons.

I'm glad she was there though, so i could tell someone and calm down. She was like my ray of sunshine today.

S.ucks biengs ignored by your closest friends doesn't it? It hurts too.

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Guest GloomyPookie

My boss is making me feel miserable and angry because he touches me...

I knów he doesn't mean anything with it, because I've observed that he's a touchy person in general. He doesn't do it to other colleagues, though... I have noticed a bit if friends came by.

But I HATE it! I am NOT his friend. Nor will I ever be. I always get angry inside when he touches me. Like when he asks me something he briefly puts a hand on my shoulder. Or briefly tickles me on my back. In the very beginning when I got there to work as an intern for school he even had the guts to put a hand om my leg, I mean WTF?! That did give me a wrong impression, he hasn't done that anymore. Thank God.

I'm already done with school. The only reason I still work there is because I'd only found it polite to finish off the project that I have been working on, but the project just keeps getting postponed because we're dependant of other people.

I find my boss annoying with everything that he does, says. I don't know if I became feeling that because of the touching or if I didn't like his personality. It's been a too long time for me to distinguish from what is came from.

I'm also getting fed up with the postponing that I'm becoming to feel depressed...Yesterday I suddenly felt down and cried because of all of it, but mostly because of the touching.

I'm not putting this in "Love & Relationships" because only I can fix this. By telling him to not touch me. But I'm afraid. Afraid of how he may react. If the tension will be thick. I wouldn't want that, because he is a one man bussiness. So basically it's just him and me. There are also other One-Man-Business' in the building he's sharing with. But I only see them during break when we all have lunch together or when someone gets coffee.

And right now I have this bad feeling again in me. I'm such a coward for not saying anything to him. The only thing I'm doing is ignoring him as much as possible. By barely talking to him, also during break. He thinks I'm a shy/quiet girl which I'm actually not. But I don't want him to know the real me.

I hate the way he makes me feel. :(

I hope the project is soon finished because I can't stand it anymore!!!

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Guest Hongki.love

Another new topic thingy! Just like the Random Thread...

I'm so tired and sleepy but I gotta study and practice. Sighh these days when I go on AIM everyone who talks to me are really annoying...I've noticed that I'm only going on AIM to talk to one person but we don't talk that much. I wish I was better!!

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Guest Amethist

Balkenende ffing ***** .. Yeah so I bought clothes over $150,- at YesStyle so I didn't have to pay for shipping costs. And now I gotta pay import costs instead, because somebody in the government had to put in a stupid import law.

Great, total worth of €170,- , my twinsister already had to pay €30,- over a pair of Big Bang shoes that costed €145,-.

Yep Balkenende really pissed me off with this one..

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Guest FusionGT2

-Overdraft fees

-Scratched new rims

-Cant find a job

-Too much hw

Wow this sure is a lot to take for one day eh? Someone shoot me now o_O

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Guest hanilemon

I don't want to feel sad anymore.

I went to my friend's house today but now that i'm home and alone I just feel so down.

Tomorrow's the art show and i really really hope the week'll just get better along with the weather. I just don't want to feel sad anymore.

haha sorry soompi i posted in another thread expressing my emoness, dont mind me!

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Guest daulism

DANG! I ate soooooooo much TT I hate breadsticks, yum......... Well I gotta go run tommrow morning eh?

Damn. My history paper is fail.

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Guest cpark1430263252

I dislike when people post pictures and then say "don't mind this or that" like in the background and most of the time I didn't even notice whatever was in the background until you pointed it out. just annoying, but whatever.

Let's rant about my apartment. I'm sick of this place. I'm sick of the roaches that randomly appear. I hate the people above me, well I shouldn't hate them but every time someone walks in the room above where my room is, the floor freaking creaks so loudly. And because of that it's hard to sleep in peace. Seriously, how many times do you have to walk around. Go to sleep already! damnit. And I hate the birds that live in the trees in this complex. These birds have like diarrhea 24/7 forreal. And most of the parking spots are under trees so wtf man. It's disgusting, one sidewalk is completely covered in bird poop and looking at some of the cars, I feel bad for the owners..their hoods are covered with bird shiet. .....there goes the creaking floor again...omfg. I can't wait until we move out.

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i've to see her almost everyday. grr.

why oh why? we're going to the restroom at the same time, we just

did everything at the same freaking time, literally. =.=;;

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Guest heS2yoobin

Don't you just hate it when you've finally logged back into your soompi account after a longgg break, and you see that you have one message, but then when you start clicking it, it loads slowly, and after finally waiting 2 minutes of your life, you find out its a fricken add from some findyourmistressnowdotcom? lol haha

I also hate how FML totally makes my life heaven. nothing to complain about after reading those. :]

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Guest kimchi*BOY;

I HATE 2-Faced Rats.

I HATE BackStabbers.


Especially those that make up bullcrap stories just for attention. Cowards I tell you.

~When you feel like you can trust somebody and this somebody Backstabs the shiZ outta you, it's the worst feeling ever~

Hope Karma turns right around and takes a bite outta your richard simmons.

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Guest plumplum

I keep feeling like he's getting tired/bored of me even though he says he isn't.

School stresses us both out and we end up taking it out on each other.

Maybe it would be better if I actually started sleeping in my apartment. >_<

But I'm so used to him always being there. He's my best friend, and to tell the truth, my only friend.

I wish I could just start over and refresh this. I want him to think I'm perfect.

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Guest EHNerJI

LOL. someone needs to take a look in the mirror =.=;

honestly, she doesn't even get that i'm annoyed, lol.

even though i'm making it so obvious =.=

does she want me to freaking yell at her?!

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Guest Desda

sigh...i'm just another typical teenager experiencing typical teenage angst.

but i don't really accept that fact...i just state it. i still think i'm the 'speshul' one with all the extra spin-offs >_>;

anyway, i should get some sleep before swim practice...yet, it is unbearable to not read a little before i go...so i'm going to suffer later.

there are some things more bearable than others.

i consider failing more bearable than err...mental pleasures... O_o; or something.

man i can really feel the sleep pulling over me <_< *jumps around*

now i'm tired...well, you see, i didn't actually get up and jump. that takes effort. i like effortless amusing things. although they are prolly not really amusing then.

i am having a bad day because i have to go to swim practice later today.

i get to suck at everything and have it told to me in my face too.

to make things worse...there's no in class today, all practical mini cooper.

woe is me.

4 hours of utter misery.

maybe i'll "choke" and drown and die.

that's how ethan frome tried to escape his misery...well, the suicide part. not exactly the same way though.

i wonder which one is more painful.

i like to come back and read my pointless musings.

usually i can't find them though.

too many pages...like how there are too many errors in my heart.

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Guest janelforsure

AHHH! I really DON'T wanna do this. But the current situation I'm in and the way you

make me feel lead me to this conclusion. I just hope you understand that that's all I

wanna be now. You took it too fast, and that's NOT my fault. So when the time comes

for me to tell you it's over, PLEASE don't negotiate with my decision. I'm pretty sure this

will change EVERYTHING, but I'll try not to make it seem that way and I hope you make

the same effort. I still wanna be friends, and that's all I wanna be. If you change the

way you act towards me, I hope your friends don't, because quite frankly, they're my

friends now too.

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Guest selvaspeedy

I'm not doing this to get her thank yous!!! I'm doing this because I like it and I wanna do it! But yeah, it pisses me off to be the fastest girl in the group, always finishing the projects STAT and not complaining, and she won't even say a single thank you or at least FIGHTING!!! man this just sucks! I wanna hear a thank you from her at least for once, so I would know that there are some people who actually appreciate what I do :mellow:

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