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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!


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Guest Allison

Why the hell am I sniffing some crap up in my room?! o__O I cannot breathe.

& UGHH! I pulled a muscle. It hurts so effang bad. I can't even walk atm :/

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Guest Mademoisella

i careless of what anyone thinks of me, esp. that dumb-A-hole in my class

he's probably so stupid thats why he complains that i don't take notes,

well for once get your facts straight, i pay attention in class and have my notes printed in front of me,

unlike your dumb-A-hole who don't know how to print it or what, thats why you're complaining about me..

AND, mind your own business, you conceited wannabe prick..

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Guest pinguvxd

eff school.

english newspaper project due monday. poem due tuesday. math test tuesday and i am so not ready cause i dont even know how to do it. french project due thursday. ap bio test monday!

why is school torturing me?!

my math class pisses the hell out of me. some of them dont even try which pisses the teacher off which means that he punishes us by making the test harder. why do we good students have to suffer for the stupid seniors who had to repeat the stupid class?

ugh. i am not ready for junior year next year.

i want to cry and release my stress but they wont come out.

and why is everyone on spring break but me? T-T

this sucks.

oh and i dont have ink in my printer, lined paper, microsoft publisher, or a ride to a friends house.


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Guest Ringy

Everyone keeps calling me slow. :( It is really hurting because like... I try my best to think of fun things to do together and then I am left behind. Sometimes I just feel like I should give out my password and let others post because it will work out better.

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Guest zhuuzhuusoba

^ Awww! FISHIES FOR RINGRING! ><> ><> ><>

I want to be done with high school already... ==;; I can't seem to focus in class any more, and AP Chemistry just makes me depressed! WHY THE HECK IS THAT CLASS SO HARD?! T___T

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Guest Seraphic_Gin

just because my parents have a good job, doesn't mean we can be your charity bank! they went home for a freaking vacation and have a rest without the stresors, and here you are expecting money from us.

we are on financial recession too!

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Guest majorscales

Told me to think of games to cheer up the atmosphere.

and when i suggested, u said :" No,is too noisy"

Tell me are there games which are suppose to be in silence?!

Then jus keep the silence atmosphere ,why bother to cheer up?!


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Guest ultaeja

Had a baddd dayyyy.

Mom brings out anger on me all the time.

Sister is so ignorant and all what she cares about is her boyfriend.

Brothers = game freaks. Will kill someone if they don't get to play their games.

Friend's wedding today. They weren't at the place where they told me they would be.

Hate my life.

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Guest crackers&cheese

I desperately need some motivation right now. I haven't been on task nor did I feel like doing anything. And now I'm completing everything at the last minute. I hate this. Where has all my energy and hope gone. Would someone gladly return or bring me some.

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Guest x d u c k ii e

One day , when I see that #(%$#(%#$ I'm going to slap her right across the face .

She's always clinging onto him when she knows my situation .

And , he has some $*#$%(#$ NERVE to be calling her ' booboo ' ! I'm gonna frcken !

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Guest ohhlalakelly

I cannot believe you! You chose him over your two best friends! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! He's cheated on his girlfriend of 4 years countless times, she's 3 weeks away from birth. WHY ARE YOU STILL HANGING AROUND HIM AND DOING THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING?! Are you stupid?! If he cannot stay loyal to his girlfriend of 4 years... what makes you think he can stay loyal to you? What makes it worst is that you're hypocritical. You told us that you would never choose a guy over your best friends like whatsherface did. What are you doing now? We only told you those things because we care about you. We're your best friends, we're looking out for you. You know that you're the only one that's going to be hurt in the end. Once that baby is born, he's going to have no more time for you. I can no longer look at you the same, you and your damn lies.

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Guest winter.love

So much study to do.

My brain capacity's too little to uphold this much info!

Ew, you.

You've become somebody I don't even know anymore.

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Guest Mandu

I wish you would stop whining and complaining. I mean, it's gotten to a point where you think your priority is above everyone else's and that your 'more important'. Freaking suck it up already. I'm tired of giving you a pity party. Stop having pinkberry fits over trivial/stupid things..

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