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Guest jss_love

i absolutely hate this week.

ever since colleges have officially posted admission statuses, i've become kinda depressed.

i have one more college left and i PRAY that they'll accept me...

otherwise, i honestly don't know what i'm going to do.

ugh, colleges should just post admissions EARLY!

why do they have to leave us hanging like this?!

it's just so frustrating >:(

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Guest c0lap1nada

I failed a project & a test yesterday. In a row.

I failed a test in the same subject again today. And another test. In a row.

I also have no money right now... Not very happy. :( And no one wants to hire me.

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Guest Painterlyy

I don't feel good today because this whole week i've been procrastinating and tomorrow I have to finish a essay, a poem, and a science test. That sucks!

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man, i think i kind of know how joyce feels, i would never abandon something that i claimed to love and care about so much previously just because i found out the truth about it, most likely, you're gonna end up coming back to it! mark my words woman! i don't like plainly agreeing anymore, it depends on how you take the scene in really, if you don't take it that seriously then it wouldn't seem so blatantly retarded ._. i mean, honestly the western scene isn't all that much better, it's just in a different language, but there are plenty of smtownlikefangirls in the jobro scene, the heck, you should know more than i do x_x sigh, i'll never say this to you, but i think you're wrong, on so many levels, aish, whatever, i'm over it, i can't make you see the light in something that i don't believe in myself, so whatever. its like completely denying your mother ._. or something, but then again, this totally reminds me of how i stupidly love twilight for a while and now see the retardness of it, so..it'll be hypocritical of me to be ranting about this, but i am anyway x_x ..one day i will find the right words, one day........asdfafakjaoiwerufuasdifyhasdfaidsusaiu


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Guest Mardi09

i'm so lost.

just found out i didn't get what i wanted.

well, maybe i didn't deserve it anyway.

i'm sorry.

but...what am i to do now??!

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Guest bonitagirlx

today was a really saddening day...

worst birthday of my life

[1] no one wished me a happy birthday on facebook.

[2] dad tells me he's selling our house and we're moving out

[3] friends are acting like they dont want to come to my party

[4] im single :(

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Guest princessleenie

I failed my business communication assignment that was worth 20% of my mark yesterday and nothing seems like its working out lately, he doesnt seem like he even likes mes anymore. He said I should understand him of everyone cause im his gf and that hes not in good mood lately. He wants to be alone but hes always out with his friends, Im trying to give him space, were not hanging out this weekend or monday which is the days where we usually hang out. He doesnt even call me once..... everytime i call him he seems so busy even though he would just be on the computer. I feel like crying, like he doesnt want me in his life anymore. All i want is to go back to how it was like in the beginning..

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Guest adieu.cloud

DUDEEE, grow up. damn.

why are you people so good at mind games ?

oh please, stop bluffing, ive had enough. its not even funny anymore.

arggg. you must enjoy trying to richard simmons me off . btw im not buying you your birthday present. HELLNO.

A freaking $10 something BRUSH !? DUDE. & 30 something boot !? DUDE, IM NOT RICH , what would i get for my birthday then !? A FREAKING 4 BUCK CUP !?

nothing revolves around you , yu cant always get what you want in lifee . alright ? if you want something , get it yourself, what the hell are your brains & hands for ? get it YOURSELF. cant you stop depending on so many peoplee?!

youre just trying to take advantage as me. but how am i so stupid to realize that now! T____T;

& yeah, continuing bluffing & acting "tough" youre not scarying anybody cos obviously youre too scared to do anything.

ARE YOU OKAY !? PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU. go find a johnteshing therapist.

ohmygod -___-; first of all, ITS NOT OUR FAULT . second ! she shouldnt be getting upset & yelling at us for not WAITING FOR her, when obviously she DIDNT wait for us.

she makes me want to kick her & make her fly. arggg. she blames EVERYTHING on us, when she was the one who didnt wait for us, now shes yelling at us for NOT WAITING. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! are you crazy !?

rightright. youre correct , everything you say HAS to be correct,

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Guest lido0LmisSundersto0D

of all the things she could of done. she didn't even try.

after EVERYTHING she's placed us through.

so like i've stated before, i'm out of this. i'm sick of you. and every aspect of you.

just stay out of my life, and i'll stay out of yours.

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Guest blackwhiteblue


stupid spring break came and is now leaving. I WANT IT HERE LONGERR





wheres my money coming fromm T__T

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Guest HighSkies

Today has been so lame!!!

If its not a school test getting me down its school in general and ARGH. I am so glad this week is over. But I'm not looking forward to monday either... I think I got 2% on that test.

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Guest x33chiinkiee

Spring breaks are supposed to be fun & a time for students to rest & be carefree with their lives.

I had to work Mon.-Thurs. so of course I'm tired out.

Skipped it today & in a few more hours, I can expect a pinkberrying from my mom, boss, & friends.


This week was the worst week ever.

I hate everything in this world.

I wanna just crawl in a corner & stay there until I turn 50.


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Guest lido0LmisSundersto0D

yesterday was ‘confrontation’ day, I would honestly prefer to say it went smoothly, I’d prefer to keep within my delusional state and proclaim that in the end it was a happy ending.

But it wasn’t.

How idiotic of me to think otherwise, I guess I grasped onto that little strand of hope I had left in you, and held on with all my might.

Only to later realize that, that strand was cut elsewhere and what was left was a thin piece string in my hand.

I was disappointed.

I really wanted a happy ending; even though I knew it wasn’t possible from the start.

But honestly, what frustrated me the most.

Was that you didn’t even try.

What would be the point of a confrontation, if you weren’t going to say anything?

I understand that actions speak more then words.

So when you cried, I knew where this was heading.

When I walked out the door, I hope you knew where I stood.

Therefore, I hope you understand this predicament.

We’re over.

And I’m not regretful.

And I’ll NEVER forget this incident.

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Dammit, I really hate the world today.

Just because I laugh at your jokes, I don't mean it.

They're so corny that makes me want to beat the shizz out of you.

You have so much things in lack, that's why you're not married even in that age.

You're in the age to have 3 kids! Oh, look at you, staying single for years and years.

I hope you die in loneliness!

Why the hell are you revoled around my life, get the eff off already!

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Guest winter.love

You annoy me.

For somebody whos meant to be the one person who understands me, you suck at it.

I don't even know where to begin with you

Ever since this year began, you've made me feel: frustrated, pissed off, betrayed, crap, alienated...gosh knows what other crap.

So what if its because I'm closer to other people? Its not like you werent like that last year, being close to M, ignoring me in Art and crap. And now, if I'm closer to them so what? You have him. You just have people to use at your damn effing disposal, selfish piece of ARGH. I can never consider you a friend, now, and I don't honestly care. I'm over it, when we have those awkward silences, WHO THE ASDFGHJKL bothers to make the effort for a conversation, its damn right its not YOU.

Do whatever you want. I can endure only so much. You'll break me soon, and you WILL pay for the consequences. Its not me who uses people at my disposal. Its not me who ditches friends for a guy. Its not me who thinks I'm all high & mighty at Sciences. Its not me who gets jealous.

If it wasn't for our friends, I would really just ditch you.

Why bother hanging around a person who makes you unhappier than happy?

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