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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

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May I say that I genuinely hope that I am the only person here fighting CoVid?    It's miserable, and I've been struggling since mid-April.  Thought I had it licked but I hit a bad relapse a

It might be a good idea if he stops for a sem, because of the pandemic. I don't know how bad is it in your place, but if cases are rising, then perhaps he should stay home for some more months.  

Dear chingu, I am crying reading your story here! It's been a long time since I saw you in Soompi! Hang in there! You have to fight with bad times in order to get a silverline!  Yeah, I believe in it!

Guest prisonerzero

Do me a favour and watch your freakin' mouth before you go swearing at me. I don't care if you are my "dad". If you're flipping out because I didn't do two clicks to switch back to your account, you really need to get the flippin' heck over it! It's not the end of the world, I absolutely promise you that one.

Grow up.

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Guest Rainie_Days

I'm so disappointed. Why is it that parents assume that when you come home late, it's because you've gone out with your friends to go shopping or w/e?

Seriously, mine don't believe me when I say I stayed after college >.<

And I hate it when parents make it so obvious that they're talking about you even though you're like a room away...aish.

[EDIT] Oh great, now the whole family's after me. Now I'm annoyed.

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Guest divinexoath

Um. Okay. Let me tell you about it. 'Cause I definitely skip rehearsal ALL THE TIME for NO GOOD REASON or LEAVE EARLY for NO GOOD REASON without asking. Right. That's exactly what I do. Um, no. I was leaving 'cause Tania's parents don't give a crap about Drama and therefore you won't be able to work your teacher-magic on them if she gets home late 'cause of rehearsal. Tried to explain that to you, but apparently you don't care. And oh yeah, I was THERE AT 5:30. YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS GONE, ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE, TO GET A FREAKING "DINNER BREAK." WELL THANKS FOR WARNING ME. I DIDN'T FREAKING EAT UNTIL 11:00 AT NIGHT, YOU STUPID SLAVEDRIVER.

I'm not going to State and that's that. You've had my soul all year, and I'm taking it back. I've got my award and you can't dangle it over my head as blackmail anymore.


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Guest plumplum

Thanks, recession, for ruining the 21st year of my life.

I finally get a chance to have the procedure, and now I can't pay for it.

I also cannot pay for:

Food - Now I get sick and hypoglycemic during school and work.

Spring break - It's the first time in my life I get to go on a fun trip for spring break.

Gas - I need to go home this weekend but I don't want to use my gas.

This year sucks balls.

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Guest erinfinite

I am soooo sickkk kaslkjglkjetgoijlkajd I haaate my allergies and I hate them for making me so damn susceptible to colds.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I haven't even been to Spanish and Physics in over a weeeek I need to go to class tomorrow T_T

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Guest sunce

Tutorials should seriously be made illegal. Its crazy having never-ending tutorials and making me wake up at 3am just to finish them.

Oh emmmmmmmm the auditions are today and I haven't practiced for it T_T.

Damn cca and school. No wonder they call jc hell. I should still be having fun in Korea -___-

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Guest mindout

today was an unlucky day for me, when i was taking the bus, i was standing at the back door where people exit cause there's no room in the back so therefore i gotta stand there. when i see people starting to struggle to get, i moved but there a a few people standing by the door who didn't move or make a way for others, this old man, pushed me out of the bus. but i was listening to my ipod so i didnt cleary hear what he said, so i just went back into the bus without saying anything cause my mind was elsewhere, then i saw a couple of people looking at me, and i'm embarrassed as hell. i didn't want to yell or physically attack the old man, since he's old anyway. i went for a job interview, they said they will call me back and said i should've come earlier, somebody just took the job and now they will see if they can fit me in. then i was approached by this crazy girl who was following me and i got scared, confronted her but she just looks at me and still follow me, then i started running til i don't see her anymore. the sad thing is i was almost at my house already but i didn't want her to know where i live, who knows what will she do and what not, so i gotta walk few blocks back to my house. and now i have a headache, pretty much a bad day for me today....

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Guest maydai3333

OMG, too many tests and quizzes and other crap due this week. Why do you all have to pile it into one freakin small period of time?? WHY!?!??

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