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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!


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Guest xdeathberry

You don't even know what happened to me last summer so DON'T YOU DARE accuse me of being a hypocrite. You think just because you're #1 in our class that you know everything?

Life's more than school.

You fail in life.

yeah yeah, little miss I am the best.

Tomorrow's your bday but the only thing I'm gonna say to you is happy bday.

cause we were friends.

But you, you just changed. For worse.

and you.

Get the frakk out of my house.

Don't you dare call my sister and me a dumbadlfkjasdflkjdf.

The next time I see your face, I'm gonna make you so unrecognizable your mother won't even know who you are. That is, if she cares.

I refuse to believe that we're related anymore.

you're the only cousin I actually hate.

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Guest Allison

You do not know how much you pissed the hell out of me. Fine, don't wanna listen to my advice? I don't wanna listen to you.

& Oh helllll no. It's over, I swear.

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Guest évasion

god i hate you. hell you better be scared. i know it's an act, and baby if this continues you know imma break you down.

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Guest natnatnaz

I hate anatomy but I have to pass that stupid class with an A so I can get into the nursing program which I am not even interested but have to do it anyway because my mom is going to ship me off to Philippines to study there which sucks because I don't want to become a nurse but my parents think I'm going to become a bum if I graduate with a degree that has nothing to do with medicine and they won't trust me to do what I want and they don't understand that if I don't do what I want I'm going to end up miserable and stressed and a failure!!!!

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Guest CorruptedSilence__nomore

Its karma and it bit us back in the richard simmons. I won't lie, I felt that we were doing bad too much and siiigh...I just need a darn vacation right now. I don't want to see or talk to people anymore.

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Guest Ryan852

Kids dont ever listen to me when i try to teach them something. Being 18 its hard to capture the attention of a small child! why are they so ANNOYING!? When I was young if we didnt listen we got a beating before we had to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow!!

P.S.) ryuu makes me feel better because there is a picture of DOMO...domo.gif Many thanks!

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Guest squeaky

i've been sick for about more than a week.

i hate being sick.

i had the hugest nose bleed in the history of nose bleeds.

what's going on with me?

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Guest crackers&cheese

Seriously, if you're having a bad day, don't take your anger out on me. I don't mind listening to you vent or letting you yell at me, but at least give me a friendly warning. When you happen to be unskilled at something than others, you tend to devise a point that proves why they're much skilled because they had an advantage. You're very rude and self-centered. I don't know how much longer I can stand your attitude. <_<

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Guest Seriah

why the heck did i choose to go that school . . . again?! i was wanting to go to the other hs all year, but now i decide to stay where i'm at, at the last minute?! and i went through all that trouble trying to convince my parents to let me switch. i just want to march up to the front desk and demand for my paper back.

i really, realllyyy hope i don't regret my decision ;\

. . .

okay never mind, i'm starting to regret it. maybe i can get my mom to call the school . . .

if they can't do it, then i guess i'm freaking stuck there for another year (or until i graduate. man this sucks!)

oh and i have to deal with 12 pages of writing now?! ahhh, i'm getting so lazy!!!

i want summer vacation.

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Guest superhero ♥


even though its almost been a week since it happened.

i still find myself rethinking the decision i have made.

but then again, if im finding myself trying to remember what i had said to him .. does that mean i spoke lies?

because if it was truly how i felt .. i wouldve remembered what i had told him no?

BABO. youre such an idiot D:

what the hell am i suppose to do with these feelings for you?

what the hell am i suppose to do now, without you?

what the john tesh man T_______T babo, better hurry up and make up your mind before its really too late. but then again, who is willing to give the third chance?

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Guest DOLLYbeans

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH first of all half of my friends leave my group because two of the girls feel left out cause off all this "korean sh.it" that me and my other soompi friends talk about. so another 4 left cause they decided they cnat relate to us. and tehy purposely say out loud in class how happy they are they left. so then this other chick whois friends with the two chicks that didn't like this koreasn stuff called me up and started bullsh.iting about soemthing that happened last week and amd eup stuff about me bullsh.itting to other people when she is known for lying. i had to fight with her on the phone in a freaking shop with people staring at her she complained about my attitude when i was defending myself. you know what? get a life other than bullsh.it about what others do and realise that you are the real bullsh.itter around ehre. and now my cds wont burn this stupid iso file that i need to ue for my other computer that crashed.


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Guest <3 for six seasons

this month's probably the most troublesome of all.

i still have a lot of requirements which i haven't finished/done yet. D:

i can't wait until this month is over. X_X

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Guest laruzette

Gawd~ I can't believe that she ignored me AGAIN! Ugh, We've been

Friends for years and then she replaced me to that other girl

that she meet last month! The hecckkk!!

And that girl is the one that I really really hate!

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just stfu srsly, you're just another liar who lie for a living.

sorry dude, truth hurts and i hope you know that i hate you~

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