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Guest Fueled by Ramen

I'm so john teshing pissed off. my friends suck and they think they know everything about me and can walk all over me. I'm about to withdraw completely from the world. stop replying to texts, calls, and delete my facebook. I have no one to talk to and when I try to talk to the person who I'd like to think is my best friend, she changes the subject so it revolves around her. worst of all, I can't confront her about this because she'd get so offended and then I'd end up having to crawl back to her and apologize. on top of this, my supposed "best friend" keeps bragging about the colleges she got into and she knows I wanted to get into those places and I got rejected from one and haven't heard from another. who john teshing does that, anyway? tell me you got in and I will be happy for you but keep bringing it up and bragging and I am just going to get john teshing annoyed.

screw this, screw everyone. I want real friends.

and I want to get news from colleges. I can't take this waiting.

on top of everything my computer is totally john teshed up and will not charge most of the time. I'm at home on break right now and if I go to the apple store and they take too long to fix it, I won't have my computer back until I graduate because I go to john teshing boarding school.

and I originally posted this on the 20+ forum because I'm stupid and was linked to the thread but did not realize the forum it was on. T_T so even though I edited my post and apologized explaining that I was linked to the thread, I'll probably get warned because that's how my john teshing life is going right now.



I just wish I had someone to talk to about this. I'm always there and listening for my friends when they have problems and I even try to help and offer solutions. when I go to them, they just end up making the topic about themselves. john teshing douchebags.


yup, I was warned. fml. <3

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Guest Taylor Min


I feel you on the 'friends' subject. Why must it be so hard to be real.

My day started off well; it always does but right around 6th period it starts to go downhill. The people I'm surrounded by mean well in some way(s) but I don't feel the need in getting to know them. I'm such a neutral person.

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Guest maydai3333

I have too much homework and i don't understand it.

I have a test and a quiz tomorrow on something that I dont understand at ALL.

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Guest fightforfreedom

i have been too greedy and only thought of my light

if you have forgiveness you shall shine in my night

maybe for a second, i forgot what we were fighting for

and beacuse of such it has left me just gore

numb like a potato i dig in my books

in order to impress those despisable looks

but what is more importance is your happiness alone

only that i have forgotten that existence is known

We will talk and meet again soon

i will once become a romeo and save you from doom

I wish that i could you this in face

but unfortunately that can't be the case

i love you and miss you in every single way

so don't worry i'll love you no matter what you say

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Guest bigfatPANDA

omg some people are stupid! impatience is such an annoying thing to deal with.

and people accusing others in such a haste to just play the blame game. urrggggh.

this girl. just ugh, on my nerves. accusing me of being something i am not.

and when i defend myself, she proves he lack of an argument yet she is still too stubborn and ignorant to accept her losing argument. got, get some sense, get some patience. i hope no one ever deals with you ever again. you're just starting crap, and dude, aren't you older than me? be mature god dammit. get some freaking brains and shut your mouth before i shut it for you.


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Guest tii_peach

I am having a sh*ty day and i am proaly gonna have a sh*ty years too,

still need to find work experience and i have write two annoying essay

and a stupid novel about some randon chick that complains about rasism,

I SUCK AT ENGLISH, give me a break!

and heaps over other richard simmons.


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Hey xxxxxxx ,

stfu... Just stop being so pessimistic, and stfu.

Nobody is asking you to care, so if you don't care then don't bother saying anything.

I don't want to hear it. I'm tired of the negativity.

If you say you care, then you wouldn't be such a negative pinkberry in the first place.

Just stfu! Quit acting like you know everything (because you don't).

Stop being judgemental on that person, because you don't even know what's really going on. <_<

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Guest lemoncake0910


People who constantly complain to their friends, or on their blogs, or state on their messenger display names about not being able to get a girlfriends or boyfriends are starting to reallyyyyy irritate me. -__-

If you think life really sux because you can't find somebody, then... don't just sit there and expect things will come to you without trying, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! or change something about yourself!!!

Otherwise... SUCK IT UP, you baby.

The purpose of life is not all about growing up and 'finding your other half'.

Get a grip. -__-

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Guest skeezeee

HAHAHA YOU DONT HANDLE YOUR mini cooper ONLINE? you ain't afraid of any pinkberry? you're gonna say the mini cooper you needa say IRL W/ ME? REALLY NOW. &you will fight when necessary? WOW HAHA. FINE I DARE YOU. LASDKFJASLFJ O:< last time i heard you were gonna rumble was with your 'best friend' and you didn't even show up. I SWEAR WHAT A TWOOOO FACED POSER. ugh. UGH. YOU DISGUST ME GO EAT A TWINKIE.

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I don't get it.

why do I THINK it's easy to open up to my friends?

but in reality it's so hard for me to do?

the only person I feel like I can talk to nowadays is J.

but still, I think I rather keep things to myself ..

like always.

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Guest witchery

Omg I'm being swamped by uni work T_T

I'm so behind!

And LEPRA is killing me! Do we really have to memorise all those sections...

I should also stop pigging out everyday >___>

And oh yeah I cant sleep now either because I just got persuaded to watch the most scary video ever....o_______o

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i screwed my own online form.

dang, i checked through for thrice and yet i made mistake. sdfghjsdfghjwtf.

and i feeeel sooooo fat even when i already skipped two freaking meals. i know

i am so wrong to skip meal but i can't help not to. geeeez, and my internet connection

ain't making my life any better. thank you.

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Guest aesthetica

i'm so john teshing angry right now.

i was on the way home and told our house has been robbed.

the robbers broke in through the basement and went straight upstairs to my mom's room first.

they took all her jewelry and all the money shes been saving up & my dad's too.

then they came into mine and my sisters room and they took the money shes been saving and stole both of our ipods.

mother john teshing pinkberryes. hope they get caught and killed.

fml, the opening night of our school drama is tonight and i need to go and volunteer.

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Guest maydai3333

Wow, I knew you were a flaker, I just never knew you would be like this. The fact that you do this just shows how much our friendship really means to you. It's annoying as crap, and honestly, just screw both of you. Seriously, GROW UP!

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Guest soulremix.

Darn it. I dropped my phone and there's a huge scratch on it now :[[[[

Ugh, my dad just ruined my good day >:[

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Guest asialover830



This whole week has been to freakin long and tiring. T_T

And I have no weekend, waking up early, and then spending 8 hours at church. not saying i don't like church, but spending all day there is annoying. And this whole 'confirmation' thing is so confusing....i sweaaaaaaaaaaar. When I get confirmed, i swear if i have to talk i am going to.....*screams*

I might be over reacting, but I don't care. And I'm sorry to them (the church) for acting this way. I am just tired and for one day, I would love to do....NOTHING.

Also, I reaaaaaaallly don't like talking in front of ppl, and I have a feeling that I will be doing that soon.....I realllllllly suck at that kind of stuff...even in front of ppl my own age! ahhh~

*i think i ranted too much. T_T*

I want this month to be over...

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